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Engineering & Technical Headline News Archive - November 2006

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Supreme Court Appears to Favor Abolition of Key Patent Standard
Regal Arms Theater-Goers with Cellphone Busters
Researchers Shine Light on Atomic Transistor
Nokia - Internet Key to Next Phase of Growth in Mobile Industry
FCC Briefing for Investors, Not the Public
Xilinx Clears SEC Stock Options Probe
Study: Single Meteorite Impact Killed Dinosaurs
Wi-Fi Blossoms as Teens Desert TV for Web
Commuters Inhale Most Harmful Traffic Fumes During Morning Rush Hour, Urban Pollution
Sony Wants to Use Your Body as a Capacitor
Denmark Points Way in Alternative Energy Sources
Better Wireless Rules Needed
First ZigBee Certified Products Now Available
Xerox Invents Self-Erasing, Re-Usable Paper (a better excuse than 'the dog at my homework' - my paper erased itself)
U.S. Copyright Office Says OK to Cell Phone Unlocking, Game Emulators
Break Out the Bandwidth
Nanotechnology Comes Home for the Holidays
Study: Slouching Better for Back Than Sitting Up Straight (vindicated!)
A Wind-Powered Skyscraper in Paris
'Cyber Monday' Ain't No Christmas Myth
Huge Growth in Russian WiFi Hotspots (great, now their megaspammers can operate from Starbucks or McDonalds
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Project Announced
McDonald's Files for Patent on the Sandwich (not kidding)
Mistrial Declared in $10 Billion Lawsuit Against Motorola
80% of European E-Mail Is Spam
U.S. R&D Publications Decline
7,000 Public Wi-Fi Hot Spots in Russia This Year
Venture Investors Target High-Tech Startups
Professor Devises New Form of Solar Cell
Did Russia's Top Spectrum Allocator Resign? (somebody please get him a polonium detector)
STMicro Shields Itself from Future Hostile Takeovers
Boeing Gets Another Multi-Billion Passenger Jet Order
New Games Call to Trekkies
Money Might Buy At Least a Little Happiness, Study Shows (hmmm, I'd like to test that theory)
Jobs for College Grads Plentiful
Caffeine Abuse Becoming Health Problem
Nissan Plans to Sell Electric Cars in 3 Years
CyberMonday (half of all people w/WWW connections at work do shopping online)
Proposed Australian Copyright Law Blasted as Too Harsh
Hurricane Predictions Off Track as Tranquil Season Wafts Away (so much for Ph.Ds and supercomputer predictions!)
EU Warns UK Not to Overestimate Mobile Termination Rates
Analyst Sees Troubling Signs, Flat IC Growth
Australia Getting a National Bluetooth Advertising Network
Russia's Glonass System Should Cover Whole Country By Late 2007
Emerging Technology Sees Through Clothing
DARPA Awards Cray $250 Million Contract to Develop Supercomputer
Mercury Reaches Its Peak in Night Sky
Lifting the Darkness on Japan's Next Spy Satellite
Wireless Technology Made Me Sick
Northrop Grumman Engineer Could Get Death for Selling Classified Tech
Japanese Planners Reveal Design of World's Tallest Tower for Tokyo (pssst...someone tell them about earthquakes)
FCC Working to Correct Error in Omnibus Rules Change Order
Ultra-Intense Laser Blast Creates True 'Black Metal'
Face-Off of 802.11n Technology Brings Disappointing Results
Wal-Mart's Site Stalls on Black Friday
The Vanishing Veg-Out Vacation
U.K.'s Ofcom Legalizes Micro FM Transmitters, De-Licenses CB
Companies Join Universities for Massive Funding Bid
The Push is On for NFC Standards in Mobiles
Software Defined Radio Forum Names Contest Finalists
European Mobile Phone Market Grows 9% in 3Q06
Nation's Schools Seek Help in Disposing Radioactive Materials
China 3G Spec Wins More Handset Test Support
French Military Chooses Sagem Défense Sécurité to Study Future Joint Tactical UAVs
First Look at $100 Laptop Linux Interface
Touch Tracking Bypasses Mind Control
Genetic Breakthrough that Reveals the Differences Between Humans
China To Launch 2 Satellites For Compass Navigation System
Health Fears Lead British Schools to Dismantle Wi-Fi Networks
Nations Give Green Light for Nuclear Fusion
New, Improved GPS Satellite is Launched
Control Centre for Europe's Galileo Satellite Navigation System Established
Ofcom: No to Power Boost for WLANs at 2.4GHz, Yes at 5.8GHz
Mexico Readies World's Largest Radio Telescope
The Human Side of Communication Tech is Important to Morale
In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Scream "Fore!"
Cray, IBM Picked for U.S. Petaflop Computer Effort
Digital Control Set to Revolutionize Power Supply Design
Aviation Industry Alarmed at New EU Emission Rules
Worldwide Telecom Revenues to Reach $1.3 Trillion in 2007
Spend More, Get More in Tech R&D? Not Always
Applied Invests in Solar Wafer Firm
Imports Sweep List of Safest Vehicles
EU to Spend EUR9 Billion Through 2013 on IT
Wi-Fi Standards Face Patent Threat
Israeli University Develops Nano Battery as Thin as a Strand of Hair for Military Apps
Space Station Astronauts Prepare for Golf-Shot Spacewalk
US Air Force Buys Software-Defined Radios
European Company to Bring Cheap E-Mail to U.S. Cell-Phone Users
Time-Travel Physics Seems Stranger Than Fiction
Rosetta Healthy and On Target for February Mars Flyby
Handset Prices at Their Highest in Over a Decade
Many High-Tech Start-Ups Have Immigrant Founders
Hittite Introduces Microwave Components for Military and Space Applications
Dedicated R&D Lab Established to Spur RFID Industry in Canada
Iraq Getting a WiMAX Network
Broadcom Receives Second Nasdaq Notice
RFMD Ramps Polaris 2 Radio Module for Edge
Space Golf Shot Might Stay in Orbit for Years
Air Force Advances Space Vehicle Development
U.S. Panel Seeks Broader Sanctions Against China Arms Dealers
Global Hawk to Fly first Mission Over U.S.
Money: It's More Than an Incentive
Cellphone Inventor Talks About Impact of New Technology on Spectrum
FCC "Omnibus" Amateur Radio R&O Published in Federal Register, Takes Effect December 15
Microsoft Enters the Municipal Wi-Fi Fray
IEEE RFID 2007 Call for Papers Extended
Report: Few Opportunities for WiMAX Operators to Make Strong Financial Returns
China's IC Makers Eye New Fabs
Man Shot Waiting to Buy Playstation 3
iSuppli Teardown Finds Sony 'Taking a Bath' on Each PS3
RFMD Introduces GaN Power Amplifiers for WCDMA, WiMAX and PMR Applications
Man Jailed for Britain's First "Web-Rage" Attack
EU Calls for Creating Single European Telecom Regulator
SIA: Semi Industry to Reach $321B in 2009
Peregrine Chosen for European Space Agency RFIC Development
Sony Ericsson to Unveil RAZR Rival Early '07
IBM Builds Fastest Supercomputer
Mobile Sports Content & Services to Reach $3.8bn by 2011
Israel Developing Anti-Militant 'Bionic Hornet'
Seeing Money Can Change Behavior
ProtoStar Closes 210 Million Dollar Satellite Financing Deal
RFMD to Ring the NASDAQ Stock Market Closing Bell in NYC: 15 Years as Industry Leader
Address Nanotechnology Concerns, Experts Urge
'KW4' Not a Threat to Earth - At Least for a Thousand Years
New PE42612 GSM/EDGE Antenna Switch Offers Flexible Control Logic
Spectrum Conflict Stalls WiMax in India
Electronica: MEMS and Body Paint
Wikipedia Unblocked in China After Year-Long Ban
Shooting Down Satellite Radio?
Applied Profit Up 82% Y/Y
eBay Restricts Sale of PlayStation 3
'Pinball Machine' Generates Cosmic Rays
Ofcom Bullish on Dynamic Spectrum Access
Daylight Savings: Building With Natural Light
The End is Nigh - for the Mobile Phone
Home Automation Net Challenges Insteon, ZigBee
Coming Soon: Power Without Cords and Plugs
WiMAX Technology to Enter Period of Rapid Growth
MEMS' Targets Consumer Market
Peak Web Spending Moves Closer to Christmas
Semi Market Overheating May End Current Cycle
Intel Rolls Out First Quad-Core Processors
Amazon Founder's Private Spaceport Launches First Rocket
Peregrine Launches Ultra-Linear DSA
East Coast, Europe Prime for Leonid Meteor Shower This Weekend
Report Reveals Space Industry At $180 Billion, Outperforming NASDAQ
French COROT Satellite to Seek New Planets
Air Guitarists Rejoice: Engineers Design Wearable Instrument Shirt
Australia Faces Growing Levels of e-Waste
Men Use Phones to Flirt
Microchip Intros ZigBee Alternative
W-CDMA Goes Top in Japan Five Years After Launch
TI Targets Russia
Get Ready for 675-mm Fabs in 2021, the Post-CMOS Era
Google CEO: Free Cellphones For All, If...
iSuppli: 2006 Top 15 Semiconductor Supplier Ranking Released
Philanthropist Strives to Leave Mark on Science
Internet Ad Potential Underestimated: Yahoo CEO
Former Israeli PM Netanyahu Addresses Silicon Valley Angel Investors
New Type of Home Furnace Also Generates Electricity
CEA: Holidays Full of Good Cheer
"BlackBerry Thumb" Sparks New Form of Hand Massage
Singapore Teenager Faces 3 years In Jail for Using Neighbor's WiFi
Northrop Grumman Showcases Comprehensive Suite of Geospatial Intelligence Solutions
China's Engineers Too Busy for Offshoring
Samsung Accepts Fuel Cell Deliveries
Sony Sold 88,400 PS3s in Japan In 2 Days
EE Times to Probe Industry Future at Electronica
Sun Making Java Open-Source Software
Chinese Submarine Secretly Stalked U.S. Fleet
Battery Startup Gains CIA Funding (bugs in batteries now?)
Start Me Up: The Sound of Vista (um, can you say "waste of time?")
Broadcasts From Space to Be In High Definition
Breaking the Nanometer Barrier in X-ray Microscopy
Lines Around the block As Playstation 3 Hits Stores in Japan
Nanoparticle Shows Promise in Reducing Radiation Side Effects
Department of Energy Awards Hydrogen Engine Contract
Survey Finds Cellphone Averages Less Than 30 Minutes A Day
GM Likely to Launch New Plug-In Hybrid
Packet Loss Problems Surface in Wi-Fi Nets
Coca-Cola Vending Machine Sales Via Mobile Phones
Japan's Shimei Grows Blue LED on Silicon Wafer
SEMI Warns of China RoHS
Shuttle Discovery Moved to Launch Pad; NASA Worries About Computer Glitch
Maoists Terrorists Ban Mobile Phones
Helio Introduces GPS Buddy Tracking on Cell Phones
'Googling' Could Help Doctors' Diagnoses
Emirates Allowing Cellphone Use in Flight - Uses Power Level Controller
Lower Expectations at National Semi Paints Bleak Picture for Wireless
Sharp Increase in Online-Course Enrollment
Partnership Formed to Further Radar Modeling Systems for U.S. Army, Air Force, Marines
RFID That Respects Privacy
Tidal Energy Companies Staking Claim on Tracts of Water
Northrop Grumman Showcases Comprehensive Suite of Geospatial Intelligence Solutions
Standards Battle Heats Up in China
Sirenza Microdevices Named One of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies
Microsoft to Start Selling Vista at Retail on January 30
Free-Electron Laser Shines at Over 14 Kilowatts in the Infrared
View Mercury's Transit of the Sun Today
Phone Lines Leapfrog Coax, Power Line in Home Net
Deutsche Telekom Won't Deploy WiMAX in Germany
Phone Crime Falls in UK Capital
Google Positioning for Move Into U.S. Radio
Plans to Cut Tower Bird Deaths
Stanford Shoots for the Moon
Government IDs: Smart-Card Chips' e-Passport to Growth
Missing-Helium Mystery Solved: Big Stars Ate It
New Techniques Pave Way for Carbon Nanotubes in Electronic Devices
Half of China to Be Urbanized by 2010
Work Begins on Galileo Control Centers
Study Shows Chronically Jet-Lagged Mice More Likely to Die
Intel to Spend $1B in Vietnam
Putin Clears Space Pact With India
Nokia to Roll Out TV Phone in Coming Weeks
Active RFID Market to Explode by 2016
Raytheon Next-Gen GPS Receiver Tracks Live Satellite M-code for the First Time
YouTube Wins Time's 'Invention of the Year'
Aeronautics Engineers Design Silent, Eco-friendly Plane
China to Launch More Than 50 Small Satellites in Next 5 to 10 Years
Egypt One of Worst Internet Censors
FCC Boosts Unlicensed Spectrum Rights
Web Sweeping Election Coverage
Carbon Nanotube Company Cracks Fab Problems
India Mulls First Manned Space Mission
Microsoft Completes Office 2007
Americans Rank Global Warming as Top Environmental Concern
Companies Eye Cell Phones as Way to Track Traffic Jams
Quantum Coherence Possible in Incommensurate Electronic Systems
NC-Based Associations Open Defense & Security Technology Accelerator
Your Guide to Mercury's Day in the Sun - November 8
Pulsating Gels Could Power Tiny Robots
Power Cuts Sweep Europe
ARRL: Deadline Extended to Accept Members' Input On "omnibus" Report and Order
Globalstar Prices Initial Public Offering of Common Stock
Mercury's Solar Transit Visible from Earth
Britons to Logon to Christmas Internet Shopping Boom
Sandia's Z Machine Melts Diamond Sheet Into a Puddle
Growth In Commercial Wi-Fi Hotspots Accelerating
U.S. Shuts Its Own Web Site Said to Reveal Nuclear Guide
Nokia Opens Research Center in Silicon Valley
SIA Reports Stellar September for Chip Industry
Unemployment Rate Hits 5 1/2 Year Low at 4.4%
Skill Shortage, Labor Costs Challenge India Design
Over Half of U.S. Phone Users Want Music, Cingular Says
China Starts to Build Own Satellite Navigation System
Which is More Annoying, Spam or Direct Mail? Study Reveals Answer
USPTO: Changes to Eliminate the Disclosure Document Program, Final Rule
Air Force to Create Cyberspace Command
Andrew Buys Antenna Vendor
Microsoft Considers China Policy - Could Pull Out
Road Warriors Leading Charge to SmartPhones
ZigBee Wireless Systems Monitor Buildings
SIA Reports Stellar September for Chip Industry
Mobile Communities and User Generated Content Worth US$13 Billion by 2011
License-Free Use of Empty DTV Channels? "Don't Hold Your Breath."
Experts: Non-Latin Alphabet Web Addresses Could 'Break Internet'
Physicists Observe New Property of Matter
Defending the High Ground
Ammonia Leak Cause Death and Mass Evacuations in China
Man Dies After Cellphone is Mistaken for Gun
U.S. Signs Off on Patent Disclosure Plan
RFID for Mil-Aero Poised to Take Off
Complaints Grow About Micro-Broadcast Devices (Mr. Microphone on steroids)
U.S. Intelligence Unveils Spy Version of Wikipedia
Techs Keep Partying...for Now
UK Regulator Supports Phones on Planes - Sort Of
Excess Chip Inventory Taints Market Outlook
SLAC Claims World's Brightest X-ray Laser
Lockheed Martin Announces Experienced Team for Pursuit of ADS-B Program
Fluorescent Bulb Eater Crushes Mercury Concerns
Hinode Satellite Makes First Observations of a Spooky Sun


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