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How to Turn a Laser into a Tractor Beam

Sweden Starts Auction of 800 MHz Spectrum

Rare Earths 'Replaced' by Silicon Chip

Thousands Lose Vodafone Service Following Burglary Attempt

Stretched Rubber Offers Simpler Method for Assembling Nanowires

Interference from Plasma Television Sets

Future Horizons, IC Insights Predict 2 Good Years

Austria Consults on Frequencies for Mobile Broadband Services

Commercial Satellites Plug Bandwidth Gap for Military SATCOM

Smartphones - the Grip of Death

IEEE-USA, Others Challenge Patent Reform

Radio-Guided Technique for Removing Lung Nodules

Virgin Galactic Deal Will Send Scientists into Space

Engineer Nobutoshi Kihara, "Wizard of Sony," Dies at 84

Google: Bug Wipes Out 150,000 Gmail Accounts

January Consumer Spending Edges Up, Incomes Surge


Etched, Shaped Quantum Dots Emit Single Photons

U.S. Cellular Sees Smartphone Surge, Too

Researchers Tapping the Potential of Radar Technologies to Advance Aeroecology

Mobile Etiquette Seen Getting Worse, Not Better

Junctionless Transistor?

Deutsche Telekom to Begin Selling U.S. Mobile Towers in Q2

Motorist Dials 9-1-1 Over Rising Gas Prices (you'll buy a Gov't Motors Volt even if takes gas hitting $10/gal!)


LinkedIn Hit as China Clamps Down on Dissident Talk

FCC Fears Fast New Smartphone Network May Threaten GPS

GM Falls Below IPO Price as Rising Oil Dims Truck Outlook (soon taxpayers will shell out $7.5k for each Volt delivered)

Follow the Money: Tiny Transistors Track Cash

Turing Papers Go to Bletchley Park

Majority of U.S. Adults Wish People Practiced Better Etiquette When Using Mobile Devices

Scientists Create One-Dimensional Ferroelectric Ice

802.11u: Wireless 'Superglue'?

Smartphone Adoption Continues to Grow in Japan

Intel Launches High Speed Cable

Your Brain on Cellphones: Effects Present, Consequences Unknown

How India’s Draft Cybercafe Rules Could Strangle Public Internet Access

Physicists Develop Scalable Method for Making Graphene

On Semi to Expand Oregon Fab

Innovative SAW-Less Reconfigurable Transceiver Developed

DOD to Slash Senior-Level Civilian Positions

We Have Liftoff! Discovery Blasts Off One Last Time

Vinyl Records Spin Back into Vogue

Radio Jobs Will be Lost if Congress Cuts CPB Funding (too bad, taxpayers are broke and losing jobs)


Consortium Claims SiGe Frequency Record

Watch Today's Final Shuttle Launch Live (4:50 pm EST)

France Telecom Profits Jump 28% on Lower Costs

Researchers Entice Two Atoms to Swap Smallest Energy Units

New Batteries Fix Themselves

China Hits Out at EU Subsidies for Telecom Equipment Makers (Communists upset over government intrusion - go figure)

3GPP-LTE Radio Needs No SAW Filters

U.S. Back on Top in IPOs

Europeans Announce the First Organic Microprocessor

Totally Blind Engineering Student Plays Video Game Flawlessly (check out this dude's ambitions!)

Why Many Historians No Longer See Alchemy as an Occult Practice

Amateur MF Band Allocation Moves a Step Closer

'Fast' Organic Transistor DAC Works at 5V

Ground Troops to Get Access to Army's Smart Phone Network

Broadcasters Remain Concerned About Wireless Industry's Quest for Spectrum

That's Hot: Engineers to Test Boiling at Zero-Gravity

New Stretchable Solar Cells Will Power Artificial Electronic 'Super Skin'

People's Revolt Looms on Australian Carbon Tax

Map Your Facebook Friends in a Few Clicks

Crude Breaches $119/bbl in Frantic Trading (while we sit on HUGE reserves of gas & oil - contact your legislators!!!)


Cellphone Radiation Increases Brain Activity

Mobile Phones: How to 'Keep Your Brain Away from the Antenna'

Microsoft Software Update 'Kills' Windows Mobiles

'Sister Internet' Kicked Out of Convent for Facebook Use

People Urged to Restrict Cellphone Use in New Zealand Quake Zone

Super-Thin Superconducting Cables

'Poisoned' Chinese Workers Turn to Apple for Help

Amid 60 GHz Debate, ST Ponders WirelessHD

Nanosensors to Benefit Military and Energy Sectors

Uncovering the U.S. LTE 'Conspiracy'

Intel Builds Smartphone Platform Around Open Source

Three Yachtsmen Killed by Somali Muslim Extremist Pirates Were Hams

Schools Should Teach Kids More About How Science is Done

Etched Quantum Dots Shape Up as Single Photon Emitters

World's Smallest Computer Created

UK and Russian Bodies Study Fluid Behavior in Microgravity

ITT to Break into 3 Companies

Lufthansa, Deutsche Telecom Offer In-Flight Broadband

Google Chief Outlines Vision for NFC

Oil at 2-Year High as Libya on Edge of Civil War ($37/bbl in Dec 2008, $97/bbl now - drill baby, drill!)


Engineering Atomic Interfaces for New Electronics

Home Internet May Get Even Faster in South Korea (already hundreds of times faster than U.S. avg.)

FBI to Announce New Internet-Wiretapping Push

Verizon Wireless Homes in on Latest Landline Alternative

World’s Leading Mobile Operators Commit to NFC

Body Area Network Spars with Bluetooth

IBM’s Watson Jeopardy Stunt Unleashes a Third Great Cycle in Computing

U.S. Cities Using Tech to Cull Ideas from Citizens

Component Incorporates Spin and Molecular Electronics

Model Shows How Scientific Paradigms Rise and Fall

First Full-Color Display with Quantum Dots

Super-Stealth Sub Powered by Fuel Cell

Weather Looks Good for Thursday Shuttle Launch

Your Web Browsing Is Being Tracked

Motorola Admits It Gets Bulk of Sales from Just One Mobile Network Customer

Silicon Solar Cells Ditch the Wafers

"Smart": The Next Soon-to-Be Outdated Tech Buzzword (none too soon)

Batteries for Vehicle-Mounted High-Pulse-Power Weapons is Object of Army Industry Survey

IBM and Black History (good works for sure, but can we drop the "diversity" crap?)

Four Americans on Hijacked Yacht Killed by Somali Pirates (w/U.S. warship trailing it - radical Muslim pirates not afraid of us)


Pilots, Boaters Adjust to Shift in Magnetic North

Heat a Nanotube, Make a Nanolamp

$200M in U.S. Broadband Census Data Now Free, Open Source

Femtocell Deployments More Than Double in 12 Months with Strong Growth Beyond the Home

NTIA Report: Income-Related Digital Divide is Narrowing (due to taxpayers subsidizing everyone else)

Why Tech Stock Surge Is Not a Bubble. Seriously.

Apple Maintains Dominance of Mobile Application Store Market in 2010

Cuban and Gilder Hurl Insults at Venture Capitalists

Qualcomm Sees Drive for All-in-One Smartphone Chips

Gold Reaches $1,404

CSR to Buy Zoran for $679M

Targeted Attacks, IPv6 Complicate Cyber Defense

Bigger 'Bottles' of Antimatter May Help Unlock Nature's Secrets

Chinese Telecom Giant Calls Off U.S. Deal


Scientists Warn of $2,000T Solar Flare Global Comms 'Katrina'

Chinese Smartphone Makers to Push Price Barrier to $150

Nokia Seeks Jobs for Workers It Plans to Lay Off (have to respect that)

Moon Race Brings 29 Teams to the Starting Line

Retiring Boomers Find 401(k) Plans Fall Short

Women and Tech: Focus on Female Consumers and the Founders Will Follow


Spectrum Management Bill Threatens Amateur Frequencies

Scientists Build the World's First Anti-Laser

Solid-State Thermoelectric Technology Uses Electronics Heat to Generate Power for Wireless Apps

WiMax's Fixed User Base Shifting to Mobile

Switchable Metamaterial Makes Itself Invisible

Why Wi-Fi Sucked at Mobile World Congress

TSMC Expects to Grow 22% This Year

European Telco CEOs Agree to WorkTogether on NFC Standards

Solar Flare-Up Could Fry Satellites, Reroute Planes, Make Pretty Lights

New Hacking Tools Pose Bigger Threats to Wi-Fi Users

Gartner: 2011 Is Year of the Smartphone, Not Tablet

Avago Linear PA Enables WiMAX to Coexist with Other Radios in Portable Devices

$4.5B Budget Cut Won't Keep Air Force from New Ventures in 2012

Clearwire Losses Widen - May Delay Radio Spectrum Sale Pending Larger Alliance

House Votes to Overturn FCC Internet Rules

Businesses Waste Time on Essential But Unproductive Tasks

Broadband Map shows Up to 10% in U.S. Lack Good Internet (gov't wants taxpayers to pick up tab - I say let them buy their own satellite access)

Earth's Magnetic Field Can Be Mapped with Ground Lasers

Obama Talks Jobs with Tech Titans in Calif.

China Flexes Muscles with U.S. As Biggest Creditor: WikiLeaks


Huge Solar Flare Jams Radio, Satellite Signals: NASA

Engineers Unveil Particle Accelerator on a Chip

Navy Honors Electronics Pioneer Howard Lorenzen, W7BI

IP Theft Hits UK Electronics

Biggest Solar Flare in Years Headed for Earth

Army Makes Strides in Smart-Phone Security

Theft Gangs Using Smartphones to Steal Bank Card Numbers

Moore's Law: Life for Intel, Death for Cisco

Should Investors Turn Their Backs on VC Funds?

Japan May Send Chatty Humanoid Tweet-Bot to Space

Paper Accelerometer Could Mean Disposable Devices

On-Chip Lasers Compute with Light

iSuppli Sounds Alarm on Chip Inventories

Air-Stable Transistor Challenges Amorphous Silicon

Researchers Predict Future of Electronic Devices, Top 10 List of Expected Breakthroughs

Clearwire Scores Victory in 'Swirl' Dispute

No Link Between Mobile Phones and Brain Cancer Says Study (maybe researchers' brains harmed by radiation, not thinking clearly?)

Oregon Wants Health Warning on Cell Phones (see above)

Cheap Phosphorescent Crystals Could Light Up TVs

FCC Blasted on Net Neutrality Bias


Pentagon Proposes 10% Cut in Spending for Electronics and Communications in 2012 Budget

Operators Losing $150M a Year from SIM Fraud

Radio Device Could Double Speed of Wireless Networks

L.A. County Employee Dead in Cubicle a Day Before Being Noticed (the nightmare scenario of cube dwellers)

Wireless Heart Implant Reduces Hospitalizations

Periodic Table of Shapes to Give a New Dimension to Math

Spain Hopes to Raise Up to €2B from Spectrum Sale

Machine-to-Machine Connections to Reach 2.1B Devices by 2020

GSA Ramps Up European Operations

Military Connector Market Forecasts Presented by Industry Experts in Webcast

Qualcomm Gets a Boost from Nokia Move to Windows Phone 7

U.S. Broadband Speeds Improved in 2010, Still Second Rate Against EU

Maxim Shows One Chip Femtocell RF Front-End

Egypt Leaders Found 'Off' Switch for Internet

Sun Erupts in Humongous Solar Flare, Most Powerful in 4 Years

Europe's 'Kepler' Prepares for Lift-Off

Apple Sacks China Supplier for Hiring Under-Age Workers

W3C: HTML5 Spec Due in 2014

EchoStar to Buy Hughes for $2B

Healthcare Reform Law Hires 1,054 New IRS Agents - 81 Just for Tanning Tax Enforcement


Wi-Fi Moves to 5 GHz for More Channel Capacity

IEEE Spec Aims to Ease Mobile Congestion

Near-Field Communication: Beyond Mobile Transactions

Air Force Explores Various Commercial Satellite Options

Unique New Probe of Proton Spin Structure at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider

Full Duplex Radio Technology Developed that Doubles Speed of Existing Wireless Networks

Defiant Blackberry Boss Dismisses Nokia Jibe

Light-Emitting Rubber Could Sense Structural Damage

Shipboard Electronics Integrators See Good News as Navy Shipbuilding Programs Stay on Track

Europe's 'Kepler' Prepares for Lift-Off

ARISSat-1 Deployment Postponed

Orange to Offer Samsung Wave 578 NFC Across Europe - But Not in the UK

Engineering Bodies Call for Better Careers Advice

Hand-Held Epidemic Coming? Experts Fear Rise in Smartphone Viruses

Global Data Revenues to Reach $500B by 2015

History Sniffing, Dilbert-Style

Baseband Mania Hits Mobile World

Fireball Streaks Across East Coast Sky

Proposed 2011 Budget Adds $2T to Deficit, 102% of GDP (we're broke and getting broker)

Meanwhile... Gov't Motors to Pay More than $400M in Bonuses (your tax bailout money)


A Billion Mobiles to Get Low Energy Bluetooth in a Year

Broadcom's New Combo Chip Integrates 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 + HS and FM

Apple Working on Cheaper, Carrier Agnostic iPhones

Freescale Files for $1.15B IPO (hmmm...maybe RF Cafe should do an IPO)

LG Unveils World's First 3D Smartphone

USPTO to Issue Proposal for "Track One" Accelerated Patent Examination in Flexible “Three Track” Patent Processing Program

Rockers with Ham Connection Win Big at Grammys

Wireless Advances Could Mean No More Cell Towers

Market for Mobile Infrastructure Equipment Worth $42B by 2015

Europe Seeks Ways to Lower Data Roaming Charges

Laser-Quick Data Transfer

Getting a Charge Out of Solar 'Paint'

'Technology Readiness' Paramount for Defense Base, Northrop Grumman CEO Says

Image Site Hits Back at Spammers

Google Overtakes Apple and Sony As UK's Most Reputable Tech Firm (are you kidding me?)


iPhone Attack Expose Passwords in 6 Minutes

USPTO Introduces Online Tools to Solicit Public Feedback on Patent and Trademark Examining Procedures

One-Time Spectrum Fee Should Not be Concern for Telcos - Indian Regulator

Global Storage is Estimated at 295 Exabytes

Echoes of Sputnik in Modern Rocket Race for Space?

Gallup: Real Unemployment Number is 10.3%


Future Satellites Could be Microchip Size

Scientists Calculate the World's Total Technological Capacity

Monitors Transmit Video of Unknowing Families

Nokia and Microsoft Form Partnership

ARISSat-1 to Be Deployed from ISS Next Week (see on NASA TV)

Gentag Announces Low-Cost NFC/RFID Phone

Wales to Get £10m to Boost 'Not-Spot' Broadband

No-Contract Smartphone May Lure First-Time Users

Snapshot of an Apple Flash Crash -$10B in 4 Minutes

RFID Heats Up Production at U.K. Boiler Factory

Searching for the Future of Television

Printing Nanostructures Using Hard, Sharp 'Pen' Tips Floating on Soft Polymer Springs

Can IE9 Stop Microsoft's Steady Browser Decline?

University of California Reports on Toxic Metals in LEDs (maybe Edison's bulb is greenest after all)

Ground Control to Major Smartphone? NASA Wants Phones to Pilot Spaceships

International Survey of SMS Spam Finds 70% is Financial Fraud

2011 Could Be Dream Year for Tech-Toy Lovers

Motorola Relaunches the RAZR Mobile Phone

IMF Calls for Dollar Alternative (Operation Bankrupt America nearly complete... maybe just one more "stimulus," oh and maybe a $53B monorail project)

A Rocket Built from U.S. and European Parts


FCC Crackdown on Cellular/GPS Jammers Starts Today

Startup Introduces RF Power Management IC

Taiwan Patent Court a Concern for U.S. Tech Firms

NFC Payment Technology to Dominate Mobile World Congress

Navy's Souped-Up Acquisition Strategy Would Save $35B

INQ Mobile Announces the Facebook Phone

Nokia at Crisis Point, Warns New Boss

Ultrafast Quantum Computer Closer: 10B Bits of Entanglement Achieved in Silicon

Innovation Far Removed from the Lab

Will Record Capex Spending Lead to Excess Capacity?

Android Smartphone Sales Surged 888.8% in 2010

Orange France Tests 3G Services in the 1800 MHz Spectrum Bands

Mobile Operators Need New Generation of Mobile Device Management

Researchers Use 'Exfoliation' Method to Produce Nanosheets

Hidden Universes Revealed

Microsoft Says 'Good Riddance' to USB Autorun

The Smallest Computing Systems Yet

Nanonets Give Rust a Boost as Agent in Water Splitting's Hydrogen Harvest

NASA Can't Find Unintended Acceleration Causes in Toyota's ETCS

New Drilling Method Opens Vast Oil Fields in U.S. Heartland (more than Gulf of Mexico, but current Admin will likely prevent it)


Smartphone Shipments Surpass PCs

L.L. Bean Tries to Hike Sales with RFID

eBay Launches Smartphone Buybacks

FCC Adds New Country to CEPT Reciprocal Agreement for Amateurs

Qualcomm to Demonstrate P2P Wireless Technology at MWC

China Creates Rare Earth Strategic Reserves

EC Outlines Tougher Laws to Deal with e-Waste

College Teams Prepare for Cyber Defense Regionals

Beijing Residents Sent 1B Text Messages in a Single Day

Verizon Plans 4G Internet Calling Service

Brain's 'Radio Stations' Have Much to Tell Scientists

Ossila Begins Supplying Semiconducting Plastic

Insider Trading Case Built on BlackBerry Messages

New iPhone Antenna Has Same 'Death Grip'

Robots to Get Their Own Internet

NTT Docomo Partners with Korea’s KT to Switch to NFC at End of 2012

FCC Moves to Formalize Plan for Broadband Universal Service Program

Toward a New American Ingenuity

Long and Narrow, Free of Defects, and Soluble: Graphene Nanoribbons

Generation Net: Youngsters Who Prefer Their Virtual Lives to the Real World


FCC Paves Way for First-Ever Presidential Broadcast on Emergency Alert System (Hitlerian messaging via 21st century technology)

Catholic Church Gives Blessing to iPhone Confession App

Nokia Mulls Setting Up a Head Office in the USA

Rediscovering WWII's Female 'Computers'

Atom-Thick Sheets Unlock Future Technologies

Ericsson Develops Integrated Antenna and Radio Unit

Cell Phone Security Threats Rise Sharply: McAfee

New Space Policy Will Take U.S. to Infinity and Beyond

ARRL Board Sets Legislative Agenda at 2011 Annual Meeting

Computer Pioneer Ken Olsen Dies at Age 84

The Verizon iPhone 4 is Jailbreakable Too

Canada's Telus to Offer 42Mbps Download Speeds

A Broadband Boom in the Boondocks

Radio is Emerging from Recession But Some Are Holding Us Back

10-Petaflop IBM Supercomputer Headed for Argonne National Lab

Sprint to Sell Dual-Screen 'Echo' Smartphone

Will LTE Topple WiMax for 4G Crown?

Unmanned Navy Stealth Bomber's Maiden Flight

Foundry Spending Could Lead to Oversupply

HP's Open Innovation Strategy: Leveraging Academic Labs


Security Guard Convicted for Smuggling Phones into Prison

Nanolasers Grown on Silicon

Electronics Inside the Home of British Measurement

Joint Tactical Radios Approved for Aircraft Integration

FCC to Update Phone Subsidy Program for Broadband

WiFi Gives U.S. Airlines an Edge

Startup Boasts Better Lithium Batteries

Million Cut Off by Finnish Mobile Network Fault

The Key to Better Solar Cells: Bumpy Mirrors

Creating a Pure Spin Current in Graphene

Alcatel-Lucent: The Disappearing Mobile Masts and Towers

UK is Under Cyber-Attack

Hackers Penetrated Nasdaq's Network

'Death by GPS': Could It Happen to You?

Extreme Networks Delivers 4G Mobile Backhaul Equipment

National Security Payload Launched from Vandenberg AFB

Robot X-47B Stealth Bomber Test Flight

Shell Ditches Algae Biofuel

AOL to Buy The Huffington Post for $315M

Chocolate 'Healthier' Than Fruit Juice


32% Admit Mooching Neighbor's Wi-Fi

History of Science Shows Consensus Can be Mistaken

Despite LTE Hype, Wi-Fi Is the Real Deal

IBM's Watson Computer Beats Humans at Jeopardy

Tellabs Warns Operators Will Start Losing Money on Mobile Data in 2 Years

Google Bets $20,000 You Can't Hack Chrome


Space So Full of Junk That Satellite Collision Could Destroy Communications on Earth

Batteries That Breathe

Researchers Develop Transistor with 1000x Faster Switching Ratio

Boy Scouts of America and ARRL Team Up to Help Scouts Learn Communications Skills

Registrar Keeps Eye on Internet Address Black Market

Base Station Power Amplifier Transistor Market Expected to Exceed $1 Billion in 2014

Speculation of Alliance with Microsoft Lifts Nokia Shares

IEEE Publishes 1901 BPL Standard (I thought the FCC gave up on BPL?)

China Maneuvers for U.S. Defense Contracts (why not? they have all our technology - stolen or given - already)

Sharing Secrets to Innovate More Profitably

Paper Airplanes Launched from Space, Soar Back to Germany, Australia, Canada

Apple’s Next Multi-Billion-Dollar Business: Connected Televisions

Global Telecoms Industry Revenue to Top $25.6T over 5 Years

75,000 Job Applications Flood Google

Last of IPv4 Addresses Assigned as Focus Turns to IPv6

A Shortage of Power in Data Centers?

90% of Americans Own a Computerized Gadget

Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment Up Slightly in January to 9.8%

GE Gets Waiver from EPA Rules (CEO Immelt just happens to be WH advisor - utter corruption!)

The Ways Science Is Fighting Snow


Indians Bag 47% H-1B Visas

Gallium Nitride Boosted into High-Power Realm

Statistician Cracks Secret Code Behind Lottery Tickets

Wi-Fi Grows to Over 50% of Mobile Web Connections

Argon Buffer Helps GaN Devices Handle Higher Voltages

Telcos Well Prepared for IPv6

Unemployment Among Doctoral Scientists and Engineers Was Lower Than Among the General Population in 2008

100 ppb Crystals Head for Femtocells

RFID Systems Integrator Lets Small Businesses Try Before They Buy

Herman Cain Off WSB; May Run for President (he is Godfather's Pizza founder)

French Telecoms to Launch Internet Payment

900 MHz Mesh Network for UK Smart Grid?

U.S. Tests E-Mail System that Bypasses Egypt-Style Internet Shutdown

New Chipset Embeds GPS and GLONASS Receivers into Mobile Phones

Microsoft Says Google Used Click Fraud to Orchestrate Bing Sting

News Corp's Digital Newspaper The Daily Launches for iPad

First Evidence for a Spherical Magnesium-32 Nucleus

Technology Means Age of Dictators Over (or, it has just begun)

Video Will Dominate Mobile Data Traffic by 2015

What the S