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Cellphone Addiction 'An Increasingly Realistic Possibility'

Fuji Xerox Printer Comes to Your Desk with Documents

Why Some Liquids are 'Fragile' and Others Are 'Strong'

"Ham Video" Transmitter May Be Tested During ARISS Contact with German School

4G Coverage Reaches 75% of UK Population


Growing Smartphone Usage Provides New Testing Opportunities

10 Tips on Being a Consultant

CSR Rejects Microchip Bid, Shares Soar

• A Sad Desk Microwave for Your Sad Desk Lunch (read comment about 'what next?')

UKube-1 Satellite Using FUNcube-2 For Downlink Workaround

China Telecom 1H Mobile Revenue Surges, Subscribers Fall

Vietnam Semiconductor Strategy Summit Announced

U.S. Startups Get OK for Smartphone-Based Heart Tracking (dating apps?)

How Harvard's 1,024 Robot Swarm Does What It Does

China Has Supersonic Submarine in the Works

Nanoplasmonic and Optical Resonators Produces Laser-Like Light Emission

Samsung and LG Launch New Smartwatches While Apple Waits

Scientists Zap Diamond with Laser to Record Quantum Behavior

Superabsorption of Light Beyond Limits of Classical Physics

4 Megatrends in China's Smartphone Market


Defense Spending Cuts Hitting Contractor Workforces (-70,000 since 2008)

3-D Printed Skeleton Keys Can Pick High-Security Locks in Seconds

Bell Canada Increases LTE Download Speeds to Hit 150Mbps

What UK Emergency Data Law Means for You

Lockheed Martin Seeks to Clean up Space Junk

Duality Principle Is 'Safe and Sound'

Materials Other Than Silicon for Next Generation Electronic Devices

10 Cheap, Mostly Android Engineering Apps

Army Chooses IMSAR for Small Radars on UAVs

Scientists Team with IBM to Boost 'Super Microscope'

CTIA's Baker Pushes FCC to Streamline Cell site Deployments

6 Telecom Analytics White Papers Worth the Read

Competition for Graphene

Big Snowstorms Will Still Occur in Northern Hemisphere Following Global Warming (pathetic CYA attempt)

Iranian Ayatollah: 3G Internet Is Immoral and Inhumane (he probably frequents porn sites)


World's 1st ZigBee-Based Inter-Satellite Comms System

Android App Takes Down Heart of NWS Website

Intel Builds 'World's Smallest' 3G Modem

What Would FCC Think of News Outlets Charging for Coverage?

5 Tips for Engineering Students

Laser Pulse Turns Glass into a Metal

Fairchild to Close Two Facilities, Lay off 15%

Efforts to Track Space Junk Continue to Expand

Outcome Unpredictability of Ultracold Atomic Reactions Solved

BlackBerry to Target 4 Market Segments with New Smartphones

Wearable Tech and Smartphones Could Save Lives of Lone Workers

Researchers Demonstrate Ultrafast Charge Transfer in 2-D Semiconductors

Is Google's Free Software a Good Deal for Educators?

Azimuth Benchmarks U.S. Operators' Network Performance

'Google-Like' Search Engine Puts NSA Snooping Back in Spotlight


Infineon to Acquire International Rectifier

All Governments Can Track Movements of Anyone with Cellphone

RF Merger Mania

China Plans New PC OS in October

Hackers Force Plane Carrying Sony Exec to Land

Top 12 Public T&M Companies by Revenue

Balloons Carrying Amateur Radio Payloads Still Circling Earth

Imaging Gold Nanoparticles to Atomic Resolution by Electron Microscopy

BlackBerry's Leaked Roadmap Shows When Revamped Phone Line Arrives

Water Splitter Runs on Ordinary AAA Battery

Boeing 'Recreates Outer Space' to Fix Missile Defense System

NFC Brings Statues to Life in London and Manchester

Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Top 2.4B in Q2 2014

Physicists 'Freeze Time' to Manipulate Spin Information in Graphene

Could Diesels Be Poised for a U.S. Comeback? (didn't know they were ever 'here')


Murata Has Agreed to Acquire Peregrine Semiconductor

Do You Suffer from Smartphone-loss Anxiety Disorder?

FCC Proposes to Fine CBer $14,000 for Not Permitting Station Inspection

DISA Awards $450M Deal for Top-Secret Communications System Upkeep

Bluetooth Padlock

Silicon Valley Builds Bridge to Iran (nothing to worry about - just move long)

New Camouflage Material is a Color-Change Artist

10 Things You Didn't Know Your Phone Could Do

U.S. Military to Launch Open Source Academy

Big Payoffs in HP Suit - for Lawyers (as always)


Drone Drops Mobile Phones over Prison Walls

3G, 4G M2M Devices to Overtake 2G in 2017

OS Flaw Leaves Android Wide Open for App Hack Attacks

Apple iPhone 6 Screen Snag Leaves Supply Chain Scrambling

SpaceX Rocket Explodes During Test Flight (doesn't just happen w/NASA)


Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Conference 2014 Takes a Technological Tack

GaAs IC Market to Grow to $8B in 2017

Roaming Regs to Impact on IoT, M2M Markets

Clues to Role of Magnetism in Iron-Based Superconductors

Silicon Valley Venture Capital Still a Man's World

Huawei and DoCoMo Test LTE Services in the 5bGHz Spectrum Band

Discovery Suggests Surprising Uses for Common Bubbles

Hacking Gmail with 92% Success

FCC Studies Spy Towers

Class Action Against Facebook Attracts 60,000 Users

First Direct Evidence of 'Spin Symmetry' in Atoms

3 Radars are Better Than 1

HotSpot Beacon Solution Aims to Prevent Parking Tickets

Telecom Penetration in Remote Areas Creates Opportunities for Hybrid Power Systems

eBay Considering PayPal Spinoff


Intel's Rectangular Fin is "Almost a Miracle"

Top 3 Desired Skills on a Tower Climber's Resume

Metamaterials Will Partly Depend on Additive Manufacturing

Webinar Helps to Build Ham Community Cohesion

India Smartphone Market 84% Growth in Q2 Still Has Immense Potential

Back to School 2014: The 11 Best Smartphones

Measuring Money - The Beer Standard (ok not news, but it's on EDN)

Researchers Find Security Flaws in Backscatter X-ray Scanners

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments Using Earth's Magnetic Field

Infineon to Buy Int'l Rectifier for $3B in Cash

The New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Microsoft Counters Google Chromebook

Electronics Living Under the Weight of Expectation

App That Stops Teenagers Ignoring Their Parents

½ U.S. Peeps Receiving Government Check per Census Bureau (I get $0, but pay >25% of income in taxes)


In drone Wars, Dogfights Won't Be in the Air But in the Spectrum

DARPA to Network Ships, Submarines, and Planes

Workaholism Argued to Be the Addiction of the Century

The Future of CubeSats

'Cavity Protection Effect' Helps to Conserve Quantum Information

Will Your Next Hard Drive Be Liquid?

U.S. to Review Rates for Telecom Special Access Lines

Google's Driverless Cars Designed to Exceed Speed Limit

hitchBOT Completes Journey Across Canada

Promising Ferroelectric Materials Suffer from Unexpected Electric Polarizations

Chasqui-1 Amateur Radio CubeSat Deployed from ISS

Emerging Solar Plants Scorch Birds in Mid-Air

How Long Do CDs Last? It Depends, But Definitely Not Forever

8,000 Navy Chiefs Face Ax (need money for Illegals)

Islamic State Message to America: 'We Will Drown All of You in Blood' (they're coming across our open southern border)


In Silicon Valley, Mergers Must Meet the Toothbrush Test

Apple's Big-Screen iPhone May Be Called the iPhone 6L ('L' for laptop?)

Laser Makes Microscopes Way Cooler

UK Benefits from Stronger Chip Sales Through Distribution

Asimov's 3 Laws of Robotics Supplemented for 21st Century Care Robots

Chip Technology Behind the Bitcoin Phenomenon

Laser Sensor System Scans Railway Tracks

Molecular Engineers Record Electron's Quantum Behavior

Australian Teen Uncovers Security Flaw in PayPal

Smart Equipment for Tower Climbers

Major 2014 T&M Acquisitions

Chemists Uncover Powerful New Click Chemistry Reactivity

5 Good Reasons to Cancel Your Project

Snow Set to Blast Scotland

U.S.'s Community Health Systems Data Hack hits 4.5M

2015 Corvette Has a Video Recording of Everything the Valet Did in Your Car


New Hacking Scenario: Wi-Fi Signal-Sniffing Drones

World's First 'Smartphone' Celebrates 20 Years

Semiconductor Funding Deals Dip

Printed Electronics Components a Reality

Raytheon to Build UAV-Killing Lasers for Marines

Check App. Accept Job. Repeat.

How to Turn a Phone's Gyroscope into Microphone for Eavesdropping

German Intel Caught Spying Clinton and Kerry ("what difference at this point does it make?")

Automotive down But Still Radio's Number One

Apple Begins Storing Users' Personal Data on Servers in China


Cell Tower News: FCC Streamlines Antenna Rules

Map Shows Google Knows Where You've Been

SiC to Displace Silicon in Electric Vehicle Power Electronics by 2020

Qualcomm Denies Direct Financial Links with Chinese Antitrust Expert

Growing Semiconductor Market in India


Global Semi Industry on pace for Record Sales Through First Half of 2014

Insights into New Class of Semiconducting Materials

Stanford Professor 1st Woman to Win Top Math Prize

Research Gives Further Insight into Graphene-Based Electronics

China Fabless Go 'Private' to Gain Public Funds

AMSAT Issues Call for 2014 Space Symposium Papers

Navy Scraps Helicopter Laser Weapons Program

Stability of Wonder Material Silicene Demonstrated

LTE and LTE-A Subscriptions to Exceed 430M by Year-End 2014

Smartphones Overstate Their IQs

Move over, Turing Test. Winograd Schema Challenge in Town

Smartphone Stress: Are You a Victim of 'Always On' Culture?

Kids Are Not Listening to AM Radio

Cisco to Cut Another 6,000 Jobs

FAA - Lithium Batteries Pose More Danger Than Thought


Patent Examiners More Likely to Approve Marginal Inventions When Pressed for Time

Samsung Reveals Galaxy Alpha Metal-Framed Smartphone (hmmm... wonder about the antenna?)

The Limits of Moore's Law Limits

Ham Radio Payload to Circle the Moon

Terahertz Waves Used to Spot Graphene Contaminants

NAB Contacts BMW About Removing AM Radio (engine interference issues)

Rocket Scientist Designs Cookware Based on Jet Engines

US Technologies to Manufacture Thousands of EW Circuit Card Assemblies for Navy Targeting Drones

NIST Uses UV Laser Beams for Hydrogen-Treated Fibers

FCC Adopts E911 Text Messaging Mandate

Economic Elite Domination Dominates over Majoritarian Electoral Democracy in U.S. (and rest of world)

RadioShack Discontinues Wireless Service

Smartphones Overstate Their Social Intelligence

Samsung and Apple to Lose Global Smartphone Market Share

Why Surveillance Companies Hate the iPhone


Shortwave Broadcasting "of Marginal and Continuously Declining Impact"

RFID Drafted to Track NFL Players' Every Move During Games

A Sobering Assessment on U.S. Military's Future (see report)

Study Offers Insights into a New Class of Semiconducting Materials

Purer-Than-Pure Silicon Solves Problem for Quantum Tech

San Francisco Airport Tests Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons for Blind Travelers

Passivating Nitride Transistors Without Vacuum Processing

Current Sensor ICs with Internal Galvanic Isolation

T-Mobile Wants FCC to Reserve up to ½ of 600 MHz Spectrum for Smaller Carriers

Google's Android TV Could Shake up Streaming Media Player Market

Many Women Leave Engineering, Blame the Work Culture (blame someone else - it didn't stop Marissa Mayer or Meg Whitman)

New Graphene Framework Bridges Gap Between Traditional Capacitors, Batteries

Average U.S. Wages Down 23% Since 2008

On-Chip Topological Light

Keeping Filler Ingredients out of Your Cup of Coffee


Patent Office Filters out Worst Telework Abuses

LTE Devices May Interfere with Cable TV

What Wireless Operators Are Spending on Lobbying

Pairing Old Technologies with New for Next Generation Electronic Devices

Personal Electronic Circuit Board Factory

How Jobs Shafted His Best Workers

ARRL Teachers Institutes Chalk up Another Successful Summer

Japanese Universities Develop New World's Fastest Camera

Grading the Top U.S. Wireless Carriers in Q2

Wireless Connectivity Semiconductors Maintain Double-Digit Growth in Health and Fitness

40 Most Powerful People in Radio

Which Structure Has Optimal Resistive Switching Characteristics?

CA's Smartphone Kill Switch Bill About to Become Law

U.S. Tech Companies Rally Behind Facebook in Privacy Case

'Cash for Clunkers' Even Bigger Lemon Than Thought (so many bad ideas ago)


Russia Bans Anonymous Access to Wi-Fi

Canada Ahead of U.S. in Chip Ed

Smart Collar Turns Your Cat into a WiFi Hacking Weapon

USB 'Critically Flawed' After Bug Discovery

Blocked in U.S., Huawei Sellsl Network Gear in Canada

Device Optimizes Gain at Microwave Frequencies

Selling an Old iPhone? Here Are Things to Consider

Calculation of the Power Factor in Current Transients

Water's Reaction with Metal Oxides Opens Doors for Researchers

SketchFactor Phone App for Unsafe Areas in Racism Row (right, Whites being criticized for not wanting to be 'Polar Bear Hunted')


Carrier Software Flaws Imperil Smartphones

Teens Can't Get Stoner Parents to Stop Driving While Texting, Smoking Weed

U.S. Looks to Japan Space Close Pacific Communications Gap

Electrons Moving in Magnetic Field Exhibit Strange Quantum Behavior

Portugal Telecom CEO Quits in Wake of Debt Dispute


DARPA Explores Next-Generation Imaging Radar

China Tightens Grip on Instant Messaging Services

NASA Announces Next Opportunity for CubeSat Space Missions

One Million Britons to Get Superfast Broadband

NI Enters Semi Test Market

Used Cigarette Butts Offer Energy Storage Solution (what next - tobacco-based Ebola treatments?)

Diamonds Are a Quantum Computer's Best Friend

Split Views on Robots' Employment Role

IBM Chip Mimics Brain at Supercomputer Speeds

Chinese Government Rejects Apple's iPad

Smartphone Camera Makers See Next Opportunity in Cars

Synthesis of Structurally Pure Carbon Nanotubes Using Molecular Seeds

UK to Launch Commercial Spaceport by 2018

In-Flight Use of Wireless Devices: An Evaluation of the Risks

With Just 1.3% Share in U.S., Microsoft May Need to Abandon Smartphones


Is Your Watch or Thermostat a Spy? Cybersecurity Firms Are on It

Global Chip Sales Hit Record in June

Top Myths About Stainless Steel (interesting)

Robots See Through Solid Walls with Wi-Fi

BlackBerry's New Service Wins Key Clearance from U.S. Defense Agency

ETSI NFV Initiative Gains New Leadership, Set Sights on Phase 2

Timex Launches $400 IronMan Smart Watch with AT&T Cell Connectivity

Britons Spend More Time on Tech Than Asleep

Pentagon's Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) Guideline is Latest Attempt to Attack Costs (truly pathetic)

ONR Demos Advanced Electronic Warfare System at RIMPAC

ESA's Rosetta Space Probe Reaches Comet After a Decade of Travel

Copper Afro Cools Your Computer (a 'natural')

NAB: Ownership Rules Irrational

What to Expect from the iPhone 6

Fermi Bubbles Still Defy Explanation


Industrial Electronics Chip Sector Rebounds

UK Team Says Graphene Could Replace Silicon in ICs

LEDs Made from 'Wonder Material' Perovskite

Flexible Supercapacitor Can Be Woven into Clothing

Samsung Electronics to Pass Fewer Orders to China Supplier in Child Labour Response

LPTA: DoD's Latest Procurement Reform

200 U.S. Shopping Malls to Use BLE Beacons for Shopper Marketing

BlackBerry's Rebirth

Perfect Atom Sandwich Requires Extra Layer

Judgments About Trustworthiness Made in First Second of a Meeting

Silicon Carbide Bipolar Opamp Performance at 500°C

Scientist Underlines Threat of Inevitable 'Solar Super-Storms'

MEMS Imitates Logic

Diamond Defect Interior Design

1.2 Billion Web Credentials Said to Be in Russian Gang's Hands (pales to NSA gang's cache)


LinkedIn in $6M Labor Violation Settlement

North American Circuit Board Bookings up in June

World's Fastest External Phone Charger

No-Power Wi-Fi Connectivity Could Fuel Internet of Things

Q1 Top 20 Semi Earners and Growers

Xiaomi Tops Chinese Smartphone Market

Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles into Small Clusters

BT Launches 4G Service

Hacker Claims Passenger Jets at Risk of Cyber Attack

Sprint to Sell Parrot Mini-Drones Controlled via Smartphones

Light Pulses Control Graphene's Electrical Behavior

Wireless Charging Startup Taps RF

Gunshot Detection Technology Fights Crime

SpaceX's New Rocket Facility Officially Lands in Brownsville, TX

Iliad Offers $15B for T-Mobile U.S.


Ofcom Lowers Proposed Spectrum Fee Hike

Nokia Networks Buys Panasonic's Base Station Division

Keysight Technologies Opens Its Doors (what will be its next name?)

Chinese Employees at Microsoft's Nokia Arm Protest Mass Layoffs

Thin Diamond Films Provide New Material for Micro-Machines

Spaceflight Eyes Small-Satellite Data Communications Market

Sheffield University Spray Paints Solar Cells

Wireless Connectivity Semiconductors Maintain Strong Double-Digit Growth

The Perils of Social Sharing

That Innocent Little Thumb Drive Could Be Big Security Trouble (duh, ever heard of dude named Snowden?)


Critical Communications LTE is New and Challenging Market Opportunity

EUV Results Bogus, Says Analyst

How WWI Codebreakers Taught Your Gas Meter to Snitch on You

Physical Link to Strange Electronic Behavior

Quiz: Do You Know These Terms of Tech?


Why Isn't TV Everywhere Ready for Prime Time?

Party Balloon Carrying Amateur Radio Payload Circles Northern Hemisphere

Hilton to Let Guests Unlock Their Doors with Smartphones

Charging Electric Cars Efficiently with Inductive Method

Tiny Magnets, Huge Fields

China Outpaces Market As Smartphones Grow 23% in Q2

Next-Gen HiFi Competition Takes Place in the Car

50'-Wide Muon g-2 Electromagnet Installed at Fermilab

Lockheed Martin to Tech-Refresh Submarine Sonar

GaN-on-Silicon Design Kit Improves Accuracy

Is Tesla's Gigafactory a Gigablunder for Panasonic?

Hackers Can Tap USB Devices in New Attacks

Solving the Scourge That Is Slow Hotel Wi-Fi

New Catalyst Converts Carbon Dioxide to Fuel

Israeli Iron Dome Firms 'Infiltrated by Chinese Hackers'