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Antenna Quiz
November 1962 Electronics World

November 1962 Electronics World

November 1962 Electronics World Cover - RF Cafe  Table of Contents 

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Adcock Antenna GB130490A - RF CafeFranklin Antenna GB242342A - RF CafeYou might need to be an antenna aficionado to score well on this Antenna Quiz which appeared in the November 1962 issue of Electronics World magazine. While the antenna configurations are familiar in most cases (after reading the answers' descriptions), some of the names are not (at least not to me). Links to a couple of the ones I wasn't aware of are provided for your benefit. Whenever I see the Beverage antenna mentioned I always envision one of the homebrews (pun intended) when someone soldered together a stack of beer or soda cans to create a ¼-wave vertical or some similar configuration. Of course it was named after the inventor, Harold Beverage. The Zeppelin antenna mentioned here is often referred to as a Zepp. It got its name from the antenna configuration often used on the Zeppelin airships, including on the Hindenburg. Contrary to the belief by some people, it was not named after the rock band that performed "Stairway to Heaven."

Antenna Quiz

By Joe Terra

Try matching the characteristics of the various antennas, given in the second column, with their names in the first column. You can check your answers on page 111.

1. Adcock

2. Beverage

3. Bilateral

4. Corner Reflector

5. Dipole

6. Diamond

7. Franklin

8. Ground Plane

9. Hertz

10. Marconi

11. Periodic

12. Yogi

13. Zeppelin 

A. Quarter -wave vertical element and four horizontal radial elements. Generally non-directional with low angle of radiation.

B. Conductor half wavelength long at a given frequency. The most common form is separated at the center by an insulator.

C. A form of end-fire antenna array having maximum radiation in the direction of the array line.

D. An antenna made with its connection to the ground through a suitable tuning coil.

E. Conductor that is some multiple of a half wavelength long. Fed at one end by one lead of a two-wire transmission line that is also some multiple of a half wavelength long.

F. An antenna which is not grounded.

G. Directional antenna consisting of a very long single conductor a few feet off the ground.

H. Directional antenna array consisting of four long conductors laid out like an equal-sided parallelogram.

I. Impedance varies as the frequency is changed, due to reflections or standing waves within the antenna system.

J. Uses two flat conducting sheets behind the driven element. They are joined at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees with the driven element set at a line bisecting this angle.

K. Type of short-wave antenna in which several half-wave sections are used one above the other, with coils between the sections.

L. Two or more vertical conductors arranged for reception or transmission of radio waves such that the interconnecting horizontal wires have little or no pickup.

M. Has maximum response in two diametrically opposite directions.

Quizzes from vintage electronics magazines such as Popular Electronics, Electronics-World, QST, and Radio News were published over the years - some really simple and others not so simple. Robert P. Balin created most of the quizzes for Popular Electronics. This is a listing of all I have posted thus far.

RF Cafe Quizzes

Vintage Electronics Magazine Quizzes

Vintage Electronics Magazine Quizzes


Quiz Answers:


   1. L

   2. G

   3. M

   4. J

   5. B

   6. H

   7. K

   8. A

   9. F

10. D

11. I

12. C

13. E



Posted October 28, 2022

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