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Technical Headline News Archive - May 2015

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Motorcyclist Using Mobile Phone Smashes into Car, Keeps on Using

Smartphone Use While Driving Grows Beyond Texting

Google Gives 1st Peek at Android M

Navy Awards $479M Deal for Joint Tactical Radios

LightSail CubeSat Stops Transmitting


Explosive Growth in China Drives RF Power Semi Device Sales for Wireless Infrastructure to >$1B

Is Radio Ready for Wi-Fi on the Dash?

Spiraling Laser Pulses Could Change Nature of Graphene

New Tax for Hiring Foreign Workers Instead of Young Brits

NXP Agrees to RF Power Business Selloff

Lenovo Phone Projects Virtual Keyboard

Magnetics Able to Control Heat and Sound

Keeping Your Classic Tech Devices Running

U.S. Military Wants to Mount Laser Weapons on Drones, Fighter Jets

Team Invents Microscopic Sonic Screwdriver

14 U.S. Schools/Groups on List to Host Ham Contacts with ISS

Developer Turns Arduino into Frequency Synthesizer


Airman's 'Frankenphone' Connects Ground Forces, Drone Pilots

AMS Chips Allow Cars to Be Unlocked and Started with NFC Phones

Physicists Solve Quantum Tunneling Mystery

New Maze-Like Beamsplitter Is World's Smallest

Samsung Patent Details Dual-OS Phone-Docking Hybrid Device

When Will ZigBee RF4CE Land in Europe?

Queen's Speech: New Monitoring Powers 'to Tackle Terrorism' (...and whatever else)

SpaceX Cleared for US Military Launches

Experiment Confirms Quantum Theory Weirdness

Murky Road Ahead for Android, Despite Market Dominance

Phones' Accelerometers Allow You to Be Tracked on the Metro

X-Ray Sensor Startup Raises Funds


Researchers Create 1st Single-Molecule Diode

China Set to Launch Several Amateur Radio Satellites This Summer

Internet Used by 3.2B People in 2015

Rohde & Schwarz Oscilloscope Competition

Spin Currents Endure at Room Temperature in Germanium

High-Power Laser Weapon Advances to Field Testing

In Busy Silicon Valley, Protein Powder Is in Demand

Denmark Radio Station Kills Rabbit on Air

Mobile Call Quality Gets a Long-Overdue Upgrade

Biodegradable Computer Chips Made from Wood

Google & 15 Companies Trying to Kill Passwords

Do Atoms Going Through a Double Slit 'Know' If They Are Being Observed?


FCC Eliminates Vanity Call Sign Registration Fee - RF Cafe FCC Eliminates Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Regulatory Fee

'A Beautiful Mind' Mathematician John Nash & Wife Killed in Car Crash  (movie w/Russel Crowe)

Working to Death in Japan

Nanowire Transistors Favourite to Succeed FinFETs

European Regulators Tackle Facebook over Privacy

Supermarket LED Lights Talk to Smartphone App

Each Job in Wireless Tech Supports More Than 6 Jobs Elsewhere (and probably 3 non-working people)

Smart Factories Meet AI

Worldwide IoT Market Growth to Be Led by Digital Signage

Premium Phone Costs 'Will Fall on Bill Changes'

High Schooler Allegedly Hired 3rd Party to DDoS His School District

Microsoft's HoloLens Will Put Realistic 3-D People in Your Living Room


Europe Approves More Radio Spectrum for Mobile Broadband Services

U.S. Naval Academy PSK31 CubeSat Transponders Active

Top 10 U.S. Military Aircraft in Honor of Memorial Day

Teardown: Moto 360 Smart Watch

Industrial Semi Market Grows 18%

UK Sells off Unused Net Addresses

Flexible OLED Display Peels off the Wall


11-Year-Old College Graduate with 3 Degrees

Extraordinary Magnetic Shield Could Reveal Neutron's Electric Dipole Moment

Vertical GaN Transistors with Buried P-Type Current Blocking

Radio Freedom Act Support Nears 200 in House

Target Announces Nationwide RFID Rollout


Mobile Device User Interfaces Will Evolve Beyond Touchscreens

NRL Patents Small, Orbital Space Junk Sensor

Spin Currents Endure at Room Temperature in Germanium

Designing Microwave Devices from Scratch Using Computer Simulations

Precision Nanobatteries by the Billions

NSA Planned to Hijack Google App Store to Hack Smartphones

Cutting E-Waste: Device Self-Destructs When Heated

SEMI April 2015 Book-to-Bill Shows Continued Improvements

Mao Zedong & Little Red Internet (remember, Mao murdered tens of millions)

Simulate Digital Filters with PSpice

Failure Not an Option for Russian Space Industry


1-26 MHz MEMS Oscillator Challenges Quartz on All Fronts

South Korea Mandates Spyware on Teens' Phones (빅 브라더)

Debate: Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumb?

Startup Beams the Web’s Most Important Content from Space, Free (surely RFCafe.com is included)

DISA Releasing Heavy-Duty Suite for Mobile Classified Comms

FCC Fines iHeartMedia $1M for EAS Violation

New Class of Swelling Magnets Have Potential to Energize the World (ironic that magnetostriction is mentioned)

A Tech Boom Aimed at the Few, Instead of the World

GloFo Offers 28nm SLP-RF Process

Crown Castle Sells 1,800 Towers in Australia for US$1.6B


Liquid Metal Antennas Promise Larger Tuning Range

China's Smartphone Market Shrinks YoY for 1st Time in 6 Years

Radio Amateur Sworn In as New NASA Deputy Administrator

Fujitsu Ships 1st Phone with Eyeball-Scanning Authentication

Gadget Masters Scoop Prizes at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Magic Wavelengths

Polariton Refrigerator Could Chill Tiny semiconductor devices

Brain's Unique Reaction to Words Could Sign People into Devices (by telling fingers to push keys)

Woman Jailed for Google Executive's Overdose Death

6 Chinese Men Indicted in Theft of Code from U.S. Tech Companies


Nanosatellites Could Provide Future Battlefield Communications

Low Cost RF Antenna Printed with Graphene Ink

Microsoft Study Shows Tech Is Shortening Your Attention Span

EU Patent Fees Should Be Set Low, Say Patent Attorneys (right, and I'm sure they're lowering their own fees as an example)

Turkey Confirms 3-Month 4G Auction Delay

ITU to Study the Network Standardization Requirements for 5G Networks (don't forget about the new 6G standard)

Polariton Refrigerator Could Chill Tiny Semiconductor Devices

Tech Froth Has Some Investors Talking Bubble (how long have we been hearing this?)

SpaceX Gets Certified to Launch NASA Science Missions

Silicon Chips That See Are Going to Make Your Smartphone Brilliant

Google's Driverless Cars to Leave the Nest

B-1 Bomber Radar Set for Big System Upgrades


ICANN Says Control of Internet to Pass from U.S. by Year's End (more change & no hope)

Ofcom Aims to Make BT Open Dark Fibre up to Rivals by April 2017

Dayton Hamvention 2015: Day 2 - Aisle-Jamming Attendance

Russian Rocket with Mexican Satellite Destroyed over Siberia

ORNL Demonstrates 1st Large-Scale Graphene Fabrication

Facebook 'Tramples on European Law' (amazing how tech founder's anti-capitalist views change once $$$ starts flowing)

TowerJazz and UCSD Demo 1st 256-Element 60 GHz Silicon Wafer-Scale Phased-Array Transmitter


Researcher Arrested for Commandeering Jetliner Via Inflight Entertainment Port

U.S. Telcos Petition for Partial Stay on Net Neutrality Rules

Carrier Wi-Fi Market Holds Strong Before Unlicensed-LTE Launch

Sodium-Ion Batteries 'Set to Challenge' Lithium-Ion Technology

Military Pushes for Emergency Robots as Skeptics Worry About Lethal Uses


Organic transistors Drive Flexible and Conformable Electronics

China's Baidu Outsmarts American AI

2 Large Hadron Collider Experiments 1st to Observe Rare Subatomic Process

Woman Blames Verizon Customer Service Call for Heart Attack

Canadian Regulator to Cap Wholesale Roaming Rates

The Internet of Things (IoT) Isn’t Waiting for Standards

China Reveals Ambitious Broadband Plan

ARRL Recognizing Amateur Radio Service to Scouting Award Winners with Certificate

Physicists Observe Attosecond Real-Time Restructuring of Electron Cloud

DoD Report Cites China's Focus on Cyber as a Weapon of Wartime

TI Takes 18% of Analogue Market

Complaints About Mobile Phone Services on the Rise Again


RadioShack Brand Lives to See Another Day

China Imposes Smartwatch and Wearable Tech Army Ban

U.S. Army Shopping for Wrist-Worn GPS Receivers

Android Overtakes Apple IOS for Mobile Ad Revenue Share

FCC Chairman: Why I'm Closing Field Offices

Moore’s Law to Keep on 28 nm

Woman Sues Employer for Firing Her After She Disabled 24x7 Monitoring App

Atomic-Scale Hardware Implements Natural Computing

What Stands in Way of DOD-Silicon Valley Partnership?

China Smartphone Sales Shrink, Market 'Increasingly Saturated'

'Supercool' Material Glows When You Write on It

Big Jump in Carrier WiFi Gear Expected in 2015 As 802.11ac, Hotspot 2.0 Accelerate

Super-Fast Wi-Fi Developer in Wireless Charging Move


Experts Urge Cautious Use of Wireless Devices as Health Effects Reassessed

Consumer Electronics Market Shifts as Media Habits Change

Verizon to Buy AOL for $4.4B in Cash

When an Electron Splits in Two

High-Performance 3-D Microbattery Suitable for Large-Scale On-Chip Integration

Q1 Semiconductor Sales up 6% YoY

ARRL Will Mark 100 Years of QST at Hamvention® (here are some vintage QST articles)

Out with Heavy Metal

Reducing Wavelengths of Interband Cascade Lasers

Things You Need to Know About Designing with Micro-Miniature Connectors

Solar Impulse 2 Takes Renewable Energy to New Heights

Staff-Tracking App Faces Legal Scrutiny in U.S.


Plastic Waveguides for Future Communication Networks

China Launches ‘Mystery Object’ into Space

LA's Newer Cell Towers Will Keep Working after Earthquakes

Why We Should Beware of the Number 2,147,483,647

EU, Korea to Collaborate on Qualcomm Probe

Vietnam Could Permit 4G Services by Year-End

Tiny CHIP Computer, at $9, to Challenge Raspberry Pi

Chinese Smartphone Makers Try to Make Inroads in India

LTE-WiFi Debate Exposes Spectrum Land Grab

What You Need to Know About the Laws of Space

China's Smartphone Market Slows in Q1

Self-Driving Cars Getting Dinged in California


"Old-School" Tech Still Does the Trick

Next-Generation GPS Satellite Ready for Testing

Space-Based Airplane Tracking Demonstrated by ESA Satellite (no more 'losing' airplanes in mid-flight)

Tuned "Nano-Vibrations" Could Yield Comms Advances

Hutch to Sell 33% of UK Mobile Op for £3.1B

New Model for Thermo-Elasto-Plasticity Deformation of Crystals

Amazon Details Drone Delivery Plans


DoD to Show off Latest Tech at Lab Day

Microsoft to Stop Producing Windows Versions

Qualcomm, Broadcom at Odds over LTE-Unlicensed

USAF Accelerates Program to Provide M-Code GPS Receivers to Warfighters

Spiders Ingest Nanotubes, Then Weave Silk Reinforced with Carbon (has PETA hard about this?)


Woman Cuts Family off from WiFi over Health Concerns

'Email Epidemic' Is Damaging UK Productivity

US Naval Academy CubeSat Launch to Include Next APRS Satellite

Some Tesla Owners Pimp Their Rides with Code

13 Engineering Truths Proved by NASA's Curiosity Rover

Not So Hot: Japan's Entrepreneur Shortage

Reducing On-Resistance in Vertical GaN MOSFETs

Police Can Access Phone Location Data Without a Warrant in U.S.

India's Devices Shipments to Grow 4.5% in 2015

Cosmic Rays Illuminate Electric FieldsThat Cause Lightning

Electrons Corralled Using New Quantum Tool

Laser Navigation for UAVs Developed by ADSYS


Enhanced Thermal Management Solutions for RF Power Amplifiers

Researchers Find 'Massive Security Risk' with Lenovo

USAF to Boost High-Power Electromagnetics

New State of Matter Found in Crystal Made from Buckyballs

Giant Phones Finally a Big Deal in U.S.

Ultrasounds and Plastic in Place of Complex Electronics

Mobile Purchases to Account for 1/3 of UK Retail Ecommerce Sales

Channeling Valleytronics in Graphene

Scientists X-Ray Chocolate

Edison's Talking Dolls Can Now Provide the Soundtrack to Your Nightmares

A Better Way to Build Brain-Inspired ICs

Does Mom's Cellphone Startle the Fetus? (fetuses have a 'mom'? ruh-ro)


New GPS Technology Identifies Locations Within Centimetres

Albert Einstein Font Would Turn You into a Physics Genius, Sort Of

Highly Charged Ions Could Measure Changes in Fine-Structure Constant

Warrantless Cellphone Tracking Not Illegal Search

Self-Destructing Virus Kills off PCs

FETs on Hybrid Perovskites Fabricated for 1st Time

Chip Market Growth Strong Q1 in US, China

Improving Transistors That Drive Flexible Electronics

2-D Material Seems to Disappear, But Doesn't

UK Tech Sector Has Election Jitters

Sun Virtually Blank During Weakest Solar Cycle in More Than Century

Red Lasers from III-Nitride Nanowire Forests on Silicon


Wireless Power Transfer Enhanced by Metamaterials

Space Radiation May Harm Astronauts' Brains (will they sue NASA like football players sue NFL?)

FCC's Designated Entity Program Needs Reform

Joseph Lechleider, Father of the DSL, Dies at 82

LTE Basebands Accounted for Over 50% of Cellular Baseband Revenue in 2014

Increase Range in 2-Port Impedance Measurements

New 2 Meter Transatlantic Propagation on the Air from Ireland

Intel and the DST Launch “Innovate for Digital India Challenge”

Future Soldiers Could Be Part of the IoT

Is Internet on Brink of Collapse? (same type geniuses who predicted depletion of oil supply and no polar ice caps by now)

Why Radio Loses the Mobile Listening Battle

High-Performance Analog and RF Circuit Simulation


Antisatellite Race Heats up with China, Russia

Japan's Mobile Operators Gear up for 3.5GHz Rollouts

Not Your Grandfather’s ADC: RF Sampling ADCs

Sony Makes It Easier to Put New OSs on Its Phones

40 Busy Years Later, Microsoft's Paul Allen Considers His Creation

Tablet Shipments Tumble

Engineer Building Google for Chips


Elon Musk Unveils Tesla's World-Changing Powerwall

Australian Networks Could Face Cap on Spectrum Holdings

Arabsat Contracts Go to Lockheed Martin, Arianespace and SpaceX

Emotional Anxiety No Reason to Regulate Net, Experts Say

U.S. Governement Probes Dish's AWS-3 Tactics


Analyst: 'No Discernable Patterns' in Long-Term Value of Spectrum

Reshoring Nets 10,000 New Jobs in 2014

iPad Crash Grounds Dozens of American Airlines Flights

AMSAT to Roll out Updated Edition of Getting Started with Amateur Satellites

Norway Plans Additional Spectrum Auction

Microsoft Goes Big on Arduino Boards

IBM Shows off Quantum Computing Chip

Can We Secure the 'Internet of Other People's Things'?

Windows 10 'On Track' for Summer on PCs, Other Platforms Later

How the 3 Cs Drive IC Consumption

Army Awards $3.9B Deal for Rifleman Radios

Windows 'Open' for Apple and Android

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