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The Hot 100 Electronic Products of 2008

2008 Review, a Look at 2009, and Why the Monsters are Due on Semi Street

Samsung Boosts its Own 4G Wireless Chip Development

'Interference Hunters' Search Country for Stray Signals

Holiday Sales Drop to Force Bankruptcies, Closings

Motorola to Cut a Further 400 Jobs

Top 20 Predictions for Semis in 2009

The Year in Materials

Researchers Print Dense Lattice of Transparent Nanotube Transistors on Flexible Base

DECT Wireless Eavesdropping Made Easy

Private Firms to Haul ISS Cargo

EE Times' Top stories of 2008: Energy, Memristor

Nokia Shows off Chinese Pen-Input Phone

China Approves Long-Awaited 3G Licenses

Launch Delayed for Air Force Communications Satellite

Experts Uncover Weakness in Internet Security

Downloads of Pirated Windows 7 Beta Candidate Soar

Top Video Games of 2008

NASA: 'Lethal Trauma' Killed Shuttle Columbia Astronauts


Ford Announces New Self-Parking Technology

RIM Sues Motorola for Curbing Job Hiring

Internet Access Turns School Buses into Rolling Classrooms

DARPA Chief Reviews Legacy

Uproar in Australia over Plan to Block Web Sites

Army to Upgrade Firefinder Radar Systems

Broadband on Rails

Washington State Starts Free Electronics Recycling Program

ARRL Kids Day is January 4

India Defers 3G Spectrum Auction to January 30

AMD Adds 100 to Planned Layoff

Police to Use Bluetooth to Find Witnesses Around Crime Scenes

Trends to Watch in 2009: Printed Electronics

How Small Can Computers Get? Computing in a Molecule

iPhone's Popularity Helps Boost MEMS Market

How Helium Can Be Solid and Perfect Liquid at Same Time

Cable TV Charges Set to Go up in the New Year

Web-Based Case Studies Help Students Develop Career Skills

RF Micro Devices to Present at the 11th Annual Needham Growth Stock Conference Jan 8, 2009

Drunk Dialing: iPhone Apps to Tally Your Tipsiness

Graphene Nanomemory Stores Bits in 10 nm

Consumer Confidence Hits All-Time Low in December


Next Inning Technology Research Identifies Undervalued Tech Stocks for 2009

Hong Kong University Renounces Its UFO Courses

Time to Raise The Warning Flag on U.S. Space Program

Samsung Preps WiMax, LTE Chips

China Starts Work on Largest Radio Telescope Ever Built

Take Your Job Search Online

Oregon Considering Mileage Tax Using GPS

Police to Use Bluetooth to Find Witnesses Around Crime Scenes

Parallel Universe

Nissan, NEC to Spend $1B on Battery Output

China RoHS: One Year and Counting

India Puts Back 3G Spectrum Auction

Not All Americans Will Benefit from Digital TV Signals

Google UK Street View Launching in Spring

Batteries to Store Wind Energy

Rethinking Zero iPod Tolerance in the Classroom

What Future is in Store for Microsoft?

New Titanium-Glass Alloys are Tough, Cheap and Light-Weight


Amazon Says 2008 Christmas Season Was 'Best Ever'

BP Offers Free WiFi to Fuel Interest in Gas Stations

Evil Santa was Laid-Off Software Engineer

Quantum Electronics: Tunneling Effect in Strong Laser Field Interaction Under Attack

Entering Space: Creating a Space-Faring Civilization


This Year to Be Longer by One Second

In Nevada, Hams Are NWS's Eyes

Mathematicians and Artists Use Algorithms to Make Complicated Paper Sculptures (watch the video)

Scientists Warn Christmas Lights Harm the Planet (News flash! Some scientists harm planet with their idiocy)

ESD Tests Generate Different Results

Russia Launches Three New Navigation Satellites

Grundig Elektronik Shares Jump 10% on Sony Deal

Wal-Mart to Start Selling iPhones

The Hot 100 Electronic Products of 2008

Time to Reboot the FCC?

NASA Awards Multi Billion Dollar ISS Supply Contracts

Why You Should Stay with IEEE

Hardware and Software Approaches Implement Multiple Radios

With $100M in Pocket, Wireless Startup Expands

China's Spreadtrum Cuts Jobs, Lowers Forecast

'Seeing' the Quantum World: How a Quantum Computer Would Work

Germans Save Egyptian Ship from Radical Muslim Somali Pirates

New Year's Resolution – Avoid Killing Yourself

IE Stutters in Europe. Opera, Not Firefox, Rules

Using the PlayStation 3 to Study Black Holes


Pew Study: Internet Takes over Papers as News Source (Old Media is done... time to put a fork in it)

Australia to Build National Internet Network

NASA Rocket Contract Launches SpaceX into the Big Time

Analyst Warns of 'Solar Market Eclipse' in 2009

Google Earth Delivers Miracle on 34th Street, and 65th Street, and...

N. American Semi Equipment Industry November Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.00

Amateurs are Tying Genetic Engineering at Home

Flame Retardants Prove Ineffective on Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees


NORAD's Global Santa Tracking Website

Cell Phones Are the New Chalk Board

ROHS 2: Changes Ahead

Cracking a Tough Nut for the Semiconductor Industry

Scientists Discover New Type of Laser

Get Involved in Defending Amateurs' Rights

Top-10 Christmas Radio Advertisers - Wal-Mart #1

Good Heavens: Vatican Rehabilitating Galileo

Court Awards Verizon $33 in Cybersquatting Case

Wi-Fi Beats iPod in Geek Survey

EU Reopens Massive Online Library

Space and the Obama Administration

RF-Based TV Remote Runs Forever on Single Cell

Lockheed Martin Agrees to Acquire Universal Systems & Technology

Windows XP Extensions Reflect Vista's Woes

Top 5 Amazing Astronomy Discoveries of 2008

Berkeley Engineering Faculty Members Named AAAS Fellows

Navy Technician Sentenced for Computer Theft

Notebook PC Shipments Exceeded Desktops for First Time in Q3


Christmas Shut-Down in Silicon Valley

Mobile Phone Subscribers Pass 4 Billion Mark

U.S. Companies Investing in STEM Education

Toyota Predicts Its First Annual Operating Loss in 7 Decades

DOD RFID Efforts Converge

UK Nanotechnology Group Targets Sustainable Design Projects

Obama Names Science and Technology Team

Nanowires Can Now Be Controlled Down to Single Atom Level

The Year in Computing

Slow Quarter Closes Awful Year for U.S. IPOs

Extension of the Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot Program between the USPTO and the CIPO

Commerce Department Criticizes Internet Addressing Plan

RFID Global Solution Selected as RFID Integrator for JSPRFI Contract

India Upbeat on 3G Auction, Moves to Hook Foreign Companies

HomePlug Group Breaks 2-Year Deadlock

Improved Volumetric Displays May Lead to 3D Computer Monitors

Vatican Embraces iTunes Prayer Book

Repair Crews Reach Damaged Undersea Internet Cables

Web Browsers to Change over the Next Few Years

Windows XP to be Supported into 2010

World Faces "Total" Financial Meltdown: Bank of Spain Chief

9 out of 10 Decorating Their Home for Christmas


Woman Faces Jail for Death While Texting Road Accident

Internet Predicted to be Dominated by Mobile in 2020

Report Calls for Restructuring Patent Office

Raytheon Wins up to $3.3B to Deliver Patriot Capabilities to UAE

U.S. Firms Join Forces to Build Lithium Ion Batteries for Cars

Nokia Shop Attacked by Mob over Mapping Software Dispute

Fujitsu Develops CMOS Logic-Based 10V-Breakdown Transistor for PAs

RFID's Security Problem

Asia Tech Firms Cut Costs with Forced Leave for Workers

Computing in a Molecule

Internet Economy Could Shrink in 2009

LEDs and Smart Lighting Could Save Trillions of Dollars

Split Second Could Spell Death of GMT

Japanese Researchers Propose Recorder Tag for Extending RFID Apps

Engineers, Meet Social Media

British Scientist Warns We Must Protect the Vulnerable from Robots

Internet Radio Interoperability Group to Launch at CES

Siemens Wins $2.1B Iraqi Power Plant Deal

Looking Ahead at Cell Phones

Obama Planning to Scrap Shuttle Replacement, Says NASA

SAIC Awarded $17M Task Order by Space and Naval Warfare System Center - Atlantic

U.S. Fails to Withstand Mock Cyberattack


IBM Claims Graphene Field-Effect Transistors at GHz Frequencies

Worldwide Governments Spend $62B on Space Programs

Panasonic Makes $4.5B Move for Sanyo

God or Science? A Belief in One Weakens Positive Feelings for Other

NASA to Sell, Donate Old Space Shuttles

Holiday Tech Cravings and Power Savings

Why Did the London Millennium Bridge 'Wobble'?

Obama's Top Science Post Picks Advocate "Forceful Government Response" to Global Warming


RIM Reports a Season of Good Cheer (nice to see a bright spot for a change)

Analysis: IC Market Gloom Won't Last

Palm Loses Over Half a Billion Dollars in Three Months (oops - it didn't last long)

IBM Claims Fastest Graphene Transistor

STATS ChipPAC to Lay Off 1600 in Latest Restructuring

U.S. Gives Green Light for First Commercial Spaceport

Boeing Gears up for DOD Intelligence Demand

Flexible Polymer Transistors 'Printed' Using Ultraviolet Light

U.S. Files Antitrust Suit Against Microsemi

Dollar, Sterling Plunge to Multi-Decade Lows in Wake of Fed Move

Helium Ion Beams Illuminate Tiny Particles

Congressmen Accuse FCC of Violating Law in Delaying AWS-3 Vote

India to Shut Down 25 Million Mobile Phones in January

Research in Magnetic Semiconductors Leading to Advances in Computing

U.S. Military Actually Investigated Gravitational Waves

Mass Internet Outages in Egypt (again!?!)

U.S. R&D Investments to Target Infrastructure, Jobs

Texas Instruments to cut 400 Jobs in Philippines

Raytheon Sensor Activated on Lunar-Orbiting Spacecraft

Bullet Speed Wi-Fi Service for Japan

Instant Photo Inventor Polaroid Files for Bankruptcy (must not be "too big to fail" so no bailout taxpayer money)

Solar-Flare Surprise: Pure Hydrogen Shot at Earth


EU Commission Proposes Changes to RoHS, WEEE Directives

Frequency Change for Canadian Time Transmission Station CHU

10 Gifts for the Hard-Core Techie

Healthcare, Wireless May Still Thrive in 2009

New Products that Made Tech Fans Celebrate in 2008

Excess Inventory Likely to Triple in Q4, Could Delay Semiconductor Industry Recovery

Nokia Debt Ratings Downgraded to Negative Outlook

Semi Execs Feeling Gloomy About 2009

Crucial Decisions on Spectrum Needed to Secure Ireland's Wireless Future

GaAs Device Market to Shrink 5% in 2009

Experts Detail the 3 Rules for Technological Fixes (too bad these criteria are not applied to all the social programs)

Irish Government Invests €45M in Research Centres

Biggest Breach of Earth's Solar Storm Shield Discovered

Panasonic Develops 'Natural Super Junction' GaN Power Device

MIT Targets Wave Power for Commercialization

Mozilla Disputes Bit9's Claim That Firefox is "Most Vulnerable App"

European First as ALICE Achieves Energy Recovery at 11 MV

UKIRT's Galaxies: A View for the Season (was it named after me?)

Coffee Republic Brews Up RFID Loyalty Cards (a fine application of technology for those who create it)

Oil Tumbles below $40 for First Time Since 2004

88 New Taxes for NYers (thank the people who keep electing the tax-and-spend crowd)

Global Warming Hits Malibu Beaches


Siemens Pays $1.6B in Bribery Scandal Fines (ouch - that's got to hurt the bottom line)

Motorola Freeze Pay Rises - Suspends Pension Payments

'Change' Needed in Engineering Education

Engineers Developing Energy-Harvesting Radios

2008, 2009 Will be Industry's First Back-to-Back Years of Declining Sales

Faster Graphene Transistors

Consumers Want 'Green' TVs, Electronics

Laird Cuts over 4,500 Jobs as Sales Slide by 25%

Military Has Mini Supercomputer in Works

Downturn Spurs 'Survival Panic' for Some in the U.S.

Semiconductor Lasers Generate Better Random Numbers

Combination ICs – Understanding the Needs of Tomorrow - Today

U.S. Death Map Revealed (due to acts of nature)

Harris Corporation Completes Agreement to License SDR Technology for Aviation Broadband Initiative

Scientists Find Hole in Earth's Magnetic Field

Inventory Crisis Looms for Chipmakers

RFID Enables Korean Meteorological Administration to Keep an Eye on Weather

Mobile Messaging Revenues to Defy Economic Downturn

More Than 1/6 of Households Have Only Cell Phones

Best Buy Makes the Best of a Bad Situation - Yr/Yr Down 77%

582,000 Canadian Jobs at Stake if Big Three Auto Makers Fail


Hams Respond to Calls for Assistance as Ice Storms Pummel New England

Intel Sees PMOS Gain with (110) Silicon

Flawed Carbon Nanotubes Make Perfect Conductors

European Commission Guidelines Push Rollout of Continent's Mobile TV to Mobile Phones

Cellphone Market to Shrink in 2009, Inventories a Concern

iTunes to Offer Free Content over Christmas

U.S. Trade Commission Investigating Samsung, LG over Patent Dispute

Eliminating Space Debris - The Quest Continues

Platinum-Free Fuel Cell

MEMS Market Lifted by 'iPhone Mania,' Says iSuppli

USPTO: Reminder to Attorney and Patent Agents to Update Contact Information

Five Million Customers Buying What MobiTV is Selling

About 90% of all e-Mail is Spam: Cisco

UK Railways Adopt a Single Format for Mobile Ticket Barcodes

TDK-Lambda Invests £25k in UK Skills Centre

EI Receives Illinois Governor's Pollution Prevention Award (a dubious honor given the gov's current dilemma)

Chinese Company Introduces World's First Plug-In Hybrid

Survey Shows 65% of American Adults Need Daily Internet Access

Jellyfish Taking over World’s Oceans; Shutting Down Nuclear Power Plants

Greek Rioters Using Green Lasers on Police

Serious Flaw in Internet Explorer Not Fixed Yet


FCC Cancels White Space Vote

Impoverished North Korea Getting New Mobile Network

Congressional Committee Members Release Report Lambasting FCC Chairman Kevin Martin (as if those clowns have any credibility)

Japanese Engineers Looking Reluctantly Overseas

Consumers Choose Products with More Technical Specs

Sandia Builds Ion Beam Laboratory

Fraud in Science: How Prevalent is it and What Can Be Done?

Group Demos Metamaterials for Invisible Cloak

Multigate FETs: A Risky Proposition

WiMAX Laptop Clients and Embedded Mobile PCs Will Drive the Device Market

Waste Coffee Grounds Offer New Source of Biodiesel Fuel (looks like I'm reducing my carbon footprint 3-4 times each day)

Ofcom: Low Power License-Exemption Limits above 10 GHz

Mobile Network Infrastructure Vendors Starting to Feel the Heat

Decline in European Semiconductor Industry Endangering Half a Million Jobs

A Novel Electric Thruster for Manned Spacecraft in the Making

Researchers Identify New Region of the Magnetosphere

OSHA Considers Self-Approval of Certain Products (something seems stupid about this - can you give yourself a UL or CE label?)

Method Sorts out Double-Walled Carbon Nanotube Problem

Electrical Engineers Create Test for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

New Energy Guidelines Stump CE Designers

Military Avionics Modernization, Next-Generation ATM Technology at Avionics 2009

Comcast to Debut Faster Internet in Baltimore


$50B Wall Street Ponzi Scheme Hits Big Names

'Strained' Quantum Dots Show New Optical Properties

Enterprise WLAN Market to See Growth Amid Financial Turmoil

UK Telecoms Regulator Hires Consultancy to Advise on Spectrum Policy


Wireless Companies Gear up to Assist Users of 700 MHz Gear

“Long, Dark Season” for OEMs, Gartner Predicts

Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Declined $12B in 2008

Brown Government Aims £1B at High-Tech Start-Ups

Five Growth Markets for 2009

China's 3G Move to Trigger Spending

The K7RA Solar Update - Finally, Another Sun Spot

Fairchild Slashes Jobs, Reduces Forecast

Investor Has $500M to Spend in Europe

SEMI: 500k Jobs at Risk with EU Chip Decline

Bush Administration Urges FCC to Vote Against Free Broadband Mandate

Researcher Nabs 'Doubly Magic' Tin Isotope

Marshall SFC Sponsors Four Student Teams in FIRST Robotics Competitions

FCC's Martin, White House Feud over Smut-Free Broadband

iPhone '4G' to Have a Wii-Like Sensor?

FTC Provides Guidance on Labeling Light Bulbs (your tax dollars at work)

Chemist Tames Longstanding Electron Computation Problem

Russian Entrepreneur Wants to Trademark the Text 'Wink' ;)

Microsoft Tells Users How to Prevent IE Zero Day Attacks

Criminals Winning the Cyberwar on the Desktop Battlefield


FCC Calls on Amateur Radio Service for Assistance with Digital TV Conversion

U.S. Military Members: Free for You Only - "CD for the Troops II" (5 for Fighting, Roy Orbison, Isaac Hayes, 3 Doors Down, more)

Pedro Ray Wins IEEE 2009 Presidency

UN Blowback: More than 650 International Scientists Dissent over Man-Made Global Warming Claims

USPTO: Changes to Representation of Others Before the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Physicists Set New Record for Quantum Memory Storage and Retrieval

Dreams May No Longer Be Secret with Japan Computer Screen

Biggest Full Moon of the Year

Wind, Water and Sun Beat Biofuels, Nuclear and Coal for Clean Energy

Neutron Researchers Discover Widely Sought Property in Magnetic Semiconductor

Celebrating 20 Years of UK Satellite TV

Open Handset Alliance on a Roll

The Rise of Black Market Data

Semi Equipment Sales Fall from $54B to $35B in Two Years

Technology May Help Police Halt Hot Pursuits

FlexRadio Donates Software Defined Radio to W1AW

Blue Streetlights May Prevent Crime, Suicide

What's Next for Computer Interfaces?

Nobel-Winning Physicist Rumored to Be Obama's Pick for Energy Secretary

Eat More Camel to Save the Environment


Half a Million Semiconductor Jobs at Risk

New Radar Can Pinpoint Rocket Launchers

Panel Blasts Federal Nanotech Risk Research Strategy

Business Spend on Wireless Overtakes Wired

Math Gains Reported for U.S. Students

Wireless Technologies Making Their Way into Households to Enable Multimedia Services

From LG to 4G: The First LTE Phone Chipset

SMS and MMS Set the Cash Registers Ringing in the North American Mobile Market

Beijing to Become World's Largest WiFi City

Advanced Sensors Give Soldiers Best Battlefield Picture

Here Comes the Mi-Fi: Novatel Debuts Its Portable 3G Hotspot

Magnetic Nanotubes Could Advance Spintronic Devices

SEMI Asks EU to Help Semiconductor Industry (an EU bailout?)

India-Built Satellite for International Market

Vitesse Releases VScope Embedded Waveform Viewing Technology

The Hottest PC Technology for 2009

Global Demand for Oil to Plummet

NASA Gets Inside Pilots' Heads to Make Them Safer

Security Alert: Beware of USB Memory Sticks

Clear Computer Chip Fabricated

GPS, Hidden Cameras Watch over Baby Jesus

Computer Industry Celebrates 40 Years


HRL Demos First RF Graphene FETs

EU to Phase Out Standard Light Bulbs by 2012

Turbocharged WiFi Coming to Cellphones

Tech Jobs a Bright Spot in Gloomy Jobs Data

Emrise Corp. Wins Orders for RF Devices for Signal Jamming

LG Demos LTE Mobile Data Download Speeds of 60 Mbps

60 GHz Radio Implements Standard for Multi-Gigabit Wireless Applications

Stellar Growth Seen for GaAs-Based Photovoltaics

2008 Will Be Just a Second Longer

ARRL 10 Meter Contest Means HF Fun for Technicians, Too!

Sony to Cut 16,000 Jobs, Slash $1.1B in Costs

Intel Breaks Record with Optical CMOS Device

The Other U.S. Mobile DTV Alliance Opens the Door for a Truce

Nokia Completes Sale of German Handset Factory

Google Earth Accused of Aiding Terrorists (see Nowhere to Hide)

Ship-in-a-Bottle Kit on a Microchip

Bad Economy Helping Web Scammers Recruit 'Mules'

The Mouse Hits 40-Year Milestone

Mozilla Makes Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 Available

Looking Back on Technology Foresight

Test Drive: Zap's New Electric Car


China ICs: A Bomb, or Just a Lot of Firecrackers?

Improving Mobile Internet Access on High-Speed Trains

Technology Firms Benefit from Cash in the Bank (duh!)

New Products Bring Side Effect: Nanophobia

Analyst Sees 10% Cellular Decline in 2009

IEEE Joins Move to Patent Pools

Motorola Debt Downgraded to Junk Status

An Old Dream Fulfilled: Zinc Oxide as Semiconductor

GM: Volt Program Still Going Full Speed

NASA Awards Weather Integration Research Contract to Sensis

The Best Photon Detector Yet

Wireless Sensor Network Helps School Cut Its Energy Use

Nokia Siemens Wins Major Indian GSM Network Contract

Prisons Looking to Jam Cellphone Signals

Radio Revenues to Continue Decline in 2009

Broadcom Integrates 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM for Multimedia Applications in Mobile Devices

ITT Wins $160M U.S. Navy Systems Engineerin Support Contract

Broad Use of Brain Booster Drugs?

FCC Extends Sat Radio Deadline for Third-Party Access

Opera 10 Alpha Shows off New Presto Rendering Engine

Panel Urges Obama to Consider Hacker-Response Plan

Men are Red, Women are Green


Coating Provides Near-Perfect Absorption of Sunlight from All Angles

Edible Electronics Monitor Drugs in Your Body

Gulf Oil CEO Says Gas Could Hit $1/Gallon Next Year (care to wager on a huge O-tax if so?)

Magnetics-on-Silicon: Enabling Technology for Power SOCs

U.S. Job Losses Signal Recession Will Be Long, Deep

Chinese Property Hunters to Raid U.S. (the sale of America to the highest bidder continues...)


Bluetooth 2.2 Specs in Mid-2009

Fusion Reactors Inch Toward Commercialization

'Big Bang' Collider Repairs: $29M

Quantum Trick Makes Metals Become Insulators

Resistivity Reduction Enables Tungsten Scaling

Consumer Electronics Association Cuts Q4 View

Venture Capitalists See Opportunity in Recession

Smart Electricity Meter Recognizes Domestic Appliances

Ceramics That Won't Shatter

Senate Approves Cyber-Crime Bill

Students Discover Unique Planet

Wii Fit, IPhone 3G Among Japan's Top Impulse Buys in 2008

Voice over Wireless Local Area Network Devices Set to Provide Flexible Work Environment

10 Gifts for the Cubicle Warrior

2008 Will Be Coolest Year of the Decade (correlates with sun spot activity)

ARRL HQ Welcomes New Membership Manager

DoD Education Activity Encourages Nominations for Teacher Awards

U.S. Job Losses Worst Since 1974 as Downturn Deepens

O'Reilly to End Radio Factor

Surviving the Recession: Finding Wireless Value

Hubble Will Be Repaired in May

Microsoft Seeks 'Community' Help to Make IE8 Standards Mode Work (this issue is motivating me to do a complete re-design on RF Cafe in 2009)


High Tech Celebrates White-Spaces Victory

Boeing Airborne Laser Successfully Activates High-Energy Laser

Survey Shows Business Marketers Now Spend Nearly Half Their Budgets Online

Opening the Last Part of Electromagnetic Spectrum

Private Chip Companies Shedding Staff, Too

Electric Shock as Sales of Green Cars go into Reverse in UK

Nokia Says Navigation Key to Services Revenues

Scientists Fear Technology May Be Rewiring Our Brains

Un-Masking a Faster Solution for Chip-Making

Nuclear Fusion Plasma Movement Method Devised at MIT

New Insights on Fusion Power

China to Send Scientists into Space

RocketShip Tours Teams up with XCOR Aerospace to Offer $95,000 Right Stuff Experience

AT&T Cuts 12,000 Jobs, Lowers Capital Spending

Russia to Launch Two Telecoms Satellites in February 2009

Efficient Thin-Film Solar Cells

SANYO Internet Radio - Thousands of Free Internet Radio Stations, No Computer Required

U.S. and China Find Common Ground in Solar Power

Pirelli Gateways Go Femto

Small Underwater Currents Could Be the Next Big Thing in Alternative Energy

Sergeant Majors Want Better Technology for the Troops


Downturn Catching up with Communications ICs

Microsoft Partners with Implantable RFID Chip Maker VeriChip

NXP Targets Medical Market with Wireless Communication Partnership

Proposed New RoHS and WEEE Directives Published

RIM Stock Set for a Drubbing after Disappointing Sales and Profit Outlook

Realizing Lithium-Battery Potential

Disappearing Superconductivity Reappears -- In 2-D

European Commission Warns Germany over Mobile Termination Rates

Starwars-Style Holographic 3DTV Could be a Reality by 2018

World’s Largest CIGS PV Array Goes Live

STMicro Joins in Tunable RF Device Group's Funding Round

Wireless Crib Monitor Keeps Tabs on Baby's Breathing

Cell Phones That Never Need to be Charged? Sound Wave-Powered Devices Possible

Vodafone Loses $2 Billion Indian Tax Case

Russians Track Wayward U.S. Spy Satellite

Herley to Provide Microwave Assemblies for F-16 Upgrades

Infineon's Outlook Dire as Downturn, Qimonda Weigh

At Glass Factory, RFID Boosts Worker Safety and Productivity

Hospital-on-a-Chip Targets Battlefield

Telecom Italia to Cut 4,000 More Jobs

BIA: Radio Revenues to Fall Further in '09

U.S. Senate Majority Leader - "We Won't Smell the Tourists Anymore" (talk about elitist!)


Salary Survey: Globalization Takes a Bite out of EEs' Salaries

NASA Awards 382 Small Business Research and Technology (SBIR) Contracts

Wireless Mesh Network Deployed in Oil Refinery

Earthlings, Space Beer has Splashed Down (a true brewski... from Russia)

Charge Your Cellphone by Talking

Semi Sales Fell 2.4% in October

Less Bad News than Anticipated for the Semiconductor Industry in 2008

FCC to Mull Free Internet Plan at December Meeting

First Light-Driven Nanomachine

ARISS to Celebrate 25 Years of Amateur Radio in Space with Special Events

Economic Crisis Boosts Urgency for European Chip R&D

High School Physics Lessons Updated

Malware Attack Leaves Pentagon Scrambling for Answers

Nokia Goes Full-Tilt in Unveiling Its N97

Europe Backs Supergrids

Clearwire May Slow WiMax Build to Cut Funding Gap

Many HDTV Buyers Continue to Take a Pass on HD Programming (I am one of them... I watch HD via the Web for free)

New Year's Eve Ball Grows Bigger and Brighter

A $30k Rhodium Bling Ring for Michelle O. (Rh is world's most expensive metal... a huge C footprint to extract)

Data Signal Deep Global Downturn

U.S. Manufacturing Hits 26-Year Low

Oil Plunges Below $50 after Opec Fails to Cut (at least one bright spot)


Drivers Make More Errors when Talking on Cell Phone Than to a Passenger

Myth of the Vanishing Western Engineer

Engineers Confront the Rising Tide of Job, Economic Fears (lots of jobs on the RF Cafe Job Board)

USPTO Expands Online Archive of the Trademark Official Gazette

Lockheed Martin and ITT Corporation Team for U.S. Navy Electronic Warfare Competition

Mobile Phones to Work on Glasgow Underground Railway

Researchers Construct Highest Frequency Silicon Cantilever

A Design for Cheaper Wind Power

China RoHS: One Year and Counting

Nujira Touts PA Efficiency Advance in Handsets

Highly Efficient Lithium Batteries Developed

UCSD Reports 58% PAE for Wireless Base Station PAs

Northrop Grumman Wins Joint STARS Radar Modernization Contract

Making an Old Brain Young (I need this)

Fairchild Files Patent Suit Against Infineon

Fuel-Cell Powered Devices Getting Closer

Remains of Last Week's Fiery Meteor Found in Western Canada

Better Golf Ball Dimples Result in Less Drag and Balls that Fly Farther

Did You Spend Less Green on Black Friday?

PayPal Takes Another Crack at Tightening Security

Britain Thinking of Joining Euro