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Technical Headline News Archive - June 2015

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Reminder: June 30 Will Be Precisely 1 Second Longer

China's Beidou Navigation System More Resistant to Jamming

Quantum Cryptography Set for Lift-off

Global 4G Data Traffic to Reach 79% of the Total Data Consumption by 2020

Widespread Backing for UK Robotics Network

Conductive Ink Turns Textiles into Stretchable Electronics

Wireless Charging Awareness Surging

Creating Heterojunctions Between Black Phosphorous and GaAs

Privacy Outcry over Proposal to Reveal Website Owners' Identities

The Peaks and Valleys of Silicon

New Nanogenerator Harvests Power from Rolling Tires

Google Earth Gets Two New Features for Its 10th Birthday


iPhones Hit with 'Blue Screens of Death'

ARRL Continues Efforts to Secure U.S. Senate Sponsorship for the Amateur Radio Parity Act

The Hotel That Lets You Kill the Internet

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Explodes on Way to ISS (idea: how about letting NASA do it again?)

AT&T to Spend $3B on Mobile Broadband in Mexico

Many Big Companies Live in Fear for Their Future in Digital Age

0-Emissions Liquid Air Engine Tested at UK R&D Facility


Silicon Valley Housing: Small Tent Near Google Renting for $965/Month

The Explosive Growth of Audio on Demand Radio

Qualcomm, Broadcom Partner with Chinese Tech Vendors

Towards Graphene Biosensors

Advance May Double Capabilities of Fiber Optics


Russian Satellite-Gagging Jammer Field Tests Announced

Start-Ups Find the Best Employees Are Already Employed

Thin Semiconductors Go Through the Mott Transition

Pattern of Contact Padding Prompts Disqualifications, CQ Review of All Past Contest Logs (is no venue untouched by corruption?)

Group Calls for More Transparency in Science Research, Announces Guidelines

Survey Finds 65% of IoT Applications Generate Revenue Today

Bill Would Mandate a Streamlined Satellite Program

Auto Focus Liquid Lens Magnifies up to 5x

U.S. Navy Pays Millions to Cling to Windows XP

Beware of Hidden Antennas

UAE to Allow Foreign Investors to Buy Stake in Etisalat

Samsung Accused of Disabling Microsoft Security Updates


Pentagon Rushing to Open Space-War Center to Counter China, Russia

Cardiac Device Wearers Should Keep Distance from Smartphones

Motorola 'Batwing' LogoHappy Birthday to the Motorola 'Batwing' Logo

10 U.S. State Engineering Facts You Probably Don't Know

Tech Company Finds Stolen Government Log-Ins All over Web

ITU Defines Vision and Roadmap for 5G Mobile Development

Google Exec Dies at Cannes Lions Festival (G-guys dropping like flies these days)

Most-Wanted Cybercriminal Extradited to U.S. from Germany

New World Distance Records Set on 2.3 and 3.4 GHz Ham Bands

Can Heat Be Controlled as Waves?

Top 10 List for RFID

U.S. Embassy in Paris 'Home to Secret Spy Nest' (duh, all embassies everywhere are spy headquarters - that's why they're located on 'sovereign ground')


Geomagnetic Storming Reaches Severe Level

'Pregnancy Wi-Fi' Router Causes Controversy in China

Germany Raises $5.75B from Spectrum Auction

RF Power Transistors to Reach Consumers' Dishes

Qualcomm in Venture with Chinese Chip Maker

Process Forms 3-D Shapes from Flat Sheets of Graphene

New Light in Terahertz Window

Nielsen: Radio Reaches 93% of Adults

DOD Set to 'Double Down' on Geospatial Intelligence

State Department Computer Glitch Creates Visa Nightmare (eso no es problema - simply cross any time at U.S. southern border)

Tampering with U.S. Voting Machine as Easy as 'abcde'

Imec Initiates 'Intuitive IoT'


Manufacturers and Companies Struggling with 'Conflict Minerals' Reporting

Wireless Switches Need No Batteries (this is like the old R/C toy car controllers, only better)

New Spin on 'Silicon Valleytronics' Could Revolutionize Future Technologies

GCHQ 'Broke Rules' When Spying on NGOs

New Space Race Is on to Bring Internet to Whole World (we get to pay for it)

Millions of Fake Online Reviews Gumming up the Joy of Buying Stuff

Police Use Stingray Tool to Intercept Cell Phone Signals

Flexible PCBs Now in Pool Production

Does Time Dilation Destroy Quantum Superposition? (a question we've all asked)

DISA: We Need Industry More Than Ever

Silicon Photonics: Will the Hare Finally Catch the Tortoise?

Structural Origin of Glass Transition


WiFi at Bangkok Airport World's Fastest

Could We One Day Control Path of Lightning?

First Room Temperature Magnetic Skyrmion Bubbles Created

N. American Semi Equipment Industry Posts May 2015 Book-to-Bill of 0.99

Chinese Firms Pour Money into U.S. R&D in Shift to Innovation

If You Want Broadband Done Right, Do It Yourself

Engineers Seek to Stabilize Radio Link with Comet Lander

DC to Probe City Traffic Lights After Man Hacked into System


Airborne 'Stealth Launch' of CubeSat Underway

IHS: Moore's Law Added Trillion$ to Global Economy (and to Gordon Moore's personal net worth of $6.6 billion)

Counterfeit Parts Persist Despite Arrests and Convictions

IR Cameras to Become Commodity

Former Googler Fights Adblockers with Adblocker Blocker


Paris Jamboree for Europe's Inventors

OneWeb Selects Airbus to Build 900 Internet Satellites

Research Simplifies Recycling of Rare-Earth Magnets

Communicating with Hypersonic Vehicles in Flight

New Cars Make Tapping Battery Power Tough

Mobile Phone Shipment Grows in Maturing Australian Market

Intel Cutting Jobs in Wake of Reduced Sales Expectations

Keysight to Buy 4G LTE Test Firm Anite

X-ray Imaging Reveals Secrets in Battery Materials

Vertical Schottky Barrier Diodes on Free-Standing n-Type AlN

Senators Aim to Ground FBI's Warrantless Spy Planes

High School Student Discovers Alien Planet


Utah University Adds Texting and Walking Lane to Its Stairs

Canadian Government Websites Go Dark After Cyber Attack

Navy Awards a Second $478.6M Contract for Joint Tactical Radios (that's a heap of connectors!)

H1B Visa Expansion Undermining American Tech Workers

Engineers Find Simple Yet Clever Way to Boost IC Speeds

Smart Palm Brings Cool Oasis of Wi-Fi Comms (pity the women in that searing heat)

Einstein Saves the Quantum Cat

FCC to Fine AT&T $100M

Is Military Drawdown Happening Too Fast and at Wrong Time?

Privacy Groups Walk out of Talks on Facial Recognition Guidelines

Windows 10 for Mobile to Debut After July 29 Desktop Launch

IC Manufacturers Close or Repurpose 83 Wafer Fabs from 2009-2014


Radar Designed to Reject Interference from Wind Farms, 4G Cellphone Networks

Mobile Blackspots Around UK 'Will Disappear Soon'

Indian Mobile Networks in Merger Talks

Fairchild Out "Smarts" Dumb MEMS

Graphene Heat-Transfer Riddle Unraveled

Solar Satellite Leads the Way

High-Power Electronics for Carrier Catapults

Gimbal Aims to Turn Any Bluetooth Low Energy Device into Beacon

Electrochemical Potentiostatic Activation of p-Gallium Nitride

Used Electric Car Batteries Get New Life as Static Storage

Can Phone Data Detect Real-Time Unemployment?

More Than 17 Million Millionaires Worldwide (oh, to be part of that club)


LTE Subscriber Base to Grow to 1.4B Globally by Year-End 2015

Air Force Accelerates Development of Military GPS Receivers

Every Federal Employee's Data Stolen (the better to blackmail and create spies with)

Chip, PC Demand Continues Decline

Smart Meter Chip for Multi-Standard Power Line Comms

Larger Smartphone Screens Drive Mobile Ad Growth

World's Thinnest Light Bulb Developed

Startups Find Strategic Investors at SEMICON West 2015

Colorado to Host U.S. Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championships in August

Electrical Enclosures Market to Hit Nearly $6B in 2020

Daimler, Bosch Develop Driverless Car Parking System

Elon Musk Wants Your Hyperloop Ideas

Tesco Puts Beacons in 270 London Stores


Semi Fabs Trim Spending Plans

Return Path Discontinuities and EMI

Ricoh Invents 'Energy Generating Rubber' for Flexible Sensors

Blue Nano-Graphene OLED iStable in Air

BlackBerry May Run Android

Android Needs Hero Flagship Device to Regain OS Market Share

Comet Lander Philae Awakes from Hibernation


Twitter to Forgo 140-Character Restriction for Direct Messages

Space 'Buoy' May Help Protect Power Grid from Sun's Fury

AT&T, Verizon 'Swarming FCC' over Spectrum Auction

New Internet Rules Take Effect After Court Rejects Stay

Jack King, 'Voice of NASA,' Dies at 84 (I remember those countdowns)


Keysight Technologies Donates Spectrum Analysis Software to ARRL Lab

Full-Duplex Sans Multiplex Comms Almost Here

Einstein's Personal Letters Discussing God, Toys, Geometry, Other Being Auctioned

Explosive IoT Spending to Reach $1.7T in 2020

Stagger Tuning (what's old is new again)

New Net Neutrality Nules Take Effect Friday

Bacteria Pattery is Printed on Paper

How Streaming Stacks Up to Radio & TV

40-Year-Old Algorithm Proven Best Possible

Broadband Subscribers Helped to Quit Slow Providers

Fatal A400M Crash Linked to Data-Wipe Mistake

Smooth or Bumpy Surfaces on Demand


Mass Snooping Fake Mobile Towers 'Uncovered in UK'

Syrian Electronic Army Hijacks U.S. Army Website (how about less time & money on military social engineering and more on security?)

"Collegiate Ham Radio Operators" Facebook Group Created

DARPA Eyes CubeSat Communications Data Links

Table-Top Spectroscopy Technique Tracks Phonons

3-D Printing with Metals Achieved

Google's Plan to Fix Big Cities Starts with Sidewalk Labs (what could possibly go wrong with that?)

Ink and Foil-Based Sensors, Light and Flexible

MIT Team Creates Ultracold Molecules

Graphene and Diamonds Prove a Slippery Combination

Intel Memo on Layoffs Reported

Shooting for Industry 3.5


TV Signals Used to Track Aircraft as Alternative to Radar

Liquid Droplets Create Logic Circuits

Wi-Fi Signals Help Count People in a Crowd

Current Mobile Contracts Damaging Environment, Research Finds

FCC Backs Off on Field Office Closings

Charging Batteries Rapidly and Safely

Canada Greenlights Anti-Terror Law That Hurts Internet Privacy

TV5 Monde Attack 'by Russia-Based Hackers'

Infineon Heads Electric Car Projects

NanoRAM's Time Is Here

5 Ways to Set up Your Project for Success

Expert Witnesses on High Alert over Negative Interest Rates (outrageous)


Engineering Shortage Persists

China Drives RF Power Amplifier Sales for Wireless Infrastructure to Nearly US$5B

Homebuilt Laser Shotgun Is Every Bit as Dangerous as It Sounds

U.S. Naval Academy CubeSats Get OSCAR Numbers

Army Tests Satellite-Independent Battlefield Radio

Apple Recruits Engineers for "Next Big Thing" in Sensors

Harvard, MIT Students Cycle X-Country Hosting Science Workshops for STEM

4 Factors That Determine I a Robot Can Do Your Job (interesting)

Vacuum Improves 3-D Vapor-Phase Soldering Process

Solar Sail Unfurls in Space

Bucharest Buses Use Bluetooth Beacons to Guide the Blind

Windows 10 Maximizes Screen Real Estate for 4K Era


Power Beamed to Camera Via Ambient Wi-Fi Signals

Go Fail in the Real World: Google[x]'s Advice to Engineers 

Innovations to Sustain Silicon's 87% Share of Power Electronics Market

California Law Requires Warrant to Search Computers & Cellphones

Small, Discreet Data Glasses for Every Day Use

The Most Accurate Quantum Thermometers

What the New FCC EAS Order Means to You


Study: DOD Needs to Field Laser Weapons ASAP

Thank Einstein for GPS

South Koreans Win DARPA Robotics Challenge

PC Shipments Will Continue to Decline in 2015

Tablet Growth Will Continue to Slow in 2015


Banning Mobile Phones Leads to Rise in Student Test Scores

Australian Balloon with Ham Radio Payload Circumnavigates Earth

Working 9-to-5 Becoming Less Popular Way to Make a Living

Millions of U.S. Government Workers Hit by Data Breach

European Chip Market Shows 18% Annual Growth in April

Canadians Able to Terminate Long Contracts Without Penalty

Pirate Radio Still Alive & Well in England

Single-Molecule Diode Has Record-Breaking Current

Thermal Management Is Large & Growing Pain for Military PCB Makers

Navy's 3rd High-Bandwidth Satellite Ready for Duty

Fab Equipment Growth Continues into 2015

Solar Impulse 2 Forced to Abort Transpacific Flight


Top 25 Distributors and Impact on Electronics Supply Chain

Recovering  Rare Metal from LCDs to Avoid Depleting Key Resource

NASA & Verizon to Monitor Drones with Cell Towers

Bill Gates, College Dropout: Don't Be Like Me

LightSail Spacecraft Restored After Being Silenced by Software Issue

Detroit Hopes to Drive Tech Startups Away from Silicon Valley

World's Smallest Spirals Could Guard Against Identity Theft

'New Era' in Physics As LHC Cranks Back Up

Breakthrough Heralds Super-Efficient Light-Based Computers

RFID Market for Retailers Forecast to Grow 39% Annually

Indian Government to Clamp Down on Dropped Calls

Over-the-Air Platform Keeps Automotive Software Current


New 5G Innovations Boost Mobile Data Speeds

Major Advance in Extraordinary Properties of Emerging Semiconductor

Driving a Stake Through the Heart of POTS? (it still has best quality)

1st Observation Made of Pushing Pressure of Light

Navy Awards Nearly $B/2 Contract to ViaSat for MIDS JTRS Tactical Networking

'Designer Carbon' to Boost Batteries and Supercapacitors?

First 6 Students Graduate from IBM's P-TECH School

Senate Approves USA Freedom Act

RFID Market for Retailers Forecast to Grow 39% Annually

Digi-Key Has a Change at the Top

Customer Satisfaction with TV, Internet and Phone Service at 7-Year Low

Online Ad Spending to Pass TV


Google Gestures at 60 GHz

Radar Probes Through 2 Miles of Antarctic Ice

Global Smartphone Growth Expected to Slow to 11.3% in 2015

Shedding Light on Untapped Information in Photons

SP12T RF-MEMS Ohmic Switch Passes 1B Operations Milestone

Graphene Layer Could Quadruple Rate Heat Transfer

Infrared Detector to Free up Internet of Tomorrow

Radio Executives Expect Revenue Growth

North America a Critical Player in Advanced Semi Market

Google Unveils Smart Fabric Program

Sales of Non-smartphone Connected Devices Will Exceed 112M in 2015

Windows 10 to Be Released in July


Patriot Act Phone Snooping Expires Midnight Sunday

Deutsche Telekom Leads Germany Spectrum Auction Spending

Single-Molecule Diode is Ultimate in Miniaturisation

Avago Technologies to Acquire Broadcom for $37B

X-37B Spaceplane's Orbit Discovered by Amateurs (as if the Commies didn't already know)

Retrofitting Old for New in the Internet of Things

$100k Check Awaits Mystery Apple 1 Computer Recycler

Innovative Power Products Resistors Terminations

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