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Technical Headline News Archive - February 2008

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Taliban Blow Up Afghan Phone Tower
Scientists Measure Force Required to Move Individual Atoms
OFCNFOEC: The Increasing Demand for Bandwidth
TELUS Completes $100M Broadband Rollout in Western Canada
High-Tech Insulator Created from Rice Husks
CDMA Worldwide Subscriber Base Reaches 431M
Magnetic Atoms of Gold, Silver and Copper Have Been Obtained
Chip Execs Expect Growth, Profit Volatility
EU's DOTFIVE Project to Boost SiGe HBTs from 300 GHz to 0.5 THz
The 2007 Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance Survey
Data Transmission Reaches 16.4 Tbps Over 1,500 Miles
U.S., Canada Seize $76M in Fake Cisco Hardware
China to Carry Out First Spacewalk in Late 2008
Harvard Scholars to Explore Net Safety
Pentagon Hoping No Sore Losers in Aircraft Bid
NASA Chief Warns of Possible Job Cuts at End of Shuttle Program
Students Slow to Embrace Text Alerts
ETSI Pushes Standards for NFC with Mobiles
SOHO to Give Early Warning of Radiation Storms that Disrupt Communications
ARRL, FCC, DoD Review New Developments in PAVE PAWS Interference Mitigation
USPTO Director Testifies in House Subcommittee Oversight Hearing
Sprint Nextel Losses Nearly $30 Billion in Q4
New Electrodes May Provide Safer, More Powerful Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Batteries
NASA to Smash Moon With Double Sledgehammer
Embedded World - Showcasing Embedded Electronics
Sun to Guide IC Curriculum Development for China's Universities
Criminals Find Easy Way to Crack Chip and PIN Security on Bank Cards
Motorola's Handset Woes Continue
AXT Grows 31% as SI GaAs Market Share Passes 20%
U.S. House Panel Questions DoD Spending Estimates
iPhones for Freshmen at ACU
U.S., Czech on Cusp of Missile Shield Deal
Arctic 'Doomsday' Seed Vault Opens Doors for 100 Million Seeds
The End of an Era - Polaroid To Stop Making Instant Film
Silicon Valley Losing Its Middle Class
500 kHz Distance Record Broken Again
Computer Spying Unconstitutional in Germany
USAF Seeks 'Battlespace Infosphere'
O2 Faces Sanction Over Failure to Meet 3G Coverage Requirements
Temperature Monitors Report Wide-Scale Global Cooling
NASA Adds Technologies Web Feature
NICTA's New Chip Promises True Wireless Revolution
Sci-Fi Tech Toys & Gadgets
Chinese Online Auction Site to Offer Wireless Service
With Chip Hopes Fading, India Looks to Systems Manufacturing
2007 Not a Brilliant Year for European Components Distribution
Cal Test's Mini Passive Voltage Probes Work at 500 MHz
Special Coating Greatly Improves Solar Cell Performance
Europe Sets a Course for the ISS
EU Fines Microsoft Record $1.35 Billion
Crystal Bells Stay Silent as Physicists Look for Dark Matter
Expert: Robots Used for War Are Threat to Humanity
New Study Confirms That Living Tissue is Affected by Mobile Phone Radiation
Hackers Decrypt Computer by Freezing (literally) Memory Chips
UK Spectrum Goes for a Song
Tightened Power-Efficiency Regulations Force Power Supplies to Keep Up
Tech Firms Paid Lobbyist $500,000
Siemens to Refocus Telecom Equipment Unit on Software Solutions
Directed Self-Ordering of Organic Molecules for Electronic Devices
Group With Google Building Underwater Pacific Cable
FCC Says Will Act on Web Neutrality if Needed
Security System Calls Your Cell
Pakistan Causes Worldwide YouTube Outage
Exclusive iPhone Deal Could Be Illegal in Australia
Snow Cover Over N. America, Siberia, Mongolia, China Greater Greatest Since 1966
ARRL Field Day 2008 Webpage Up
U.S. Certifies Satellite Shoot-Down as a Success
Move Over Wii, Here Comes HP's GPS-Based Platform
North American Army Created w/o OK by Congress
Nokia Shows Off Nanotech Mobile Phone Concept
Taliban Threaten Phone Companies
Silicon Carbide Ready for Prime Time
Thousands of Jobs Under threat at Siemens Telecoms Unit
From Tips to Clicks: Restaurants Try eMenus
Electron Gets Film Debut in First-ever Video of Its Kind
IMEC Claims Record 24.7% Efficiency for Single-Junction GaAs-on-Ge Solar Cell
Nanoparticles Could Make Hydrogen Cheaper Than Gasoline
New Submarine Communications Technology Underway
Astronomy Technology Brings Nanoparticle Probes into Sharper Focus
100,000 SMSs Sent to Order Taxi Cabs in London
Internet Users in the Philippines to Reach 24M This Year
Airports, Borders Drive Security Technology Spending in Asia Pacific
Pakistan Blocks YouTube for 'Blasphemous' Content
Need to Spy on Employees?
Internet Ads Up 25% in 2007
'Cult of Death' Hackers Use Google to Find Website Vulnerabilities
New Electron Microscope Identifies Individual Color-Coded Atoms
Hobbyists Track Secret Orbits of Spy Satellites
US, EU Crack Down on Counterfeit Components
Japan Successfully Launches High-Speed Internet Satellite
Flawless Data Reception for Internet and Other Fiber-Based Telecommunications
EU Wants RFID Tags Turned Off
BBC Apologises Over Wi-Fi Safety Scare TV Show
TriQuint Faces Dip in Q1 After Record 2007
Techie Law Professor Could Be Your Next Congressman
ARRL Homebrew Challenge Winners Announced
IBM Unveils Atomic Memory Advance
U.S. Telecom Growth Seen Slower than Global Industry
RFID and the University of Washington's Human Tracking Pilot
North American Semi Equipment January Book-to-Bill Reflects Reduction in Capital Spending
BMW Shows How Electronics Improve Fuel Effectiveness
China Nearing Final Touches on Telecoms Makeover
BAE Systems Had 45% Profit Slump in 2007
Private Race to the Moon (and Money) Takes Off
Intel Chair Says No Chance to Reply Before EU Raid
Secure Internet Transactions at Internet Cafes Possible with Tiny Security Device
Gates Sees Diminished Role for Keyboards
Computers Stumped by Apostrophes in Names
Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2008
A Direct Hit on the First Shot!!!
Warning Given to 'Techno Addicts'
Boeing Wins $49M Air Force Contract to Develop Advanced Laser
3Com's U.S. Roadblock Seen Deterring China Investors
ARRL Handbook Designated a "Must-Have" for Broadcast Industry
FCC Ordered to Study Bird-Tower Collisions
'NMR on a Chip' Features NIST Magnetic Mini-Sensor
2009 Defense Budget Plan a Crowd Pleaser For Now
Cobra Creates First Bluetooth CB Radio
Kansas Hams Working to Get Antenna Bill Passed
Nominees Sought by USPTO for National Medal of Technology and Innovation
Record Growth in Sales of GPS Tracking Devices to Police
Shuttle Launch Postponed Due to ET Delays and Solar Energy Shortage
Mind-Reading Headsets to Be Released
Electronic Taster Has a Nose for Coffee
Chinese Youth Push Political Expression Online
ETSI Sounds Out Reconfigurable Radios
Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight at 10:00 pm EDT
Vubiq Announces Availability of World's First 60 GHz Integrated Radio on a Chip – Smaller Than a Dime
Virginia Tech Grad Creates Gravity-Powered Floor Lamp
Shuttle Atlantis Lands Safely in Florida
ACMA Set to Transform Spectrum Management in Australia
U.S. Not Set up to Trace Nuclear Terrorist Device in Aftermath
Internet Censorship Won't Succeed Says Bill Gates
Harris Provides Tactical Radios to Brunei MoD
U.S. Navy Could Try Sat Shoot-Down Today
How Satellite Shoot-Down Will Work
YouTube Brings Life, Weirdness to Spain Election
How Technology Makes Your Children Dim
63% of Americans Use Roughly the Same Password for Different Online Accounts
Navy to Shoot Down Failed Satellite Thursday
Investor Coalition Pledges $10B for 'Cleantech'
How to Hack Into a Boeing 787
Solar Cell Directly Splits Water to Produce Recoverable Hydrogen
Innovation Challenge Grant Competition Sponsored by Homeland Security Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
Motorola and RIM Sue Each Other
Laser Beam Believed to Set Record for Intensity
The Home Base Station: Too Much of a Hard Cell?
Semiconductor Firm Makes PyroElectic Detectors
Atlantis Leaves Space Station After Making it More European
Polish Police Use Jamming Kit to Block Protesters Phones
Wall St. Banks Confront a String of Multi-$B Write-Downs
Amateurs Visiting Australia May Operate Under Class License
Microsoft Giving Away Developer Software to Students
LED Market Growth to Accelerate to 12% in 2008
High-Pitched Teen Deterrents to be Installed in Australia
Over 400,000 IPhones Reported in Use in China
MIT to Lead Development of New Radio Telescope Array on Lunar Farside
India's Fab City Investment to Top $7B as Focus Moves to Solar
HDTV Coupons Are in the Mail (my tax dollars at work again)
Toshiba Signals Retreat in High Def DVD Wars
Nanotube Wires Made to Operate At Speed of Commercial Chips
Electronic Component Orders Dip in January, but Outlook Still Bright
DoD RFID II Contract Extended by a year; Spending Ceiling Raised by $60M
NAB Wants National-Only Rule for Satellite Radio
Colombia, Jamaica Linked by Underwater Fiber Optic Cable
Big Science's Big Day Coming
Sharp, Tokyo Electron to Tie Up on Solar Cells
"Rock-Bottom" Mobile TV Companies Looking Up
Piezoelectric Zinc Oxide Nanowire Fashions for Spring
Silicon Wafer Costs Have Bigger Impact on Solar Apps
Britain Considers Manned Space Missions
10 Things the Next President Should Do About IT
Worldwide Hunt to Solve the Mystery of Gamma-Ray Bursts
Russia Becomes Malware Czar
Superconducting Breakthrough: Better Understanding Could Bring 'Endless Applications'
China's Telecoms Hit Hard by Recent Storms
Winners, Losers in Digital TV Transition
Heavy Cell Phone Use Linked to Cancer
Is the Party Over in China? Massive Unemployment Looms
U.S. to Shoot Down Crippled Satellite
Imperial College Makes Terahertz Advance
GPS for the Prostate: System Keeps Radiation Therapy on Target
Motorola's Decline Seen as Cautionary Tale
Wireless Monitoring of People and Things: Future of Social Networking?
Brit Robots to Put Phone Mast on Moon
Hittite Continues Growth, but Profit Falls Short
WENR to Launch First Surveillance  Airship in March
Vietnam's First Satellite Ready for Launch
Chartered Buys Hitachi Fab in Singapore
WiFi Coming to Trains in India
Nanofibers in Unlimited Lengths Now Available
Wireless Entrepreneurs are 'Connecting the Unconnected'
Graphene Holds Promise For Spintronics
MySpace Could Merge with Yahoo! to Scupper Microsoft's Takeover Bid
Bluetooth for Ham and 2-Way Radio
Cell Phone-Cancer Link Claimed by Israeli Scientist
Regular Cellphone Use May Affect Male Semen Quantity (it was only a matter of time)
Two New Exoplanets Discovered
Panel Set to Identify Engineering 'Grand Challenges'
HP Settles Journalist Spying Lawsuits
Combo Wi-Fi-WiMax Technology Gains Ground
Intel Sees $10B Mobile Web Chip Market
E-mail Addresses Changing Design of Japanese Business Cards
Anadigics' Record Sales Boosted by 3G and WLAN/WiMAX
Mobile Industry Sees New Security Risks
Mobile Search Proves Invaluable During Airport Strikes
STS-122 Spacewalkers Complete 6-hr 45-min Mission
Carbon Capture Strategy Could Lead to Emission-Free Cars
House Bill Bars ISPs from Controlling Internet Content, Traffic
Japan Delays High-Speed Internet Satellite
A Radio in Every Portable within 5 Years
Use of Rogue DNS Servers on Rise (RF Cafe immune due to new service)
Shear Ingenuity: Tweaking the Conductivity of Nanotube Composites
Swiss Car Lets Motorists Drive Underwater
DOJ Requires Clear Channel to Divest in Four Markets to Complete Buyout
Lockheed Wins FBI Contract Potentially Worth $1B
ST Readies Integrated SoC for Near Field Communications (NFC) Applications
Disney Revives 'House of the Future'
Fortress Europe Prepares Sci-Fi Borders
Gearing Up for World's Largest Rocket Contest
Major Yahoo Investor Urges Microsoft to Raise Offer
Woman Sues Best Buy for $54M Lost Laptop
EU Columbus Module Installed in New Home on ISS
Service Outage Gives BlackBerry a Black Eye
Barely 1/3 of Consumers Would Accept a Femtocell in Their House
Users Face Being Cut Off from the Internet for Downloading Films and Music Illegally
Communications, Networking Holds Great Potential in Defense Industry
Nanosieves Save Energy in Biofuel Production
Under Secretary of Commerce Announces FY 2009 Budget Proposal for USPTO
U.S. Could Place Another Anti-Missile Radar System in Europe
HP and Qualcomm to Deliver Options for Worldwide Internet Access
Human Skin Cells Reprogrammed into Embryonic Stem Cells
BlackBerry Outage Frustrates Users Again
EU Conducts Antitrust Raid on Intel, Retailers
DoD Analyst, Former Boeing Employee, 2 Chinese Immigrants, Arrested in Two Spy Cases
Motorola Promotes WiMax Ecosystem
GM Posts Largest-Ever $38.7B Annual Loss, Offers Buyouts to 74,000 Workers
Microsoft Scrambles to Explain Prototype 'White Space' Device Failure
U.S. Air Force Chief Unveils Plans for Next 20 Years
Google's Android Prototypes Struggle to Compete with Nokia
Cray to Upgrade Sandia Red Storm Supercomputer to 284 Teraflops
Next-Generation Music: Deepening the Musical Experience
Arrow Acquires Defense, Aerospace Component Distributor
Bad Breath? Your Phone Can Tell You!
New Hybrid Vehicle Given Its First Test Drive in the Ocean
Lawyer Sentenced in Scheme Involving Class-Action Lawsuits (finally, some good news)
Scientists Develop 'Gecko-Foot' Adhesive
Senate Heads Toward Approval of Phone Immunity
UK P2P Clampdown to Fuel Wi-Fi Hijacking
Injured NJ Policeman Makes History as First to Have Medical History Read by RFID Implant
NFL Awards Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer Contract
Bluetooth to Piggyback on Wi-Fi
ITT Wins $18M Navy Radar System Upgrade Award
Why >182,420 Mobile Subscribers a Day Left Service Providers
Nokia to Launch Touchscreen Cellphones Later This Year
Shuttle Atlantis Docks with Space Station
Field Day 2008 Rules and Forms Now Available
'T-ray' Breakthrough Signals Next Generation of Security Sensors
EU Emergency Phone Number Rings No Bells with Citizens
N. Korea Suspected of Misusing Oil Aid for Military Trainings
Wholesale Price of GPS-Enabled Handsets to Fall Under $200 by 2010
Broadcom Puts LiMo Linux in Mobile Handsets
Yahoo Formally Rejects Microsoft Offer
Wireless Industry Meets in Barcelona
Rubik's Cube in Center of Earth? Computer Simulations Support New Model of Earth's Core
Hospitals Install 'Wii'habilitation Gear
UMass Student Invents Bicycle Helmet That Calls 911 When Rider is Down
U.S. Government Increasing Commitment to Semiconductor Research
Sick Astronaut Delays First Atlantis Spacewalk
Audit: 39% of Mobile Calls Don't Meet Minimum Voice-Quality Standard
Organic Solar Cells: Electricity from a Thin Film
Volvo's Crash-Resistant Car with Laser-Controlled Brakes
Clearing the Air About Traveling with Batteries
Woman Shoots Others, Self at Louisiana Technical College
ARM Google Phone Platform Demo Due Monday
Hybrid Electric Vehicles Not as Green as They are Painted, Analysts Contend
Sun's 'Disturbingly Quiet' Cycle Prompts Fear of Global Cooling
Rohde & Schwarz Appoints New President and COO
Electronic Manufacturing Capacity to See Global Rebalancing
European Roadmap for Photonics and Nanotechnologies
France's President Sarkozy Sues Over Fake SMS
Chinese Cell Phone Shipments Expected to Slow
Microsoft Shatters $900 Million Global Software Piracy Ring
NEC Reconfigures Analogue Baseband IC for Software Defined Radio
Patent Court Affirms Kodak Digital Imaging Win over Ampex
Human Dynamo: How Energy from Your Knees Could Power an iPod
Organic Solar Cells: Electricity from a Thin Film
ISSCC: Engineers Should Seek 'Design for Environment'
First Chevrolet Vehicle to Offer XM NavTraffic Service
Graphene May be Best Conductor Ever
Watch the Space Shuttle Launch Live 2:45 pm EST
ISSCC Shrinks 11n, Wimax and Bluetooth
Rewritable Holograms Could Appear in Mobile Phones
Intel, ST Claim Phase Change Memory Prototypes
64-bit RFID Tag Could Replace Bar Codes
European Operators Slash Mobile Data Roaming Rates
Fujitsu Presents First 77 GHz CMOS-Based PA
"Source" Disavows Inflated NTIA BPL Figure
Robot Pumps Gas at Dutch Filling Station
Rugged SIM Cards for Rough Conditions
Harris Corp. to Provide American Forces Network with Broadcast Communications System
NASA Plans to Launch up to Six Space Shuttles in 2008
Single-Molecule Sensing Breakthrough: Optical and Electronic Measurements Made Simultaneously
Key to Fusion Power May be Found in Space
Ultralife Receives $4.4M in Military Battery Orders
Ticket Scalpers Thrive in China's Frozen Transport Chaos
$1M Adds a Letter "S" to an Internet Address
Commerce Department Slams Patent Reform Effort
Wireless Front End Remains an Integration Challenge
New Way to Kill Viruses: Shake Them to Death with a Laser
Teardown TV - Product Teardowns Come to a Screen Near You
South Dakota Warns About Unexpected Bills for Ringtone
National Semi Lowers Sales Outlook on Wireless Shortfall
Fewer Than One in 10 U.S. Consumers Recycled Their Old Mobile Handsets in Q4
DoD 2009 Spending to Top $651B
Atlantis Launch Countdown Begins
BAE Systems Wins $15M Sensor Contract with USAF
TV Migrates to Cell Phones
Nanotechnology: Entirely New Way of Storing Gas Created
Son of Concorde: New Hypersonic Airliner
Women Take Almost 50% More Short-term Sick Leave than Men
Bush Sets Out 2.9% Rise in Space Budget
Consortiums Compete to Build World's Biggest Telescope
Researchers Report Breakthrough for Inkjet Printed Circuits
Government Crackdown on Staff BlackBerry Usage
Campaign Coffers Light on Tech Contributions
NTIA Report on Broadband in America 2007 Inflates BPL Figures
Energy-Efficient Microchip Could Result in Cell Phones Staying Charged 10x as Long, Self-Charging Electronics
Freescale to Pay $100M for SigmaTel
Price Wars Cost the Semiconductor Industry $23B in Lost Revenues
Industry Could Pay in Advance for University IP
Iran Launches Research Rocket, Unveils Space Center
Scientists Stabilize Platinum Electrocatalysts for Use in Fuel Cells
4th Telecom Cable Taken Out in the Middle East
Mobile Phones, Coffee Found Unlikely to Cause Cancer
Researchers Create Gold Aluminum, Black Platinum, Blue Silver Using Tabletop Laser
Wireless Phone Headsets Insecure
Third Undersea Internet Cable Damaged in Mideast
Daytime Nap Can Benefit a Person's Memory Performance
Whale-Shaped Floating Hotel Set for Flight
Ericsson May Lay Off up to 4,000 Workers
India Internet Capacity at 80% After Cables Break
Repair Ship to Start Work on Severed Undersea Cables Next Week
Motorola Considering Separation of Mobile Devices Unit
With a Jolt, 'Nanonails' Go from Repellent to Wettable
MEMS Mix up the Silicon
RFMD Loss Follows Dip in China GSM/GPRS Demand
Bids Top Minimum Set in U.S. Auction of Key Airwaves
Airwaves Auction Collects Record $15.6B
Microsoft Offers $44.6B for Yahoo
Asustek Pushes 'Eee' Linux Desktop PCs
Dell Closes Edmonton Call Center, 900 Jobs Lost
Navy Tests High-Powered Electromagnetic Railgun
Norsat Awarded $1.1M in Irish Department of Defence Contracts
Columbus Set for February 7 Launch Aboard Atlantis Shuttle
This is Your Pilot Speaking... and Crying and Swearing, and Demanding to Talk to God!
French Army Chief Raps Equipment Cuts
Winter Freeze Sends Shockwaves Through China as Cash and More Run Short
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