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Electronics & Tech Headline News Archive - October 2019

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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UWB in iOS 13 Could Prompt Widespread Growth

• Space: A Major Legal Void

Microsoft Takes Another Stab at Wireless

Thailand to Hold 5G Auctions in February

• Eutelsat Investigating Solar Array Incident on New Communications Satellite


• Samsung Introduces New Building Blocks for 5G Networks

• Microsoft Beats Amazon for Pentagon's $10B Cloud Computing Contract

• UK Government Backs £1B Shared Rural Network

• UK's Shared Rural Network a Ploy to Extinguish Spectrum Obligations?

• Micron Claims World's Fastest SSD


• GatorWings Wins DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge

• Qualcomm Fund Promotes 5G Apps Beyond Smartphone

• Saudi Arabia and Seychelles Join International Amateur Radio Union

• Google's Sycamore Chip Progresses Towards Quantum Supremacy

Base Station Antenna Market to Show Solid Growth to 2022


World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) 2019 Gets Under Way October 28

• Russia Tests Ability to Disconnect from Internet

"Decade of Darkness" for California Spurring Generator Windfall (gasoline & diesel - brilliant!)

III-V Semiconductor-Based Chips for 5G Mobile

• ARRL Foundation Announces 4 Additional Scholarship Recipients


• NewSpace Will Eliminate Sun-Synchronous Orbits (very interesting)

C-Band Alliance Taken to Task in FCC Oversight Hearing

• Michigan State U. Amateur Radio Club Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Tech Vetting Law in San Francisco Could Fuel Regulatory Trend

• Huawei Discusses Leasing 5G Tech to U.S. Firms


• SpaceX Seeks Permission for 30,000 More Internet Satellites

FCC Amends Tariffing Rules and Expedites 800 MHz Reconfiguration

• Corning, Intel Team up for In-Building 5G

• Record 0 to 7.8 BeV in 8 Inches

• Approved Apps Turn Google Home, Alexa into Smart Spies


• U.S. Semiconductor Industry Veterans Keep Wary Eyes on China

Fixed Wireless Access: Boom or Bust for U.S. Wireless Carriers?

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras Largest 5G Market Until 2023

• Is Mobile Data Now a Basic Human Right?

How Did Radio Perform in Q3?


• U.S. Defense Department to Showcase 5G Innovations

• Annual ARRL Online Auction Ends October 24

• Connecting Forgotten Businesses with Satellite Internet

• Use AI to End Spectrum 'Land Grabs'

• Why You Don't Need to Change Passwords So Often


• FCC Establishes Innovation Zones for Experimental Wireless Licenses

16 GHz Indium Aluminum Nitride Barrier Transistors on Silicon

• Volvo Group Passes 1,000,000 Connected Customer Assets

How Sustainable Is High-Tech?

• Alexei Leonov, World's 1st Space Walker, Dies


• Cooperative Agrees to Pay FCC Fine for Violating Antenna Inspection Rules

• U.S. Semiconductor Industry Veterans Keep Wary Eyes on China

• Nanomaterials Scientists Pave Way for Ultra-Tiny Electronics

Does U.S. Need Its Own Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei?

Multi-Mode Radar for sUAV Able to Track Moving Targets on Ground


• EU Lays out 3 Primary Security Concerns Related to 5G

JMA Plans U.S. 5G Manufacturing for Indoor mmWave Product

5G Phone Sales to Cross 1 Billion Devices by 2025

Micro-Satellite Constellation of Synthetic Aperture Radars

• Chipmakers More Worried About Heat, Power Than Moore's Law


Who Really Did Invent the Transistor?

• Here's Why You Can't Have 5G Right Away

iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max Teardowns

• Sound Exchange CEO Consistently Criticizes "Big FM Radio"

Microprocessor Sales to Fall 4% This Year


Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019: Lithium-Ion Batteries

• New Amateur Radio License Conditions for Australian Radio Amateurs

Satellite Industry's 1st Robotic Servicing Mission Ready for Launch

Qorvo Buys RF MEMs Maker Cavendish Kinetics

NFC Solution Fights Beverage Counterfeiting


China Tower's 1.95M Tower Sites Dwarfs U.S.'s Tower Sites

• JMA to Build New 5G Manufacturing Facility in New York

U.S. Army's EW Planning & Management Tool Almost Ready

• Tesla Research Partner Claims "Million-Mile Battery"

Britain's Digital Skills Shortage Costing SMEs £85B


Private 4G/5G Wireless Networks to Become a Global Trend by 2024

BT to Launch 5G in 20 UK Towns and Cities on Friday

Intel About Huawei Could Be Revealed to Affected Companies

• Huawei and Sunrise Claim 3.67 Gbps from One 5G Cell

Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency Coalition Starts to Crumble


Reliability Gives Way to Market Pressures

• Non-Destructive Way to Reverse Engineer ICs

Lynyrd Skynyrd Founding Member Larry Junstrom, K4EB, SK

5G Fast Becoming a Reality

• The Connected Home Critical Source of Revenue for Operators


Global 5G Phone Sales to Soar in 2020, Grow to >1B by 2025

Part 15 Transmitters Must Comply with Power Rules

• USAF Scientists Discover Unique Stretchable Conductor

100% of Telcos Are Investigating the Promise of OpenRAN

Huawei Phones Lose Access to Install Google's Android Apps


FCC Proposes Fining Radio Amateur $17k for Deliberate Interference

GE to Freeze Pensions for ~20,000 Employees

Toshiba Morphs into Kioxia (as dumb as RFMD renaming to Qorvo)

N. Korea Blocks Windows to Prevent Spying

Quantum Vacuum: Less Than Zero Energy


• Can We Make E-Waste Go Away? (repair rather than trash)

• UK Offers £220M for a Commercially Viable Fusion Power Plant

Cellular-Connected Drones to Deliver Emergency Defibrillators

• People Now Texting Almost as Quickly as Typing on Keyboard

Highly Accurate GPS Possible Thanks to NASA


• Goldman Sachs Boosts Estimates for 2020 5G Device Sales

• Failed Cancer Drug Repurpose into Printable Semiconductor

WiFi Signals Identify Walkers from Their Gaits

• Openreach Lays out Plans for Fully Connected Britain

• Billionaire Slim's Telco Bullish on Coveted Mexico TV License


• Vodafone 1st to Take Advantage of Spectrum Sharing Rules

• Bidding in ARRL Online Auction Begins October 17

• T-Mobile Begins 700 MHz 5G Testing in Holland

• NXP Offers UWB Fine-Ranging Chipset for Mobile Devices

• Physicists Score Double Hit in LED Research


• IARU Administrative Council Combats Radio Spectrum Pollution

• Key Facts About the Roles of Wi-Fi 6, 5G in IoT, Edge Era

• Huawei Already Producing 5G Base Stations Without U.S Parts

Quantum Internet Closer to Reality

• Elon Musk Expects Mars Missions in Months


• FCC Confirms Mid-2020 3.5 GHz Auction

• 3 More House Members Back Local Radio Freedom Act

• Norway Says Yes to Huawei

NASA Announces Funding for Moon and Mars Mission Tech

• U.S. Seeks Superconducting Offshore Wind Generators

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