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Electronics & Tech Headline News Archive - August 2018

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Huawei Kicks off Subsea Project in Baja California

Android Collecting 10x More Data Than iOS

• Paving the Road to 5G

• An Amazing Recovery: ARISS Packet System Revives

• New Scientific Study: No Safe Level of Alcohol


ISS Micrometeorite Strike - RF Cafe International Space Station Reports Pressure Drop - Micrometeorite?

• Welsh Compound Semi Centre Receives Money, Creates Jobs

Android Collecting 10x More Data Than iOS

• Researcher Helps Crack Decades-Old Math Problem

• Keysight Going Strong Despite U.S. Trade Tensions with China

• Jury Still out on Aspirin-a-Day to Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke (ask me about my experience w/LDA)


Global DAS Market Expected to Reach $15.1B by 2024

Crypto Tycoons About to Learn How Rich They Really Are

• NYU Series Tackles Next Spectrum Frontier: Terahertz

• Green Light for South African Radio Telescope (will the current land-grabbers ruin it?)

• 6 Volkswagen Managers Fired in Ongoing Diesel Emissions Scandal


• Mapping the Future of Electronics

• A Human Enzyme Can Biodegrade Graphene

• Europe to Ban Halogen Light Bulbs (the EU puppeteers, actually)

German Component Distribution Stable But Uninspired

• FCC Denies Motion to Stop Clock on T-Mobile/Sprint Deal


• Teens - and Parents - Feel Tethered to Phones

Amp-Free Photodiodes Promise New Wearables

• PdvWireless Optimistic 900 MHz Band Will See Action Soon

• Korean Patent Landscape Densifies Around Foldable Displays

Qualcomm Targets Upcoming 5G Chip Platform at Smartphones in 2019


• Europe's New Data Law Upends Global Online Advertising

• 7 of Top 15 Semi Suppliers of 1st Half of 2018 Register ≥20% Gains

• Verizon Tees up Prototypes for More Tests in 28 GHz Band

• Concern Within Amateur Radio Community over WWV-WWVH Shutdown

• Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Hit Record $1208B in Q2 2018


• SIA: Q2 Semiconductor Sales up 6% QoQ and 20.5% YoY at $117.9B

• India Cracks down on 'Predatory Publishers' Following International Investigation

• Army Tests EW for Military Ground Vehicles in Jamming Tests

• Telstra Switches on 5G Network in Australia

Laser Beam Attacks Bedevil U.S. Military Pilots in Mideast


Small Communications Satellites to Surge by 2030

• Advertisers Turn to Sports Radio to Reach Men

• Verizon Reveals Indianapolis Will Receive 5G in 2018

• Smart and Ericsson to Rollout 5G in the Philippines by 2019

HAARP's WSPR Research Campaign Yields Hundreds of Reports on 40 and 80 Meters


Optoelectronics Market Worth $9.80B by 2025

• Sprint, LG Promise 1st Mobile 5G Phone

Apple Pulls 25, 000 Gambling Apps from China Market

• NASA Launches Parker Solar Probe Mission to 'Touch' the Sun (hope it doesn't get renamed Icarus)

Top Programming Languages 2018


Midband Spectrum for 5G Needed Now

SEMI Integration of ESD Alliance Underway

• Algorithms Help Power Grids Survive GPS Spoofs

• The Weird Mistakes Killing Tesla

Terahertz Technology Creates New Insight into Semiconductor Lasers


Keysight Technologies acquires Thales Calibration Services

• Virus Attack on Chipmaker Could Delay Next iPhone

Google Tracks Your Location Even When You Tell It to Stop

16-Year-Old Hacked Apple, Stole 90 GB of Secure Files

AMSAT Issues Second Call for 2018 Symposium Papers


• Samsung Considers Chinese Factory Closure

• Turkey President Threatens iPhone Boycott

• Taiwan Shows No Sign of Releasing Stranglehold on Chip Foundry Industry

Qorvo's Quarterly Growth Driven by Mobile Demand in China

Mystery Russian Satellite's Behaviour Raises Alarm in U.S.


Qualcomm-NXP Break-up: There Will Be Fallout

Russian Military Spy Software on Hundreds of Thousands of Home Routers

• New U.S. Submarine Forces Commander is Radio Amateur

• Bell Launches 1.5 Gbps FTTH Services in Canada

• Xiaomi Leads Smartphone Market in India


• Put Your Phone Down! Backlash on Terrible Tech Manners

• Open Fiber Raises €3.5B for Italian FTTH Network

Tesla Says on Track for Profit Despite Bigger 2Q Loss

Telcos Will Be Honest If You Force Them to Be

• Homeland Security Unveils Center to Combat Cyberthreats


• FCC Adopts '1-Touch, Make-Ready' to Hasten Broadband Deployments

China Tower Raises $6.9B in Hong Kong IPO

• CBNL Ready to Support Millimeter-Wave Auction Winners

• Another Big Push For More Radio Deregulation

• 6 New Developments in U.S. Tower Industry


• U.S. House of Representatives Passes PIRATE Act

• 14% of U.S. Households Could Go All Wireless

• Broadband Internet Causes Sleep Deprivation

• Peculiarities of Developing Quantum Computing - Possible End of Bitcoin

• Math + Good Posture = Better Scores


• FCC Streamlines Formal Complaint Processes

• First Half Chip Sales up 20% from 2017

• SDR-Based Communication Helped Save Trapped Boys in Thai Cave

• FCC Establishes Procedures for 28, 24 GHz Auctions, 39 GHz for 2019

Strange Metals Just Got Stranger


• Google to Warn Enterprises of Potential Attacks on G Suite Accounts

• Wireless Enjoys Biggest QoQ Jump in >20 Quarters

Rising Cobalt Prices Push up Li-Ion Battery Costs

• The Rebirth of the Semiconductor Industry

Amazon in UK Profits up 3x, Taxes Paid down 1/3


• Audi, Ericsson Test 5G Technology in Car Production

• The Rebirth of the Semiconductor Industry

• USAF Outlines 5-year, $25M SIGINT Research Project

• FCC Passes New OTMR Rules to Speed 5G Deployments

• T-Mobile One Step Closer to Rolling out 5G


Computer Virus Cripples iPhone Chipmaker TSMC Plants

• Senate Passes 2019 National Defense Authorization Act

QST Antenna Design Competition Submission Deadline Looms

Moore's Law, China vs. Team USA

Russian Hackers Have Invaded Hundreds of U.S. Utilities


•• FCC Cites Baofeng Importer for Illegally Marketing Unauthorized RF Devices

• Huawei Ignores Security Allegations as Revenues Surge by 15%

• Hynix to Invest $3.1B in New Fab

• Prepare for 1st Wave of 5G Wins - Nokia and T-Mobile = $3.5B

• U.S. Adults Now Spend Nearly Day/2 Interacting with Media


• What the Small Cell Market Looks Like in 2018

• UK Telcos Could Shed 48,000 Jobs over Next Decade

• China Kills Qualcomm-NXP Deal

• Why Flash Storage Will Remain Dominant for Several Years (...and still magnetic HDDs - ugh!)

LG's $1,830 Smartphone to Hit the Shelves Next Month


Silicon on Insulator (SOI) Market to Reach $1.8B by 2023

• HAARP Campaign to Use WSPR on 80 Meters

25 High-Tech Organizations Forging a Successful Resiliency Path

• SIA Applauds New DoD Transformative Research Partnerships

• New Material Discovered to Cool PCs and Mobile Devices

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