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Pilot Model B-2 Radio Service Data Sheet
July 1933 Radio-Craft

July 1933 Radio-Craft

July 1933 Radio Craft Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio-Craft, published 1929 - 1953. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

Pilot Model B-2 (RadioMuseum.org) - RF CafeHere is the Radio Service Data Sheet for Pilot Radio Corporation's model B-2 radio, in a tabletop format, as featured in a 1933 edition of Radio-Craft magazine. Pilot's factory was on Long Island, New York. Not much of a functional description or tuning instruction is given. As with all radios of the era, the cabinet was all wood with solid pieces for the base, corners, and edges, and laminated sheet for the front and back. 110 volts AC or DC could be used for input power. A look at the circuit shows the main input line goes directly to the vacuum tube heater elements and to rectifier tube V5. V5's dual output is split between the (dynamic reproducer (aka speaker) coil and the receiving circuit bias points. Note that the power on/off switch is in the ground path! I post these online for the benefit of hobbyists looking for information to assist in repairing or restoring vintage communication equipment.

Pilot Model B-2 Radio Service Data Sheet

Pilot Model B-2 Radio Service Data Sheet, July 1933 Radio-Craft - RF CafePilot Model B-2 Radio Service Data Sheet Instructions, July 1933 Radio-Craft - RF CafeThe control- and suppressor-grid voltage for all tubes is zero.

This superheterodyne receiver incorporates several interesting design features. One of the half-wave sections of V5 is used to supply direct current to the field coil of the dynamic reproducer; the other section delivers the high voltage required by the tube circuits. To reduce the hum level of the set a hum-bucking coil is incorporated in the dynamic reproducer. Resistor R2 is part of the power cord.

It is not necessary to adjust a circuit-changing switch when changing from one current supply to the other; tube V5 is in the circuit at all times.

The rated sensitivity of the model B-2 receiver is 100 microvolts-per-meter; the power output is 0.9-W. On A.C. or D.C. the line power consumption is 0.4-A.



Posted January 5, 2024
(updated from original post on 9/14/2015)

Radio Service Data Sheets

These schematics, tuning instructions, and other data are reproduced from my collection of vintage radio and electronics magazines. As back in the era, similar schematic and service info was available for purchase from sources such as SAMS Photofacts, but these printings were a no-cost bonus for readers. There are 227 Radio Service Data Sheets as of December 28, 2020.

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