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Technical Headline News Archive - December 2013

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Analyst 2014 Predictions: Educated Guessing Game

Counterfeit Threats for Electronic Parts (gray market)

RCR Wireless News Top 100 Stories of 2013

NSA Able to Hack into iPhones

Report Details NSA's Alleged High-Tech Tricks for Snaring Data

Rockwell Collins to Manufacture VLF Communications System for Stealth Bomber

The World Braces for Retirement Crisis

App Downloads Spiked 91% on Christmas

A Terahertz Generator with the Highest Signal Quality

14 Kickstarter Projects We're Excited for in 2014

U.S. Announces 6 Drone Test Sites (Alpena didn't make the cut)

U.S. Cracks Open Skies to Testing, Use of Aerial Drones

Viewing Where the Internet Goes

Google Heads to Court to Defend Android

Livermore Scientists Discover How Explosives Respond to Shockwaves


Phone Chargers Top List of Unsafe Electrical Goods

Top 10 Tech 'Fails' of 2013

Internet Archive Puts Classic 70s and 80s Video Games Online

Top Radio Stories of 2013

Federal Judge Rules NSA Phone Surveillance Legal

Former HTC Executive Alleged to Have Leaked Company Secrets

U.S. Struggles to Keep Pace in Delivering Broadband Service (mine is 34 Mb/s Dn, 4 Mb/s Up in Alpena, MI)

Tokyo Hy-Power Files for Bankruptcy

China's Beidou Navigation System to Cover World by 2020 with 30 Satellites

Dutch Regulator Permits Traffic Throttling on Public Wi-Fi Networks

Intel Ends 2013 with a Bang

4 Unsettling Prospects for 2014

Resistance Makes Waves

BBC Computer Server 'Was Controlled' by Russian Hacker

Low-Resistivity N-Type AlGaN for More Efficient LEDs

Vanadium Micro-Muscles Developed at Berkeley Lab


2014 R&D Magazine Global Funding Forecast

Councils Waste Million$ on Wind Turbines with 190 Year Breakeven

Want to Succeed? Don't Check Your Email - And Work Out at Lunch

2013 a Year of Epic Proportions for e-Commerce in China

DIY Apps and "Bot to Bot" Marketing


Intel Hires High School Prodigy

The Return of the Theremin

Wearable Tech Market Boosted by Health, Fitness Devices

No Math Gene: Learning Mathematics Takes Practice (Teen Talking Barbie relieved to hear this)

Graphene Flakes May Spin Gold into Quantum Computing

Academia's Engineering Skills Shortage

Researchers Find What Really Happens in a Battery

UK to Build Space-Weather Forecasting System

South Sudan Radio Amateurs off the Air Due to Unrest

King of PCs, Lenovo Sets Smartphone Ambitions

China Approves Pilot to Open Mobile Telecoms Market, Boost Competition

Raytheon Receives $16M Contract for Miniaturized Airborne GPS Receivers

Kids Grasp Large Numbers Remarkably Young

Dog-to-English Translator Funded on Indiegogo


Forecast for Semiconductors and Things in 2014

Walmart Contributes $25M to Settle ESD-Triggered Gas Can Explosion Lawsuits

Start-Up Spirit Emerges in Japan

New Twist in International Relations: The Corporate Keep-My-Data-Out-of-the-U.S. Clause (note to world: you asked for this government in 2008)

China Approves Pilot to Open Mobile Telecoms Market, Boost Competition

5G Dials up Global Efforts

It's a Negative on Negative Absolute Temperatures

ARRL Files Comments on Its "Symbol Rate" Petition

Electronics That Drive You Safely Home

Ion-Selective Membrane for Ultra-Stable Lithium Sulfur Batteries (smells like rotten eggs when exploding?)

Wireless SD Card Connects Any Digital Camera to a Smart Device

Metamaterials to Bend Tsunami Waves Around Towns?

Cryptolocker Ransomware Has Infected About 250,000 PCs

Renewable Energy Subsidies Not a Good Deal for Taxpayers

Feig Expands U.S. Operations, with an Eye Toward NFC


Toy News for Christmas Day:

Santa's Elves Know Toy Assembly Isn't Child's Play

The Golden Age of Toy Manufacturing

Toys That Launched Careers

NIST Achieves Chip-Scale Bidirectional Optical Frequency Conversion

World's First Photonic Integrated Circuit for Manipulating Atoms

NIST Programs for Undergraduates, Teachers, Precision Measurements Announced

Record Low Yen Leaves Japan's PCB Fabs Pessimistic

Whom Do You Trust More with Your Free Speech: The Government or Tech Companies? (I trust the U.S. Constitution, a stranger to either of aforementioned)

TechNewsWorld: Was 2013 the Run-Up to 1984?

Embedded Electronics Become Even More Pervasive

Chinese Lander Captures First Panorama on the Moon

New Salt Compounds Challenge the Foundation of Chemistry


Army PC Police: Don't Say 'Christmas'

U.S. Airlines Want to Stay Cellphone-Free

1st 'Earthrise' Photo from Apollo 8 on Christmas Eve 1968

Headphones, Speakers Top Electronics Gift Lists

Counterfeit Component Chaos (gray market)

Laser Demonstration Reveals Bright Future for Space Communication

U.S. Mobile Internet Traffic Nearly Doubled This Year

Gorgeous, Futuristic Tech Company Headquarters (beauty in eye of beholder)

Take Note, Students: Mice That 'Cram' for Exams Remember Less

New Data Compression Method Outperforms, Enhances JPEG

Why Older Technology Companies May Attempt Desperate Deals

AT&T Plans Small Cell Push for 2014 That Is Actually Quite Large

Startup Designs 75% Smaller Laptop Charger

Google's Schaft Robot Wins DARPA Rescue Challenge

Engineers Produce First 3D Printed Consumer Electronic

Tektronix Communications Acquires Newfield Wireless


California to Introduce First 'Smartphone Killswitch' Bill

Apple Signs iPhone Deal with China Mobile

A Breakthrough for Speeding Satellite Feeds

Br/N-Based Dopants Open Band-Gap in Graphene Nanoplatelets

UPS Expects 15% Jump in Returns of Online Purchases (1/3 of online buys returned)

Will a Computer Decide Whether You Get Your Next Job?

Studies Would Lead to Lighter, Cheaper Magnets

In Tech Buying, U.S. Still Stuck in Last Century (huh? with all the deficit spending in the last few years?)

2013: A Year of Reinvention – from Phone Subsidies to Smartphone Leadership

BlackBerry Steps Back on Handset Business, Shares Jump

Two Ham-Astronauts to Repair Faulty Pump During Multiple Spacewalks

A Micro-Muscular Breakthrough

Chips Are Going Vertical with FinFETs and TSV

Indian Lobby Group Calls for CDMA and GSM Spectrum Auctions to Be Combined

Space Flight Revs Up in 2014

Former Apollo 8 Astronaut to Mark Anniversary of 1968 Christmas Eve Broadcast to Earth (NASA transcript)


U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Ranks #1 in Best Places to Work in the Federal Government

'Universal Ripple' Could Hold the Secret to High-Temperature Superconductivity (not Fred Sanford's kind of Ripple)

Total Telecom: Predictions for 2014

Just What is a Data Scientist Anyway?

2013 Will Finish One of the Ten Coldest Years in U.S. History (inconvenient reality: Gore predicted "ice-free" arctic by 2013)


Graphene-Based FET with Semiconducting Nature Opens up Practical Use in Electronics

Technique Measure the Intrinsic Properties of Quantum Dot Transistors

BlackBerry Bleeds Red Ink As It Posts $4.4B Loss

Ham Radio Santa is On the Air at OF9X

5G Could Incorporate New WAM Modulation

Electron 'Antenna' Tunes in to Physics Beyond Higgs

Gloves off As Mobile Game Developers Wage Christmas War

Canada to Curb the Cost of Domestic Roaming Rates

Evanescent Wave Coupling to Increase Light Extraction Efficiency

Inspirational Young Engineer Recognised by the IET

New Magnetic Behavior in Nanoparticles Could Lead to Even Smaller Digital Memories

Spain Fines Google for Breaking Data Law

£1B Helicopter Deal Safeguards over 3,000 Jobs (good news)

Outdated Magnetic Strips: How U.S. Credit Card Security Lags

Crowd-Funded Lego Car Powered by Air

Sun Looks Like a Rainbow in New SDO Collage


USA Based CDMA Network to Shut Down

Experimenter to Honor Early Wireless Pioneers with Longwave Transmissions

Loudspeaker Is First-Ever 3-D-Printed Consumer Electronic

2013: The Web's Year of the Hoax (here come the year-end stories)

5G Work Officially Begins in Europe

Tech Leaders Seek Borderless World, Now (for cheap domestic help - maids, gardeners, etc.)

Decades-Old Ultra-Relativistic Electron Mystery in Earth's Upper Atmosphere Solved

EU Reaches Deal on Common Mobile Phone Battery Charger

RSA Encryption Keys Cracked by Listening to Computer Noise

Scientists Send Message Made from Molecules (I did years ago that with my ink pen and paper)

China Mobile Launches TD-LTE Service - iPhone Still MIA

Maxwell's Demon Can Use Quantum Information to Generate Work

Already Down 50%, Will Bitcoin Bite the Dust?

EU Launches Satellite That Will Map 1 Billion Star

China's Central Bank Hit in Net Attack as Bitcoin Retribution

Facebook to Pay No Taxes Again in 2013 Per "Wastebook" Report on Gov't Waste - Zuckerberg to Sell Facebook Shares Worth $2.3B (will Occupy Wall Streeters boycott this 1%er - of course not)


White House Names Microsoft Exec to Run Healthcare.gov (the incest continues)

The Block Wave Effect in PCBs

Cellulose Nanocrystals Possible 'Green' Wonder Material

Telecommunications Data Show Civic Dividing Lines in Major Countries

Video Game for Toddlers, with a Plush Controller

Solar Scientists Say Cycle 24 is the Weakest in More than a Century

How This Bay Area Tech Boom's Different from the Last One

Sequestration Relief, Tiltrotor Technology, and Bomber Upgrades

Cellulose Nanocrystals 'Have Strength of Steel'

Bluetooth Smart Radio Boasts Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Kickstarter Millionaires' Club: 11 Projects That Raised More Than $1M in 2013

Bitcoin Sinks after China Restricts Yuan Exchanges

AT&T Selling Its Connecticut Landline Operations for $2B

Vietnam Looking to Raise Cost of 3G Services

Accidental Tax Break Saves Wealthiest Americans $100B (accidental my heinie, pols design that for donors)

GM CEO Says "No" to Repaying $10B Bailout to Taxpayers (no surprise - suckers backed it)


62% of all Web Traffic Comes from Bots, 30% from Hackerbots

USAF to Cut 900 Civilian Jobs, Leave 7,000 Others Unfilled (need $$$ for welfare increases)

Startup Claims Bandwidth Breakthrough

Small Businesses Claim U.S. Government Stealing Their Ideas

Is Silicon Valley Automating Our Obsolescence?

5G Research Gets Boost from European Public-Private Partnership

IBM Sees 5 Tech-Powered Changes in Next 5 Years

DARPA Asks Industry to Develop Pocket-Sized Radiation Detectors to Foil Nuclear Terrorism (while they let Iran enrich U235)

LTE Connections Expected to Reach 2 Billion in 2018

Some Polynesian Islanders Combined Binary and Decimal Math

Thinking in Silicon

Huawei Could Benefit as U.S. Handset Market Shifts Away from Subsidies

San Francisco Gives Its Main Street Free Wi-Fi

An Homage to Douglas Engelbart and a Critique of the State of Tech (mouse inventor)

Liberian Regulator Raids Mobile Network Following SIM Box Fraud

Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Enables Indoor Navigation Without WiFi


Russia Takes Lead in Tablets in Emerging Markets (each one comes with a free Snowden-leaked secret)

DARPA Seeks to Bring Satellite Costs Back down to Earth

Google Buys Military Robot-Maker Boston Dynamics (wants that eeeeevil defense contracting money)

WiLAN Acquires 900 Semiconductor Patents from Panasonic

Graphene Nanoribbons an Ice-Melting Coat for Radar

Internet's Sad Legacy: No More Secrets

New 'Tech Levels' Backed by Industry Unveiled (did you know UK has a 'Skills Minister'?)

What Your Wireless Carrier Knows About You

China Issues 4G Mobile Licenses; TD-LTE Market Experiences Breakthrough

Cookie Hacking, Phone Unlocking, Year-Enders

iPhone Factory in China Underreporting Long Working Hours

Startup Founders Get 'Prenups' for Billion Dollar Breakups

New Technician Class Question Pool Released

Europe Doesn't Innovate, Says Frenchman

Regulating the Cloud: Genband CTO Seeks Balance on FCC Tech Council

Electric Vehicles out in the Cold


4-Year-Old Genius Has Same IQ as Einstein 

Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Grew 5.2% in 2013

China's Autonomous Craft Has Landed on the Moon

Google May Be After Intel's Turf

Cybersecurity Strategy for Citizens


Graphene-Based Nano-Antennas May Enable Networks of Tiny Machines

Former Google Lawyer Michelle Lee to Run U.S. Patent Office (sounds like typical payback for services rendered)

Google Executives Got Discounts from Government on Fuel for Private Aircraft

Quantum Leap for Transistors

Lawsuit Accuses IBM of Hiding China Risks Amid NSA Spy Scandal

Apple Says Death of Teenager at Factory Unrelated to Working Conditions

Novel Bio-Inspired Method to Grow High-Quality Graphene for High-End Electronic Devices

FCC Taking Sensible Path to Study Mobile Phone Use on Airliners (will this ever be resolved?)

Chinese Official Says There is 'Substantial' Price-Fixing Evidence Against Qualcomm

Startup Puts Wireless Charging in a Box

U.S. Networks Agree to Start Unlocking Mobile Phones

Why Radio Is Unique

Internet of Things Installed Base Will Grow to 26 Billion Units by 2020

How Remote Places Can Get Cellular Coverage by Doing It Themselves

New Teeth For an Old Dog: USAF seeks to Give a Bigger Bite to B-52H Firepower (B-52 was introduced in 1955)

Africa's Super Telescopes 'Will Inspire Science Boom'


Google Bus Stunt Reveals Tensions in San Francisco (this is interesting)

New Superconductor Found

Looking at GaN Advances in 2014

Pressure Transforms a Semiconductor into a New State of Matter

Spotify to Offer 'Free' Mobile Service to Android and iOS

One-Step Process Grows and Transfers Graphene onto Silicon

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Hears Hams Say "HI"

Samueli Sees Life after Moore's Law

Amid Cuts and Tax Hikes, Tech Companies Get Love in Ireland (wonder if there is a lesson here?)

Proliferation of GPS-Enabled Smartphones Spurs Growth of Location-Based Apps

Verizon Open to Swapping Spectrum for 700 MHz A Block

Engineer Designs Mug to Keep Coffee Temperature Just Right (essential tech)

Chip Execs Lower Expectations

China Drafting Mobile Payments Regulations

AArmy Crowdsources Project to Build Mobile Command Center

Mouser Sees European Business Grow by 30%


Sales of Corporate-Owned Smartphones Surge

Capturing Wasted Electricity with Triboelectric Generators

When Liquids Behave Like Solids

DARPA to Brief Industry on C2E Program to Develop Jam-Resistant Communications

Medical Electronics to Grow Strongly after a 3 Year Dip

Majority of Mexico City Mobile Users Lose Service for 80 Minutes

New York Asks Cellphone Carriers to Explain Why They Rejected Antitheft Switch

Supreme Court to Hear Patent Case

French Firm Sues HTC and LG for NFC Patent Infringement

Researchers Find Less is More with Adding Graphene to Nanofibers

JPMorgan Patents Bitcoin-Like Payment System

Avoiding the Power Grid

Reduce Electrical Noise in Projected Capacitive Touch Panel Designs

Spark Tri-Mode LTE Service Could Eventually Provide Real-World Speeds of 150-180 Mbps

Google Opens First Data Centers in Asia

NASA Finds the Coldest Place on the Planet


Voice of Russia - Former "Radio Moscow" - to End Shortwave Broadcasts

China Hackers 'Target EU Foreign Ministries'

Bluetooth May Make Digital Wallets Mainstream

USA Police Requests for Cellphone Data Surge

Spintronics Demystified

New Zealand Networks Start Blocking Stolen Phones

Carriers Switch on Small Cells Slowly

Army Graduates Its First Class of Cyber Network Defenders

Transmitter Chip Boosts Optical Fiber Capacity 10x

Moody's: 4G License Is Credit Positive for China Mobile

Twin Primes and Prime Bunches in Mathematicians' Crosshairs

Creation of Entanglement Simultaneously Gives Rise to a Wormhole (time travel?)

Engineering the Future with 3D Software

New Chinese Earth-Observing Satellite Fails after Launch


Mysteries of Earth's Radiation Belts Uncovered by NASA Twin Spacecraft

Satellite Cooling System Breakthrough Developed by Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Grew 5.2% in 2013

UK to Spend £10M on 'Innovative' Rural Broadband Tech

Can iPads Help Students Learn Science? Yes, Says Study (so can paper books, but the students must want to learn)


Tower Crew Hiring Accelerates (these guys often get paid McDonald's wages for dangerous work)

Semi Industry on Track for Highest-Ever Annual Sales (>$300B) in 2013

How Defense Cost-Cutting Can Spur Innovation (has that ever happened w/past cut eras?)

USB Type-C Cable Plugs to be Reversible

Finance for Engineers: Financial Ratios

Nonlinear Light-Generating Zero-Index Metamaterial Created

Intense 2-Color Double X-Ray Laser Pulses Measures Ultrafast Processes

Motorola Moves up to Become the 3rd-Ranked Smartphone Manufacturer in USA

All About Batteries, Part 1: Introduction

JILA Team Develops 'Spinning Trap' to Measure Electron Roundness

China Mobile-Apple iPhone pact 'Very Big Deal'

75W Incandescent Replacement LED Lamp Draws Only 18% Current (these I like)

For Bitcoin, a Setback in China and an Endorsement on Wall Street

Private Company Plans U.S.'s 1st Controlled Moon Landing in 40 Years

Architects of Nanoworld Behind the Screens

Microsoft Leads Disruption of Largest Globally Infected PC Network


Man Arrested for Charging His Electric Car at Son's School

Bluetooth Smart Gets Smarter

Malaysia to Offer 700 MHz Spectrum Auction in 2018

China Formally Awards LTE Operating Licenses

Army Opts for Obsolete Electronic Technology to Keep Soldier and Ground Systems Running

December is YOTA Month!

European Equipment Capex to Grow 50% Next Year

Laser Light at Useful Wavelengths from Semiconductor Nanowires

UK Government Paves Way for Driverless Cars

Sony May Buy Renesas Fab

CCA Urges FCC to Form Task Force Focusing on Wireless Competition

Apple Completes Key China Mobile Deal

Microsoft: NSA Hacks Were an 'Earthquake' for Tech

Hackers Steal over 2 Million Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Passwords

Mathematical Scientist Suggests Possible Test for Existence of Axions

Imperial Congress Exempts Some Employees from Obamacare (all others subsidized by taxpayers)


FCC Proposes AM Radio Changes to Give the Band a Boost

Stanene May Be Better Than Graphene (this is major news)

Guide to Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Optimization

Laser Communication Mission Targets 2017 Launch

Defending Against Electromagnetic Attacks

Trouble with Apple's Touch ID Fingerprint Reader

Explosive Smartphone Growth Stymies Indian Feature Phone Sales

Japan's Electronics Firms Pin Hopes on Smart Appliances

High Schooler Returns to Her Elementary Alma Mater to Lead Space Station Contact

Researchers Discover Nanoscale Shape-Memory Oxide

SpaceX Successfully Launches Commercial Satellite

FCC's Wheeler Signals Intent to Let Smaller Carriers Get More Spectrum

HTC Smartphone Banned from Sale in the UK for Infringing Nokia Patent

Spooky Physics Phenomenon May Link Universe's Wormholes

Army Taking 3D Electronic Printing to Next Level

Colored Plastic Doubles Solar Cell Power


RF Safe-Stop Shuts Down Car Engines with Radio Pulse

Google Filing 10 Patent Applications Per Day

The Best Twitter Jokes About Amazon's Drones (great wit)

DARPA Aims for a Breakthrough in Field Communications

Tech Reliant on Finite Metal Sources

Canada Issues Short-Term 472-479 kHz Experimental License

Federal Reserve Reports on Barriers to NFC Adoption in U.S.

Startup Drives 60 GHz to Small Cells

PC Shipments to See 'Most Severe Yearly Fall on Record' (so what? most users do only social media, don't need a 'real' computer)

CTIA Unveils Database to Track Stolen LTE Smartphones

Huge Drop in Equipment Sales in 2013

Better Gold Alloys for Communications Tech

New Canadian Wireless Code of Practice Comes into Effect Today

New FCC Chief Promises He Will Protect Competition (gov't bureaucrat promise = opposite of claim)

New Tool Detects Electromagnetic Attacks

Volvo Planning Major Autonomous Car Test


U.S. Eyes Phase-Out of Old Telephone Network (POTS down the pot)

5G Mobile System Requirements Discussed at ETSI Future Mobile Summit

Engineering Support Contracts Indicate the Pentagon is Sinking into the Mothball Strategy

Christmas Shopping for a Girl? Consider Science and Engineering Toys

Italian Company to Sell Portable Cold Fusion Plant Deliverable Next Year (is this a hoax?)

TV Tuner Standards Keep Digital TV and LTE from Colliding

Challenges of Measuring Big Voltages on the Railways

New Technology Produces Electricity from Highway Traffic

Underwater Archaeologists Fight Particle Physicists on Using Ancient Roman Ingots (nerd fight)

Drones Used to Try to Smuggle Contraband into Jail Google's Growing Patent Stockpile

Nobel Prize Economist Warns of U.S. Stock Market Bubble (no prob - Fed just dilutes my $$$ even more)

Iron Complexes Replace Precious Metals in Alcohol and Amine Synthesis

A Step Closer to Composite-Based Electronics

China Launches Its 1st Moon Rover

ISON, Thought Dead but Found Alive, Is Now Fading Away


Potential for Abuse Stalls Cellphone Kill Switch Debate

Physicists Study Coldest Objects in Universe

End of the Public University? (broke from taxpayer funding of worthless degrees that qualify for burger flipping jobs)

LTE to Launch in Greenland

Semi Releases October Book-to-Bill Ratio



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