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Engineering & Technical Headline News Archive - May 2006

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Azimuth Systems First to Provide Platform for 802.11n Functional Testing
Cosmic Rays Damage Automotive Electronics
Taking Stock: The Unfolding Stock Option Investigation
Next Tech Boom Looming?
Stock Performance Tied to Ease of Pronouncing Company's Name
RoHS Guidelines Issued by U.K. Enforcer
IEEE-USA President Urges Concerted, Sustained Action on Adoption of "New Internet"
Lockheed Martin Revs up Supply Chain Ahead of F-35 Fighter
The first Rule of Silicon Valley Fight Club Is ...
E.U. Steps up Bbattle Against Hackers & Cybercrime
FCC Set to Take Fresh Look at Media Ownership
Cell Phones Direct Navigation Market
WSTS Raises Chip Forecast
Middle Class Goes Broadband as Price Falls
Bush, Blair Resolve Dispute over Joint Strike Fighter
China Alleges U.S. Wireless 'Conspiracy'
Internet Ad Spending Poised to Overtake National Newspapers
Satelinx to Equip Seniors with Location Base Devices
New Material Puts Its Own Spin on Electronics
Paratroopers Could fly 200 km With New Birdman Wings
Fixed WiMAX Growth to be Restricted by the Adoption of Mobile WiMAX
IEEE-USA Blasts Senate High-Tech Visa Provisions
Taking Stock: The Unfolding Stock Option Investigation
Standard Verses Proprietary WLAN Solutions Could Impact Handsets
Europe to Legalize "iTrips" and Other Micro-Broadcast Devices?
Chipset for X-Band Radar Offers Superior Performance at Lower Cost
How to Make an Invisibility Cloak
Using Nanotubes as Minuscule Metalworking Tools
ST Sees Phase-Change Memory in Volume at 45-nm
Heaviest Ariane 5 Payload Orbits Without a Hitch
U.S. Senate: High-Tech Industry Needs More Educated Foreigners
Speculating on Spectrum
NASA GOES Mission Goes on Schedule
Dell Could Trigger PC Price War
Backdating Stock Options: Linear Scandal Deepens
High-Tech Groups (and tomato farmers) Laud Senate Immigration Bill
EarthLink to Build New Orleans Wi-Fi Network
Fleet Week in NY - Amazing Military Technology
HD Offers Alternative to Satellite Radio
U.S. Consumers Increasingly Happy with Cellphones
Google, Dell in Deal on PC Software Package
Good News! Chocolate Increases Cognitive Performance
MEMS Set to Invade Mobile Phones
Cloak of Invisibility Technically Possible
Growing Glowing Nanowires to Light up the Nanoworld
Living Forever Ain't What It's Cracked up to Be
RFID Criticized by U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security Subcommittee
U.S. and Japan to Pilot Patent Prosecution Highway
Cell Users Worldwide Pick GSM 10:1
UWB Shipments to Reach 300 Million in 2011
Printing Paper Batteries
Inexpensive Detector Sees the Invisible, in Color
Rural Cellphone Firms Being Forced Out
Tiny Battery Able to Survive Pb-Free Solder Reflow Temps
Microsoft Beats JPEG with New Photo Format for Vista
Balloon Borne Student Experiments from Esrange Space Center
Scientists Predict How to Detect a Fourth Dimension of Space
Fastest Internet Ever Coming Your Way
U.S. to Get Free WiFi for All?
Nike Running Shoes to Communicate With iPods
Bluetooth Profile for Medical Devices Due in 2007
UWB Predicted to Thrive Despite Lack of Global Standard
Soldiers Bond with Battlefield Robots
Semicon Bust May Be Around the Corner
Analog Devices Receives Subpoena
Iran Test-Fires Long-Range Missile
U.S. Ports Vulnerable to Devastating Earthquake Damage
Science Scores Up in Grade 4, Slowed in 8, 12
Study: U.S. engineers Competitive vs. China, India
European Galileo Satellite Program in Early Budget Overrun
Nokia Sees Consolidation Among Mobile Phone Makers
Iridium Will Supply Satellite Links For ARGO Tracker
CDMA2000 Achieves Subscriber Milestone
Invention: Hydrogen Fuel Balls
Motorola Unveils 'Q' Cell Phone
In Cost-Cutting Move, Microsoft Gives Workers Unpaid Vacations
Here Comes the Sun with New Solutions for World's Energy Woes
Google to Offer Online Video Ads for first Time
Social Security Numbers of 26.5 Million U.S. Veterans Stolen
Retailers Plow Ahead with RFID Chips
3G Used for Medical Diagnosis
MEMS Digitizes Microphone Market
802.11n Standard to Split into Fixed, Mobile Versions?
Web Inventor Sees His Brainchild Ready for Big Leap
Scientists Clear Technical Hurdle in Fusion Research
No More Shaky Camera Phone Photos
India on Alert for Suicides After Stocks Slide
Microsoft Makes Way for Pay-As-You-Go PC
Million$$$ Squandered in Unnecessary Tests Ordered in Routine Doctor Visits
10% of Mexico's Population Now Living in the U.S.
Dayton Hamvention Update (May 19-21)
NYPD Warns Officers About Cell Phone Guns
WiMAX Vendors Soon to Feel Effects of Qualcomm Royalties
Power Amplifier Suppliers Take Advantage of Handset Market Growth
IBM Researchers Probe Nanometer-Scale Memories
Cluster Satellites Fly Through Earth's Electrical Switch
Clues to the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Roadblocks Seen in Immersion Lithography
RFID Chips Coming to Cattle
Searching for The Soul in the Machine
Just One Nanosecond: Clocking Events at the Nanoscale
New Laser Technique that Strips Hydrogen from Silicon Surfaces
Global Wireless Handset Market Grows 23% in 2006
State Department to Limit Use of Chinese Computers
China's Mega Dam Built to Defy Attacks from Terrorists, Enemies
The Million Dollar Cellphone
Russia Set to Help Europe with Nanoscale Litho
Dell Goes with a Few AMD Processors
SEMI's Book-to-Bill Climbs Again
A Phone Stolen Every 12 Seconds in the U.K.
Samsung Inks Deal with Fuel Cell Startup
Survey: Americans Would Give Up Coffee Before Internet
RadioScape Creates Single, Front-End RF Chip for Digital Radio
GM to Introduce 19 New Efficient Engines, Powertrains
Congress Urged to Fund Plug-In Hybrids
Long Airplane Flight Does Not Appear to Increase Risk of Blood Clots
Hurricanes Lead to Tax Rebates on Cellphone Accessories
System Could Enable Ultra-Precise Satellite Formations
Gartner Raises Chip Market Forecast
Turning Corn Cobs into Mobile Phones
European Energy Law 'More Profound Than RoHS'
IBM Breakthrough Could See the Return of Tapes
Scientists Create World's Smallest Nanobrush
Silicon Valley Backs U.S. Wireless Broadband Plan
Nokia Bans the Mobile Phone
Defense Contractors Participate in Capitol Hill Discussion of the Industry
Silicon Shortage May Become Problem, SEMI Says
Repeatable Low-breakdown Voltage Antifuses Enabled Through Dielectric Thin Film
Microsoft Joins Forces with Chinese Handset Designer
Business on the Up as RoHS Deadline Approaches
European Shift to 3G Handsets Accelerates
IBM Sets Record in Magnetic Tape Data Density
Buckyballs Make Room For Gilded Cages
Most Americans Aren't Likely to Make Big Cuts in Gasoline Use
Fake IC Claim Storm Rocks China's Science Elite
HSPA Networks to Dominate Mobile Infrastructure Revenue
Irish the World's Loneliest Web Users: Google
GSM Association Says Roaming Law Will Cost EUR4.3B in Sales
Nanotechnology Used In Thirty Billion Dollars Worth Of Goods In 2005
Firm Claims Bulk AlN Breakthrough
High-Definition Video Could Choke Internet
Wearable Sensors to Improve Soldier Post-Action Reports
Agilent Technologies Ships GENESYS 2006 RF & Microwave Design Software
A Fast Rate of Return Sparks Product Simplification
Military Plans Tests in Search for an Alternative to Oil-Based Fuel
Funding and Bureaucracy, Not Access to Journals, Are Chief Obstacles to Scientific Productivity
ARRL Shifts Congressional BPL Focus to U.S. Senate
AWS Spectrum Auction Could Offer Disruptive Forces to Carriers and the Public
Chinese Scientist Fired for Faking Chip Development
Nuclear Spacecraft Developers Borrow from Nature
EDO Supplies Self-Defense Electronics to U.S. Air Force
The Evils that Lurk in Idle Web Surf
Nokia to Add Google Talk to Updated Tablet
Here Come the Lawsuits
Mobile Phone Explosions (as in kaboom) Worry Brazilians
$10M Prize for Hydrogen Fuel Technology
Light So Fast It Actually Goes Backwards
Lockheed Martin to Build Vietnam's first Satellite (now if they can just keep from tipping it over...)
Danes Hike Internet Speed by 1000x
Corruption, Unstable Governments, Poor Infrastructure
Tech-Savvy Americans Head to India
How Hybrid Cars Work - and What They Really Cost
WSC Calls for Elimination of Chip Tariffs, Encourages Chinese Participation
Reducing the Risk of Tin Whiskers on Lead-Free Products
Exempt Industries Struggle with RoHS
RIM Set to Roll out BlackBerry to Mainland China
"Affluent Early Adopters" Prefer Home WiFi
Nanotech Policy Faces No Small Hurdles
Scientists Discover Super Superconductor
European Regulators Come Out Against EU Roaming Plan
Northrop Grumman to Build Stratospheric Surveillance Airship
Senate Subcommittee Looks to Nanotechnology for Economic Boost
Study: Men Will Risk Everything to Impress Women
Solar Cycle Appears Headed for Historic Low Point
Domain Names Become Premium Web Real Estate (RFCafe.com must be worth $Ms)
LEDs Will Light the Way to the Future
Sony Electronics Exec Sees Tight Component Supply
How Internet Addiction Is Affecting Lives
Report on Software-Defined Radio for Public Safety
South Korea's CDMA Royalties Top $2.6B
Look Forward to More Indian Satellites in Space
UWB Radar Detects Buried Victims' Breathing
NYC Fires Man for Surfing Web at Work
RadioScape Touts RFIC for Multistandard Radios
Electronic Smog Making Us Sick
Navy Taps SAIC to Design Wideband Communications Systems
Silicon Wafer Prices Increase Again
U.S. Posts Patent Attorney in India
Northrop Grumman Receives FAA Contract to Upgrade ATC Radars
1/4 of Europeans Replace Their Phone Each Year
12-QBits Reached in Quantum Information Quest
Spyware Computer Hacker Jailed for Nearly Five Years
Field Employees Turn Smartphones into Wireless Reference
Lockheed Martin to Study Hybrid Launch Vehicle Concept for USAF
U.K. Study Claims UFOs Aren't Aliens
Israeli Companies Plan U.S. IPOs
Hard Drives in Cellphones Could Spell the End for MP3 Players
Unlucky Cellphone Thieves
The RFID Hacking Underground
New York Plans Nanocareer Day
Flextronics Chooses U.K. Antenna Design for Mobiles
Iran to Battle Satellite Dish Owners
Co-operation With U.S. in Space Sector Welcomed
Worldwide Survey Estimates 694 Million Adult Web Users
Agilent Technologies Introduces 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software
China Makes Artificial Rain for Beijing
A Force for the Future: Education and Technology Program Needs Your Help
Philips Makes Self-Assembly Molecular Electronics
Big Techs Tumble on Poor Outlook
Fake NEC Company Found
U.K. Scientist Compares Carbon Nanotubes to Asbestos
M/A-COM Extends Family of Low-Cost HBT High Linearity Driver Amplifiers
Patenting Gravity?
1000s Sign Planetary Society Petitions to Save Our Science (SOS)
Nanotechnology: Are Safety Concerns Real or Imagined? Experts Disagree
U.S. Company Reveals Hybrid Car Plans
U.S. Navy Selects BAE to Provide Tx-Antenna Groups for EA-6B Prowler
UCLA Engineers Announce Breakthrough in Semiconductor Spin Wave Research
Mission Illogical: Movie Promotion Puts Lives 'At Risk' (disconnected Hollywierd morons at work again)
NASA Overworked, Under-Budgeted, Can't Do Research
Filtronic to Sell Power Amplifier Biz
Video Shows Al-Zarqawi Fumbling With Rifle (guess he'll have to stick with sawing off heads - in a peaceful way, of course)
Qualcomm in Smart Phone Partnership
Taliban Beheads Indian Communications Engineer (how much longer will the world tolerate it?!)
Wal-Mart to Sell Build-Your-Own Computers
Protonex Debuts Soldier Power Fuel Cell Systems for U.S. Air Force
Infrared System Helps Pilots and Drivers See in Fog and at Night
City Council Approves Cell Phone Ban
Space-Based Supercomputer Will Dramatically Increase On-Orbit Computations
In Physics, the Not-So-Constants?
Gates Doesn't Want to Be World's Richest Man (I can help - give it to me)
Fuel Cells No Use for Mobile Phones, Nokia
U.S. Government Awards $11B in IT Contracts for Q2 2006
Nokia Starts Shipping BlackBerry Rival
Wireless Without Towers at Yellowstone National Park
Bill Would Open Scientific Research Access
With Kremlin Backing, Oligarchs Invest in Russian Electronics
U.S. Seeks Laser Weapon to Shoot Down Enemy Satellites
U. Maryland Makes Scientific Journals Available in Iraq
U.K. Regulator Gives Go-Ahead for In-Building GSM
Scientists Worry About Solar Superstorm
Canada Cuts Funds to Fight Global Warming
More Professors Ban Laptops in Class
802.11n Wi-Fi Draft Fails first Letter Ballot
Radio-Electronics.Com Exceeds 200k Pages/Month
Pentagon Unveils Urban Robo-Race
RIM Says Visto Patent Complaint Invalid
IBM Uses Atomic Microscope for Direct Writing
Low Cost Cellphones Drive Semiconductors Sales
Semiconductor Market Growth Still Undervalued
Motorola Buys Denmark R&D Center for Mobiles
New U.S. Energy Facility Passes Major Test
Intel to Spend $1B to Push Net in Poor Nations
Iran Discovers New Uranium Deposits
Google Pressures Microsoft on Browser Feature
More Evidence For 'Stripes' In High-temperature Superconductors
Linx Introduces Ultracompact 2.45 GHz Antenna
Cellphone Bugging Rises
Central Bank Warns of Challenges for Singapore's Electronics Sector
Worldwide Q1 Chip Sales Up 7.3%, Says SIA
Toll Lane Ahead for Internet Traffic?
SIA's Scalise Warns on Inventory, Energy Indicators
Laser Trapping of Erbium May Lead to Novel Devices
Who's Buying Cell Phone Records Online? Cops
Computer Forensics is a Red-Hot Job Market
Chinese Man Buys Fighter Jet on eBay


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