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Engineering & Technical Headline News Archive - June 2006

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Study Calls Phone Use Risky as Driving Drunk

Appeals Court Won't Postpone August FCC Wireless Auction

New Microwave Licenses for the Olympics?

VoIP Over Wi-Fi is an Added Threat to Roaming Revenues

Polysilicon Shortages Seen Curbing Semi Growth

Silicon Laser Harnessed

Microsoft Pushes Back Office 2007 Release

Rotten to the Core: Apple Uncovers Stock Options Irregularities

Light Generated by Sawdust (I can do it with a Bic lighter!)

Saturday Launch Marks Quarter Century For Shuttle

Man Sues Creator of Web Site That Lets Women Post Dirt on Exes


Asteroid Near-Miss Set to Happen July 3

Senate Panel Backs Telco Bill, No Net Neutrality

EU Adopts New Telecom Rules That Anger Incumbents

Breakthrough in Silicon Photonics Devices

Mobile Advertising Worth $10 Billion by 2010

Korea Seeks to Bolster Economic Status

Google Debuts Checkout Online Payment System (RF Cafe might offer as an alternative to PayPal)

Feds Recover Stolen Laptop With Veterans' Personal Info

Coffee Intake Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk (vindicated again!)

NASA Engineer Angrily Quits 5 Days Before Launch

Providing In-Flight Wi-Fi Still a Struggle


U.K. Sticks to RoHS Deadline

Silicon Valley Start-Ups Want to Resurrect Electric Cars

No Royalty Cut, Qualcomm Says

Nokia Sues Two Chinese Rivals for Product Copying

Fuel Cell Developer Raises $16.2 Million in London IPO

EU Readies Controversial Telecoms Regulation Plans

Scientists Precisely Track Short Term Earth Wobbles

NASA Aims for Quick Hubble Fix

Google Online Payment System Could Take on PayPal

Dell Says Investigating Exploding Laptop Incident

Study Shows In-Building Wireless a Great Investment


USPTO to Give Patent Filers Accelerated Review Option

Stealth Radar System is Developed

Printable Chips Make Their Debut

High-Tech Thieves Use Laptops to RFID Steal Codes for Cars

DoD Funds Neah's Fuel Cell Technology

Criminals Follow Ordinary Citizens onto Internet

Vitesse Says Stock will be Delisted - Options Scandal

Chinese, English Speakers Use Brains Differently to Tackle Math

Today's Computers Break Down Less Often

Visa and MasterCard Plan RFID/NFC Tests in the UK

Shuttle Countdown Begins Wednesday


Data Brokers and Buyers Anger Congress

EE Times Extends its Reach in Europe

Cell Phone Signals Excite Brain

600,000 High Tech Jobs to Be Created

Startup Develops Optical Magnifying Sheets

Wi-Fi Company to Sell Routers for Five Dollars

French Unveil Own Answer to Google Earth; Site Quickly Swamped

Device Burns Fuel with Almost Zero Emissions

Scientists Work on Mind-Reading Computers

One Wireless Laptop per Child

Iridium Expects Threefold Increase in Alaska-Based Traffic This Summer

Azimuth Systems Announces Industry's First Power Consumption Tester For Mobile Wi-Fi Devices


Reports of Death of Dial-Up Internet Greatly Exaggerated

GAO Finds that H-1B Visa Program Undercuts U.S. Workers

Cyber Yearbooks Gaining Popularity in U.S.

Hubble Telescope's Main Camera has Stopped Working

Canadian RFID Privacy Guidelines Issued

IEEE-USA President says Permanent Immigration Better than Expanding H-1B Program

Help Philips Electronics Rename its Company

Feds Hit by Rash of Data Breaches


CEOs Earn 262 Times the Pay of Workers (yow!)

Mobile Phone Users Warned of Lightning Strike Risk

WiFi User Charged for Not Buying Coffee

Boeing May Dump In-Flight Internet

Wireless USB Finally Coming Out of the Labs

HSDPA to Take 65% of Mobile Broadband Market

France Unveils National Rival to Google Earth

Xilinx Receives SEC Inquiry on Stock Options

Magnetic Fields Could Make Computers 500 Times Faster

U.S. Army Contracts DRS Technologies for Thermal Weapon Sights

Simulators Help Train Power Grid Operators


China Still Leads Pack in IP Theft

VoIP Internet Phones Must Pay into Subsidy Fund

Altera to Restate 10 Years of Earnings Due to Stock Option Issues

RoHS, WEEE Leave Casualties

Motorola Leads Bluetooth Headset Market

One-Third of Europeans Found to Be Computer Illiterate

Startup for Aims Solar-Cell Plant in California

More Than Half a Billion Mobile TV Subscribers by 2011

Pluto's Newly Discovered Moons Finally Named

Webb Telescope Mirror Backplane Prototype Delivered for Testing

Top 100 Sweatiest Cities in America


Robo-Cop Takes to the Skies

Samsung Launches Ultra-RAZR-Thin Phones

Riken Builds 1-Petaflops Supercomputer

Preemptive Spark Helps Find Intermittent Electrical Short Circuits in Airplanes

AMD to Build $3.5B Fab in NY

17-Year-Old Entrepreneur Develops GPS Teen Driving Monitor

Putin Calls for Russian Tech Investment (to better outfit terrorists worldwide)

ZigBee-Based Home Automation Lags Industrial and Commercial Adoption

Microsoft Sees Future in Robots

U.S., French Power Companies Sign MoU for Evolutionary Power Reactor

China Wants Man on Moon by 2024


IBM, Georgia Tech Processor Breaks Moore's Law

Engineering Groups Allege 'U.S. Workers Need Not Apply'

House approves $32 billion for Department of Homeland Security in 2007

Spatial Abilities Key to Engineering (men/women actually different!)

First Pilot Project in Europe for NFC Mobile Payments

Chinese Students Riot Over Diploma Changes (Communist Party officials mum)

DSL to Overtake Cable Internet

Alaska GPS Project Devoted to Reducing Moose-Vehicle Collisions

Cellphone Start-Ups Struggle in U.S.

Digital Camera Blocking Technology Created (bad news for spies)

Looming Energy Crisis Requires New Manhattan Project

N. Korean Threat Activates Missile Defense Shield

Peregrine 50Ω RF Switch Offers Ultra-linear DC–6GHz Operation


Review of IEEE Qualcomm-Favored Technology on Hold

Nokia, Siemens to Merge Equipment Units

Two Words to Remember About Bill Gates: He Won

Neah Extends Patented Fuel Cell Technology to Military Sensor Market

Northwestern Team Develops 'MRI' For Fuel Cells

Governments Accounted for Over Half of New Satellite Business in 2005

New Form of Living Protection for Copper and Other Metallic Surfaces

Molecule-Sized Switch Could Control DNA Machines

The Phone Booth Returns - Sans Phone

North Korea Fuels ICBM for Test Firing

Web Auctions, the New Jackpot for Middle Americans


IEEE 802.20 Working Group Declares 'Cooling Off' Period

U.S. Trade Deficit Posts Surprising Improvement

3rd Consecutive Month on Top for Motorola Razr

China Reportedly Calls for Chip Cooperation With U.S.

Bill Gates to Leave Microsoft in 2 Years

HSDPA to Take Off in 2008

Quantum Dot Device Counts Single Electrons

Blu-Ray Disc Hits Stores Next Week

Covering Your Tracks: Fail-Safe Techniques for Erasing Magnetic Storage Media

Boost Phase Blues Impact Missile Shield Developments

Microsoft Readying Apple iPod Rival


Handset Theft Amongst Adolescents Reaches New Heights

Semtech Comes Under Stock Option Fire

450-mm Shift Will Disrupt Industry

Lockheed Martin, EADS to Cooperate on Satellite Navigation Standards

China Applies for World Semiconductor Council Membership

BAE Delivers F-22 Digital Electronic Warfare System to Lockheed Martin

Giant Camera Ready to Take World's Largest Photo

In-Car Electronic System Warns Drivers They're Speeding

Compact Tidal Generator Could Reduce Cost of Producing Electricity from Flowing Water

Researchers Use Laser Beams to Pluck Nanowires

U.S. to Respond if North Korea Tests Missile


VHF Communications Magazine Q2/2006 Edition Due End of June

RFMD Announces LNA Product Family for Cellular Infrastructure and WiMAX

EBay Signs up 200 Millionth Member (it's a great place for TE & accessories)

State Regulation Leading to Increased Costs for Wireless Users

Pressure Builds to Crack Down on Stock Options (see my options)

RoHS Directive Turmoil as Loophole Stays Open

Rohde & Schwarz Combines Spectrum Analyzer and Phase Noise Tester in FSUP

Corporate R&D Cuts: Bad News for the Nation

Google Building Its Own Supercomputer Network

Stephen Hawking Urges Human Colonization of Other Planets

Labs Compete to Make New Nuclear Bomb

Coffee Drinking Associated with Lower Risk for Alcohol-Related Liver Disease


USPTO: Conference on Intellectual Property in the Global Marketplace

China, India Aren't Far Ahead in Engineering After All

RFMD Introduces GaN High-Power Transistor Product Family

Bullpen Phones Go Wireless at Chicago's Wrigley Field

National Semi Rewards Employees with iPods as "Employee Communications" Tool (yeah, right!)

NASA Detector Sees Infrared Light in Colors

Saab Acquires Ericsson Microwave Systems

Wisconsin Law Bans Forced RFID Implants

Motorola RAZR Tops the List of Most Researched Wireless Phones

Sharp Broadband Growth Seen as Dial-Up Shrinks

Google Expands Satellite Imagery


IEEE Starts Work on Low-Frequency "RuBee" Standard

Qualcomm and Nokia Fight Over Patents Again

100 Million 3G Users

Cellphones Lead to al-Zarqawi Hiding Place

New York Schoolkids Use Cell-Phone Ring Tone Teachers Can't Hear (clever!)

Japan Quake Causes Little Damage at Fabs

SEC Looks at Broadcom Re Stock Options

Chinese Delegation Storms Out of Wireless Encryption Standards Meeting

General Dynamics to Design first Segment of U.S. Nationwide Integrated Wireless Network

NASA Firm on Discovery Launch in July

Famed Microsoft Blogger Leaves for Start-Up


Sensus Metering Systems Acquires Assets of AMDS

EchoStar, DirecTV to Resell Broadband

High-Tech Cheating in Asia's High-Stakes Exams

Windmill Projects Stilled for Now

Wi-Fi Set to Reshape France Phone Market


U.S. Drops Plan to Restrict Foreign Researchers

Record Meteorite Hit Norway

Wireless Boom Gets Gadget Makers Buzzing

RIM Targeting Consumer Market, Expanding Internationally

Physicists Probe the 5th Dimension (cool animation)

Circuit Board Materials May Like It Hot (or Not)

Maxim Targeted by SEC for Stock Options Scheme

Physicists: Glass May Have No Liquid-Solid Transition Point

Engineers in Alabama to Build Next Lunar Rocket

"Expect an Explosion of Connectivity"


RFID to Be Woven into Euro Notes?

Scientists Resolve 60-Year-Old Plutonium Questions

Vermont Governor Signs Amateur Radio Antenna Bill

Study: Web is the No. 1 Media

U.S. Lawmakers' Ire Grows Over Lax Chinese Copyright Rules

FCC Chairman Believes Net Neutrality is Too Soon

What’s Next for Solder?

Gartner Sees IC Slowdown, Consolidation

IEEE-USA President Says Permanent Immigration Better for U.S. Work Force than Expanding H-1B Program

Do Angry Men Get Noticed?


Fuel Expenses Fuel Increasing Interest in Telecommuting

NFC Forum Unveils Technology Architecture

New Nanofabrication Technique Developed

first CloudSat Images Wowing Scientists

China's Military Space Power Growing

Chip Market Growth in Europe to Lag Other Regions

PC Makers Bet on Super-Sized Laptops

Griffin Welcomes Russian Help in Future Space Missions

U.S. Astronauts to Fly New Space Ship by 2014 (finally)

Data Theft Hit 80% of Active Military

Study: Daily Alcohol Helps Men, Not Women (by the W.C. Fields Health Center)


Matsushita Touts Air-Gap Interconnects for Ics

LCDs to Finally Dethrone CRTs

Google Tests Web-Based Spreadsheet

Boeing Tests Active RFID Tags on MD-10

Wind Energy Research Reaps Rewards

Poor 'PC Posture' Can Cause Bodily Harm, Experts Warn

NASA Shifts Mission Work to Ohio, Alabama Space Centers

Self-Mutilation Rampant at 2 Ivy League Schools

Griffin Defends NASA Space Exploration Vision

22 Million Phones Sold in China in Q1


Copper Prices Spike as Shortage Looms

Samsung SDI Unveils New 3D Display Technology

Cellphones Drive Semiconductor Sales Rise

MicroTEC Offers New Chip-Cooling Heat Pipes Solution

Microsoft to Boot Acrobat Out of Office

Your Scrapped Hard Drive Could End up in Someone Else's Computer

Galileo Spacecraft Picks up GPS Satellite Signals

Publish Your Technical Works With Print-on-Demand

Semiconductor Brain: Nerve Tissue Interfaced With a Computer Chip

China to Publish RFID Development Plan This Month

Team Invents Way to Mass Produce Microscopic Plastic Components


Revealed: Robot Spy Planes to Guard Europe's Borders

WiFi Distance Record Inspires Rural Venezuelans

China to Build Nuclear Fusion Device

WLAN Equipment Sales Expected to Top $2.5 Billion This Year

New Cruise Missile Successful in First Flight Test

JetBlue Wins Air-Ground Wireless License

QinetiQ Joins Galileo Development Team

GPS-Guided Parachutes Increase Safety in Resupply


High-Tech Visa Cap was Reached in Late May (hint: just sneak across the Rio Grande)

Cellphone Companies Beefing up Systems for Hurricane Season

Kansas Cell Phone Ban Would Be Strictest

Penn State Great Valley Offers Systems Engineering Degree at Philadelphia Navy Yard

Physicists Persevere in Quest for Inexhaustible Energy Source

April Chip Sales up Year-to-Year, Flat Sequentially

University of FL Makes Electronic Liquid Crystal Lens

New Horizons Crosses the Asteroid Belt

Where in the World Am I? Your Phone Might Know


Taking Work Home a Huge Security Risk

Boeing to Develop New ICs for Extreme Space Environments

U.S. Army Orders $9.2 Million of Comtech Satcom Transceivers

Online Jobs Index Rises to Record High

Sun Microsystems to Cut up to 5,000 Jobs

Ofcom Studies Ways to Advance License Exempt Spectrum

China Goes High-Tech to Stop Exam Cheats

New Orleans Is Sinking - And Fast!

North Pole Was Hot 55,000,000 Years Ago - Did Alien SUVs Cause It?

Anatech Electronics RF Microwave Filters - RF Cafe

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