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Technology Headline News Archive: October 2002

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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CDMA 2000 Wireless Cheer
Terrorism threat boosts military electronics spending
Ultrawideband faces roadblocks despite huge potential
Professor's fame draws minority students to science, tech
Equipment makers must wait as China Telecom delays IPO
RF Power Exchange, a RF & Microwave component distributor has signed distribution agreements with two world recognized manufacturers
DOD, Office Of Homeland Security Eyeing Unmanned Airship For Long-Term Surveillance
Startup unveils wireless battery charging system
Palm Unveils Tungsten - GSM device
Real 3G Hits The U.S.
Swedish startup samples CMOS tri-band WLAN transceiver
RSC Receives Contract For Megawatt SiC Switches
BlackBerry allows global roaming
ANRITSU: Anritsu introduces four-port Autocal modules for fast, repeatable calibrations for multi-port RF measurements
Broadcom Announces Availability of World's Highest Performance and Smallest Single-Chip Bluetooth(TM) Device - Superior Radio Performance Enables Greatest Range among Bluetooth Devices
Owners of Wireless Phones Keep Them Longer
EEs rally to raise awareness of unemployment
STMicro claims light-emitting silicon breakthrough
Cascading molecules drive IBM's smallest computer
802.11b spike reported as combo WLAN chips near
Group rolls out new powerline networking standard
Agere, Ericsson, Proxim to devise WLAN technologies
Analyst foresees no EDA rebound until late 2003
3G Comes Indoors
Aerospace Daily: Boeing Lifts Secrecy On Bird Of Prey Stealth Plane
Northrop & Kockums Sign Deal for Naval Composite Vessel
Market watcher trims semi forecast to 15% 2003 growth
Alliance Backs ZigBee Networking Spec
FCC Tees up Wireless, Broadband Items
L-3 Communications Wins Contract for USAF Satellite Control Network
IBM aims PowerPC at wireless LAN base stations
Military Technology Likely To Propel Satcom Rebound
TI cuts 500 jobs amid mixed Q3 results
For Banias' sake Intel to invest in wireless LAN activity
Where next after the recession?
WLAN chip supplier shakeout called overdue
Electronic Manufacturing Solutions for Defense Contractors
Toshiba tailors RF devices for digital TV tuners
New 3G Test Products with Internet Connectivity Shorten the Time Needed to Design Wireless Devices
Microsoft Reports Revenue Surge
AT&T Wireless launches advanced service in NYC
Northrop Grumman Posts Loss
TRW Outpaces Forecasts, Grows Earnings
Nokia returns to growth with strong profit in Q3
Phones, chips return Motorola to profit in Q3
Homeland Security Summit Seeks to Link Key Players
Lucent's 'Blast' chips to take off in wireless market
Fewer engineers unemployed, but total number of jobs shrinks
Polymers self-assemble to form 2.5-nm diode
Sprint and Sanyo Introduce America's First Built-in Camera Phone
WAP Makes Comeback
Infineon Technologies and Agere Systems Announce Broad Alliance to Develop High-Speed Wireless Networking Solutions
RF Micro Devices Announces Agreement to Purchase Resonext Communications, Inc
Conexant aims HomePlug chip set at router designs
Teravicta teams with Dow-Key on RF MEMS switches
Congress May Authorize $90M More for Aircraft Warfare System
Congressional Panel OKs $355 Billion for Defense
AT&T Wireless to pay $2 million to settle E911 probe
Western European Wireless Market To Stagnate
Sandia Technology Sales Illegal, DoE Says
Job loss rate slows for U.S. high-tech industry
4G Experimental Blast off In Japan
DRS Receives Orders for Military Communications Products
Philips to dissolve Components division
L-3 Selected as Team Member for Satellite Development
Foundries to bring SiGe into mainstream
Micro Linear drops 802.11a work, W-LAN shakeout begins
CST of America Presents 3D EM Simulation Training
EE Times 2002 Salary Survey
Cisco pushing new wireless products
Silicon Wave Bluetooth Radio Modem Qualified by Qualcomm for Use with MSM Chipsets
Cadence ratchets up diagonal interconnect effort
RF Micro Devices Announces Production Shipments To Sanyo
Irrelevance stalks 3G networks
austriamicrosystems Launches new RF - Design Environment based on Cadence and Agilent EDA Tools
AT&T Wireless sees no demand for WCDMA service
Chipcon launches the CC1010, the world's first true RF System-on-Chip Solution - a 300 to 1000 MHz integrated CMOS RF Transceiver and Microcontroller
Motorola refines SiGe: C process for power saving, performance
Downturn could revamp high-tech arena
Nokia, NEC, Koreans form open basestation initiative
Lithium-polymer batteries find favor in cell phones
IFR Unveils The 3410 Series: The New Face Of Digital RF Signal Generators
Siemens, Motorola said to be near deal to swap mobile units
Via licenses Ericsson Bluetooth technology
Windfreak Technologies Frequency Synthesizers - RF Cafe
Innovative Power Products Passive RF Products - RF Cafe
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