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As America's Top Atom Smasher Closes, Fermilab Searches for New Relevance (another American legacy gone)

'Darker-Than-Black' Metamaterial Could Lead to More Efficient Solar Cells

Geniuses Needed, Says Amadeus

In-Flight Wi-Fi to Grow over 600% by 2015

London Needs 70,000 Small Cells to Deliver 4G Phone Services

Sprint to Launch Enhanced CDMA Push-to-Talk Service Oct. 2

Nokia Offers Developers Low-Cost NFC Device Kit

Engineers Investigate Wireless Architecture Improvements

IBM Beats Microsoft in Tech Giants Ranking

Age of Silicon Startups is Over

Mobile Hot Buttons: Spectrum, Small-Cell Networks and Wi-Fi Offload

Internet Firms Co-opted for Surveillance (Big Bro)

Attention Techs: 10 Meters is Hot!

Scientists and Engineers Create the 'Perfect Plastic'

Italian Government Raises $5.4B from 4G License Auction

Indian Telecom Sector Needs $149B Investment by 2017

Hitachi Maxell Announces 'Air Voltage' Wireless Charger for iPad2

Best in Class Will Thrive in New Defense Spending Environment

Amazon Silk is the First Step in Giving Mobiles Unlimited Computing Power

Researchers Hack Voting Machine for $26 (why hack when DoJ's OK w/posting thugs w/clubs)


Graphene to Redefine the Amp and Kilogram?

FCC Sued over New Internet Rules

Nokia to Cut 3,500 Jobs - More Cuts Expected in 2012

Accel-RF Announces University Collaboration Program for GaN RF Reliability Test

Kindle Touch's Secret Weapon: Lasers

Broadband Wireless Makes Quiet Gains in Rural Broadband Market

Tougher Rules for UK Broadband Advertising

Engineers 'Cook' Promising New Heat-Harvesting Nanomaterials in Microwave Oven

Radiation Hazards May rise for Air Travelers, Astronauts

'Ig Nobel Prizes' to Honor Year's Funniest Scientific Research

Score One for Microsoft in Patent Wars

Eurostar Trains to Get On-Board Wi-Fi Service

Wireless Network Can Watch Your Breathing

Copper Film Could Lower Touch Screen, LED and Solar Cell Costs

Experimental Computer Memory Could Supersede Flash

This Season of Sesame Street Will Focus on Math and Science

NFC Handsets to Power $71B of Transactions by 2015

Raytheon Radar Electronics Cleared for Production

Lawmakers Want Facebook FTC Probe

Stagnant U.S. Jobs Market Bodes Ill for World Economy


Couple Steals Copper to Pay for Wedding

Copper Bandit Targets NYC Subways

Boy Scouts to Take to the Airwaves for the 54th Jamboree on the Air

Strong Bonds Between Rare Earth Metals and Graphene

Rocket Launches from Alaska with Navy Satellite

GM's OnStar Reverses Course on Tracking

Intel, IBM to Lead $4.4B Chip R&D Hub in NY (how can they afford doing business in NY?)

Radio Listening on the Rise Again

U.S. Trade Body to Investigate Apple for Infringing HTC Patents

Navy Looks to Ultra-Endurance UAV for Critical Comms Link

ARRL Spectrum Defense Newsletter Online Now

UK Process Could Cut Li-Ion Production Cost

NIST Polishes Method for Creating Tiny Diamond Machines

Apple Confirm iPhone 5 Event on October 4th

New Battery Could Be Just What the Grid Ordered

FCC to Take Action on Rural Call Completion Problems

BAE Systems Confirms up to 3,000 Job Cuts

Amazon to Take on Apple iPad with 'Kindle Fire' Tablet

BrightSource Energy Receives $1.6B Taxpayer Loan (wait for news of bankruptcy)

Scientists Want Publisher to Refreeze Greenland


Broadcom Targets 2012 as Big Year for NFC

Stars Align at Last for Galileo’s Deployment

Australia's Telstra Switches on LTE Network

Copper-Oxide Wires Used to Create Flexible Memory Fabric

BlackBerry Torch 9850, 9860: RIM Goes All-Touch

Research In Motion Spikes (in spite of unfriendly media)

Three Pleads for Fair Sharing of Airwaves

White House Petition to End Software Patents Is a Hit (people who want someone else's work for free and never give their own away)

Is New York’s Tech Boom Sustainable?

Senate confirms Carter to serve in DOD's No. 2 post (not 'Jimmah,' thank god)

Huge Sun Storm May Super-Charge Northern Lights Tonight

China to Launch First Space Lab This Week

Wireless Backhaul via Satellite Shifts from Fixed Towers to Mobility Platforms

Leading Handset Makers Announce Support for Isis

New Broadcom Components Target Higher-Speed Carrier Ethernet Aggregation

More Bad News for Solar: Oversupply Havoc (it's just my tax money/political graft at stake)

Few Consumers are Cracking the QR Code

New 'FeTRAM' is Promising Computer Memory Technology

NASA Moves Forward on Space and Aviation Research Projects, Despite Bleak Funding Prospects

Caffeine's Buzz Chases Away Women's Depression (must be why Melanie is never depressed)


'Antimagnet' Joins List of Invisibility Approaches

Army Must Balance Tech Upgrades with Shrinking Budgets

Employees Want Their Own Choice of Mobile Phone and Computer Equipment (that's never happened before so it's news?)

Wireless Device Firm Says UK Manufacturers Can Compete

Small Business Economy Struggling, Few Plan to Hire (oh, and neither is big business)

Network Sharing Key to Impact of French Spectrum Auction

Activists Threaten Industry Shutdown in Indian Tech Town

Rohde & Schwarz to Offer Wireless Test Certification

Morning Show in Iraq Signs Off

Shape Memory Materials Ready for Mass Production

AT&T Expands Mobile Broadband Wireless Capacity in Morgantown, WV (using smoke signals and semaphore flags, nyuk, nyuk)

How Could NASA Lose a 6.5-Ton Satellite?

Is Another Disabled Satellite Headed for Earth?

Solyndra Haunts Other Government-Backed Solar Firms

Physicists Discover 'Magnetotoroidic Effect'

Better Lithium-Ion Batteries Are on the Way

Intel Chooses Ireland over Israel (Palestinian rockets can't reach Ireland)

European Supergrid Could Create 'Thousands of Jobs' (when have these predictions ever been wrong...?)

Google Launches the Ultimate Jobs Killer

Pole Flips Tied to Plate Tectonics


News Flash! - RF Hacked (no damage, no virus)

Senator Says OnStar Invades Privacy

Italy 4G Auction Attracts €3.7B So Far

Scientists Question Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos

Cellular South Renames Itself C Spire (a waste of subscribers' money)


'Stingray' Phone Tracker Fuels Constitutional Clash

Wireless Increasingly Popular, but Fixed Lines Dominate Downloads

FCC to Explore Emergency Communications Based on Aircraft, Balloons and Other Aerial Vehicles

Updates on Predicted Re-entry Times for UARS Satellite

Signs of China Slowdown Add to Dim Global Outlook

Cellphone Service Coming to 6 NYC Subway Stations

Neil Armstrong Says U.S. Space Program 'Embarrassing'

New Holographic Radar System Can Track High Speed Shells

Small Cell Backhaul to Shift Away from Copper and Fiber Toward Wireless Backhaul

Materials for Solar Cells Could Power Instruments in Space

NASA to Demonstrate Communications Via Laser Beam

Indians Taking Qualcomm for $1B

Tech Spending to Grow 11.5% in 2011, but Slow in 2012

Julius Blank, Who Built First Chip Maker, Dies at 86

Controlling Silicon Evaporation Allows Scientists to Boost Graphene Quality

Apple Sued by Via over Chips in Gadgets

Faster than Light Neutrinos? Don't Bet on It.

FCC, FEMA Offer New Tech Tips for Emergencies

TI Closes $6.5B Acquisition of National Semiconductor

Former eBay Chief Whitman Picked to Head HP


Woman Hit by Space Junk, Lives to Tell the Tale

LightSquared's Proposals Not Viable, General Says

Proton-Based Transistor Could Let Machines Communicate with Living Things

Latin America Could Gain $15B from Digital Dividend

Electron Movements Can Now Be Controlled

BT Planning 500,000 Wi-Fi Hotpsots in London by 2012 Olympics

Rural Telco Operating Margins Declined Again

FEMA and FCC Unveil Tips on Communicating During Disasters

Texting Preferred over Verbal Conversation

Orange Aims to Rollout Europe-Wide NFC 'Ecosystem' by 2012

Your Guide to Spotting a Falling Satellite

Electron Tennis Bodes Well for Quantum Computing

FCC Upholds $17,000 Forfeiture Order to Tennessee Ham

MCU Vendors Tackle Electronic Safety

Texting Gets Untethered from Cellphones

Collis Launches One-Stop NFC Testing Shop

MEMS-in-Mobile Market to Reach $1.5B

NFC Companies Prepare for Windows 8

European Supergrid Could Create 'Thousands of Jobs'

Gore's Loose Lips Let New iPhones Slip (what a buffoon - Mr. Earth's core "several million degrees")


OnStar Tracks Your Car Even When You Cancel Service (hello, Big Brother)

America’s Internet Service Slips to #25 Worldwide

Scientists Get First Detailed Look at Nitrogen Doping in Single-Layer Graphene

Smartphones and Tablets Surpass Laptops as Most Frequently Carried Wi-Fi Devices in Airports

LTE Sales Overtake WiMax, Says Analyst

Microwave Ovens a Key to Energy Production from Wasted Heat

Babbage Analytical Engine Designs to Be Digitized

China to Put 'Heavenly Palace' in Space Next Week (booming Walmart sales helped finance it)

Hays Affinity Group Provides ARRL Members with Equipment Protection, Club Liability Insurance Plans

Semiconductor Growth Forecast for 2011 Reduced as Economy Turns for the Worse

Google Spurns Oracle $2.2B Android Damage Claim

WEEE: What are Firms' Legal Responsibilities on Waste

Number Portability Overhyped in Latin America

NAB Produces Killer Video Highlighting Broadcasters (warning: sound plays on page load)

Semiconductor Market to Slow Due to Economy

2 Billion PC's in the World by 2014

Google Is Not Making You Stupid

FEMA Prepared for Dead NASA Satellite's Plunge to Earth in Mere Days (ground track map)

Apple Granted 40 Patents in China

UK's First Hydrogen Refueling Station Unveiled at Honda Plant


IBM to Report 2-GHz Graphene IC

Funding Given for Project to Replace Rare Earth Magnets

Petri Rebuts LightSquared Ad in Letter to CEO

Graphene Can be Strengthened by Folding

Survey: Average UK Engineer Earns £44k ($70k)

Falling Patent Quality Hits Innovation, Says OECD

Military Grilled on Defense Against N. Korean GPS Jamming

Will Super Wi-Fi Live up to Its Name?

Driverless Car Navigates Berlin Streets

Is Radio Listening Up or Down?

Scientists on Trial for Manslaughter After Failing to Predict Earthquake (can farmers sue weathermen for not predicting drought?)

Is It Time for Home and Away Pricing for Telecom?

TSMC May Cut 2012 Capex 19%

iPads to Provide Backup for Marines in Afghanistan

Salt Water Can Unlock ‘Inexhaustible’ Source of Hydrogen

Google Wallet is Now Live

IEEE Announces Milestone for Smart Grid Interoperability Standard-2030

Fact Check: Are Rich Taxed Less Than Secretaries? (only ones like Buffett, who still owes >$1B in back taxes)

Here's an Interesting Political Donor List

Italy Downgraded, IMF Says Europe Behind the Curve


Father and Daughter Burned in Alleged Electrical Theft

iPhone 5 Has a Big Problem

U.S. Research Seeks Transistor Replacement

Nanotube Cables Hit a Milestone: As Good as Copper

Quantum Behavior of Large Objects Revealed

High-Tech Industry Poised for Further Consolidation

Secret Cold War Spy Satellite Program Declassified

Tiny Wires a Step Towards Photonic Chip

Cell Companies Woo App Makers with Offices, Lattes

Samsung Exec: We’re Coming After the iPhone 5 as Soon as It Lands in Korea

Snoozing Technique Could Help Keep Smartphone Batteries Fresh

Researchers Slam Studies Claiming Video Games Make Us Smarter

Small Business Optimism Falls for 6th Straight Month

Japan's Defense Industry Hit by First Cyberattack

Chrome 14 Contains Many Security Fixes

Berlin Hopes Growing Tech Community Will Lift City’s Economy

NASA Mobile Launch Platform Gets New Lease on Life

Retiree Benefits for the Military Could Face Cuts (while Stimulus money pads accounts of state & fed retirements)

Gov't Motor (GM) Handing Out Big Raises and Bonuses


AT&T to Launch LTE Sunday

Dutch Gov't Reserves 1/3 of New Telco Spectrum for New Players

NASA: Satellite Pieces to Hit Earth in a Week

LTE Infrastructure Spending Overtook WiMAX in Second Quarter

San Francisco Turns to China for New Bay Bridge (stimulus for China)


Pentagon Orders More High-Capacity Satellites

3GPP Wireless Technologies Pass 5B Global Connections

New Naval Radar Could Help Crew React More Quickly to Attacks

SK Telecom Embeds NFC in SIM Card

2010 ARRL Technical Excellence Award Winners Announced

Political Payback Suspected in LigthSquared / GPS Row

LightSquared Says Finds Fix for GPS Interference

Could Silicon Be Ideal in Quantum Computing?

German Networks Meet 800 MHz Rollout Obligations

Cobham to Enhance Its UHF SATCOM Technologies Offerings with Acquisition of Trivec-Avant Corp.

Chip Sales Slowing Rapidly

New Device Generates Energy from Small Vibrations

Israel Links Up with CERN "Big Bang" Physics Research Center

Satellite Spy Office Turns 50

Chemists Figure Out a Way to Force Apart Click Chemistry Bonds

Apple Granted Design Patents in China

Net Neutrality Debate Set to Re-Heat

'Star Wars' Gets Real as Scientists Find Planet with Two Suns

Billions in Unemployment Benefits Paid in Error

U.S. Oil Imports by Nation in 2011 (could be reduced to 0 within 5 years with known deposits of gas, oil, coal)


Mobile Phone Emissions Affects Local Glucose Metabolism in the Human Brain (that can't be good)

Carter Pledges to Prevent 'Devastating' Defense Cuts, if Confirmed

Heathkit's Amateur Radio Plans Taking Shape

DSEi: GaN Chips Make Multi-Beam Radar Affordable

IPC Report Reveals Electronics Industry Slowdown

Android to Overtake the iPhone in the USA by the End of 2011

Are We Addicted to Our Smartphones?

LinkedIn: Busting 8 Damaging Myths About What It Can Do for Your Career

An Electronic Bucket Brigade Could Boost Solar Cell Voltages

SK Telecom Launches SIM Cards That Add NFC to Existing Phones

Carbon Nanotubes Braided into Macroscale Wires Challenge Copper

France Telecom Brand to Disappear by Summer 2012

Graphene Nanoribbons Grow Due to Domino-Like Effect

Europeans Reignite Fusion Energy Project

BlackBerry Phones to Act as Door Keys

Tokyo Game Show Turns to Cell Phones

Meteor Seen in Skies over Arizona, Nevada and Southern California

Smartphones' Downward Push Going Over Top

Multicolored Fireball in Sky Dazzles Southwest

USA Income Slides to 1996 Levels


DSEi: Salaries Rise in Defense Electronics

BAE Systems plc Files Patent Application for Improvements in or Relating to Waveguides

Mobile Networks Need to Spend $840B Over 5 Years to Meet Data Demand

How Congress Just Failed to Fix America's Broken Patent System

Board Urges Cellphone Ban for All Commercial Drivers

Smartphone 'Digital Keys' Coming to Campuses, Offices, Homes

NASA Unveils Giant New Rocket Design (cool - looks like Saturn V w/SRBs)

FCC Stops LightSquared Rollout Pending GPS Interference Tests

Professional Mobile Radio Market Jumped 15% in 2010

Researchers Begin Testing Promising New Nanomaterial for Hydrogen Storage

Qualcomm Facing New Threats to Its Mobile Silicon Dominance

Homeland Security Seeks to Use ZigBee for Tracking Firefighters

Wireless System Enables UAVs to Communicate with Operators (they finally got rid of the wires on those UAVs, eh?)

MIT Experts Develop Advanced 3D Printer

FCC: Deceptive Marketing of Prepaid Calling Cards

Researchers Develop Algorithm to Predict New Superhard Crystals

Best Buy Reports 5% Decline in Comparable Store Mobile Phone Sales

Microsoft Unveils Radically Redesigned Windows 8

Beautiful Blasts from Solar Storms

U.S. in Criminal Probe of eBay Employees


A New and Improved Moore's Law

Samsung, Fujitsu, Panasonic, NEC, DoCoMo Combine to Challenge Qualcomm

Sprint App Shuts Down Driver’s Phone

Ramsey Calls Ford Exec Comments on HD Radio Patronizing

Skynet Seeks to Crowdsource the Stars

Is Smartphone Technology the Future of U.S. Elections?

Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope Confirms Puzzling Preponderance of Positrons (yeah, that one has been bothering me)

Body Wearable Antennas to Help Lighten the Load for Soldiers

Qualcomm Eyes Up Business Market with Femtocell Chipset

QR Tags Can Be Rigged to Attack Smartphones

New Breed of Mission Partners Will Support Flexible Field Comms

BT Unhappy as Ofcom Bans Automatic Contract Renewal

Slowest Crystal Growth Ever Measured

National Safety Council Videos Educate Public on Cell Phone Use While Driving (don't view it while driving)

Compromise Between LightSquared and GPS Industry Possible?

PayPal Founders: Innovation Is Dead

Astrium Builds First Two Galileo In-Orbit Validation Satellites

FCC's Internet Rules Clear a Review Hurdle

Census: U.S. Poverty Rate Swells to Nearly 1 in 6 (that Stimulus stuff is great!)


Experimental Electron Effect Detected in Practice

Destocking Hit August Chip Sales

Europe's Galileo Sat-Nav Spacecraft Ready to Fly

Jelly Batteries: Safer, Cheaper, Smaller,More Powerful

UK Telecoms Sector Predicts More Government Bureaucracy over Next Decade (that's a given)

Is Thorium the Biggest Energy Breakthrough Since Fire?

Innovation Is Step Toward Digital Graphene Transistors

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs May Carry Fire Danger

French Carriers Launch Second NFC City

Research Team Develops Mathematical Model to Explain Harmony in Music

More Mobile Internet Users Than Wireline Users in the USA by 2015

DSEi: Military Technology on Parade

NASA Launches Twin Grail A&B Probes

RIM, Dolby Set Licensing Deal; Lawsuits Dropped

Unmanned Aerostats Furnish Vital Geospatial Intelligence

Ferroelectrics Could Pave Way for Ultra-low Power Computing

What It Takes to Power Google

La Nina Coming Back For Another Season

NASA's Smaller Programs Could Be at Risk

Windows 8 Could Make Or Break Microsoft (they've been saying that since Win XP)


BMW Developing Laser Headlights

TV Needs a Female Engineer (evidently not as many women as men want to be engineers) 

NASA: Satellite Could Scatter Debris over 500 Miles

DoCoMo Set to Add LTE Tablets, New LTE Plans

Royal Observatory’s Astronomy Photo Winners

Obama, Bush Join Together for a First at 9/11 Ceremony


U.S. AWACS Plane Forced Down by N. Korean EW Attack

Colossal Change to U.S. Patent System Nears with Today's 'America Invents' Vote

How the iPhone Isn't Saving America

Body Wearable Antennas Could Lighten a Soldier's Load

Nanoscale Spin Waves Can Replace Microwaves

Harman to Add NFC to Car Audio

Google Uses More Power Than Salt Lake City (while preaching green to us)

Broadband-Enabled Rural Call Center Trend Gains Another Supporter

NEC, Ericsson Get Top Marks from Carriers in Microwave Survey

UK Imprinted Electronics Prototypes Light Up

Mitsubishi Boosts Electric Vehicle Price (that'll really help sales of cars nobody wants)

Twin Spacecraft to Map the Moon's Gravity

Copps: It's Time to Discuss FM Chips in Cell Phones (BTW, you must be using ear buds to pick up signal)

E-Mail Typos Result in 20 GB of Stolen Data

Nuclear Reactions in Space Produce the Heaviest Elements

Thanks for the Memory - Digital Amnesia (sage advice)

UK Joins Laser Nuclear Fusion Project

MS Restores Services After Crash Affects Millions Worldwide

Seaweed Makes Batteries Better

FBI Raids Solyndra HQ (high-level scandal)


14-Year-Old Girl Uses Stun Gun to Steal Phone from HS Student

NASA Space Laser to Make Radio Obsolete

French Court Rejects Request to Block 4G Spectrum Auction

Stanford University Researchers Announce Sunspot Breakthrough

UK Government Plans Biggest Review of Electronics for a Decade

Iridium Launches New Handset Line

NFC Marketers Form Global Alliance

Innovation Is Step Toward Digital Graphene Transistors

HTC Buys Patents from Google - Sues Apple for Infringement

UK Interest in American GPS Row

DOD Must Balance, Accept Risks to Maintain Military Edge

Introducing The Zen of Steve Jobs: A Graphic Novel (weird idol worship)

Tweens and Cell Phones: What Parents Need to Know

UMC's August Sales Down 24.7% on 2010

Study Shows That Vehicle-to-Vehicle Navigation Systems Really Work

Motion Sensor Market for Smartphones and Tablets Set to Double by 2015

Twin Spacecraft to Map the Moon's Gravity

ST Offers Dual-Port EEPROM and App for NFC

New Deal Will Double U.S. Rooftop Solar Power (gov't buying for military housing - more tax money down the drain!)

U.S. Falls to 5th in Global Competitiveness (fundamental change?)


Air Passenger Arrested for Not Turning Off Phone

Breakthrough Could Double Wireless Capacity with No New Towers

The Next Wave of Botnets Could Descend from the Skies

Sun Unleashes Two Massive X-Class Solar Flares

The Way Carriers Manage Networks Can Hurt Phone Performance

STMicro Shows Potential of NFC in Electronic Devices

Lightweight Optics is Good for the Military

SEMI Sees Fabs Capital Increasing for Now

Get SET for the 2011 ARRL Simulated Emergency Test

Wireless Temperature Sensors Can Be Interrogated Remotely

Innovative Superconductor Fibers Carry 40x More Electricity

High-Energy Laser Weapons Likely to Replace Shipboard Machine Guns?

Global Cybercrimes Cost $114B Annually

Sprint Sues AT&T Claiming Its Buyout of T-Mobile USA is Illegal

Americans Seeking Work Find Mobile Broadband Effective in Assessing Labor Market Prospects

Car-to-Car Communication System to Get a Massive Road Test

WEF Report: U.S. Economy on Comparative Downturn

How to Succeed in College: New Advice and Insights

New Camouflage Technology from BAE Hides War Machines

Astronauts' Tracks and Trash Show up in New Moon Photos


UK May Delay 4G Radio Spectrum Auction

Room Temperature Superconductivity Claimed for Cuprates

British Team Plans to Reestablish Contact with 1970’s Era Satellite

Panetta Warns DOD Small-Biz Contracting Goal is Impending

Smart Phones and Pads Fuel Wireless LAN Growth

Smartphone Makers Urged to Target Over 45s

Passivated AlInN/GaN HEMT Pushes Beyond 200 GHz Cut-offs

Without AT&T, T-Mobile is a Wireless White Elephant (racist reference)

Isobar to Host NFC Hackathon

China's Fabless Turn to Taiwan

¼ of U.S. Adults Use Mobile and Social Location-Based Services

M2M Market Set for Broad, Deep Growth

GPS Receivers Now Small Enough to Attach to Literally Anything

Internet Archive Shows Sept. 11 Coverage

German Court Bans Sales of Samsung's New 7.7-inch Tablet

Tanks Test Infrared Invisibility Cloak

Is Apple Engaging in Innovation by Intimidation?

NASA Launching Twin Moon Probes to Measure Gravity

Gold Climbs Above $1,903/oz on World Economic Unrest


Novel Magnetic, Superconducting Material Opens New Possibilities in Electronics

Electric Motor Made from a Single Molecule

RIM's BBM Music Starts Beta in UK, USA, Canada

Semico Cuts IC Forecast, Sees Decline for Year

Apple iPhone Prototype Loss Prompts Security Job Listings

Turkish Net Hijack Hits Big Name Websites

Higgs May Be Detected as Early as Christmas (we're we told that last X-mas?)

Three UK Wants Legislation to Force Through Spectrum Auctions

Humankind's Most Ambitious Science Projects

Italy's KITEnergy Converts High Altitude Winds to Electricity

Hybrid Spaceplane Engine Tests Under Way

Hydrogenation Technique Triples Transistor Performance in Epitaxial Graphene

Super Wi-Fi or White Spaces, What's Up with Unlicensed Broadband?

Internet to Bring Down the Sky-High Cost of Higher Education

Police Assisted Apple in Search of Man's Home

Many U.S. Schools Adding iPads, Trimming Textbooks (no wonder Apple stock soaring)

Labor Secretary's "American Built" Car Actually Built in Canada (what a bunch of freak'n morons - all symbolism, no substance)


Ofcom Approves Use of White Space Spectrum

HP's Trusty 12c Financial Calculator Turns 30

NASA Plans to Clear Space Junk (article idiotically calls it vacuuming, but space is a vacuum, so really it is sweeping)

TV in the Cloud

Illegal Workers Got Billion$ from Tax Credits (taxes you and I paid)

Investigators Probe WH Role in $1/2B Loan to Bankrupt Solyndra (more insider corporate welfare)


Man Caught Using 2 Mobile Phones and Steering His Car with His Knees

Next-Generation Electronic Devices: Smallest Atomic Displacements Ever

TI Offers 'Qi' Inductive Power Transfer IC

NFC Isn't Just About Mobile Payments, Nokia Says

RFID Keeps Engine Noise in Check at Racecourse

Quantum Processor Hooks Up with Quantum Memory

Pakistani Recreates Newton's Telescope (amateur astronomers in U.S. have been doing this for 100 years)

Canada's Shaw Ditches Cellular for Wi-Fi

Hams from NC to Maine Provided Communications Support for Hurricane Irene

Microspiders: Polymerization Reaction Drives Micromotors

Air Force, Boeing Sign New WGS Satellite Contract

2 Men Charged with Selling iPhone Prototype

Apple Defends Itself After Pollution Allegations (says it controls Chinese plants - yeah, right)

Chinese Researchers Look at Possibility of Capturing Asteroids in Earth Orbit

'Iron Veins' Could Be Key to Hydrogen Storage in Vehicles (H power, not batteries, will make e-vehicles attractive. 10 Volts per day sell now)

Volt Production to Be at 5,000/month by January (that's only 167/day - Gov't doing most of the buying)

Tech Blogger to Invest in Start-Ups

U.S. DoE Devises Security Fence to Thwart Rampant Copper Thefts (how about putting these on the U.S./Mex border?)

Stocks Fall as Lame U.S. Jobs Report Hits (creating & saving jobs by raiding Gibson Guitar)


Man Accused of Assault with a Live Power Line

Again? Apple Loses Another iPhone Prototype in Another Bar

UK Plans for White-Space Radio by 2013

Mosaid Buys 2,000 Nokia Wireless Patents

Cash Hoards Destroying Value in the Tech Sector (many businesses waiting for new gov't in U.S.)

NFC Mobile Payment Still Not Prime Time

Mobile Internet Use Nearing 50%

Building Chips from Collapsing Nanopillars

Transceivers to Conquer the Terahertz Frontier

Manufacturing Conditions in UK 'Deteriorated Further' in August

Analyst Sees Upside in 2H11 Chip Market

DoJ Files Lawsuit to Block AT&T/T-Mobile USA Deal

Why Smartphones Still Haven't Taken over the U.S. Market

Atom-Smashing Hype Faces Reality

Consumer Goods Manufacturers Help Drive Up Robot Orders

Manufacturing Method Paves Way for Commercially Viable Quantum Dot-Based LEDs

Military Continues to Struggle with Wartime Contracting

China's Solar Rise Seen in Solyndra's Fall

Another Green Jobs Company Gone and 1,100 Laid Off (after spending $1/2 Billion in tax dollars - where'd it go?)

U.S. Government Now Your "Federal Family" (nanny state for pathetic people)