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Technical Headline News Archive - October 2007

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Internet Founding Father Warns Net Addresses Will Run out by 2010
Alcatel-Lucent to Cut 4,000 More Jobs; CFO Exits
TV, Pop Quizzes and Group Work May Hinder Educational Achievement in Science
Is U.S. Stuck in Internet's Slow Lane?
Digital Cameras Get Wireless Modem in SD Card
Motorola Prototype Validates Metal-Oxide for WPAN Device
Next-Gen Wireless Technologies Drive Development of High-End Chipsets
QPC Wins $750,000 Contract for Fiber-Laser Pump Engines in Directed Energy Weapons
Industry Organizations Gather to Advance Lithium Mobile Power
France Aims to Boost Defense Exports
The 700-MHz Auction Challenge
Astronauts Find Large Rip in Space-Station Solar Panel
Holier Than Thou? Employees Who Believe They are 'Ethical' or 'Moral' Might Not Be
Google Shares Hit $700 Amid Cell Phone Talk
Experts Warn of Vampires -- Electronic Ones, That Is
U.S. Senate Votes to Hike Fees for Foreign Workers (but lets unskilled Illegals run across the Mexico border)
Software Defined Radio Forum Members to Vote on Four Documents
Broadcasters Form European HD Radio Alliance
'Shrink-Wrap' Formation of Carbon-60 Observed
USPTO Names California Library to Support Intellectual Property Needs of Inventors and Entrepreneurs
UK Knocked Out of Subscriber Base "Top 10" Ranking
New Mobile Phone Allows Internet Users to Call for Free
British Army Tests 'Invisible' Tank
Skyworks Sees 200% Unit Growth in 3G
IBM Turning Silicon Waste into Solar Panels
FCC Sets Panelists for D.C. Localism Hearing
Microsemi Wins $1.6M AFRL Contract to Develop SiC RF Power Technology
One Billion New Mobile Customers to Be Added Worldwide in the Next 3 Years
U.S. Releases Intelligence Spending Total
Laser Surgery Can Cut Flesh with Micro-explosions or with Burning
Astronauts Enter ISS Harmony Module for First Time
They're Not Rock Stars, but EEs Earn Satisfaction
Accused Speeder to Cops: My GPS Proves Your Radar Gun is Wrong
FCC to Halt Cable-Only Apartment Deals
SIA: Semi Sales Enjoy Strong Boost in September
Nanowire Device Fabrication Moves into High Gear
Mobile Phone was Not Cause of Glitch on All Nippon Airlines 747
Hittite's Q3 Revenue Approaches $40M, Steady Growth Continues
Skype, Hutchison Whampoa's 3 Launch Mobile Skypephone
Motorola to Sell $1B Debt in Three Parts
Silicon Can Work for New-Age Spintronics Applications
Flexible Integrated Energy Device (FIED) - Wearable Rechargers
ISS Astronauts to Move Solar Array Truss
Robots to Boost Japan's Productivity by 50% in Next Five Years
NASA to Search Files for 1965 UFO Incident
New Zealand Mechanic Builds 'Hoverwing'
Rocketplane Unveils New Suborbital Vehicle Design
Solar Power Satellites Urged by Pentagon
LeCroy Introduces New 13 GHz O-Scope
Ka-ching! Gates' $2,711,472,948 Payday
Senators Want Probe on Comcast Content Blocking
ARRL Faces FCC in Federal Court over BPL Issues
17% of N. American Organizations Adopt 3G Data by 2011
Japanese Women Use Cell Phones to Ward Off Subway Gropers
Travelers Leave Cell Phones Behind
For the 1st Time, Women Rule in Space
The Smithsonian Acquires Wireless Picturephone Prototypes
Skyworks in Volume Production with All Leading Handset Manufacturers for EDGE and WCDMA Front-end Module Solutions
AXT's 6” GaAs Sales Dip Due to BiFET Transition
Senate Passes Internet Tax Moratorium Extension
Home Computers Help Researchers Better Understand Universe
EU's Galileo SatNav Scheme Needs Millions More Next Year
One Step Closer to Market Economy: China Adopts New Antitrust Law
U.S. Stops Robot Work After Trade-Secrets Suit
Intel Cuts Ribbon on $3B 45 nm Fab 32 in Arizona
Beijing's Bad Air Quality Could Disrupt Olympic Games
Far-Out Ideas Could Provide Solutions to World's Energy Crisis
Patent Reform Foes Hit Senate
Ultrawideband Under the Gun
BlackBerry Enters China's Mobile Phone Market
Merger Fever Heating Back Up
Touch and Go - NFC Technology Set to 'Change the World'
Cell Phone Market Volumes Seen Up
Wireless Brain Monitor Powered by Body Heat
Skyworks Converting GaAs HBT Fab to 6", Partnering with Taiwanese Foundries
Motorola Returns to Quarterly Profit
Physicist Create Most Intense Operating Positron Beam Ever
Atom Smasher Unleashes New Isotopes
RFMD's 21% Sequential Growth Driven by Polaris 3 Shipments to Nokia and Motorola Recovery
NASA, Air Force Drones to Fly Over California Fire Zone
China Beats Germany to Take World Trade Crown
USAF Funds Ascent Solar Technologies' High-Efficiency Solar Cell Program
Microsoft Wins Facebook Ad Deal, Pays $240M for 1.6% Stake
'Picture-Passwords' for People Who Struggle to Remember Their PIN Numbers
Fabless Semi Assn.: Industry Saw $129B in 1st Half Sales
Thinner, Not Bigger, New Buzzword in Electronic Gizmos
U.S. Wireless Data Usage Surges 63%
Qualcomm Shuts Down Headquarters Amid California Fires
Optical Antenna Helps QC Laser Hit the Spot
Nokia WiFi Handsets Can Bypass Cellular Networks Worldwide
Cellular Handsets and VoFi Drive a Revolution in Wi-Fi Hot Spot
iPhone Mystery: 1.4 Million Sold, 250,000 Never Activated
Malaysia to Build Own Communications Satellite
Cisco Buys WiMAX Startup Navini for $330M
Intel Pays Transmeta $250M to Settle Patent Dust-Up
'Nanospikes' Add to Solar, Biomedical, Microelectronics Applications
Scientists Generate Powerful Antimatter Ray
Scanning Students' Fingers Hits a Nerve
U.S. Supplemental Request Contains Billions for Weapons Development
STS-120 Launch Today @ 11:38 am EDT - Watch
Nanowire Generates Its Own Electricity
Japanese Market Now Dominated by 3G
Chemical Industry Group Rebuts Greenpeace Report on iPhone
Is Fab Lite on Analog's Diet?
FCC Chairman Seeks to Ease Media Ownership Rules
Nokia and Motorola Working on WiMAX Handsets for 2008
World Radiocommunication Conference Opens in Geneva
Printed Silicon to Challenge Organic Materials
IBM, MediaTek Team for Ultra-Fast Wireless Chips
China to Test Space Weapon During Moon Satellite Launch
BAE Systems Rad-Hardened Computers Aboard WorldView-1 Satellite
World Series Ticket Sales Halted as Computer Crashes
Wikipedia Page the Latest Status Symbol (RF Cafe not there yet!)
More Educated People Who Develop Dementia Lose Their Memory Faster
Carbon Dioxide Levels Rising Much Faster Than Expected (Kyoto-exempt China & India a big factor)
U.S. Online Shoppers to Spend Over $39 Billion this Christmas
Engineers Jailed for Trying to Steal Wireless Technology from Employer
Online Classes See Rise in Numbers Signifying New Trend in Higher Education
Taiwan to Develop 'Blackout Bomb'
U.S. State Department Announces Visa Lottery
RFID for Animals, Food and Farming - the Largest Market of All
United States Patent Rule Changes Effective - November 1, 2007
A Bone Conduction Cell Phone
Iridium Chooses Tesacom to Expand Extensive Growth of Global Satellite Communications
NASA Assigns Crew for Final Solar Array Delivery to ISS
Five Years of Space Exploration with ESA's Integral
Four Chip Makers in China Added to U.S. Export List
Global Spies Focusing on U.S. Computer Networks
Microsoft Finally Bows to EU Antitrust Measures
The Joy of Text - Brits Spend US$6 Billion Flirting by SMS
Reid's Letter to Limbaugh Sets eBay Record
A Backpack that Charges Your iPod?
Help at Hand for People Frightened by New Technology
Return Stolen Laptop, Get a Lifetime of Free Beer
Axiom Shipping More Than 1 Million CMOS PAs Monthly
ARRL On-Line Auction Preview Up and Running; Bidding Starts Wednesday
North American Chip Equipment Orders Fall in September
Chinese Growth 'To Overtake U.S.'
Nano-Sized Detector Turns Radio Waves into Music
Islamic Militants Attack Mobile Phone Retailers
China: New Rules to Boost Electricity from Renewable Energy
Congress: Power Grid Defense is Weak
Energy Lost from Hot Engines Could Save Billions If Converted into Electricity
Will Mobile Video Play in the U.S. Market?
Remains of Halley's Comet to Fall Sunday Morning - the Orionids
Why Males Die Before Females
First Stop Moon - Next Stop, Mars
Use of Mobile Phones on Planes Across European Airspace Possible by 2008
Best Buy Ends Analog TV Sales
QST.org Web Address Now in the Hands of the ARRL
Sony-Ericsson Tops User Satisfaction Survey
Bluetooth-Enabled Equipment Shipments to Hit 800 Million This Year
BBC to Cut 1,800 Jobs As It Confronts Digital Age
HD Radio Delay Settings Get Low Marks in Southern California
Defense Spending to Decrease Over Next Decade; Procurement and RDT&E to Be Hit Hard
USAF Launches Improved GPS II Satellite
Supercomputer, Eh? Canadian Universities to Examine CERN Data
Texas Residents Drop Contamination Suit Against TI
Ann Arbor, MI, Putting LEDs in All Streetlights
China Blocks Google's YouTube
Britain Recruiting Spies Through Video Games
National Guard Demonstrates Handheld Radio Interface to Be Used in Crises
Thief Demands $185,000 to Return Stolen Mobile Phone (dumb crook)
U.S. Commerce Official to Lead Patent Exchange
Data Services to Grab 34% of N. American Mobile Business Spending by 2012
Thai Hams Now Authorized to Operate on More Bands
Automation Groups Drive Wireless Interface
U.S., British Militaries May Deploy Flying Saucers
Raytheon Sensor Netting Technology Contract
U.S. Senator Calls for 'Substantially' Bigger Navy
W-CDMA Claims 9% of Q2 New Subscribers in Middle-East/Africa
Most Powerful Supernova Ever Discovered: 1010x Brighter Than Sun
JPL Teaches How to Get Space Contracts
Brazil Police Arrest Cisco Executives on Tax Fraud
Shuttle Cleared for October 23 Launch Despite Concerns
Police Mistake Cellphone for Gun and Shoot Teenager
Report: Verizon Turned Data Over to Feds Without Court Orders
Novel Semiconductor Structure Bends Light 'Wrong' Way -- Exciting Application Potential
Motorola Buys 50% Stake in Phone User Interface Group
Ericsson Shares Dive Nearly 30% on Profit Warning
New Quantum Dot Transistor Counts Individual Photons
Investors Fears of Falling U.S. Dollar Bigger Concern Than Terrorism
USPTO: Revision of Patent Cooperation Treaty Procedures
Testing Einstein: Is Dark Energy Constant?
Adaptive Technology Developed for Visually Impaired Engineers
Unnecessary Mobile Costs Hit British Businesses
NASA Extends Operations for Its Long-Lived Mars Rovers
U.S. Air Force Acquisitions Official Apparently Kills Self
Crazy Concept Cars Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show
Dangerous Chemicals Found in Apple's iPhone
ZigBee PRO Standard Gets the All Clear
Tektronix Stock Soars on Danaher's $2.8B Acquisition
Broadcom Claims "One Year Lead" Over Competitors with New 3G Chipset
Large-Scale WMD Drill Launched off Japan
GaAs pHEMT Switch Market Tempered by Captive Producers and CMOS
WiMAX License Bidding Draws a Crowd in Japan
Nanotube Probe Invented
Not Just Science Fiction: 'Electromagnetic Wormhole' Possible, Say Mathematicians
FTC Puts Kibosh on Cell-Phone Telemarketing E-Mail Hoax
TriQuint Touts Green Credentials with Basestation PA
Power from Space? Pentagon Likes the Idea
'Demand Shaping' Aligns Customer Trends with Supply
Google Nets More Than Half of the World's Web Searches
AOL to Cut 2,000 Jobs as Part of Transition to Online Ad Company
Russian-American Partnership in Space
Search for ET Intelligence: Allen Telescope Array Begins Scientific Observations
Climate Change Research Recognized in 2007 Nobel Peace Prize (Pure politics! What has climate change got to do with a PEACE prize?)
United States: U.S. Patent Office Rule Changes Significantly Alter the Patent Landscape
Nokia Siemens Hands off Radio Access R&D Biz to Wipro
Indian Outsourcing Companies Turn in Hefty Profits
Korean Team Develops Faster 4G Wireless Technology
WIN Closing Gap to TriQuint in GaAs Foundry Market
Wireless Funding Soars in September
Smokers May Find Redemption on Cell Phones
Motorola Lands Large WiMAX Contracts in Taiwan
iPhone Lawsuit Asks for $1B for 'Bricked' Handsets
Software Created to Aid Scientific Inquiry
Thin-Film Chip Technology Pioneers Nominated for German Future Prize
Hillary Clinton Calls for National Broadband Access System
France to Strengthen Video Surveillance System (Grand Frère ala France)
Microsoft Fixes Excel 2007 Calculation Bug
Chuck Yeager - A Super Sonic Sixty Years
Blazingly Fast Internet2 Just Got 10x Faster
FCC Chief Rebuffs Wireless Auction Rule Changes
Pentagon Launches New Breed of Satellite
Sony Ericsson 3Q Profit Drops 10%, Margins Strong
FCC Clarifies Dual Antenna Hybrid Operation Notification Procedures
Radio Revenues Dip 1% in August
FCC Faces Internet Decision on AT&T, Qwest
Arrow Aims at Japan
Phantom Vibrations: Is That A New BlackBerry Message, Or Is It All in Your Head?
Taming Tiny, Unruly Waves for Nano Optics
Free WiFi Comes to UK Buses
Interest in Space Wanes Despite America's Space Dependency
Increase in Ethanol Production from Corn Could Significantly Harm Water Quality
Bush to Veto Surveillance Bill if No Retroactive Immunity to Telecoms That Conducted e-Surveillance w/o Court Orders
U.S. Military Hits Recruit Goals; 2008 Looks Tougher (nobody will want to serve under Pres. Hillary)
Google Most Used Search Engine Globally
GM OnStar Will Soon Let Police Stop Your Car (OnStar - very Orwellian... time for Winston to sell his Chevy)
Spy Flies All the Buzz at Washington, N.Y. Political Events
Raytheon Brings Heat-Ray Weapon to Market
Wireless Expert Demands Technology-Neutral Spectrum Allocation
U.K. McDonald's Adds Free WiFi to the Menu
Maxim Takes Legal Action to Protect Amplifier Technology
3 out of 4 U.S. Consumers Have High Hopes for a Digital Holiday
Over Half of Mobile Users Believe Losing a Cellphone Would Cause Their Social Life to Suffer
Corporate America Racked by Uncertainty
Army Seeks to Leverage Laser Drill Technology forStand-Off Weapon
Censor's Grip Tightening on Internet in China
Google and IBM Float Idea for 'Cloud Computing'
Soyuz Rocket Carries Three to ISS
Next-Generation Telescopes Excite Astronomers
Quantum Computing Possibilities Enhanced with New Material
Hard Disk Pioneers Win Physics Nobel Prize
Mobile Phone Cancer Risk 'Higher for Children'
Shakeout Seen Coming in Japan's IC Industry
NTT DoCoMo, Mitsubishi Electric Introduce "Wellness" Mobile Phone
Sarbanes-Oxley Flexibility: Too Little Too Late
Dice Introduces Desktop HD Radio
Free WiFi for UK Troops in the Field
Wal-Mart, Sam's Club Pushes RFID Further Along
Zigbee vs Z-Wave Battle Continues (thanks to OpenSpectrum)
New Prosthetic Devices Will Convert Brain Signals into Action
Toshiba Presents GaN Power FET with Record Ku-Band Output Power
UK: Companies Act 2006 – Updated Overview and Implementation Timetable
TriQuint Celebrates 100 Millionth Transmit Module
OpenOffice.org 2.3 - Finally a Viable Replacement for MS Office?
Long-Lost, Dangerous Asteroid Found Again
Google Shares Cross $600 Threshold for First Time
Japanese Automaker Develops Cheaper, More Reliable Anti-Collision System
UK and US Synchronise Patent Prosecution Process
FCC to Conduct New White Spaces Testing
McDonald's Launches Free Wi-Fi in UK Restaurants
When Your Significant Other is a Computer
FCC Rejects 2155-2175 GHz Band Applications in Favor of a Rulemaking, Possibly License-Free
October 2007 ARRL West Coast Qualifying Run Schedule Change
Motorola Scores Taiwan's Largest WiMAX Network Contract
Pb Needed to Keep Electronics Reliable
Woman Says She'll Pay $222K Music Download Verdict Damages
Japan to Get Health-Monitoring Cell Phone
California Agency Ducks Web Outage After a Hack
Early Adoption of Mobile WiMax Gets Underway
Fuel Cell Firm Claims Delivery of 500 W per Liter from Methanol
Futuristic Car Makes Reversing Obsolete
A T-shirt That Finds Wi-Fi Signals
Tougher Tests Planned for U.S. Missile Defense Programs
Scientists Defy Gravity by Getting Droplets to Flow Uphill
Nanotechnology Surges into Health and Fitness Products
New Technology Quickly Finds Leaks in Spacecraft
iPod Catches Man's Pants on Fire in Airport
USPTO Will Begin Study of Patent Examiners' Production Goals
Mexico City Deploys First City-Wide WiFi Network
Plane Evacuated After Unattended Cellphone Found
New Plastic is Strong as Steel, Transparent
Firms Position for WiMAX
Ascent Solar Gains Funds from Air Force
Siemens Pays €210 Million Fine for Communications Unit
Ig Nobels Honor 'Weird Science'
TriQuint Ships 5 Millionth Quantum Module in 6 Months for Vodafone's ULC Phones
Siemens to Divide into Three Units
Japanese Lunar Mission Successfully Reaches Orbit
ESA Pays Tribute to 50 Years of Space
2007 Ozone Hole 'Smaller Than Usual'
Kim Jong Il Claims He's An Internet Expert
Sputnik: The Little Shiny Ball That Changed Everything
Son of First Ham to Operate in Space to Follow in Father's Footsteps
Half of the Worlds Mobile Phones are Now "Made in China"
First Class of Airmen Train for Wideband Global SATCOM
DARPA Hatches Plan for Insect Cyborgs to Fly Reconnaissance
IBM Promotes Open Standards in RFID Sphere
James Michener, K9JM, Wins September QST Cover Plaque Award
Are Women Being Scared Away from Math, Science, and Engineering Fields?
Invisibility Cloak Works in Visible Spectrum
UC Berkeley Posting Lectures on YouTube (duuude)
Motorola Job Cuts Cost Company More Than $300M So Far
Qualcomm Under Investigation by EU - Again (seems their fav pastime is investigating U.S. companies)
Magnetic Properties of Extremely Thin Films Explored
Smart Meters to Cut Energy Costs
eBay Urges Congress Approve Internet Tax Ban
UWB Test: Call for Participation
Japan's IC Execs See 2008 Upturn
Dual-Mode Handsets Could Be a Distraction from the Real Convergence Opportunities
Cellphone Helps Japanese Stay Fit
ENGlobal Wins Defense Contract to Provide Engineering Services
Alien Unveils New RFID Tags, Strategy
Nanotube Forests Grown on Silicon Chips for Future Computers, Electronics
Lawmaker Urges FCC Clampdown on Access Charges
Education Levels Predict Dementia (good news for career students)
FCC Profanity Rule Headed to Supreme Court
Asteroid Renamed for George Takei (Mr. Sulu, in Star Trek)
EADS Offers to Take Indians for a Space Ride - for a Price
Pentagon Says Test Reassures Allies, Enemies that U.S. Missile Defense is Progressing
Asteroid Flyby in 2029 Still a Concern Warns Russian Astronomer
Wal-Mart Sells 100 Millionth Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb
Startup Eyes Battery-Free Wireless Sensor Nets
EU Mulls Internet Clampdown to Combat 'Terrorism'
Sputnik Special Event Station Scheduled
NTT DoCoMo Aims to Make Phone Swiping Obsolete
IBM Fabs Graphene FETs
FCC 700-MHz Auction Could Shift Wireless Landscape, Eventually
Iran Has More Mobile Phones Than Landlines
CSIRO Hinders 802.11n Wi-Fi System
Wireless USB 1.1 to Be Finalized in the First Half of 2008
Latin American CDMA Decline Continues As Vivo GSM Service Takes off
FCC Profanity Rule Headed to Supreme Court
Growth Opportunities Abound in SE Asian Electronics Mfg. Market, OEMs Increasingly Outsource
U.S. Senate Passes $648B Defense Authorization Bill
Do Migratory Birds 'See' Earth's Magnetic Field?
Japan Puts Earthquake-Alert System into Operation
Study: Boys and Men Worry Less
Revised Law Prohibits Plane Passengers from Playing Wireless Games
Nokia to Acquire GPS Map Firm Navteq for $8.1B
Worldwide Semiconductor Sales Up Sharply in August
Bluetooth Struggles to Find Its Way in Korea
London Paper Issues RFID Card to Increase Reader Loyalty
Freescale Launches Multi-Stage LDMOS RFICs for 2.7 and 3.5 GHz WiMAX Basestation PAs
EU Begins "Priority" Probe of Qualcomm
New Night Vision System Reduces Car Accidents
U.S. Corners 42% of World Arms Market
Engineered Eggshells to Help Make Hydrogen Fuel
DC Suburb Public Housing Tenants Make 6-Figure Incomes (your tax dollars at work)
US missile defense system scores intercept in test
Secrets of 1957 Sputnik Launch Revealed
Microsoft Office Goes Online
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RIGOL Technologies (test equipment) - RF Cafe

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