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Technical Headline News Archive - November 2007

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

All the News Fit to Link™

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Global Cell Phone Use at 50%

China’s GaN LED Production to Overtake Japan in 2010

Component Market Shrinks as Price Erosion Hits

Wi-Fi Reaches out to Gadgets

The Transistor: 60 Years Old and Still Switching

India's Reliance Preparing US$5.6 Billion GSM Tender

New Zealand Teen Behind $20-Million Hacking Scheme

Report Warns "Cyber Cold War" is the Biggest Threat to National Security

Will XP SP3 Fill Need for Speed in 2008 Better than Vista?

Google to Bid for U.S. Mobile Airwaves

Winners, Losers in 2007 Chip Rankings

Embattled Motorola CEO Steps Down

High Tech Toys Top 2007 Christmas Gift Choices for Children Below 3

Korean Man Killed by Co-Worker, Not Cell Phone

Mars Rover Perseveres Despite Stall in Robotic Arm


Toilet-Finding Cell Service Launches in London

Nokia Cell Phone Battery Explodes in the Night

EU to Open GSM Radio Spectrum

EDN's Website One of the Most Annoying for Entry Ad Page

Voyager 2 Spacecraft Set to Reach Space Milestone

EU Haggles over Satellite Navigation Project

US Plans GPS Satellite Navigation Upgrade to Rival EU

Einstein's Biggest Blunder? Dark Energy May Be Consistent with Cosmological Constant

Samsung Develops RFID Tag Reader for Mobile Devices

Frankfurt Widens Its NFC-Enabled Transit Network

Child Care Firm Fined for Sacking Employee by SMS

South Korea's Wireless Internet Platform Set for Upgrading

40th Anniversary of Australia's 1st Satellite

Shake Your Phone to Check Messages, Battery Power

Earth-like Lightning on Venus

The Big Brother Software that Lets Bosses Spy on Employees


Exploding Cell Phone May Have Killed Korean Man

Cell Phone College Class Opens in Gadget-Loving Japan

Carbon Transistors Touted as Outperforming Amorphous Silicon

Job-Related Stress: Fatigue Effects in Silicon

FCC Opens the Door for More LPFMs

Pay-by-Mobile Phone Trial Starts in London

NASA Evaluates Compact Synthetic Aperture Radar

High Performance FETs with Thin Films of Carbon 60 Produced

Raytheon Charges RF Micro with Patent Infringement

Winners, Losers in 2007 Chip Rankings

Motorola Continues to Lose Ground in Mobiles

Greenpeace: Microsoft, Nintendo are Too Toxic

BMW Brings Internet Protocol Under the Hood

U.S. Military Needs Larger Slice of GNP to Modernize

Online US Christmas Shopping Sales Exceed Expectations

Internet Shoppers Spent $733M During Cyber Monday


Continuing Boom in UK's Consultancy and Engineering Fields

Israel Pushing Hard on Nanotechnology R&D

Quantum Experiment Carried Out at Molecular Level

Blackberry Wins Handset Data-rate Bakeoff

Wireless Startup Offers Fastest Mobile Data Service in Japan

Volvo to Offer HD Radio on Most Models

Microsoft to Hire 1,000 Engineers in China

Samsung Develops RFID Chip for Cell Phones

China Publishes First Moon Picture from Chang'e-1 Probe

Wi-Fi Losing Out to 3G in South Africa

New T-ray Source Could Improve Airport Security, Cancer Detection

Hong Kong Sets $13 Million Free Wi-Fi Service in 350 Government Venues

LED Lighting Market to Near $1.4B by 2012

Thermoelectric Materials are One Key to Energy Savings

Obama: Take Billion$ from NASA, Give it to Public Schools

Tech Stocks Crumble on Recession Fears


FCC Revokes Amateur License of Ham Operator Due to Child Molestation Conviction

Superinsulators Rival Superconductors

Cellular Industry Petitions FCC to Outlaw Sale & Use of Cellphone Jammers

EU to Tap Unused Farm Subsidy Funds to Finance Galileo Satellite Venture

USA's Department of Commerce Agency Joins SDR Forum

Qualcomm vs. Nokia Patent Case Starts in Britain

Dubai Investment Firm Takes 'Substantial' Stake in Sony

Broadcom to Accept $19.6M Damages Award in Qualcomm Patent Battle

FCC Comish McDowell on Rules Review: We've Done Enough

Chinese Software Vendors to Significantly Drive Down Cost in Near Future

EADS Snags Swiss High-Tech Infantry Contract

Mobile Phone Sales Declined in China During Q2 '07

Neutron Scatter Camera Detects Shielded Radiation to Find Smuggled Nuclear Material

Web Traffic Snarls Retail Sites on 'Black Friday'

Simple Retro Toys May be Better for Children than Fancy Electronic Toys

Cyber Monday Unwraps Online Shopping Season


Emory U.'s Green Pride Building Draped in Black to Save Birds

'Wiring Up' Enzymes for Producing Hydrogen in Fuel Cells

Cellphone Tracking on Request Questioned


Two Nobel Laureates Spur Germany to Revive Interest in Technology

FED-TVs with Carbon Nanotube Technology Could Supersede Plasma, LCD Flat Screens

Nokia Says: Women are Better Multi-taskers Than Men

Ofcom Proposes to De-license Digital "Walkie-Talkies" (thanks to OpenSpectrum)

U.S. Mobile Phone Sales up in Q3

Nokia Siemens Greens up its Radio Gear

Mobile Phone Market Grows Smarter

California Sues E-Voting Vender

New Li-Ion Battery Chemistries Allow Designers to Trade off Energy Capacity and Power

Japan to Include Space Projects in its Development Assistance Funding

Unlocked iPhone to Sell in Germany for Nearly $1,500

What Space Telescopes of Tomorrow Will See

More LED Power, Efficiency Needed to Profit from General Lighting Market

Pro Football Player on Next Atlantis Shuttle Flight


China-Developed Technology Becomes First Device Interoperability Global Standard

Skype Encryption Stumps German Police

Qualcomm Wins a Round in Patent Battles with Nokia

Riber Claims First MBE Production Machine for GaN-Based Electronic Components

Panel Urges FCC to Cap Rural Phone Subsidies


UK's Families Put on Fraud Alert - Massive HMRC Data Missing

Link Between Wireless Technology and Autism Unveiled in New Scientific Report

UN Report Complains of Low Electronics Recycling Rates

Replacement Market Will Drive Mobile Phone Sales in 2008

Target Testing Online Sales of Used Electronics

FCC to Vote on Ownership Rules Review

Wireless Broadband Providers May Have to Take License Test

CRC Demonstrates World's Smallest Software Defined Radio

U.S. to Freeze Troop Reduction Plan in Europe

Nichia to Ship Engineering Samples of First 1W CW Pure-Blue Laser

Lack of Black Engineers Hurts U.S., per Bill Gates

Why Design Engineers Need to Know About Lithography

U.S. Space on Rebound, Patience Required, Official Says

Crude Oil Prices Rise Above $99 per Barrel (40 US Gal)

Dollar Sets a New Record Low

Netherlands Not So Dutch Anymore


10 Billion MEMS Embedded in Handsets

Obama to Mandate ODF for Online Government Data if Elected

Telecommuting Found to Boost Morale, Cut Stress (works for me)

NAB Seeks Nominations for 2008 Engineering Achievement Awards

Chinese Espionage Cited as Top Risk to U.S. Technology Industry

Bargain Basement Satellites with FASTSAT

MS VisualStudio 2008 Released

U.S. War Contracts Top $25 Billion

USPTO 2007 Fiscal Year-End Results Demonstrate Trend of Improved Patent and Trademark Quality

ISS Astronauts Hook up New Harmony Module

Vodafone Challenges Exclusive German iPhone Deal

Military Small, Mini UAVs to Proliferate in European Markets

Sitting May Increase Risk of Disease


Global E-commerce at Risk from Subtle Math Error in Computer Chip

Tech Firms Alert for U.S. Slowdown Spread to Europe

Redline Enters U.S. WiMAX Market in New 3.65 GHz Band

International Treaty Sets Future Course for Wireless

Laid-Back Surfer Dude May Be Next Einstein

Anaren Increases Stock Buy Back Authorization

Successful Second Launch of Skynet 5 Satellite

Samsung Cuts 1,630 Jobs

First China Lunar Probe to Activate Observation Payloads on Monday

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Open to Wireless Attacks

Nigerian Committee Recommends 12 Month Ban on New GSM Subscriptions

Laser Dazzler Looked at by Canadian Forces

1/2 of Computer Users Steal Wi-Fi, but ONLY 11 Have Been Arrested

Teen Commits Suicide After Her Fake Online Friend Ends Their Friendship

Teens Use Cell Phones to Stay in Touch, Not to Look Cool

Delay in Autumn Color Caused by Increased Carbon Dioxide not Global Warming


New Way to Manipulate Light a Million Times More Efficiently

Electronics Recycled Overseas in 'Horrific Way' That Endangers Workers, Environment


Hubble Zooms in on Heart of Mysterious Comet Holmes

Washington's $50B Tech Plan Derailed by Lawsuit

Shadow Worlds - Multidimensional Space


GPS Helps Cities Catch Goof-Offs

UN Reaches TV Spectrum Pact

WRC-07 Wraps Up in Geneva; Will Likely Meet Again in 2011

Keithley Receives Northcoast 99 Distinction as "Great Workplace"

Spain King's "Shut-Up" to Chavez Becomes Cult Ringtone (gotta love it!)

Beaten by the Germans: Colossus Loses Code-Cracking Race

Abu Dhabi Buys 8.1% Stake in AMD

Gartner Warns of 2008 Semi Industry Downturn (here we go again)

Intel Announces Lead-Free Nano Chips, Halogen-Free Versions Due in 2008

Papa John's Taking Text-Message Pizza Orders

China Pursuing Aggressive Spying Program (don't need to spy - our companies give it away)

Wal-Mart Plans to Re-Stock Hot-Selling Linux PC (buy one and try RFCW for OOo for FREE)

CBS Unwires Manhattan with Wi-Fi

RFMD Presents New Wireless Front-End Technologies

Google Gearing up for Wireless Spectrum Bid

1/4 of Americans Express an Interest in Mobile Advertising

Self-Organized Traffic Light Control System Could Improve Traffic Flow 95%

U.S. Army: Pass the Supplemental Funding or Face Layoffs


FCC "Admonishes" Ambient over BPL Issues

Teenager Apprehended by Police on "Virtual Theft" Charges

RF-MEMS Aims to Tune Mobile Wireless Antennas

U.S. Navy Award of $2.3M Funds Technology Development

C&WJ Offers US$14,000 in Rewards for Cable Theft Info

Wi-Fi Piggybacking Widespread, Research Reveals

U.S. Missile Defense Sites Intended Mainly to Defend Europe

Micro Microwave Does Pinpoint Cooking for Miniaturized Labs

Qualcomm Moves 3G Chips to 45nm Process

NEC to Put up WiMAX R&D Center in Taiwan

Israeli Electric Cars Venture Raises $200M

US Independent Operators, is Further Consolidation Inevitable?

Dell Plans Servers Based on Sun Solaris Software

Ariane 5 Rocket Puts British, Brazilian Satellites into Orbit

Report: Chinese Spying Top Threat to U.S. Tech

Poll: IMs Help Teens Avoid Embarrassment


China Mobile Sets up on Mount Everest

FCC Chief Proposes to Relax Media Ownership Ban

Engineering Education Study Draws Industry Fire

EU Broadcasters Condemn EC's Proposal Open Digital TV Frequencies to Mobile Phone

Warp Speed Improves Calculations a Million Times

Dutch Court Tosses Nokia Complaint Against Qualcomm

NFC Chip IP Will Open Mass Market, Says Innovision

Skyworks Introduces FEMTO Cell Solutions at Samsung

US Mobile Subscriber Base Passes 250 Million Landmark

Silicon Circuits Made Ink-Jet Printable

Terminator-Style Helmets Allows Fighter Pilots to See Through Their Planes

Additional Congressmen Oppose Radio Performance Fees

Mobile Printer/Scanner with Built-In GSM Connection

BAE Systems Wins $64M Vertical Launching System Contract

Cable Cuts Disrupt Internet, Overseas Call Services in Bangladesh

First "Robot" Electric Guitar Tunes Itself

Former Pilots, Officials Call for UFO Study


EU Unveils Shake-Up of Telecoms Rules

World's Smallest Double Slit Experiment

ARRL Is Looking for a Few Good Instructors

Study Finds U.K. Losing $168 Million a Day to Recreational Internet Use

IBM BlueGene is the World's Fastest Computer Once Again

Record-Breaking Hydrogen Storage Materials For Use in Fuel Cells Developed

Europe Continues to Lag U.S in Companies' R&D Spending

Parties Seeking Special Bribery Probe on Samsung

Orange Releases First Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset

GigaBeam Gains DoD Order to Support U.S. Navy with WiFiber Technology

Web Spending Hits New Record in Third Quarter

Wind Power for New Eengland Patriot's Gillette Stadium

Google to Pay $10M in Prizes to Boost Android Cell Phone Software

New Measurements: The Universe Weighs Less

Men Talk More Than Women Overall

Wakonda "Clean Energy Entrepreneur of the Year," Awarded $900,000 DOE Funding


Sales by World's Largest Chip Maker Hit Record High

SiC Electronics Market to Reach $800M by 2015

Get Ready for ARRL Sweepstakes Next Weekend

Qualcomm Flies High in Q3, But Warns of Descent

"Near-Miss" Asteroid Found to be Artificial

U.S., Iranian Engineers Seek Greater Tech Cooperation

Federal Agencies Worry About Bots, Spyware

IBM to Acquire Canada's Cognos for $5B

High Price Means a Hard Sell for Hybrid Trucks

Russia Plans More ISS Modules


Intel Official: Say Goodbye to Privacy

Atomic-Level Microscopy at Least 100x Faster with New Technique

China: Global Warming Is Not Our Problem

New Technology Can Be Operated by Thought


Greenpeace Slams Toxic iPhone

Russian Government to Push VC Fund Beyond $1B

Handheld Device Shipments Decline 43.5% Year Over Year

Sprint, Clearwire Terminate WiMax Agreement

NXP’s SiGe:C BiCMOS Process Challenges GaAs for Wireless Applications

NASA Unveils New Antenna Network

Light-Emitting Wallpaper from Jonas Samson

Cisco Drives Down U.S. Tech Stocks

Highest-Energy Cosmic Rays Linked with Violent Black Holes

New Media-Ownership Legislation Introduced in Senate

IBM Launches 'Next Wave' of Autonomic Computing

Electron Spin Rotated with Electric Field

U.S. DoD Grows Spending on Aircraft Maintenance, Repair

Domain Name 'recycle.co.uk' Fetches $314,249.28 in London Auction

Teaching Robots Not to Hurt Humans

No European Missile Defense Sites Soon, U.S. Lawmaker Says

YES2 Team Claims a Space Tether World Record


AMD Sued Alleging Responsibility for Youth's Birth Defects - Mother Worked in Clean Room

Vending Machine Sells Cell Phones in Las Vegas Airport

CSR Set to Slash Internet Radio Design Costs

Tokyo Police May Soon Receive GPS-Equipped Mobile Phones

Ultra-Fast Internet2, National LambdaRail Won't Merge

Government Invests £100M in Technology Innovation

Missile Intercept System Takes on Two at a Time

Skyworks Delivers Record $0.14 EPS in 4Q07

Report Favors Minor Changes to EU Copyright Tax

ITT Develops Micro-D Pi Filter Connector for Military, Avionics Applications

Deutsche Telekom 3Q Net Profit +7.1%

Engineers Transmit Electron Spin Through Silicon Wafer

No Rest for NASA: Jammed-Pack Schedule Looms

Got Big Ears, Large Forehead? Star Trek Needs You


Space Shuttle to Land at 1:02 pm

Study Questions U.S. Shortfall in Math, Science

7,000 Huawei Staff in Mass Resignation

Anti-Cell Phone Vigilantes on the Prowl

Next-Gen Spectrum Crunch

Radar Chip Set to Bring Safety to Mid-Range Cars

Lockheed Martin Selects Salvador Imaging to Develop Color Night-Vision Camera

Sony to Pull out of R&D for Making 32-Nano Chips

SDR Base Stations Expected to be $10B Market by 2014

FCC Seeks Info from XM, Sirius on Merger

Sun's Open Source Strategy Questioned

CMOS Running out of Gas, New Effort Looks for Scalable Replacement

Despite IT Security Concerns, Consumers Plan to Use iPhone for Work As Well As Play

WJ Loss Widens in Q3 Despite Cost Savings

British Defense Procurement Minister Resigns

Microsoft Fires Its CIO


Motorola to Acquire Controlling Interest in Parent Company of Yaesu

Northrop Opens Radar Testing Facility

U.S. Internet Usage Nears 80%

China Conducts Electromagnetics Warfare Exercise

Sony U.S. Electronics Chief Sees Strong Christmas Season Ever

Global Market for Advanced Materials, Sensors Worth $9.4B by 2012

Report from the Second Week of WRC-07

Newly Visible Comet Holmes Brightens Northern Skies

University Class Has Students Updating Wikipedia

The Web's 12 Scariest Applications

RFID Skin Patch Technology Designed to Reduce Medical Errors

Columbus Launch Puts Space Law to the Test

Experts Say West Can't Stop Web Radicalization

U.S., Japan Ground F-15s, F-15Es

Breastfeeding Boost IQ In Infants with 'Helpful' Genetic Variant

Shuttle Discovery Heads Home After Ambitious, Risky Mission


EADS Takes €1.2B Hit over A400M Program

1,400 Extra Staff Called up for EU iPhone Launch

Micromem's GaAs MRAM Device Processed at GCS

Chinese Factory Raided - Counterfeit Bluetooth Accessories Seized

French Eye U.S.-Style Eentrepreneurship

Passengers Told to Fly on Sri Lankan Airlines Jet with Missing Wing Tip (someone call Nepal Airlines to borrow a goat)

Congress Introduces Resolution Against Radio Performance Taxes

Motorola Begins 3G Femtocell Trial in Europe


Devices Enforce Cellular Silence, Sweet but Illegal

Japan Turns Away from PCs

Batman Movie Scene in Hong Kong Harbor Scratched Due to Pollution


Time's Invention of the Year: The iPhone

WRC-07 So Far

ESA Transmits First-Ever Telecommands to Chinese Satellite

Sprint Still Bleeding Customers, Reduces WiMAX Spend

Broad Reach Engineering GPS Receiver Launched on TerraSAR-X Mission


Physicists Create World's Smallest Radio

Al Qaeda Rumored to Prep e-Jihad for Nov. 11 - infidels beware!

U.K. Goverment Minister Prosecuted for Driving While Using a Mobile Phone

GPS on Steep Ramp in Cellphones

RF Testing Spins Through Transmission Paths

Skyworks Double Earnings, Driven by Multi-Mode FEMs and Linear Products

Bluetooth SIG Picks Wi-Fi as UWB Drags Along

Report Shows Substantial Growth in Wireless Broadband

Intel, TI Bolster Education Initiatives in Emerging Regions

German Parliament to Debate Bill Stripping Journalists of Confidentiality over the Internet

DARPA Looks to Adaptive Battlefield Wireless Nets

Pilots Asleep on DIA Approach

Carphone (U.K.) Sees 10,000 iPhones Sold 1st Day

Honeywell Works on Tracking Soldiers' Brain Waves

Inverse Engineering Method Uses Advanced Scanner and '3D' Photocopier

Consumer Groups Ask FCC to Fine Comcast


Elastic Electronics Stretch to Twice Their Length

U.S. Tops Ranking of Most Competitive Economies

Shipments of GPS-Enabled Mobile Handsets to More Than Quadruple by 2011

Japan May Track Defense Officials with GPS Phones

Raytheon Selects Mercury Computer Systems for HDR-RF Ground Modem Program

W-CDMA Market Sees Dynamic Growth

Applied CEO: Electronics Doing Little for Sustainability

RFMD's Acquisition of Sirenza Approved by Stockholders

Scientists Discover New Way to Make Water

Wi-LAN Files Infringement Suit Against 22 Firms

Quantum Cascade Laser Nanoantenna Created

China to Deploy Theft Patrol on Everest

U.S. Releases Intel Budget Details

NASA's Unmanned Mars Plane May Fly Over Earth

Star Trek Gadget? 'Tractor Beam' for Cells Developed

Cisco Announces $16B China Expansion

NASA Postpones Spacewalk Until Friday

Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs

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