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Technical Headline News Archive - October 2008

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Magnetism and Nanocrystals Promise Denser Storage, New Devices
Grim Outlook Seen for Semis
Ultrafast Lasers Give Researchers a Snapshot of Electrons in Action
Analysts at Odds over Mobile Phone Sales
Freescale Dragged to Loss; Will Lay off 10%
One-in-Ten Mobile Broadband Users Feel That They Have Been Mis-Sold
Perfect 10 Image from Repaired Hubble Telescope
Linux Could Save Motorola's Mobile Phone Business
Banks, Telcos to Decide on Wallet-Phones
Sprint to 'Retain' & Spruce Up iDEN
Phoenix Goes Quiet
Court Limits 'Business Method' Patents
Replacing the CRT - Take 3
Mini 11, World's Smallest Explosive or Bio-Terrorism Detector
Toyota Robot Maid Learns from Mistakes
Hubble Telescope Back in Business
Difficult to Read Instructions Decrease Motivation
IEEE Members Loom Large Among Tech Elite
CSR to Cut Jobs as Sales and Profits Slide
Colleges Entering 'Difficult Financial Times'
Wireless Warriors
War of the Worlds: 70th Anniversary
Holiday Spending on Consumer Electronics to Grow (see below for opposite conclusion from the 'experts')
Mobile and Wireless Handset Device Market Stalls, Christmas Fears Rise
European, U.S. Sales Hold Back Global Chip Growth
A Fast, Programmable Molecular Clock
India Poised to Be Major Player in Satellite Manufacturing
Election-Night News to Co-Star Latest Technology
Energy-Generating Spinning Wheel Provides Power for the Poor
Conscientious People Live Longer
Glitch Reports Mount for e-Voting Machines
Venezuela Launches First Satellite with Chinese Technology
Scientists Grow Bigger, Better Diamonds
Militaries to Spend $44.5B on ISR UAVs
Intel Invests $20M in China-Based Cleantech Start-Up
BMV Readies for Wireless Network Rollout in 2009
Exxon, Shell Profits Soar on Oil, Refinery Strength
NASA May be Able to Speed up Launch of Moonship
MPs Ask for Views on State of Engineering in the UK
Online Community for Women in Science
Mobile Money Transfer and NFC to Account for 50% of the M-Payments Market by 2013
Black Silicon Promises Cheaper, More-Sensitive Light Detectors
Satellites Approach the Shannon Limit
Component Distributors See First Signs of Slowdown
Will Robots be Taking Your Job?
New Mass Sensor to Weight Atoms with Unprecedented Resolution
Electricity Found on Saturn Moon--Could It Spark Life?
Microsoft Gets Patent for Patently Offensive Audio Content
65% of Unemployed Americans Have Cell Phones
At Mayo Clinic, RFID Slashes Error Rate
Nortel Wins Largest Ever 3.65 GHz WiMAX Contract
U.S. Border Crossings Reading New RFID-Enabled Documents for Screening Vehicles
U.S. Court Rules in Favor of Seoul Semiconductor Against Nichia
Opening the Airwaves
Soapy Property Improves Electron Mobility in Organic Semiconductors
Windows 7 a Big Improvement over Vista
Semiconductor Industry can Expect 'Long, Dark Season' for OEMs
Wi-Fi Alliance Studies Possible 11n Confusion
Princeton Warning on E-Voting Machine Hack (done in 7 minutes)
Gates, Microsoft Lobby FCC for Unlicensed White Spaces Use
Home Broadband Still Twice as Fast as Mobile Broadband
Physicist Ian Appelbaum Puts New Spin on Semiconductors
New Process Increases the Energy Output of Methanol Fuel Cells by 50%
Constructing a Global Solar Energy Grid
Mobile Phone Users Curbing Spending and Upgrade Plans
Anadigics' Revenue Falls More-Than-Expected 28%
Intel to Add Wi-Fi 'Personal Area Networking' to Centrino 2
HomePlug AV: Partial Power Line Progress
Testing WiMAX, Testing
Mathematicians Illuminate Deep Connection Between Classical and Quantum Physics
IEEE-USA President Encourages Greater Investment in People, Technology, Energy R&D at Innovation 2008 Conference
Airport Scanners Showing People's 'Private Parts' to Get Scrutiny
Reduce Computer Power Usage? Silicon Optical Fiber Made Practical
Forecast: U.S. Military Spending Down, IT Spending Up
iSuppli Does BlackBerry Bold Teardown, $169 BOM
Dingell Dangles White Spaces Questions
Nuclear-Powered Passenger Aircraft to Transport Millions
Climate is the Real Crisis: Britain's Prince Charles (this guy needs a job)
U.S. Department of Justice Approves RFID Licensing
Tektronix Runs Oscilloscope as 20 GHz Spectrum Analyser
A Better Network for Outer Space (Outernet?)
Wireless Bolsters Verizon Profit Despite Economy
Deploying an Explosion Proof Wi-Fi Network for Oil Rigs
New Technology Improves RFID Systems
Wireless Carriers Up Opposition to Free WiFi
Convergence 2008 Draws Automotive Electronics Giants to Detroit
FCC Responds to ARRL Petition Against Experimental License using 40 Meter Band
A Wireless Bone Healing Monitor
Electronics Events in Brazil
New EU CO2 Caps Anger Airlines
Corps of Engineers Helps Guide Iraq Infrastructure Progress
Armadillo Rocket Takes $350,000 Prize
U.S. Army Says Blogging Site 'Twitter' Could Become Terrorist Tool
Northrop Grumman Continues to Update B-52 Electronic Warfare Systems
Cameras Capture Fireball in the Sky
Text Messaging, IMs a Ticking Time Bomb
Four Engineering Teams Triumph in High Stakes Venture Lab Competition
Smarter People More Likely to Vote
North Korea Clamps down on Mobile Phones to Stop News of Food Crisis
Chemists Devise Self-Assembling 'Organic Wires'
Underground Lab Probes How Matter Licked Antimatter
Highest Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency Ever Reached
"Mother of All Quantum Networks" Unveiled in Vienna
Electronic Supply Chain Sales Recover in August
2008 ARRL Online Auction Running Now
Stephen Hawking to Retire from Prestigious Post
NAB Fight Against 'White Spaces' Access Gains Congressional Support
German Study Finds Most RFID Deployments Deemed a Success
335,000 Cellular Base Stations to Include Solar Power by 2013
Silicon Valley's Mystery Meeting of CEOs Revealed
Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot Program between the USPTO and Danish PTO
Google Wants to Expand into Russia, but Russia Won't Let It
The Sky isn't Falling and That's a Problem - Space Junk
FCC Seeks Comment on HD Power Increase
U.S. Wind Energy Industry on Track to Post Another Record Year
Next Round of PAVE PAWS Mitigation Contacts Begin
Scientists Develop High-Performance Steel for Possible Use in ITER Fusion Project
Bill Gates Creating New Company
Samsung Q3 Profit Falls 44%
World's Most Advanced Microscope Unveiled
Australia Plans Electric Vehicle Network
30-Year-Old Hobby-Lobby R/C Airplane Wins UAV Contest
Peeling Scotch Tape Emits X-Rays, Startling Study Finds
Broadcom Pushes High-Speed Bluetooth Standard
IET Issues New Guide on EMC for Functional Safety
WJ Boosts TriQuint's 47% Growth as Profit Triples
Coalition for Affordable Communications Urges FCC to 'Stop the Vote' Increasing Phone Rates
3D Nanotube Assembly Technique for Nanoscale Electronics
Older Adults Increasingly Adopt Text Messaging
India Eyes Larger Slice of Satellite Launch Sector
Air Force Creates New Pilot Programs for Drones
Denser, More Powerful Computer Chips Possible with Plasmonic Lenses that 'Fly'
Nokia's Naked Ambition: Moving Beyond Cellphones
Google Releases My Location with Wi-Fi
Justice Department Gives Nod to EPC Gen 2 Patent Pool
Comcast to Roll out Faster Internet Speeds (up to 50Mbps)
Finally, BlackBerry Bold to Hit the U.S. on November 4
RadioShack Posts Profit, Cites Sales Slowdown
Hybrid Memory Solves Key Problem for Quantum Computing
Could Your Initials Influence Where You Choose to Work?
McCain and Obama's Tech Platforms
90% of Americans are Satisfied with Their Jobs
UK Electrowetting Flexible Display Project Gets £12M Government Backing
The 'Gore Effect' at Harvard - Record Cold Temps at Speech
Magic Solar Milestone Reached: UNSW Claims 25% Solar Cell Efficiency Title
Telecom Workers Throw Their Shoes at Thai PM
Physicists Find a New State of Matter in a 'Transistor'
MEMS Price to Fall As Production Rises
Eels' Shocking Secrets Could Power Devices
Handset Chip Streams Music over FM Link
ARRL Files Petition with FCC against Experimental License Using 40 Meter Band
First Antenna-in-Package Solution for Single-chip 60 GHz Radio
Moore Foundation Awards RIT Award to Develop Noiseless Detector
India Launches First Unmanned Moon Mission
Panasonic Engineers Introduce Methanol Fuel Cell Prototype
Recent Stock Market Decline Causes Economic Cybercrime to Hit All-Time High
Keystrokes Can Be Sniffed Without the PC Being Compromised
ARRL Announces New Youth Editor
Do 5 Simple Things a Day to Stay Sane
Russia Set to Invest Heavily in Space Industry
Navy Shipboard Technology Evaluation Deal Awarded
Microscopic Structure of Quantum Gases Made Visible: Bose-Einstein Condensate
E-Voting Under Scrutiny as U.S. Election Enters the Home Stretch
Google Opens Android Source Code to Mobile Developers
Millionaire Hedge Fund Boss Thanks 'Idiot' Traders, Retires at 37
Oil Falls Below $70 on U.S. Recession Fears
Dutch Youths Convicted of Virtual Theft
Texas Searches Prisons after Death Row Phone Found
Brazil 'Hopes to Launch Satellite Rocket in 2011'
TI to Sell Part of Wireless Chip Unit
WLAN Chip Market to Pass $4B in 2012
Wal-Mart, DOD Point to Sustained RFID Progress
Richard Garriott, W5KWQ, Gets Busy from Space
Study Finds Wireless Ties Binding Families
Fujitsu Develops Zero Power Standby HEMT
Motorola Shows off New Luxury Mobile Phone
Researchers Craft Cell-Level CMOS Implants
Fusion Projects Hang in Limbo
Is the Sun Setting on Solar Power in Spain?
Austrian Firm to Produce Electric Off-Road Motorcycle
Circuit City Might Close 150 Stores, as Possible Bankruptcy Looms
Killer App for Cell Handsets
100 Best Places to Live in America's Small Cities
Do Cell Phones Increase Brain Cancer Risk?
First U.S. Math Textbook up for Auction
Producing New U.S. Energy Crops by the Barrel
Calls for More Research into Mobile Phone - Brain Cancer Links
Ericsson Reports Stronger Than Expected 3rd Quarter Results
Hawaii to Turn off Analog Early
Intel Commits $120M in Science Programs
FCC Sets Election Day Blockbusters
Bush Signs Defense Authorization Bill
Korean Tech Makes Hydrogen up to 30x Cheaper to Produce
Survey Finds Optimism Among Tech Executives
British Defence Ministry Releases UFO Files
First Tunable, 'Noiseless' Amplifier May Boost Quantum Computing, Communications
Hubble Space Telescope Crashes Again
Sun + Water = Fuel
UK Start-Up Produces Programmable Silicon Fabric for SOCs
Motorcyclist Jailed for YouTube Speeding Stunt
SEMI Book-to-Bill Slips to 0.76; Lowest Since '01
InP Substrate Market to Grow at 38% to $75M in 2012
Open Source in Mobile Phones: Challenges for Software Vendors
Future Planes, Cars May Be Made of 'Buckypaper'
Conexant Sells Wireless IP for $15M
Countdown for India's First Moon Mission Begins Tomorrow
Lunar Lander Teams to Compete for NASA Prize
Buckypapers Clarify Electrical, Optical Behavior of Nanotubes
High-End Mobile Apps Largely Ignored, Survey Finds
U.S. Nuclear Family Also Technology Family
Russia to Have Five Weather Satellites by 2013
Suspected Robber Nabbed by Stolen Cell Phone
Self-Assembled Organic Circuits
No Higher Risk of Leukemia for Children Living Near Powerful Radio Transmitters
Putin's Pup Tests Russian Version of GPS
Every E-mail in UK to Be Monitored
Hubble Space Telescope up and Running Again
Academics Predict Growing Cybercrime Sophistication
Silicon Ink Targets RFIDs
Satellite Operators Call for Consistency Between EU Space and Telecoms Policies
White Space Devices Might Appear in 2009, if FCC Directive is Clear
Macroeconomic Conditions Produce Semi 'Haves' and 'Have Nots'
IR Expands Family of RAD-Hard Logic Level MOSFETs
Kovio Unveils Printed-Silicon HF RFID, Chip Tag
Philips Shows Magic Wands and Electric Dresses
Mass Production of Plastic Solar Cells
Is Falling Fab Equipment Book-to-Bill Good News for Chips?
Headsets.com to Offer Free Cell Phone Headsets to Those Ticketed Under the New Law
Investigators Rule Out Wireless Device Interference in Qantas Mishap
E-Mails Asking for Personal Information Are Not from ARRL
Chinese Battery Company Readies Hybrid-Electric Car
U.S. Tech Jobs Increase, But Growth Slowing
First Tunable, 'Noiseless' Amplifier May Improve Communications
Skin Rash Warning for Some Cellphones
U.S. FCC to Mull Verizon, Sprint Deals; White Space
Einstein's Relativity Survives Neutrino Test
Europeans Aim to Build Own Manned Spacecraft
360 People Stopped for Driving While Chatting in UK County
TV Remote Controller Uses RFID to Become Battery-Free
Researchers Propose Flexible Power Microgrids
FCC Chair Eyes Fallow TV Airwaves for Broadband
ARRL General License Course on CD-ROM Now Available
The Investment Outlook Sours
Creating Wireless Network Using Visible Light
GE Scientists Develop Battery-Free, Multi-Detection Wireless Sensors
Nokia Reports Sharp Drop in Q3 Profits
Economy Makes Bosses Consider Smarter Working
What if the Feds Bailed out the Busted Dot-Coms?
Navy Endeavor to Reduce Energy Consumption
FBI Sees Rise in Computer Crime
Modeling the Atomic and Void Structures of Amorphous Materials
Nokia is Top EU Company for R&D Spending
WiFi Encryption Cracked by Russians Using Nvidia Graphics Cards
VoIP-Connected Households to Grow by 8.5M by 2011
Significant Process in Creating 3-D Stacked Integrated Chips
FCC Official: Digital TV Switch Will Be Messy
IBM Extends China Research
Replacing Hard-Disk Drives with Solid State
Fabless Revenue Growth Slowed Y/Y in Q2
Nokia Siemens Says Shipping 4G-Ready Network Gear
Water-Repelling Metals
Electronics Companies Innovative to Meet Evolving Power Needs on Digital Battlefield
NASA to Start Long Distance Repairs on Hubble
Paint That Can Prevent Plane Crashes (this is ingenious)
A Heads-Up on Headphones and Your Hearing
Probe Sees Unused Internet
Study: Web Searching Keeps Brain from Getting Old
British Government Minister Warns of Terror Threat
U.S. Authorities Shutter Worldwide Spam Operation
Website Lets Kids Report School Bullies Incognito
New Comet Discovered by Canadian Astronomer
Free WiFi Gets FCC OK
Harvard Spinout Licenses 'Black Silicon' Patents
U.S. Air Force Looks for Outside Help with Technology Programs
Get Ready for the 51st Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) This Weekend
Renesas COO: Economy to Have 'Severe' Impact on ICs
Analog Era Slowly Sputters, Clicks to a Close (Bob Pease would have something to say about that)
New Service to Stop Loose Lips from Crashing Cars
Navy Honors 'Father of Electronic Warfare'
OpenOffice 3.0 Released Today
Microsoft Rumored to Be Eyeing RIM
Google's Employee 20% Time Projects Pay Dividends for the Rest of Us
Finally, Sunspots Have Been Spotted
SEMI Discovers the 'Perfect Industry'
Cassini Fly-By Reveals New Insights into Titan's Life
Russian Spacecraft Carrying American Docks with ISS
U.S. Air Force Demotes Cyberspace Command
What Do You Know? Not as Much as You Think
Computers Crack Jokes in Unusual Artificial Intelligence Test
European Green Plans Jeopardized
H-1B Visa Fraud Found
Qantas Probes Laptop Interference Link after 300 Foot Plunge
Spectrum Defense: "More Work to Do"
Tech Firms' Growth, Profit Outlook Less Rosy
Qualcomm Targets GPS-Enabled Handsets with SiRF Deal
EU: Turn Down Those MP3 Players!
13.56 MHz RFID Reference Design Offers a True 64-bit Encryption Engine and Lower Host-side BOM
Vishay Terminates Offer to Buy IRF
U.S. 'Smart Lighting' Effort Targets LED-Based Wireless Nets
Emerging Markets Mobile Penetration to Rise from 46% in 2008 to 95% by 2013
A New Telehealth Age Dawns
HD Radio Hits Manufacturing Milestones
Emerging Technology Trends in 2009
Qimonda Restructures, Cuts 3000 Jobs
Plastic Film Could Make House Lights Obsolete
Fujitsu Claims First High-Output GaN HEMT to Cut Power in Standby Mode
Messenger Sets Record for Accuracy of Planetary Flyby
Baldness Gene Discovered: 1 in 7 Men aAt Risk
The Panic of '08: What Made Investors Run for the Exits?
Creator of the "Ultima" Video Game Series Flies into Space for $35 Million
Spinoff 2008 Highlights NASA Innovations in Everyday Life
iSuppli Darkens Semi Outlook
Kenya's Elephants Send Text Messages to Rangers
Tech Firms' Growth, Profit Outlook Less Rosy
Warning to USPTO Customers: Trademark Monitoring and Document Filing Companies
Alert Issued Over Eco Light Bulbs
Mass Experiment in Telecoms Quality Perception
New Spintronics Effect Could Lead to Magnetic Batteries
Pennsylvania Becomes 27th State with Ham Antenna Law on Books
'Geeks On Call' Outsourced IT Services Available to Christmas Decor Franchises
Army Taps Six to Provide pRFID Tech
Electric Field Boosts Fuel Economy
China to Allocate Additional Spectrum to 3G Networks
Taiwanese Agency Tests a Broad Range of RFID Uses
Smart Phones and Mobile Devices in the Office: Who's Using, Who's Paying?
Promising New Material Could Improve Gas Mileage
SiRF Signs Patent Deal with Qualcomm - Gets Broadcom Review
Narcissistic People Most Likely to Emerge as Leaders (I am neither surprised nor encouraged by this news)
Sticky Nanotape
Micron Cutting Workforce by 15%
Handset Navigation Users Will Reach 70 Million in 2014
Global Auto Market May "Collapse" in 2009: J.D.Power
GM Shares Fall to Lowest Level Since 1950
iSuppli Cuts Chip Forecast on 'Warning Signs' for Market
Asian Stocks Fall, Set for Worst Week on Record; Banks Plunge
Reflective Plastic Replaces Glass in Solar Energy Conversion
Gartner Slashes IC Capex Forecast for '08, '09
Scientists Create Superconducting Thin Films
Semi Equipment Demand Not Expected to Recover Until 2010
Yale Professor Proposes Unipolar CMOS
Europe Announces its HiPER Laser Fusion Programme
Researchers Want LED "Hot Spots" to Replace Wi-Fi
121 Million Mobile Users in Japan by 2011
New Material Could Act as Nanofridge for Microchips In Smaller and Faster Computers
Cash Woes 'Devastating' to Science
IMEC Embeds First Functional Optical Links in Flexible Substrate
The Future for Analog ICs is in the Hands of Handsets and TVs
Does OpenOffice.org Still Matter? (RF Cascade Workbook for OOo)
100 MW of Wind Turbines Planned for British Canals
Quantum Encryption at the Verge of Commercial Use
DOD Needs to Enforce Its Own RFID Mandate, Says IG
Renault Bets on Electric Vehicles
Stations Go All-Christmas Without Changing Format
New, Smaller Satellites are Developed
How Green Is Plant-Derived Gasoline?
Singapore to Make Temporary Licenses Available for Visiting Hams
TV Newsrooms Lose 360 Positions (gee, wonder why TV networks just aren't popular anymore?)
Tech Firms Prepare for the Worst
World's Most Used RFID-Based Cards Hackable in Ten Minutes
Warning to USPTO Customers: Trademark Monitoring and Document Filing Companies
Invention That Could Change Design of Future Memory Storage Devices
EU Scientists Launch New, 'Unbreakable' Encryption System
AT&T Shares Results from 2008 Parent-Child Texting Survey
Last Night's Fireball Impact Generated Light Show
Ensuring Chip Stability
BlackBerry Storm Mobile Smart Phone Thunders into Market on Verizon Wireless
MESSENGER Returns Images from Mercury Fly-By
Spectrum Bridge Solves the White Space Problem
ARRL Continuing Education Online Course Registration
SpaceDev Achieves New Milestone in NASA Space Act Agreement
Broadcom Claims Qualcomm's Licensing Practices Violate U.S. Law
India Gets Ready to Launch First Lunar Spacecraft
Human Error Likely Caused CERN Atom-Smasher Breakdown
EU Proposes Increased Rights for Internet Shoppers
New Material Could Speed Development of Hydrogen Powered Vehicles
Former POWs Now Eligible for Posthumous Purple Hearts
Engineering Jobs: Implosion or Same Old, Same Old?
Japanese Duo, U.S. Scientist Win Nobel for Particle Physics
Boulder-Sized Asteroid will Burn up in Earth's Atmosphere Tonight
China Continues Asia/Pac Semi Industry Growth Domination, India & Vietnam Gaining
Stockholm Underground Railway to Get Mobile Coverage
New Defense Act Enforces Stricter Competition on Contracts
University Builds Links with Microwave Manufacturer
Power Cell Wins $1M Pentagon Prize
FCC Sets Plans for 700 MHz Public Safety Block
Metal Prices are Plunging (except the precious types)
Zooming Way In, Technique Offers Close-ups of Electrons, Nuclei
Telecommuting Boosts Worker Productivity
ISIS to Develop Star Tracker for Nanosatellites
One Bad Electrical Connection Sparked Collider Shutdown
SunPower to Add U.S. Solar Jobs
AMD Spins off Plants into Venture with Abu Dhabi
Freescale Semiconductor Plans Investment, but Sees Consumer Confidence Falling
Savvy TV Lovers Cancel Cable, Watch Shows Online
Firefox Mobile Browser Nears Release as Microsoft Shuts Down
PV Analyst Warns of Marooned Megawatts
Panic Engulfs Global Stock Markets (the bad news)
Oil Briefly Falls Below $90 (the good news)
Labor Report Indicates Squeeze on Tech Sector
Predicting the Science Nobel Prizes Winners
New Robotic Repair System Will Fix Ailing Satellites
Local TV Reports on Engineering, Science Highlight IEEE Technologies that Benefit Society
In Quantum Channels, 0 + 0 Can Equal Non-Zero
CERN Starts up Computing Grid to Crunch Atom-Smasher Data
Taken for Granted: A Big Idea About Fostering Innovation
Passports: Another Bad Use of Self-Signed Certificates
New Graphene-Based Material Clarifies Graphite Oxide Chemistry
Flexible Silicon Solar Cells
Samsung Investing Heavily Despite Economic Climate
Visa Partners with Nokia to Offer RFID-Enabled Services
How Many Apollos or Atoms Smashers Would that $0.7T Bail-Out Buy?
Fraud Plagues Prepaid Calling Card Market
Starbucks Wastes Millions of Litres of Water a Day
eBay to Cut 1,000 Jobs
Playing Pinball with Atoms
Smart Electricity Meter Developed
Flexible Screen Could Lead to Foldable Computers
Photovoltaic Paint on Steel Sheets
Unraveling 'Math Dyslexia'
International Space Station Changes Orbit Awaiting Tourist
Men Happiest Online, Women Prefer Family Tme
Wireless at Fiber Speeds
France Seeks €300bn Rescue Fund for Europe
Surveillance of Skype Messages Found in China
Micron Posts $1.6B Net Loss for Fiscal 2008
Steve Jobs Heart-Attack Hoax Slams Apple Stock
TI Introduces Highly Integrated, Cost-Effective RF Range Extender for 2.4 GHz Wireless Nets
Comcast Wants WiMax Femtocells in 2009
Electronics that Can Diagnose and Heal Themselves Under Development
Freescale Semiconductor Looking to Sell Mobile Chips Division
DoE Ramps up Renewable Energy Investments
CERN Unveils Computer Grid Linking 7,000 Scientists
Official Opening of the International Institute of Space Commerce
NASA Spacecraft Finds the Sun is Not a Perfect Sphere
CFLs: Are We Trading Energy Conservation for Toxic Mercury Emissions?
T-Mobile UK to Shut-Down 5,000 Base Stations
Optical Material Could Enable Universal Laser
Credit Jitters Hit Telecom Credit Default Swaps
Google Earth Sleuther Zooms in on Fossett's Crash Site
Cheap, Off-Grid Cooling
China Sets Sights on First Space Station
Radiation Shut Down EU Test Satellite for Two Weeks
IR, Vishay Get Hostile
De-Cap & Reverse Engineering of a Maxim LiIon Charging IC
Buffett Invests $3B in General Electric
U.S. Venture Capitalists Struggle Due to Frozen Markets
Semiconductor Sales Grow Strongly - SIA
Congress Passes Bill to Help Save Internet Radio
Magnetic Hunger Could Drive Space Travelers Insane
EU Commissioner Speaks Her Mind About Europe's Wireless Economy
Hijacking Satellite Navigation
First Detection of Magnetic Field in Distant Galaxy Produces a Surprise
Telstra Warns that Early Clock Change Can Confuse Mobile Phones
Spotless Sun: Blankest Year of the Space Age
Airwaves Exchange Will Market Unused Frequencies
Nanoparticles Can Breech Body's Skin Barrier
Zooming Way In, Technique Offers Close-Ups of Electrons, Nuclei
ChanNenel 73 on the Dish Network is now The Obama Channel (wonder if he wants the Fairness Doctrine applied to his channel?)
Boeing Uses Commercial Satellite Technology for TSAT Review
Microsoft Steps up Web Search R&D in Europe
Democrats More Mobile Savvy Than Republicans
Desktops, Laptops, Servers and Networks Are First to Go in Tight Budget Years
Counterintuitive Physics May Help Everyone Drive Home Quicker
Sony Ericsson Begins 2,000 Job Cuts
Tech Stocks Lose Safe Harbor Status
Women Fleeing Tech Jobs Because of Glass Ceiling
Avago Buys Infineon RF Filter Design Team
JTRS-Approved Radios Coming to Marines
Cloud Radar: Predicting the Weather More Accurately
R&D Chiefs Share Their Strategies
USPTO: Trademark Consistency Initiative - Final Notice
U.S. Cracking Down on IP Leaks to China
Intel Says Will Invest Through Recession
Hot Laptops: Engineers Aim to Solve 'Burning' Computer Problem
Top-10 Selling Phones in September 2008
Media, Tech Companies Unite to Fight Piracy
Asia-Pacific CDMA Growth Slows to an All-Time Low
Chicago WiMax is 'Imminent'
Low-Power Liquid Lens
Researchers Efficiently Slice Germanium Wafers for Solar Power Cells
NASA Delays Hubble Space Mission into 2009
House Passes Webcaster Bill
Sensors Shake up Gadgets
Army Amateur Radio Station in Iraq Seeks American Military Personnel to Lead Station
UK Fraud Office Not to Pursue TV Phone-In Probe
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