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Steve Jobs' Boyhood Home Becomes Historic Site

Ticket Issued to Driver Wearing Google Glass

Vibrating Micro Plates Bring Order to Overcrowded Radio Spectrum (aka a filter)

Wireless Full Duplex Technology Doubles Capacity

Boeing Chip Experts Eye Design Breakthroughs in Electronics Thermal Management

Detroit News: 'Cash for Clunkers' Created Few Jobs ($1.4M taxpayer money per job)

Entry-Level Smartphones Drive Growth for Manufacturers

Robertson Launches

Giant Atom Eats Quantum Gas

FCC Fines CBer for Operating Illegal Transmitter with Linear PA

One Man's Fight Against Distracted Walking

Implantable NFC Tag Seeks Funding

Dark Matter Hunt Nears Final Phase

Young Inventors Receive £80,000 Research Fellowships

Sprint Spark to Combine LTE in 800 MHz, 1.9 GHz and 2.5 GHz, to Offer 50-60 Mbps Speeds

Too Much Texting Can Disconnect Couples


GPS Bullets are Latest Weapon for American Police

Ashton Kutcher Joins Lenovo as Product Engineer (U. of Iowa engineering dropout)

NASA Needs Solar Sails for Pushing CubeSats Through Deep Space

Tech Gadgets Can Cause Real Health Problems

Motorola Adopts Modular Phonebloks for Project Ara (remember this?)

RSØISS Active on SSTV from International Space Station

Radio is Experiencing a Renaissance.

Plasmonic Crystal Alters to Match Light-Frequency Source

AT&T, Dish, CCA Cheer FCC's Official Stamp on 700 MHz Interoperability Deal

Small Cell Wireless Backhaul Vendors Draw Battle Lines

BLS Data Shows Gov't Workers Absent 50% More Often than Private Sector Workers (other than tech-related fields, most are make-work jobs with low/no expectations IMO)

BlackBerry Expands Distribution Reach in Latin America

UNL Eyetrack Study Demonstrates Men - and Women - Check out Female Bodies

Building Cars out of Batteries Isn't as Crazy as It Sounds

Adobe Hack: At Least 38 Million Accounts Breached

Solar Tumult Continues, Aurora Possible on Halloween


Man Making Ireland Tax Avoidance Hub for Google, LinkedIn, et al, Becomes Local Hero

Keeping Tower Climbers Safe

Who Has the Right to Know Where Your Phone Has Been?

The Clever Circuit That Doubles Bandwidth

Quantum Reality More Complex Than Previously Thought

Verizon to Buy AWS Spectrum from U.S. Cellular

China Telecom Firms Take Long Road to Profit with 4G Rollout

Second Tesla Goes up in Flames Following Mexico City Crash

ARRL Founder's "Old Betsy" Made New to Wow the Crowds

Light Nanofilter System Worth Its Weight in Gold and Silver

NTT Docomo Sets Launch Date for Global NFC Payments

Dolphin-Inspired Radar Could Help Detect Roadside Bombs

Why Apple Wants to Bust Your iPhone

'Feel' Objects in Thin Air: The Future of Touch Technology

The Internet of Things Could Soon be Regulated (& thereafter taxed)

70% of Chronic Patients Willing to Use Telemedicine


LG Shows off Curved Smartphone with Self-Healing Coating

English Wins as Global Language for Science

Toyota Case: Single Bit Flip That Killed (interesting but dubious)

Wireless Oscilloscope Sends Data to a Tablet

Want to Be Extremely, Wildly, Radically Successful?

MIT Lab Developing Ion Microthrusters for Cubesats

Phones, Tabs, OEM Revenues Top $350B

Solar Activity is "High and Intensifying," NOAA Says

TracFone Adds Just 5,000 Net Subscribers in Q3 as Growth Grinds to Halt (they're the top oPhone provider)

Astronauts and Mice Return from Space with Altered Eyes

Reader Vote Round 5: Gadget Freak of the Year

Driverless Cars Are Further Away Than You Think

Army Net Initiative Gains Momentum Despite Shutdown

Add 60 Million Spanish Phone Calls to NSA's List

Microsoft Profit Jumps 17%

Remember When America Had a Car Company Called Pontiac? (lots of Americana lost in ½ decade)


GaN to Drive Growth of Pulsed RF Power Semi Markets to Exceed $250M by 2018

Crime-Fighting Tech Uses Tracking Projectile to Tail Suspect Vehicles

Ofcom Hits the Road as Broadband Availability Reaches 75%

RFMD Reports Record 48% YoY Revenues

Deutsche Telekom Pitches NSA-Free German Internet


MEPs Vote to Suspend U.S. Data Sharing (more NSA spying fallout)

FETs Get a Boost from Ferroelectric Films

Ericsson, Huawei and Others Pushing for 5G via METIS 2020

Acceleration Case: Jury Finds Toyota Liable (2005, believe it or not)

The Road to Wrist-Wearable Electronics from Radio to Computer

Twitter Sets Its IPO Price, Valuing Company at ~$11B

Edgy Gold Nanoparticles Help Make Fuels from Carbon Dioxide

The Decline of Wikipedia

Army Pushes Capability Sets for Tactical Nets

States' Pledge Could Boost Electric Car Business

Is Wireless EV Charging the Better Way?

Romanians Accused of Running Online Car Scam

Samsung Posts Another Quarter of Rising Profits

New Moms Spend More Time on Smartphones Than Other Adults

FCC Fines Former Radio Amateur for Unlicensed Operation on 20 Meters

Many Americans Accumulating Debt Faster Than They’re Saving for Retirement (just like their gov't)


Navy Orders Raytheon to Stop Work on Next-Gen Radar

Broadcom to Cut as Many as 1,150 Jobs in Restructuring

Synthetic Biology Ramps Semiconductors

New Top-Level Web Domains Announced by Icann

Quantum Wells as High-Power, Easy-to-Make Energy Harvesters

RFID Helps Swiss Hotel Provide 5-Star Service

Exclusive: HTC Scales Back Production Lines as Cash Flow Worsens

French Drivers to Get Multifunctional NFC Licenses

Vacuums Provide Solid Ground for New Definition of Kilogram

Flame-Shaping Electric Fields Could Make Power Plants Cleaner

Researchers Take Printing into the 4th Dimension

World View Balloon, Capsule to Offer Luxury Ride to Edge of Space

No Sign of Turnaround at RadioShack

NASA Shoots Lasers at the Moon, Sets New Communication Speed Record

In Cost-Cutting Move, NOAA to Stop Printing Nautical Charts

Merkel Calls U.S. Prez over NSA Tapping of Her Phone (they chose Him in 2008)


New Device Stores Electricity on Silicon Chips

Low-Priced Plastic Photovoltaics

Base Stations for 5G: Soon in Our Homes and on Wheels?

Radar Distinguishes Electronics from Other Metals

DISA Renews Satellite Comms Deal with Iridium

Brazil to Auction 700 MHz in 1st Half 2014

DOE Awards $27M ARPA-E Funding to 14 New 'SWITCHES' Projects

Copper Shock: An Atomic-Scale Stress Test

Advance Scheme to Design Seamless Integrated Circuits Etched on Graphene

Nokia Unveils Windows Tablet with NFC

FCC Delays H Block Auction Following Government Shutdown

UAE to Get Mobile Number Portability by December

Babies' Number Sense Could Predict Future Math Skills

Rub to Charge, with a Sheet of Teflon

Apple Targets Microsoft Office with Free Apps

Craigslist Makes Turning Food Stamps into Cash a SNAP


China Smog Emergency Shuts City of 11 Million People (providing your cheap stuff at Walmart)

Chameleon Thin Coating Tricks Infrared Cameras

IBM Unveils Computer Fed by 'Electronic Blood'

FCC Turns Away Petition to Expand Technician 10 Meter Privileges

China Television Slams Samsung for Charging Customers to Fix Smartphone Defects

Topological Light: Living on the Edge

Nanodiamond Production in Ambient Conditions Opens Door for Flexible Electronics

Top 10 Unanswered Questions Involving Spectrum Auctions

Math in Forensics: Sherlock Holmes on Steroids

Nokia Gets into the Tablet Game

PCs ↓ 11%, Tablets ↑ 53% in 2013

Seismic Shifts Remake the Radio Industry

Windows/RT 8.1 Updates Continue with 0xc000000d Error Workaround

Odierno Outlines Army's Post-War Strategy

Sales Are Colossal, Shares Are Soaring. All Amazon Is Missing Is a Profit

How Long Do They Really Have to Fix That Obamacare Website? (biggest IT fail in history)


Stores Use Your Phone's WiFi to Track Your Shopping Habits

GM to Launch Natural Gas Car in 2014

Mixing Nanoparticles to Make Multifunctional Materials

Cinema Chain Experiments with Texting Aisle at the Back of Theatres (pathetic texting junkies)

Fight over 600 MHz Auction Rules Moves to the Masses

Tablet Craze Drives Rise in Smart Device Shipments

Can Hydraulic Hybrids Compete with Electric Hybrids?

Ham Radio (Friedrichshafen) 2013 Forum Presentations Available on the Web

Science Gets Graphic in New Comic Books

Quiet Solar Maximum

Optical Switch Based on a Single Nano-Diamond

Tech Wealth and Ideas Are Heading Into News

Apple Sued over Bloated IOS7 Software Upgrade

Scientists Show Heisenberg's Intuition Correct

Ship Trackers Vulnerable to Hacking

Google's Stock Closes Above $1,000 (higher value when you evade taxes)


Couple Sold Baby to Pay for iPhone

USPTO 2014-2018 Strategic Plan Available for Public Comment

Level 3 Outage Disrupts East Coast Internet Traffic

Huawei: No One Bothers Us for Data (right, Red China never spies on anyone)

410-Meter Asteroid 'May Collide' with Earth in 2032


LED Light Bulb 'Li-Fi' Closer

FCC Ends Shutdown, Adjusts Deadlines, Gets Back to Business as Usual

Canadian Telcos Step up Efforts to Promote Phone Recycling

Physicists Use Maxwell's Equations to Describe Field Lines That Encode Torus Knots and Links

Lenovo Looking at Potential BlackBerry Bid

Telekom Austria Rules out Hostile Move by Carlos Slim (world's richest man)

Samsung Working on Retina Scanner for New Smartphone


Advanced Light Source Provides a New Look at Vanadium Dioxide

New EU Rules to Curb Transfer of Data to U.S. after Edward Snowden Revelations

Google Urges Patience on Motorola, Which Continues to Bleed Cash

Ship Tracking Hack Makes Tankers Vanish from View

Before You Upgrade: You Need to Know a Few Things About Windows 8.1 (I'm using it right now)

1,300'-Wide Asteroid to Sail Near Earth in 2032

Apple's iPad Problem

Dollar Slips as Fed Worries Continue

Google Profit up 36% as Paid Clicks Swell (not for me)


Tunable Antenna Could End Dropped Cellphone Calls

World Record: Wireless Data Transmission at 100 Gbit/s

New Limit Placed on Physics Constant

Bending World's Thinnest Glass Shows Atoms' Dance

Smartphones-on-Demand: Verizon Wireless to Ship Devices Within a Day

Tracking Criminal Movement Using Math (Charlie was doing that in the mid-0s on NUMB3RS)

After Stints Abroad, Re-Entry Can Be Hard

Microsoft Releasing Windows 8.1 on Friday the 18th

Breast-Implant Maker Markets RFID-Enabled Products (no comment)

Size Matters in the Giant Magnetoresistance Effect in Semiconductors

ARRL Headquarters Hosts 30th USTTI Amateur Radio Administration Course

IBM Misses Sales Forecasts by $1B

Improving Gate Swing and Avoiding Current Collapse in GaN MIS-HEMTs

More Angst for College Applicants: A Glitchy Common App

Dexter Payment Card Malware Strikes South Africa

Russians Pull Huge Meteorite from Lake


Underwater Wi-Fi Given Test Run to Create 'Deep-Sea Internet'

Latest Contract Brings to Four the Number of Contractors for DARPA RF Spectrum Sharing

Patent Energy Shifts to Power

Radio-Beam Device Can Disable Car and Boat Engines from 50 Meters

Defining the Graphene Family Tree

Twitter's Loss Widens

Researchers Use Engineered DNA to Develop Programmable Glue

Universities Must Not Overprice IP, per Cambridge Professor

UK Regulator Seeks Bidders for Radio Spectrum Auction

Optical Switch Based on Single Nano-Diamond

Dude, Where's My Code?

Wireless Carriers Reshape Business to Cash in on Fast-Growing M2M Segment

Intel to Delay Broadwell PC Chip Production

Thin Film Makes Printable Organic Smart Label

Verizon Starts Deploying LTE in Its AWS Spectrum

Tech Rivals Lay Down Arms for Youth Coding


France Says No Known Health Impact from Mobile Phones (are we really still studying that?)

Microsoft's Phone Update to Feature Driving Mode

Triboelectric Nanogenerator Extracts Energy from Ocean Waves

BlackBerry Seeks to Reassure Customers with Newspaper Adverts

'White Graphene' Halts Rust in High Temps

AMSAT Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Amateur Radio Involvement in Human Spaceflight

NSA Collecting Millions of Buddy Lists (don't worry if you've done nothing wrong - only small chance of being jailed due to error)

Wireless Pacemaker Comes to Europe

China Starts Allocation Spectrum for LTE Services

Mexico Government Claims 68% Recovery of Disputed 2.5 GHz Spectrum

So Far, Smart Watches Are Pretty Dumb

The Death of Passwords and the Rise of Multi-Factor Authentication

3D Printers Could Change Our Economy and Our Lives

Protect Circuits from ESD

Swedish Firm Unveils Electric Rehab Suit

Qualcomm Looks to Brain for Inspiration


New Material Gives Visible Light an Infinite Wavelength

Twitter Pays Engineer $10M as Silicon Valley Tussles for Talent

UK Government Pressures Phone Industry to Reduce Thefts

Wireless Infrastructure $50B Next Year

Innovative Wideband Ring VCO Developed

Metrology: The Turtle of Engineering

Accelerometer in Phone Has Tracking Potential

Apple Throws Recruitment Party for BlackBerry Employees

Bolstering a Phone’s Defenses Against Breaches

Sony Not Planning Major Smartphone Pushes in U.S, China

HTC One Max Fingerprint Phablet Unveiled Early

3 Questions for Tech Education Pioneer Scot Osterweil

Ex-Samsung Exec Leads Korea's Specialty Fab to Expansion

EBT States of America (pathetic)

U.S. Adults Score Below Average on Worldwide Test (anyone surprised?)


A Multi-Touch Sensor Customizable with Scissors

T-Mobile U.S. Scraps Roaming Fees

Americas Region Remains Largest Market for Pure-Play Foundry Sales

Russia Nabs 'Blackhole' Hacking Suspect

EASA Prepares to Awaken Comet Hunter from Deep-Space Sleep

Gender Barriers to Blame for Shortage of Women in STEM Careers (even after years of aggressively demonizing boys)


5 Mistakes Job Hunters Make

No More Working at Home for HP Employees (the fad has passed?)

European Review Suggests Fewer Telecom Markets Should Be Regulated

New Terahertz Source Operates at Room Temperature

BlackBerry Co-founders Want to Buy the Company

Ultrasound Chip Offers Gesture Control for Mobiles

Single Photons Illuminate Quantum Technology

Google Funnels Billion$ to Bermuda to Avoid Taxes (this is what hypocrisy looks like)

Free Software Ties the Internet of Things Together

AT&T Partners with GE for 'Industrial Internet' Connectivity

Senator Raises Privacy Questions About Cross-Device Tracking

AT&T May Earn $5 Billion from Sale of Tower Assets

Panasonic Kisses Plasma Goodbye

Stanford's Nobel Chemistry Prize Honors Computer Science

New Numbers Show Our Obsession with Phones

Sun Unleashes Strongest Solar Flare in Months


Man Jumps from Moving Train to Retrieve Cellphone, Gets Hit by Another Train

Carbyne, a Simple Chain of Carbon Atoms, Strongest Material of All?

Brand New C-27J Cargo Planes Going from Production Line to Bone Yard ($567M worth so far)

A Smartphone Charger That Sniffs for Malware

New iPhones Haven't Saved Apple's Stock

More Than 80% of Smartphones Remain Unprotected from Malware and Attacks

A Quieter Step Closer to First Practical Quantum Computer

SAP to Put NFC in Vending Machines

Process Promises to Lower Cost of Titanium by 60%

U.S. Army Plans 'Iron Man' Armor for Soldiers

Meters That Measure Magnetics

Simulating Reactions in Cyberspace Earns Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The ARRL Foundation Invites Scholarship Applications

Means to Observe Single Quantum Trajectory of Superconducting Quantum Bit

Mobile Advertising Revenues Surge in the USA

Companies Deliver New Apps for Bluetooth Beacons


USAF Factoring Spectrum Reallocation into Integration Plans

NASA Awards CubeSat-Class Launch Contract

Are Flexible Screens the Future of Smartphones?

Nobel Committee's 'Rule of Three' Means Some Higgs Boson Scientists Were Left Out

A Cure for Urban GPS: a 3-D Antenna

Sprint to Use Bandwidth Aggregation, MIMO and CoMP to Handle LTE Traffic

Researcher Eyes Display on Contact Lens

Installed Base of Internet-Connected Video Devices to Exceed Global Population in 2017

Massive Laser Inching Closer to Mastering Fusion Power

TSMC, UMC Have Good September

Nest Makes the Smoke Alarm Smarter

Solving the Internet Capacity Crunch

Physicists Find Entanglement Concentration Is Irreversible

PPanasonic 'to Quit' Loss-Making Plasma TV Business

Speed Limit on a Superfluid Helium Nanohighway

Rejoice: The Yellen Fed Will Print Money Forever (the world effectively elected these people)


Alcatel-Lucent to Cut 10,000 Jobs Worldwide by End of 2015

Englert and Higgs Win Nobel Physics Prize for Subatomical Particle Research (think eponymous boson)

Power Surges 'Cripple NSA Data Center' (manufactured excuse to reconfigure)

18ct Solid Gold Smartphone to be Given out at Mobos

Scientists Create First Computer-Designed Superconductor

WiFi Offload Will Provide Needed Relief to Congested Mobile Data Networks

Tesla Battery Fire: Musk Responds & an Expert Explains (video of fire)

Shutdown Reduces Military Contracting, Increasing Pressure on U.S. Defense Industry

Bob Pease: His Last Challenge, Part 3

U.S. Science in Peril, Say Nobel Medicine Prize Winners

IEEE's 802.11HEW Standard Focused on LTE Handoff

LG Ties Its Own Batteries in Knots

Pulse Introduces Even Slimmer Ultrathin NFC Antenna

Radio Holds Steady in Pew News Study.

Enter the Quiet Zone: Where Cell Service, Wi-Fi Are Banned

Selling Secrets of Phone Users to Advertisers


'White Graphene' Halts Rust in High Temps

Samsung Cashes in on Chips as Smartphone Sales Stall

How the FAA, Finally, Caught Up to an Always-On Society

EU Graphene Researchers Meet in Sweden

Guinness World Record for Discovery of the Thinnest Glass (is that the beer?)

Terahertz Device to Capture Signals from Icy Moons

2013 U.S. Amateur Radio Direction Finding Competition Starts October 8

Global Semi Sales increase for 6th Straight Month in August

Telecom New Zealand to Launch LTE in November

Women in Wireless Leadership: Karen Caldwell

NFC Ring Opens Many Doors

Wanted: A New Generation of High-Tech Aviation Workers

'Terminator' Self-Assembling Cube Robots Revealed by MIT

GaAs Device Revenue to Grow from $5.3B in 2012 to $6.1B in 2017

Water Discovered in Martian Soil

Hanging Chad, Media Darling du Jour: He Didn't Really Enroll in ACA after All (foolish lap dog reporters)


Galileo Gives Gadget Makers Great Power (see Internet of Things)

BlackBerry Snubbed on Home Turf

Tiny Sphere Bends Light Like a Black Hole Does

Americas Region Remains Largest Market for Pure-Play Foundry Sales

End of Free NHS Care for Migrants


Chinese Satellite Snatches Another Satellite in Orbit

Tesla Model S Fire Video (wonder what toxic pollutants being emitted?)

Nokia's Internships Lens Helps Find Companies by Pointing Phone at Building

Samsung Forecasts Record Quarterly Profit

Flawed Diamonds: Gems for New Technology

Telecom New Zealand Seeks to Bid for More Blocks in 700 MHz Spectrum Auction

ZTE Goes Straight to Customers with U.S. Smartphone Launch

'I'm the Original Voice of Siri'

NSA Confirms Pilot Program That Tried to Track Cell Phone Location Data

'Tense' Graphene Joins Forces with Gold Nano-Antennas

Plastic Established As the New Currency in Cellphone Market

Well-Connected Hemispheres of Einstein's Brain May Have Sparked Brilliance

Business Pushes Immigration Reform Even as It Lays off American Workers (keep voting for the same people and this is what you get from both parties)

Security Firm Says iPhone Bug Can Enable Remote Wiper

IBM Unveils Cognitive Systems Institute

Twitter Wants to Raise $1B in Its Stock Market Debut


Tesla Stock Tumbles After Model S[OL] Catches Fire ("the blaze kept reigniting")

UK to Carry out White-Spaces Radio Spectrum Trials

Austrian Spectrum Auction Nears €2 Billion in Bids

Optical Wireless May Be the Answer to Dropped Calls

Spray-on Sensor Heralds Flexible Electronics

Measuring Height by Connecting Clocks

DOD Expects Weather Satellite Decision in Months

Evolution of Audio in the Automobile

Qualcomm Continues to Push for Single Wireless Charging Standard

Solar Power's Future Brawl

No Sign of Who's Behind 'NSA' Billboard in Silicon Valley

Graphene: 'Miracle Material' Will Be in Your Home Sooner Than You Think

Technique for Enhanced Reversibility of a Phase-Transforming Material

Graphene Could Make Data Centers and Supercomputers More Efficient

Foundries Have 53% Capex-to-Sales Ratio

NASA Finds Plastic Ingredient on Saturn's Moon Titan


iOS 7 Nausea and Cybersickness (someone will sell an app to prevent it)

Has U.S. Defense Spending Finally Bottomed Out?

Microsoft Investors Push to Boot Bill Gates

Nokia Assets Seized in Tax Dispute with Indian Government

FCC Closed! Licensing Functions on Hold (/KT, /AG and /AE will get you through it)

European Design Conference Looks at the World After Moore's Law

Recent Study Reduces Casimir Force to Lowest Recorded Level

Icahn Demands $150B Buyback from Apple

Social Security Administration Awards $3.3M RFID Contract

Google Glass Alternative in Japan

Loop Mobile Investor Seeks $1B in Compensation

eSilicon Offers Online Quotes for Multi-Project Wafer Shuttle Services

Copper with Titanium Nitride Offers Alternative GaN HEMT Gate Stack

Strange Behavior of Bouncing Drops Demonstrates Pilot-Wave Dynamics

Nano Antennas Sense Molecules in Infrared Spectrum

Laser Treatments Yield Smoother Metal Surfaces


Scientists Use Lightning Bolt to Charge Nokia Phone

FCC Makes Contingency Plans for Government Shutdown (non-essential wavelengths will not propagate)

A Step up in Wavelength to Reduce Size of Short-Distance Communication Systems

New iPhones Could Bring New Growth to RF Micro Devices (see teardown)

12 Companies Share $4.1 Billion Army Comms Contract

Former NSA Contractor Designs 'Surveillance-Proof' Font

Breakthrough in Photonics Could Allow for Faster and Faster Electronics

W-CDMA Driving Worldwide Smartphone Market

Five Bidders for Czech Spectrum Auction

French Gallery Shows 'Ghost Images' That Can Only Be Seen via NFC

What the FAA Is Considering on Devices

Nanowires Help Keep Li-Ion Batteries from Cracking Up

Electric Fish May Have Switched from AC to DC

Google's 2013 Science Fair Winners

Board Splits, Product Missteps Led to BlackBerry's Undoing

Why Qualcomm Is Betting on Wireless Health