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Terrorists Use BlackBerries to Communicate During Mumbai Hostage Standoff

Clearwire on the Hiring Trail

Carriers Focus on Pre-Paid Wireless, Budget-Conscious Bundles

Scientists Find Magnetic Theory for Natural Navigation

Slowdown Hits STMicroelectronics


3-D Memristor Chip Debuts

DARPA Seeks to Mimic in Silicon the Mammalian Brain

NFL to Broadcast Game in 3D

Sports Teams Lose White Spaces Battle

Space Centre to Provide Multi-Billion Pound Boost for Industry

NASA Tests the Interplanetary Internet

ARRL President Emeritus George Wilson, (W4OYI) Dies at 76

Country Thankful for Military, Technology Partners, and Enabling Technologies

TSMC, UMC Looking to Cut Costs by 20%

Getting Ready for 'Cyber Monday'

NIST Devises LED Test Method Comparable to Lighting Tests

Nanotube Switching Effect Discovered

Air New Zealand Readies for RFID-Enabled Boarding Passes

'Dancing' Atoms Spinning out of Control Make Better MRI Images

Astronomers Hope to See Orbiting Tool Bag

World's Oldest Person Dies at 115 Years

10 New Reasons Why Microsoft Should Give Thanks


Wireless Network Traffic to Increase Tenfold by 2015

Europe's €200B Recovery Plan Targets Energy-Efficiency

Space Experts Offer Anti-Asteroid Plan

German Research Institute Tests RFID in Construction

Hydropower Generator Mimics Fish

Growth Forecast for 2009 Solar Installations Cut from 49% to 26%

Creating a Memory Device Out of Paper

European States at Odds Over Space Funding Priorities

Lifting the Illusions from Invisibility Cloaks

Online Networks a Magnet for Job-Seekers

Optometrist Establishes Sports Vision Clinic to Improve Athletic Performance

At Home With Robots: The Coming Revolution

Dell to Offer 0% Financing to U.S. Businesses

Global Warming Predictions are Overestimated, Suggests Study on Black Carbon

When Intelligent and Natural Design Collide


Memristors Make Chips Cheaper

Analysts Downgrade Several Chip Company Estimates

BlackBerry Storm Drives up RIM Shares Amid Sellouts

Economic Downturn Sparked a Battle for 3rd Place in Mobile Phone Market (I don't remember 3rd place making news before)

China Chip Market Sales Growth Slows as Fabless Competition Heats Up

New Waterproof Nanotech Material Which Remains dry Even When Submerged

WeFi Reaches Ten Million Wi-Fi Access Points

Cellphone Market Gloom Spreads to Samsung

Researchers Induce Superconductivity in an Insulator [is nothing sacred?  ;-)]

GSM Association Calls for NFC-Enabled Cell Phones

Rohde & Schwarz Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Physics Gets a Bit of Movie Magic

Pratt & Whitney's F135 Successfully Completes First Supersonic Flight

Consumer Turnoffs: Ugly Tech, Garish Gadgets

Judge Awards Facebook $873M in Spammer Case

U.S. Consumers Cutting Back on Technology Purchases

Endeavour Astronauts Start Fourth, Final Spacewalk

2008 May Be Radio's Worst Year Since 1954

Have Scientists Captured the Gold Ring for Blue OLED?

One-Eyed Woman Hope Engineers can Design Her Eye Cam

Wikipedia Can Pose a Health Risk


FCC Releases Full Text of White Spaces Ruling

El Paso, Salt Lake City, Dallas and Memphis are the Top Text Messaging Markets in the U.S.

Obama Gives Peek into H-1B Policy

Recruiting Technology Goes Cutting Edge

Kiyoshi Ito, 93, Mathematician Who Described Random Motion, Dies

New Mechanism for Superconductivity?

Worst Could be Over by Mid-2009, Says Avnet CEO (he must have data nobody else has)

RFID is the Key to Electric Vehicle Recharging Stations

Random House to Digitize Thousands of Books

Bug-Sized Spies: U.S. Develops Tiny Flying Robots

South Korea Sees a Slow-Down in Mobile Number Portability

Steelhead Apps Bolster Satellite Communications

Credit Crunch: Semiconductor Gloom Amid Economic Gloom

Ex-Siemens Manager Gets 2-Year Suspended Sentence

China Investment Fever Cools

Witnesses: Large Meteor Streaks Across Canada Sky

Ericsson Cuts 250 Jobs in USA Facility

Polymers 'Battered' with Nanoparticles Could Create Self-Healing Paints and Packaging

How is Internet Advertising Faring in this Bad Economy?

Green Energy and Technology Win First Fight of the New Congress

Giant Camera Tracks Asteroids


Electronics Supply Chain Sales Contract in September

'4-D' Microscope Revolutionizes the Way We Look at Nano World

Premier Farnell Target Dangers of Unregulated e-Waste Recycling in Developing Countries

Engineers Sentenced to 1 Year for Espionage Case

New Nano Satellite Mission to Examine Link Between Lightning and Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes

Broadband Makes Tiny Town an English-Teaching Hub


Engineer Salaries: A Look at Global Compensation and Job Satisfaction

Pentagon Hit by Unprecedented Cyber Attack

Canada Electronics Profits Head for 5-Year Low

Man Says Cell Phone Saved Him from Stray Bullet

Chinese Bridge Builders Use Rockets to Shoot Cables Across Valley (this is slick)

e=mc2: 103 Years Later, Einstein's Proven Right

Canadian Amateurs Receive Limited 500 kHz Privileges

2008 a Good Year for UK VC High-Tech Investment

Electronic Warfare Officers Keep Soldiers Safe

The Middle East Market Expects a Surge in Wireless Broadband

FCC Revised 700 MHz Spectrum Approach for First Responders

Consolidation Among Mobile-IC Makers Squeezes Supply Chain

Engineers Face Jail in Economic Espionage Case

Europe Needs More Ambition in Radio Spectrum Policy

3G Wireless Data: About to Break?

Researchers Make New Electronics - With a Twist

Iridium-Enabled System Helps Pilots Smash World Helicopter Speed Record

Electricity from Waste Heat

Only Zero Carbon Buildings for the UK After 2016 (except for all the ones that will receive waivers)

Symantec Sees Rise in USB-Based Malware as Reports of U.S. Army Ban Surface

Economic Crisis Forcing Shoppers to Use the Internet


Fear, Negative Momentum Influence Chip Market

FCC Releases Full Text of White Spaces Ruling

Copernicus' Remains, Grave Found

India to Have 411,000 Millionaires by 2017

Cellphone Jammers Spread in Canada

Worldwide Standards Fuel Growth of Digital Television

HD Radio is Standard in 2009 Volvos

NXP Sees Sales Decline by up to 25% in Q408

'SuperSpeed' USB 3.0 Expected to be Widespread by 2010

NASA and DOE Collaborate on Dark Energy Research

Researchers Make New Electronics -- With a Twist

BMW's Electric Car

PC Magazine Goes Online-Only - Another Death in the Print Media World

Physics' Grand Unification Theory is Unprovable

In Tough VC Market, Fabless Startup Snags $12M

New Satellite Being Developed for Rural Net Connectivity

Microsoft to Replace Live OneCare with 'No-Cost' Anti-Malware

Lost Tool Bag Forces Changes to Planned Spacewalks

Barack Hussein Obama's NASA Dilemma

How Time-Traveling Could Affect Quantum Computing


DOD Plans to Wave Goodbye to Waveforms (not all, just some)

The Air Force's Cyber Path

Indian Space Agency Isro to Roll out a Rival to Google Earth

Shakeout Looms for Chinese Chip Firms

Anticipating the Worst - CYA for Companies Laying off Employees

Nokia to Launch TD-SCDMA Based Phones by End 2009

Qualcomm Hit with Contempt of Injunction in Broadcom Case

Global Chip Sales Forecast to Drop 5.6% in 2009

Students Invited to Name New Mars Rover

Supercomputers Break Petaflop Barrier, Transforming Science

Ministers Meet to Define The Role of Space in Delivering Global Objectives

Global Semiconductor Market to Contract in 2008

Sleep Helps People Learn Complicated Tasks

Can a Single Molecule Behave as a Mirror?

Interplanetary Internet Passes Test

China Consumed 1/3 of ICs in '07

Carbon-Nanotube Thread

Handset Manufacturers to Publish Energy Ratings for Phone Chargers

UK Troops Will Get 'Throwable' Camera

Physicist Admits Sending U.S. Space Know-How to China

Microsoft to Offer Free Security Software


2009 Equipment Sales Could Hit Lows Not Seen Since 2003

GSM Trade Body Wants All New Phones to Have NFC by Mid-2009

The Return of the Rabbit Ear Antenna

Patent Office Continues to Fall Behind

Making Graphene More Practical

GSMA Backs Contactless Payments for Mobile

Sagem to Embed GPS Receiver into SIM Cards

Physicists Steer Electrons with Laser Pulses

Spacewalkers Prepare for In-Orbit Cleaning Job

Qualcomm Switches to LTE - is This the End of WiMax?

Wireless Modems Boost Cellphone-Only, 18-34 PPM Samples

USPTO: Fiscal Year 2009 Changes to Patent Cooperation Treaty Transmittal and Search Fees

TI, Fulton Power up for Wireless Power

Nations Around the World Mark 10th Anniversary of ISS

Billions of Particles of Anti-Matter Created in Laboratory

Raytheon to Demonstrate New High-Data Rate Technology at MILCOM

Pico Satellite Swarms

Americans Are Still Planning to Give or Get Electronic Devices, Including Smartphones

Wall Street Pushes Higher on Energy & Tech

Planck Satellite Mission Set to Explore Cosmic Secrets

1/3 of U.S. Households Now Own HDTVs

Oregon Woman Loses $400,000 to Nigerian E-Mail Scam (That is why they keep sending those e-mails... remember D. Hannum's famous quote)


Record Number of U.S. Students Study Abroad

USPTO - Miscellaneous Changes to Trademark Rules of Practice

Unmanned Vehicles and Network-Centric Warfare Increase Demands on Rugged Military Connectors

Wireless Warriors

Russia Beats the U.S. to an HTC 4G WiMAX Phone

Micro Fuel Cells Get Closer to Replacing Batteries

Engineers Build Small Satellites to Widen Path to Outer Space

EU Wants "Independence" from Russian Gas

Cold Atoms Could Replace Hot Gallium in Focused Ion Beams

Toward a New Generation of Paper-Thin Loudspeakers

Astronauts Set to Unpack Endeavour's Cargo

Cray Second to Break Petaflops Barrier

LCH Repairs to Cost $21M

The Winner and Still Champion: Roadrunner Supercomputer Clobbers All

Online Startup Aims to Improve Patent Quality

High-Tech Vehicles & Roads Hailed as Future of Transportation

Who's the Greatest Geek of All Time?

Solar-, Wind-Powered Billboard to Go Up in Times Square

Saudi Arabian Jeweler Puts a High Value on RFID

Murdoch Urges Australians to Move out of Comfort Zones and Embrace Technology

Tech Industry Elite Seek Charter for 'Religious Harmony' (hmm..., now which religion is not seeking harmony?)


Space Shuttle Endeavour Races Toward Space Station (I watched the launch - absolutely perfect!)

Cache of Celtic Coins Uncovered in Dutch Cornfield

Miniature Solar Cells

Barack Obama Warned to Beware of 'Huge Threat' from al-Qaeda

Wall Street Ends Turbulent Week Sharply Lower


Indian Probe Lands on the Moon

National Semi Cuts 330 Jobs on Lowered Outlook

The Coming White Space Wireless Revolution

Sun to Lay Off 15% of Its Workforce

EC and European Semi Companies Plan R&D

Nokia Sees Market Falling

DHS Proposes Funky 'Fix' for RFID Security

Electrical Drive Systems: World Record of One Million Revolutions Per Minute Set

Secret Rocket Balls Target WMD Bunkers

Tequila Used to Create Diamonds

ESDA, JEDEC Announce Standards Development Cooperation

Scientists Inaugurate World's Largest Cosmic-Ray Observatory

Nanowires Ideal for Electronics Manufacturing

Avionics Intelligence Website Covers Aviation Technology and Business

First Direct Images of Planets Around Other Stars

DOD Budget May Be Cut Under Obama, Boeing Says

24% of Employed Americans Have Been with Their Current Employer <1 Year


Taxpayers (that's about only 50% of U.S. citizens) Bailing Out GE to Tune of $139B

Chevy Volt Takes Charge in New York City

British Telecom Cutting 10,000 Jobs as Part of Costs Drive

Satellite Serving as Voice Repeater Expected to Go QRT by End of Year

Scientists Call for More Nanotechnology Testing

Congress Wants More NFL Football on Free Television

Students Offered a Free RF Simulator

USPTO: Fiscal Year 2009 Changes to Patent Cooperation Treaty Transmittal and Search Fees

Navy Appoints New Chief of Research

Endeavour Shuttle Ready for Friday Launch

Why Free Wi-Fi Could (help) Save Starbucks

Mini Nuclear Power Plants Could Power 20,000 Homes

Microsoft to Spend $1B on R&D in China

Qualcomm to Link People to Internet Without Computers

Better Wind Turbines  - A More Efficient Generator

You Gave Your Child a Cell Phone. Now what?

Wireless-Based Healthcare is Essential

'Technical Problems' Shut Down Nigerian Satellite

Few U.S. EE Schools Teaching Environmental Design Requirements

Electronic Heat Trap Grips Deep Earth

Mysterious Glowing Aurora over Saturn Confounds Scientists


IBM to Help Build Broadband Network in Power Lines

Public Officials Give 700 MHz Network Deals the Skeptical Eye

DoCoMo Confirms $2.7B Indian Investment

Holiday Spending to Rise for Mobile Phones, GPS

Georgia Town Advances Cell Phone Parking Payments

Fujitsu Microelectronics Provides Advanced 65 nm RF CMOS Process Design Kit

Liquid Crystal Lubricant Developed, Reduces Friction to Almost Zero

EU Investigating Mobile Operators Over Blocking of VoIP Services

Notre Dame and Madison Area Technical College join LED University Program

Wireless Home Technology to Become More Prevalent

NASA Rover Low on Power from Martian Dust Storm

Air Force Base Deploys Wi-Fi/GPS RFID System Across 2,500 Acres

Mass Production Method for Nanomaterial Graphene Devised

Meridian Medical Systems Improves Treatment of a Critical Heart Condition Using Microwave Technology

EU Parliament Head Wants EU Funds for Intelligence Satellites

Laser Lunar Landing System

After Banning YouTube, Military Launches TroopTube

Is Technology Spawning New Dating Disasters?

KEMET Brings Industry's Largest Dielectrics Selection to Electronica 2008

Raytheon to Modernize F-15E Radar

President Honors Veterans, Families at USS Intrepid Ceremony

Futures Sink to Session Lows on Economic Woe


Tracking Traffic with Cell Phones

Advances Will Shatter Spectrum Regulation

Executives Seek Help to Improve Europe's Chip Industry Competitiveness

Starbucks 4Q Profit Drops 97% on Closure Costs

Mark Your Calendar for the November 2008 Frequency Measuring Test

New Small-Scale Generator Produces Alternating Current by Stretching Zinc Oxide Wires

RFMD® Broadens 3G Standard Product Portfolio With Highly Integrated WCDMA/HSDPA Power Amplifiers

iPhone Becomes Top Seller as Handset Sales Fall

Motorola Enables the Mobile Enterprise with Innovative Voice-over-Wireless-LAN Solution

AWR's AXIEM™ 3D Planar Electromagnetic Software Receives Prestigious Electron d'Or Award

IEEE President Encourages Greater Investment in People, Technology, Energy R&D at Innovation 2008

World Satellite Transponders Market to Reach 7,262 Units by 2012

Oak Ridge Boasts Fastest Computer at Open Research

Nokia Siemens Updates on Job Cuts Program - to Close German Facility

Europe Space Chief Seeks 9B

India Added a Record 7.7M GSM Subscribers in October

Goldeneye Introduces Flexible, Freestanding GaN Material


DoD Earmarks $400M for Basic Research

Is the U.S. Falling Behind in Chip R&D?

European Chip Market Feels Pain of Financial Crisis

Deal is on for Panasonic to Acquire Sanyo

Wall Street Opens Up on China's Spending Boost

How Much Transmit Power do WiMAX Nets Need?

Azimuth Systems Joins the International Wireless Industry Consortium™

Physicists Use Bose-Einstein Condensates to Enhance Factoring Algorithm

Making Silicon Less Reflective

HDTV Sales Overtake SD Models (duh... try to find an HD TV)

U.S. Spending for Intelligence and Battle Management Headed Down over Next Decade

Nortel Reports Loss of $3.4B - Cuts 1,300 Jobs

Physicists Create BlackMax to Search for Extra Dimensions in the Universe

SETI Radio Telescopes Track New Horizons

U.S. Broadcaster Gives Thumbs up to Mobile TV Spec

Circuit City Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chinese Hackers Penetrate White House Computers

China Could View Web Addiction as 'Disorder'


'Strong' Semiconductor Suppliers Shine in Slow Mmarket

Mini Nuclear Plants to Power 20,000 Homes

Music Headphones Can Interfere with Heart Devices (need to play music with a sinus rhythm?)

Spansion Joins the ONE-NET Open-Source Wireless Networking Alliance

ST-NXP Wireless Cuts 500 Jobs

The Historic Beginnings of the Space Arms Race Part II


Scientists Turn Tequila into Diamonds

Google Earth Helps - and Worries - Government (ironic - see newest Kirt's Cogitation)

Global Broadband Prices Down 20% in 2008

Diamagnetic Cavity Shield For Spacecraft - Shields up, Mr. Scott

Samsung Takes Top Spot in U.S. Cellphone Shipments in Q3 2008

Credit Crunch: Semiconductor Light Amid Economic Gloom

Qualcomm Leaps into Top 10 Among Chip Suppliers

China Builds World's Biggest Fixed Spectrometer Telescope

Lithography Past Light's Limits

Meet the FCC's New Chief Technologist

Ex-Intel Engineer Stole $1B in Trade Secrets, Feds Say

Location, Location, Location - as Long as It Has Broadband Internet

Gigatronics to Develop YIG-Based Synthesized System for Boeing

Russian Leader Blasts U.S., Vows to Deploy Missiles Near EU

Retailers Count on Web Appeal for Christmas Shopping

Cisco Warning Signals Trouble Ahead in Tech Sector

Model Predicts Equipment's Remaining Life and Links Info to Inventory Decisions

Virginia Tech Engineers Identify Conditions that Initiate Erosion


IC Industry Entering 'Capitulation Mode'

AMD Employee Charged with Stealing Intel Secrets

'Phase II' White Space Report was Submitted for Peer Review, Says OET

Nationwide 4G WiMAX Gets the Green Light

Plastic Wires Rival Copper at 20% the Weight

Dell Laptops to Get 'White Space' Wireless Chips

AMD to Lay off 500 More in Its Streamlining Effort

IBM's Chip Unit Cuts Temp Workers

Cadence Cuts 625 Jobs as It Looks to Save $150M

Anadigics Cuts 15% of Workforce

Santa Clara Crime Lab Turns to RFID

Newly Discovered Fungus Breathes Biodiesel

Motorola Demos LTE on 700-MHz Spectrum

FCC's OK of Alltel Takeover Makes Verizon the Largest U.S. Carrier

NASA Selects Astronomy Student Ambassadors

Hybrid Materials for Future Solar Cells Under Development

Contract Manufacturing Has Three Growth Years Ahead - iSuppli

USPTO and Danish PTO to Pilot Patent Prosecution Highway

China's Space Industry Takes Off

Navin, Margie to Co-Chair FCC Advisory Committee on WRC-11

Campaign Hacks Highlight Cyber-Espionage


FCC Okays White Space Access in Last Minute 5-0 Vote

IPO Hopefuls in Limbo, Waiting for Market Recovery

Chandrayaan-1 Enters Lunar Transfer Trajectory

CNN 'Beams Up' Virtual Correspondent

Ofcom: Statement: Spectrum Commons Classes for Licence-Exemption

New-Generation Workers Want Technology Their Way

Lawsuit Uncovers New iChips

To Glimpse RFID's Future Down Under, Gaze into the EPCmagic Mirror

Light Weight Hydrogen 'Tank' Could Fuel Hydrogen Economy

New Device to Improve Transistor Quality

Fujitsu Reports Record-Performance 5 GHz-Bandwidth Hybrid Amplifier

AT&T to Try Limits on Monthly Internet Traffic

Wireless Gadgets Dangers 'Minuscule'

Knee Device Generates Electrical Energy

Algorithm Cuts Cost of Measuring Nanoscale Images

China Plane-Makers Take First Steps to Rival Global Giants (hope they're safer than the food & drugs than have come from there)

Cheap, Self-Assembling Optics

Fermilab's CDF Result Sparks Rumors of New Physics

UK Leads EU Germanium Gamma Detector Project

Virginia's New Senator Worth $200M in Telecom Holdings (he'll probably not pay a dime in additional taxes)

Google and Harvard Split on Book Search Agreement


Financial Crisis Will Cost Semiconductor Market More than $25B in 2009

FCC Prowls the Web to Enforce Its Regulations

Defense Budgets Headed Down, No Matter Who's in the White House

Financial Crisis Hits Western European Mobile Phone Market

Beer That's Good for You

Intel Cancels Ultrawideband Design Effort

Solar Power Game-Changer: 'Near Perfect' Absorption of Sunlight, from All Angles

FCC Chairman Cancels Vote on Telecom Overhaul

Has Time Run out for Pay Mobile TV?

MEMS Attack Interference with Spread-Spectrum Scheme

Freescale, Motorola Lay Off on Bleak Cellular Businesses

Low Cost Vehicle Stability Chip Reduces Rollover Risk

Student Experiments on Board REXUS 4 Launched

Nokia Announces Job Cuts as It Closes Offices - R&D Hardest Hit

ISP Disconnects Customers with Open WiFi

The Pitfalls and Vulnerabilities of Electronic Voting

Battlefield Medic on a Chip

VC Investment in Chip Firms Declined in Q3

Circuit City Confirms Massive Store Closings, Layoffs

High-Tech Methods Help Teachers in School


Wave of Consolidation Set to Hit 4G chip Sector

The State of Antenna Calibration Standards in the United States Using ANSI C63.5

Pigeons Arrested for Espionage in Iran

Two U.S. Astronauts to Cast Votes from Space

Silicon-Cored Optical Fiber Ready for Mass Production

FCC Could Free up 'White Space' for Broadband Use

Motorola Demonstrates Industry First Over-the-Air LTE Session in 700 MHz Spectrum

Rohde & Schwarz Offers AM/FM/HD Radio Signal Generators

Plasma Turns Garbage into Gas

Gartner Cuts IC Forecast for '08, '09

NFL Defenses Finally go High Tech

Detecting Tiny Twists with a Nanomachine

Air Force Flight-Tests Battlespace Info Exchange System

Amnesia Beam Under Dev - Uh, What Was I Saying?

NASA Delays Shuttle's February Hubble Repair Mission

What's Behind AT&T's Free iPhone WiFi Offer?

Record High Performance with New Solar Cells

Flying Ferrari Only Two Years Away


3-D Printer Cracks $5,000 Pricing

U.S. Navy Intercepts Ballistic Missile Shot from Hawaii Base

Google Patches Android Security Flaw