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Technical Headline News Archive - March 2009

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

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Ericsson's New 'Kill Pill' Feature Works Virtually as Wireless Repo Man
China Expected to Become Top Auto Producer in 2009, Displacing Japan
ASIC Design Starts to Drop 22% in 2009
Conficker Worm - April Fool or April Fright?
Using Superheroes to Teach Physics: College Courses in Sci-Fi
Naval Observatory Opens Its Doors (this is where the VP's residence is located)
New Step Towards Quantum Computers
Ericsson Pushes HSPA to Offer 56 Mbps Mobile Download Speeds
Students Patent An Innovative Wireless Scoring System for Sport of Fencing
Europe May Lead Next Web
U.S. Military Vows to Track 800 Satellites by October 1
Two Food Chains Trial RFID-Based Electronic Shelf Labels
ESA Space Debris Conference Begins
Intel Launches New Xeon Chip
FBI Figures Show Grim Rise in Online Fraud
Surveillance Vehicles Take Flight Using Alternative Energy
Cable Operators, Networks Brace for an Online World
Firefox 3 Becomes Top Browser in Europe
eWEEK Labs' Tests of Microsoft IE 8 Show It Is a Must-Have Upgrade
Cheating Husband Caught by Google "Cheat" View
Russia Backs Return to Gold Standard to Solve Financial Crisis
New Material Could Lead to Faster Chips: Graphene May Solve Communications Speed Limit
Discovery Shuttle Ends Mission with Successful Landing
New Device Locates People in Imminent Danger
ARRL Comments on FCC's Proposed Establishment of Rural Broadband Plan
Raytheon Standard Missile-2 Intercepts Ballistic Missile
When Your Laptop Goes Down with the Plane
Algorithm Could Replace Touch Screens with MEMs Control
New Molecular Force Probe Stretches Molecules, Atom by Atom
Muniwireless Updates List of Cities and Counties with Large Wi-Fi Networks
Raytheon Wins Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Development Contract
Nokia Could Cut $5B in Outsourcing
Motorola Wins Saudi Network Expansion Contract
A Better, Cheaper Multitouch Interface
Lights in Sky Prompt Flood of Calls in MD, VA, NC
Tech Sector Should Outpace EU Climate Goals
Spy Satellites Spot Nose of N. Korea Rocket
Will the World End on Wednesday?
Space Smells Funny, Astronauts Say
World Stocks Fall Amid Renewed Auto, Banking Fears
Why Parachutists Die (Clint, are you out there?)
Limbaugh: Ratings Surge on Controversy
Technology-Based Features Drive Automotive Sales
Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries
Rare Square Roots Dates Pairs in 2009
Police Chief Shows Why Texting, Driving Don't Mix
Japan Prepares for North Korea Missile Launch
Agilent Cuts 2700 Jobs, Restructures Electronic Measurement Business
Washington Police Chief Hits Car While Checking BlackBerry
MIT Develops Graphene Frequency Multiplier
U.S. Reaches Third Place in Global Solar PV Installations
Navy Awards Contract for E-6B Wideband Enhancement
EU Moves Closer to Approving 3G at 900 MH
China's Huawei Starting to Win Network Contracts in the USA
UK Awards £1.85M for Continued R&D on Uncooled Photonic Devices
Better Lithium-Ion Batteries
USPTO Seeks Nominees to Public Advisory Committees
Systems Engineers Seek to Equip Military Systems with Latest Electronic Enclosures, Backplanes, and Chassis
European Chip Industry Needs Government Support
Water Triggers High Temperature Superconductivity
Mars Rovers Powering on after 5 Years
Tesla Motors CEO: Model S is Cheaper Than It Looks
Fairchild to Shutter Fabs in Pennsylvania and South Korea
FCC Asks for Help to Get Digital TV Converters Installed
When It Comes to Intelligence, Size Matters
Charter Communications: Bankrupt
Pentagon Plans to Regrow Human Body Parts
IBM Expected to Cut More U.S. Jobs, Export to India
World's Biggest Laser Powers Up
Panel Recommends Robust Satellite Constellation
New Nanogenerator May Charge iPods and Cell Phones with a Wave of the Hand
Air Force Launches New GPS Satellite
'Sprint 4G' to Come to 15 New Markets in 2009-2010
Raytheon Awarded $29M Phase 3 Contract for Wide-Bandgap Program
City Turns to Wireless for Water Bills
Spirent Communications Solution for CTIA A-GPS Over-the-Air Test Standard
UK Lab Ships Europe's First 750kg Amplifier for ALMA Radio Telescope
Pulse~Link UWB Lays off 40+, Seeks Investors
Periodic Table's Blank Spaces Filled in by Solving a Subatomic Shell Game
Free-to-Air Mobile TV Services Hold the Key to the Consumer Adoption
Ice That Burns Could Be a Green Fossil Fuel
Microsoft Word Developer Blasts into Space (if he's the guy who designed the Office 2007 toolbar, then... well... never mind)
UK iPhone Users Lead Way in Web, E-Mail Use: Survey
ROHS Exemptions Announced by EC
IEEE Approves Low-Power IC Standard
Spacetime May Have Fractal Properties on a Quantum Scale
Astronomers 'Catch' Shooting Star for First Time
The New California Gold Rush
Vote on Top 10 Sites with Engineering Appeal
B-2 Bomber Radar Spectrum Accidentally Sold at Auction
DOE Announces $1.2B Boost for Basic Research in Science and Technology
USCIS Announces New Requirements for Hiring H-1B Foreign Workers
Teradyne Plans More Cost Cuts, Lowers Guidance
Leaving PCs on Overnight Costs Companies $2.8B a Year
Russia Falls Off the Electronics Contract Manufacturing Map
Sprint to Provide 3G Connectivity to Ford In-Dash PC
EU Close to Agreeing On Big Telecoms Reform
FCC Proposes New Rules for Medical Devices Operating on 70 cm Band
DNP Claims World's Thinnest Chip Package
StratEdge Introduces BeO Package for GaN, SiC, and GaAs Devices
ZigBee Chip Firms Target Wireless Medical Monitors
Total RFID Revenue to Exceed $5.6B in 2009
New Way to Produce Electronic Components Can Lead to Cheap and Flexible Electronics
Einstein@Home Effort Launched to Search for New Pulsars
Autos, Inkjets Down, Consumer Apps Up in 2008 MEMS Ranks
Nokia Seeks Gold in Mobile Payments Startup Obopay
China Blocks YouTube Without Explanation
Microsoft, NASA Scope Out Space Deal
UK Government Is Unwelcome Facebook Friend
GPS IC Shipments to Grow 15%, Prices to Fall 20% in 2009
Offshoring Backlash Rises as Layoffs Mount
FCC Clarifies What Constitutes an Amateur Radio Repeater
Senators Propose Spectrum Audit
Not Your Father's Garmin or Nokia
Security Holes Could Wreak Havoc in Proposed Smart Grid
China Telecom Profits Slump 96.3% on Write-Downs
Metallic Glass That's Stronger and Lasts Longer (one step closer to Mr. Scott's transparent aluminum?)
EU in Draft Deal on Capping Phone Roaming Prices
Inventory Cuts Coming to an End, Says Chip Wafer Supplier
'Cold Fusion' Rebirth? New Evidence for Existence of Controversial Energy Source
Brain Images Reveal the Secret to Higher IQ
Space Radar Plans Stay in Flux
Qualcomm Backs Game Console for 'Next Billion'
NMSU Students Launch Experiments into Space from Spaceport America
Scientists Observe the Largest Exploding Star Yet Seen
Using Mobile Phones to Monitor Teenagers Mental Health
Fuzzy Logic and Grey Science
Sprint Now Looking Beyond Cell Phones
Computer Virus 'Time Bomb' Could Go Off April 1
Twitter Gets You Fired in 140 Characters or Less
CTIA Applauds Introduction of Radio Spectrum Inventory Act
Hour Draws Nigh for Air Force Program Cancellation Announcements
IEEE Begins Work on New 1900.4 Standards
Asiacell's Towers and Staff Struck by Terrorist Attack (they must not have gotten the memo - we now must call them "man-caused disasters")
Hollow Gold Nanospheres Are Now Possible
Electricity Grids Could Be at Risk from Hackers
New Material Draws Energy from Any Mechanical Motion
Heating Up Magnetic Memory
NASA Develops Instrument to Test Radiation Exposure to Astronauts on Long Missions
New Zealand Withdraws Controversial Internet Law
CSR, Taiyo Yuden Team for Wireless Modules
Students Test Clean Energy by Degrees
Antenova Licenses Mobile Antenna to Sony Ericsson
Alaska's Mount Redoubt Has 5th Eruption (could  cause global cooling)
Astronauts Suit Up for Third Spacewalk
Scientists Find Solution to Solar Puzzle
London No Longer World's Most Expensive Real Estate
Studies Suggest Drinking Coffee or Tea May Reduce the Risk of Stroke (vindicated again!)
Starbucks Brews Up Coffee Machines with Contactless Payment Technology
Carbon Nanotubes Superior to Metals for Electronics, According to Engineers
60 Million Consumers Contemplate Ditching Wireless
National Semi Acquires Act Solar
Iran Says First Satellite Successfully Completes Mission
Lack of Incentives Slows Down IPv6 Take-Up
Russians in Israel to Talk Nanotech
ZTE Secures $15B Financing Deal As Profits Jump by 1/3
A Cheap, Plastic X-Ray Imager
FCC Denies Petition to Increase Size of Amateur Radio Question Pools
Major Leap for Faster Computers
High-Speed Signal Mixer Demonstrates Capabilities of Transistor Laser
Space Station Construction Visible Through Backyard Telescopes
60 Million U.S. Consumers Likely to Cut Back on Cellphone Costs
FCC Releases Quarterly Reports on Consumer Inquiries and Complaints
North American Chip-Gear Orders Fell 5% in February
Communications & Power Industries to Deliver French Military Antenna Systems
ISS's New Solar Wings About to Get Stretched
Handsets Sector on Alert as Sony Ericsson Warns of Increased Losses
TI Envisions Phone Becoming Central Repository for Apps, Media and Info
Solar Panel Sales Growth 48% in 2008, to Slow to 26% in 2009
First Measurement of the Ability of a Very Long Molecular Wire to Conduct Electric Current
472 Million to Receive Mobile TV by 2013
Flying Car Makes First Test Flights
AT&T to Sell iPhone Without Contract for $599
Tested: Chrome vs IE8 vs Firefox 3.1 vs Safari 4
Nearly Retired Workers Staying Put
ABI: Tough 2009 Awaits Wireless Vendors
China Mobile Full-Year Profits Up 30%
CSR to Offer Multi-Radio Modules
Explosives Detector Uses Silicon MEMS Device
Particle Oddball Surprises Physicists
Salt Water System Could Generate Hydrogen
Micronetics Acquires Product Line from M/A-COM RFID
National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum Moves to USPTO To Jointly Host New "Inventive Links" Exhibit
Slimmer, Stickier Nanorods Give Boost to 3-D Computer Chips
Maine to Seek Stimulus Money for Broadband Study
Hughes to Represent Satellite Industry Association on Broadband Stimulus Panel
Device Provides Household Energy Savings of 12%
Space Station to Get Final Solar Panels
Arrowhead Awarded Over 200 MHz in X-Band Satellite Contracts
Google Launches Street View for the UK, Netherlands
Atomic Fountain Clocks Are Becoming Still More Stable
New Conficker Variant to Attack Computers on Fools Day, April 1st
IE 8 Goes Live @ Noon Today
U.S. Births in 2007 Break 1950s Record (Q: What % are Illegals' anchor babies?)
Jurors' Web Ventures by Cellphone Leading to Mistrials
Hitachi Restructures, Lops Off Operations, Cuts Workforce
Ericsson Demonstrates Super Broadband at 500 Mbit/s
IBM in Talks to Buy Sun Microsystems
FTC Urged to Investigate Cloud Computing Security (RF Cafe had a DoS attack via Yahoo's cloud computing network a week ago)
Study Yields Surprising New Insight into High-Temp Superconductors
The Salty Tears of Phoenix Show Liquid Water on Mars
Mathematician Says His Sudoku Secret is Foolproof
3G-4G to Account for 30% of Global Wireless Subscriptions by 2013
Longest Nanowires Ever Made May Lead to Better Fuel Cells
GAO: Jury Still Out on Missile Program Performance
Duck! Newly Discovered Asteroid Whizzes Past Earth
Another 158 TV Stations to Kill Analog Early
Hong Kong Underground Railway Extension Gets Mobile Phone Coverage
Japan Mulls High-Tech Economic Stimulus
German Firm Makes Investment in UK Supply Chain
New iPhone OS Adds Missing Features
Maryland City Under Blogger Siege, Says Outgoing Mayor
Washington State Engineer to Receive IEEE-USA's Highest Honor
Japanese Astronaut Testing 'Odor-Free' Clothes
Intel, AMD Each Claim Licensing Agreement Breach
Nokia Announces 1,700 More Job Cuts
Faster Flexible Electronics
Electronic Amplifier Capable of Functioning in Extreme Temperatures Developed
Computer Science Programs Make a Comeback in Enrollment
WLAN Module Supply May Fall Short of Demand by 20-30% after March
UK Engineers Struggle to Upgrade Old Aircraft with New Avionics Technology
RADAR 100: 234 Million Listen to Radio Every Week
Harris, Roundbox Announce OEM Agreement to Deliver First Mobile DTV Broadcast Solution
OLED Research and Manufacturing Centre Opens in UK
Space Junk Called No Threat to the Space Station
MIT Research Lab Taps RFID to Manage Files
Projections for Significant Mobile TV Subscriber Increase
Shifting Sound to Light May Lead to Better Computer Chips
2000 Years of Symmetry
WiMedia Folds, UWB Spec Goes to Bluetooth, USB Groups
China: Our Carbon Emissions Are Your Problem, Not Ours
Cattle Respond to Magnetic Fields from Power Lines (I thought this issue was put ro rest decades ago)
Big Cuts in DoD Budget on the Way
Two-Wire Saw Lowers Solar Cell Cost
Mexico to Impose Sanctions on U.S. Exports (OK, let's pay Mexico by returning all their citizens here illegally)
Ericsson Rumoured to Have Won $2B Deal from Sprint Nextel
Nanocapacitors with Big-Energy Storage
It Has Come to This: A Claim That Patent Reform Threatens the Environment
Shuttle Discovery Launches to Fully Power Space Station
Spinning Carbon Nanotubes Spawns New Wireless Applications
Agenda for WRC-11 Poses Opportunities and Challenges for Hams
Stations Must Warn if New DTV Signals Lack Reach
European Electronics Output Predicted to Fall by 12%
Space Station May Have to Duck More Junk as Shuttle Nears
Dow Chemical to Sell Roof Shingles Embedding Photocells by 2011
Europe Postpones Launch of Herschel, Planck Telescopes
New Organic Material May Speed Internet Access
Qualcomm Says Court Dismisses Broadcom Complaint
Data Centers Fail Energy Efficiency Tests
Mobile Internet Becoming a Daily Activity for Many
Researchers Find Ways to Sniff Keystrokes from Thin Air
New Form of "Mobius" Carbon Predicted
Intel Warns AMD Its Patent Cross-Licensing Agreement May Be Yanked
Application Deadline Approaching for ARRL Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology
The Math of March Madness
Death Leaves Online Lives in Limbo
Space Shuttle Go for Launch Sunday @ 7:43 pm EDT
Diamond-Windowed Next-Gen Jet Fighters to Employ High Power Microwaves (HPM)
Chemists Find Secret to Increasing Luminescence Efficiency of Carbon Nanotubes
Traffic Exposure May Trigger Heart Attacks (time to try telecommuting)
New York City Police Issue 9,016 Tickets During a 24-Hour Crackdown on Phoning-While-Driving
China Concerned About Loans to the U.S. (I think the value of the immense amount of technology we have transferred to them more than covers the debt)
Dynamic Augmented Wheel System 8-Part Wheel
Electronics Companies Brace for a Long, Hard Recession
Amid Economic Gloom, Semi Execs Chart Encouraging Future
Fabless Companies Buck Economic Trend, Gain in IC Insights Top 20 Rankings
IC Insights: Industry Poised for Rebound
(do those last four stories seem conflicting to you?)
Campus Career Fairs Still Going Strong
ISS Astronauts Forced to Take Cover as Space Junk Passes Nearby
Scientists Develop Mobile Phone Battery That Can Be Charged in 10 Seconds
ComReg Invites Suggestions for Use of Free Radio Spectrum
Fleeing Customers Haunt Landline Phone Companies in New England
Teen's 'Lost' Downloads Cost Mom $50,000
'Self-Correcting' Gates Advance Quantum Computing
Agenda for WRC-11 Poses Opportunities and Challenges for Hams
Hot Electrons in Carbon: Graphite Behaves Like Semiconductor
World Wide Web Feels Its Growing Pains
RFID System Measures Employee Productivity One Task at a Time
Power Semiconductor Revenues Forecast to Drop by $2B in 2009
Engineers Crack Ceramics Production Obstacle
Cash-Strapped Green Tech Changes Strategy
New Coating Actually Makes Car Scratches Disappear
The Influence of Pb-Free RoHS Guidelines on Military Electronics Procurement
Qualcomm Faces Korea Trade Probe
Three-Quarters of All Electronic Messages are Sent Via Mobile Phones
Discovery Launch Delayed Again
Electronics Supply Chain Sales Growth Slides
Police Say 'Bored' Woman Made False 911 Calls
GPS III Satellite Undergoes Preliminary Review
Power Semiconductor Revenues Forecast to Drop by $2B in 2009
Coming Soon: Batteries that Recharge in 3 Seconds
U.S. Coast Guard to Discontinue LORAN Stations
HoloTV Images Jump off the Screen, into Tomorrow's Homes
Spin Battery: Physicist Develops Battery Using New Source of Energy
TSAT Hits New Turbulence
Cheap, Durable Nonsilicon Solar Cells
U.S. Knocks UK off the Top of Charts for Mobile Web Browsing and Buying
Sirius XM Radio Planning to Stream to iPhone, iPod
How Should the U.S. Government Spend $7.2B in Broadband Funds?
Ultra-High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries
Intel's Barrett Says Tech Is Key to Economic Recovery
Orbital Water Guns Could Blow Away Space Junk
Intel Rated Leading Chip Manufacturer Again, AMD Slips out of Top 10
Families are Feeling the Stress of Economic Crisis, Researcher Finds (duh - probably funded by Stimulus money)
ZigBee Alliance and RF4CE Consortium Agree to RF Remote Standard
National Semiconductor to Cut 26% of Workforce as Q3 Profit Falls 71% (think Bob Pease's job is safe?)
AT&T Boosts 3G, Adds 3,000 Jobs
Nanotubes Find Niche in Electric Switches
Shuttle Discovery Set for 9:20 PM EDT Liftoff
Researchers Develop Amp that Works Down to -180°
Rare Single Top Quark Discovered in Collider Experiments
Scientists Explain Why They Plagiarize
EADS Soars Back in the Black with 2008 Profit
Nokia Smartphone Sales Fall As RIM, Apple, Samsung Take Market Share
Space Station Webcam Goes Live
Mechanism to Increase Magnetic Response of Ferromagnetic Semiconductor Identified
Yale Student Sues Airline for $1M over Lost Xbox
Plenty of Reasons to Be Confident About EUV Lithography
Micro Imagers for Sensing on Nano Air Vehicles
Magnet-Triggered RFID Solution Lowers Costs at Müller Martini
Why Electric Vehicles Will Be a Long Time Coming
Terrorist Watch List Hits 1 Million (soon the terrestrial human debris tracked will equal space debris tracked)
Inter-Office Squabble Could Have Triggered a Baltic Cyber War
Seven Million Pounds of Beach Trash Picked Up in One Day
Study Calls for Improvements in Engineering Education
EDA Sales Rule of Thumb: $2M per Salesman
Iridium Replaces Satellite Smashed in Collision
FCC Releases Data on High-Speed Internet Access
Growing Need for Spectrum Brings New Challenges
Japanese Elementary School Kids Now Being Taught by Saya the Robot
European Telecoms Operators in Strong Position to Ride out Recession
Panel Weighs Impact of $7.2B Broadband Stimulus on Competition
Nokia to Support All Types of 4G Tech
UK Chip R&D is Key in Downturn
Single-Molecule Magnets Open New Door for Information Technology
Telecom Firms Eager to Help U.S. Government Spend $7.2B
Lockheed Martin GPS Satellite III Team in Preliminary Design Review Stage
World's Largest Laser Gears up for Ignition Experiments
SEMI to Set Solar Energy Industry Standards
Quantum Doughnuts Slow and Freeze Light at Will: Fast Computing and 'Slow Glass'
Nuclear-Warhead Upgrade Delayed; Government Labs Forgot How to Make Parts
An Upgrade for the Web - HTML 5
Microsoft Vista SP2 Comes with Few Significant Upgrades
Global Financial Assets Lost $50 Trillion in 2008
Suicide in the Workplace 'Contagious,' Swedish Study Suggests (don't share your toothbrush with suicidal workmates!)
'Invisibility Cloak' Directs Light Away from Eye
Fab Investment to Hit 15-Year Low, Says SEMI
Novel Ice Structure May Help Seed Clouds to Cause Rain
Chartered Semiconductor in $300M Cash Call
Major Step Toward Less Energy Loss in New Electromagnetic Materials
Will Carbon Nanotubes Replace Indium Tin Oxide?
USPTO: Extension of Time for Comments on Deferred Examination for Patent Applications
Barclaycard, Orange Work on NFC Payments Services
Spreading Wi-Fi Across the Friendly Skies
SAIC Wins $900M U.S. Strategic Command Contract
Federal Cybersecurity Director Quits, Complains of NSA Role
Shuttle Discovery Set to Soar to Space Station on Thursday
RFID Sees Continued Growth
Manufacturers 'Better Equipped' to Deal with Downturn
New Nanoporous Material Has Highest Surface Area Yet
Big Science from Canada's Smallest Satellite
Forget the Freezer: Novel Way to Control Water Behavior Using Nanometer-Sized Spaces
Afghanistan's Tech Boom (not talking about IEDs, either)
World Bank Offers Dire Forecast for World Economy
Microsoft to Let PC Users Turn Off IE Web Browser
U.S. Job Seekers to Face Falling Wages
Lithium-Ion Batteries Have Better Performance with New Electrode Material
MEMS-Based Camera 'Recession Proof,' Pixavi Says
Clinton to Russia: Time to Push the "Overcharge" Button for Relations (Huh, I thought the dummies were gone; she should have played it safe and given a box of DVDs)
Microsoft to Let PC Users Turn Off IE Web Browser
U.S. Gears Up for DTV Switch Now on June 12 (or...some other date)
Woman Attacked for Admonishing Loud Cellphone Talker
Potential On-off Switch for Nanoelectronics
Cellphones May Spread Superbugs in Hospitals
China's Semiconductor Market to Fall
DTV Broadcasters: Loss of Signal Could be a Problem after All
Indian Operator Expects Lengthy 3G Delay
Ultracold Gas Mimics Ultrahot Plasma
Phone Thieves Sentenced to 5 Years Hard Labor
Nanotubes That See Everything
Mobile Handset OEMs Look to Smartphones after Worst Q4 Ever
U.S. Might Loose Technological Leadership (now that we have Hope, that shouldn't happen)
Georgia Tech Pushes Nanotech Research with Low-Temp Carbon Nanotube Tool
For Laid Off Workers, So Hard to E-mail Goodbye
Historic Sample of Bomb-Grade Plutonium Discovered
National Semiconductor Protects Solar Panels from Shadows
What a Mess! Experts Ponder Space Junk Problem
NASA to Launch Planet-Hunting Kepler Spacecraft Tonight
Domestic LED Products Have Huge Potential
Researchers Create Speedy, Rugged Carbon-Nanotube Memory
Tyco to Slash Jobs, Lay off Workers in the Triad (NC)
Obama Press Secretary Gets Radios After Remark
Could Life on Earth Have Come from Ceres (maybe, but where did life on Ceres come from?)
Europe Continues to Outshine U.S. with Solar Leadership
Cell Phones Cause Many Casualties (cell phones don't kill people... people kill people)
New Technology to Trap Killer Sparks
USPTO Announces Call for Nominations for National Medal of Technology and Innovation
'Spooky Action at a Distance' of Quantum Mechanics Directly Observed
Broadcasters Sue FCC Over White Spaces
Georgia Tech Pushes Nanotech Research with Low-Temp Carbon Nanotube Tool
Touch Screen Competition Keeps the U.S. Smartphone Market Afloat
Raytheon Reaches Key Milestones with Troposcatter Solution
China Mobile Preps 3G Surge
Quantum Mechanical Con Game: Winning Every Time
Testing of Advanced Missile Warning Sensor Completed
Statewide Nanotech Center Created in Triad (NC)
DTV Converter Box Coupons Start Flowing Again
Buckyballs Could Keep Water Systems Flowing
Strengthening Airplanes with Carbon Nanotubes
Flying Robots to Provide Wi-Fi in Disaster Zones
Despite the Naysayers WiMAX Subscriber Revenue Will Boom in 2009
Hacker Gets 4 Years in Prison for Malware Install
Microsoft Publishes Latest Release Candidate of Vista SP2
Wal-Mart Reports 5% Increase in February Sales (thanks to ammo sales?)
Fabless Companies Buck Economic Storm, Gain in IC Insights Top 20 Rankings
Italy's Catholics Told to Silence iPods, Stop Texting and Web Surfing until Easter
Hot Electrons in Carbon: Graphite Behaves Like Semiconductor
New Electrical Power Standards (Smart Grid) Due by Summer
Smart Phones Ring in Healthy Growth in 2009 Despite Mobile Meltdown
iSuppli Sees up to 11% More Smartphone Sales in 2009
AsiaWatch: Slump Slows Growth, India Hot
Quantum Paradox Directly Observed -- A Milestone in Quantum Mechanics
Finnish Parliament Approves Employee E-Mail Tracking Law
World's Fastest Mobile Satellite Streaming Service for Broadcast Media
ARRL Charge: FCC Has Done "Literally Nothing" to Comply with Court Ruling
RFID Delivers Personal Service for Atlanta Car Dealer
Engineer Warned Twice About Cell Phone Use
Novel Manufacturing Technique Yields Efficient LED Optics
General Dynamics Successfully Completes Test of U.S. Army's Largest Mobile Broadband Network
Newfound Moon May Be Source of Outer Saturn Ring
Square Root Day Revelers to Party Like It's 3/3/09
Kepler Sets Sights on Earth-Like Planets
The Real Price of Obama's Cap-and-Trade Plan
Microsoft Testing New Internet Search Engine Kumo
GaN Platform Promises 10x Boost in Power
Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Down by 5% in Q4 2008
Large Asteroid Barely Misses Earth
China's 3G Network Provides Bright Spot Amid Global Slump
Army Wants Assistance with Missile Defense Technology
Microsoft Research Budget May Create 3,000 New Jobs
Wireless Broadband Boosts Australian Economy by $4.7 Billion
NXP is Now Worth Only $1B... Down from $11B
High-Speed Internet Access Needed to Revitalize Europe's Rural Regions
Traveling-Wave Reactor
Anadigics Sales Drop 22% as Fab Utilization Heads Towards 30%
Cognitive Radio Helps Guarantee Reachability of Emergency Services
China Crashes Satellite into Moon
Free But Fickle, Digital TV Reception Eludes Some
Atomic-Sized One-Stop Shop for Nanoelectronics Created
Russian Password Crackers Woo Governments
Obama's First Budget Backs Core Lunar 2.0 Goals
Economic Crisis Threatens the Idea of One Europe
EU Rejects a Rescue of Faltering East Europe
Are Video Games Recession-Proof?
Nokia Phone Found Inside a Bag of Crisps
Fun with Algorithms at Microsoft TechFest
'Voltage Patterning' Could Be Next Step in Nanostructure Lithography
Bluetooth Low Energy Could Take Much of the Explosive Growth Rate in RF Remotes
Global Recession Won't Jeopardize World's Largest Radio Telescope
Nokia Confirms U.S. Phone Problem
RFID Detector Offers Low-Cost Troubleshooting Device
Semiconductor Sales Continue to Slide in January
Ofcom Green-Lights BT's Ultra-Fast Broadband
Northern Europe Tops ICT Developments Index
Thermometer Created for Nanotubes
Chief of Key Internet Oversight Body is Leaving
Top 10 Phone Sales for February 2009
China Plans Space Station with Module Launch in 2010
Lockheed Martin Unveils Exoskeleton Technology
German 20-somethings Prefer Internet to Partner
PC Unit Decline to Be Sharpest in History
Broadcasting Pioneer Paul Harvey Dies at Age 90
World's Poor Drive Growth in Global Cell Phone Use (right, and who's paying the bills?)
Violence Between Repo Men, Car Owners on the Rise
Worst February for Market Since 1933
Russia Set to Put U.S. Telecom Satellite into Orbit
Impact of ROHS, REACH, EuP on Electronics Industry in 2009
Bolivia Pins Hopes on Lithium, Electric Vehicles
RFID Chip Coming Soon to Your Driver's License?
Marine 1 Helicopter Security Breach - Blueprints Found in Iran

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