Garod Model 5A4 Schematic & Parts List
July 1948 Radio News

July 1948 Radio News

July 1948 Radio & Television News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio & Television News, published 1919-1959. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Garood Radio Corporation Radio & Television Journal - RF Cafe

See pages 3 through 20 of the September 1945 issue of Radio Television Journal

Garod Model 5A4 Radio ( - RF CafeGarod Radio Corporation, a shortened version of the original Gardner-Rodman Corporation, operated out of Brooklyn, New York in their later days and Newark, New Jersey beginning in the early 1920s (see p180 of Radio Retailing magazine August 1925). Many of their models had a molded "plastic" look long before plastic was used in commercial products. The material appears to be a painted or brightly stained phenolic type of substance. This schematic and parts list appeared in the July 1948 edition of Radio News magazine. For lots of information on Garod, see pages 3 through 20 of the September 1945 issue of Radio Television Journal, found on the World Radio History website.

"The Garod extra measure is symbolic of a new and broader conception of radio design, engineering and performance. It means custom-character radios produced by modern, scientific manufacturing methods. It means an exciting new adventure in tonal reproduction. It means eye-catching cabinets of unusual beauty, in every price bracket. It means trouble-free satisfaction over a longer period of time. In short, it means the kind of radios you like to sell - the kind of radios that will stay sold. The Garod extra measure also means bold ideas in merchandising and promotion. It means an awareness of your needs and problems. It means dramatic themes in national and retail advertising. It means new techniques in display and selling aids. It means a conscientious effort to cooperate with you all along the line. This, then, is the Garod extra measure. Your distributor will gladly give you the details of a most interesting proposition."

Schematics & Parts List

Garod Model 5A4 Schematic, July 1948 Radio News - RF Cafe

Garod Model 5A4 Schematic

Garod Model 5A4 Parts List, July 1948 Radio News - RF Cafe

Garod Model 5A4 Parts List



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Radio Service Data Sheets

These schematics, tuning instructions, and other data are reproduced from my collection of vintage radio and electronics magazines. As back in the era, similar schematic and service info was available for purchase from sources such as SAMS Photofacts, but these printings were a no-cost bonus for readers. There are 227 Radio Service Data Sheets as of December 28, 2020.