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RF Cafe began life in 1996 as "RF Tools" in an AOL screen name web space totaling 2 MB. Its primary purpose was to provide me with ready access to commonly needed formulas and reference material while performing my work as an RF system and circuit design engineer. The World Wide Web (Internet) was largely an unknown entity at the time and bandwidth was a scarce commodity. Dial-up modems blazed along at 14.4 kbps while typing up your telephone line, and a nice lady's voice announced "You've Got Mail" when a new message arrived...

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Technical Headline News Archive: May 2005

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Motorola Unveils Low-Voltage BPL Solution
Brain Wave Sensor System Taps Bluetooth for Mind Readers
Cellphone Users: Make 'em Simpler
RadioScape to Launch a Multistandard Radio
5G Wireless Begins Tests of Cellular Wi-Fi
WSTS Ups Chip Forecast for 2005 & 2006
Vendor Claims Wi-Fi Technology with 4 Kilometer Range
Euro Falls Further as Villepin Named PM
Blue LEDs Make Some Folks See Red
House Defense Bill Squeezes Foreign Contractors
Japan's Top Court Gives OK to Reopen Monju Fast Breeder Reactor
Software Package 'Dramatically Reduces' 3G Phone Design Cycle
802.11n Supercharges Wi-Fi
Northrop Grumman Designs Supersonic UAVs for Air Force
Unifying Military Radios Becoming Costly, Lengthy Process
Adaptive Antenna Array Network Could Improve Access to NASA's EO Satellites
7-Up Offers Suborbital Space Trip
Make Your Own A-bomb off the Internet
Solid-State Lighting Sources Getting More Energy Efficient and Smart
U.S. House Passes $491B Defense Bill with Money For Iraq War
GSM Continues to Dominate in the Western Hemisphere Customer Base Doubles in One Year
Sypris to Survey Gauss Meter Users at Sensors Expo
Nokia Unveils Handheld Internet Tablet
Uncle Sam's Shopping Spree
U.S. Charts Junkyard in the Heavens
Russia Has No Plans for Nuclear Weapons in Space (until they're able)
Full-Rate F/A-22 Production Will Bode Well for Electronic System Suppliers
U.S. Department of Defense Selects RFID Technology
E.U. Needs Strong Exchanges for Start-Ups
China-Japan Tensions Could Raise Risks for Tech Investors
Why Qualcomm Isn't the Next Kodak
IC Insights Raises Chip Forecast to Positive Ground
Empire State Building-Length Antenna
Bell Labs Exec Sees Nanotech Enabling New Communications Era
Report See Positive Market for WiMAX in 2009
Study Warns of Ground-Based RF Threat to Satellites
Wireless USB Spec Opened up to Adopters
Microsoft, Google Vie to Offer Best Aerial Views of Earth
Labs Help Military Make Right Tech Choices
€50,000 for Good Satellite Navigation Ideas
Robotic Arm Holds Promise for Stroke Survivors
Voyager Spacecraft Enters Solar System's Final Frontier
Russia to Spend More on Its Space Program
Legislation Would End U.S. Analog Broadcasts in 2008
RFMD Extends Traction in Cellular Handset Market with Optimized Bluetooth
Hackers Holding Computer Files 'Hostage'
Enrollment in North American CS Programs has Dropped 4 Years Straight - Fear of Outsourcing Cited
More Big Gains Seen for US Online Retail Sales
Tech Stocks Rebound, Regain Respect
Russia Fully Opposes Militarization of Space (until they are ready)
Lockheed Martin Picks Radar to Test JSF
U.S. Border Security at a Crossroads
New Chips Coming to Address Growing Wireless WiFi Markets
China Chip Demand to Grow 32% in 2005
Residents Claim Neighbors Bombarding Them With Radiation
Electric Meters to get GPRS, Study Predicts
Three Chip Vendors Bet on Wi-Fi Boom
Samsung Forms Flash Memory Module to Mimic, Replace Disk Drives
Polysilicon Prices Jump Amid Severe Product Shortages
Single-Band Satellite Simulator Saves Money, Time
Dollar Hits Seven-Month High Point Against Euro on Political Concerns
Motorola's Commercial Broadband Over Powerline Solution Debuts at 'Telecom 2005'
House Committee Clears Defense Bill With Cost Controls
Can China build its own Silicon Valley?
Burt Rutan Finds NASA Of Today Dull
Engineering Groups Call for Visa Reform
FCC to Require E911 for VoIP Service
SEMI's Book-to-Bill Crawls to 0.80 in April
WiMax Could Be "The New Radio"
Scientists Issue Warning on Space Weapons
China Says It Opposes Militarization of Outer Space (until they're ready)
China Military Spending 40-70% Higher than Officially Acknowledged: RAND
Hi-Tech Combat Intel System for Testing
University Of Manchester Develops Vision Chip For New Generation Of 'Human' Robots
U.S. e-Commerce Sales up 6.4% in first Quarter
Canada Ready to Deploy First WiMAX-compliant System
Software Piracy Rate is Steady
Canadian Industry Pioneering Emerging Space Technologies
WFI Supplies Passive RFID Technology to DoD
Navicore (U.K.) Bringing Easy to Use, Full GPS Navigation to Mobile Phone Users
White House Says It Is Not Looking At Weaponizing Space
EMS Technologies Protects Air Force Satellites from Jamming
India Aims to Grab 10% of Global Satellite Launch Market
Broadcom Launches Legal Onslaught Against Qualcomm
Air Force Uses Microwave Beam to Detonate Roadside Bombs
Looking for Investors? Then What's Your Unfair Advantage?
Fujitsu Claims Interconnect Breakthrough with Carbon Nanotubes
Eagleware-Elanix Announces GENESYS 2005
Amplical Announces New Broadband High Accuracy Relay Attenuators
NORAD Has New Warning Signal for Planes
Consumers Want Cell Phone TV, but Won't Pay
EE Times' Venture Capital Counter Stands at $784.6M
Hijacked Parts from Maxim Being Sold in Asia
Moderate Industry Upturn Predicted for Q3, Semico Says
Linux Robot Fliers Take to the Sky
Amber Alerts Officially Go Wireless
Skeptics Dubious Over Wireless Subscriber Numbers
U.S. Small Businesses to Spend $7.4B on Web Hosting in 2009
FCC to Rule on 911 Access for Web Phones
EADS Pulls Plug On New Bigger Version Of Ariane Rockets
Study Examines Motives for Office Sabotage
Final Assembly of First F-35 Under Way at Lockheed Martin
Cell Phone Brain Risk Higher Outside City
Floating In Weightlessness -- on Earth (it's called falling)
Test Instrument Market on the Rise at Last
Agilent's Profits, Sales Fall Amid ATE Losses
Space Partners Plan Flights in 2007
Vishay's High Current Inductors Have DCR Down to 0.65 mOhm at 0.19 H
UWB Competitor Squeezes More Bits Through Limited Spectrum
Freescale to Demonstrate World's First Single-Package ZigBee(tm)-Compliant Solution
Andrew Expands Base Station Antenna Manufacturing and Design in China
Tweak to Inductive Loading Shrinks Antenna
ST Announces Plan to Cut 3,000 Jobs Outside Asia by Mid-2006
Japan Falling in Global Chip Rankings
SMIC Seeks $600M loan in China After U.S. Rejection
Securing a Spot in Military/Aerospace
Telephone Pollsters Left out in Wireless World
Maxim Restructures into Two Business Groups
Nano World: Nanomagnet Future Bright
Integral Wins Deal To Protect US Military Satellites
Rumsfeld Reveals Huge Base-Closure Plan
Will EADS Thrive On The American Plan?
Northrop Grumman Awarded $3.2B Contract to Continue Production Work on F/A-18 Super Hornet
DoD Wants Joint Radio Fix
Enter Whole New World with Your Phone
Buy a Ticket to Space Here (December 2006, no kidding)
Britain May Need Another Generation Of Nuclear Power Plants
FCC Wrist Slapped
Tech Firms may Owe Debt to 'Star Wars' Creator
Congress Seeks to Head off U.S.-China 'Standards Wars'
Large California Quake Possible Within 30 Years (this is news?)
Cell Phone Batteries: CPSC, CTIA Working Together to Keep Consumers Safe
U.S. Expects 20,000 H-1B Visas to Go Quickly
Vendor Warns Of New Type Of 'WiPhishing' Attack
Satellite Communications, Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS), has Arrived
Silicon Solution Could Lead to a Truly Long-Life Battery
Bidders For EU's Galileo GPS Network Urged to Merge
India Man Sets Guinness Phone Texting Record
Chinese Students Running Industrial 'Spy Network' Across Europe
Russia Readies for Tech Expansion
Handheld Device Sales Dip for 5th Straight Quarter
Mother's Day Online Spending Hits $4.4 Billion in 2005
Chicago Bans Hand-Held Cell Phones for Drivers
Gates Sees Mobile Phones Overtaking iPods
Pace of High-Tech Industry Job Losses Slowing in U.S. - AEA
Real Wages Fall at Fastest Rate in 14 Years
General Dynamics Wins $51M Modification to FCS Autonomous Navigation Capability Contract
I.D. Systems Is Awarded Patent for RFID-Based Rental Car Fleet Management System
Son of Space Shuttle
New Mathematical Model Better Describes Transistor Behavior
Integral Systems to Block Interference for Air Force Satellites
Defense Industry Goes Global
RFID Steps Closer to Protecting Borders
The Boom is Coming Back at Boeing
China Close Behind Korea, Taiwan, IC Design Survey Finds
Europe's $86B Research Program to Create 925,000 Jobs!
Summit to Confront U.S. Science Decline
Military Testing Improved Body Armor
Report Sees Growth Prospects for Cellular Wi-Fi Phones
Motorola Unveils Nano Emissive Flat Screen Technology
Toyota Stalls Bluetooth Car Hack
NOAA Names Ball Aerospace for Satellite Sensor
ESA's Mars Probe's Radar System Hits Snag
New Material Structure Produces World's Fastest Transistor
Lockheed Martin Successful In Two Dual Mode Guided Bomb Tests
Navy Cyber Cafes Help Keep Many in Touch
Critical Flaw Found in Firefox (Mozilla): Hackers Expanding Beyond IE?
Lockheed Martin Conducts Successful Joint Common Missile Warhead Tests
BlackBerry Subscribers Surge to Over Three Million
Homeland Security Technology Offers GPS Systems with Iraq Street Maps to U.S. Armed Forces
ATK and NASA Successfully Test First Solar Sail Propulsion System
LockMart Chosen as Weapon System Integrator for DARPA Laser Program
Nano World: Ten Overlooked Nano Firms
Electric Car Won't Start for Try at 300 mph - Huh?
Group Seeks Wireless Internet Coverage for Entire County
Motorola Unveils Carbon Nanotube Emissive Display for Flat-Panel TVs
Indian Space Rocket Blasts Off With Two Satellites
Jobs Up, Real Wages Down
ITT Industries Introduces Mini RF - High Performance, Space-Saving RF Connector
Silicon Wafer Shipments Down in Q1
Space Watch: An Engineering Crisis Redux
Putting Bluetooth to the Test
DoD Orders Interoperable Radios from EFJohnson
Lockheed Martin Completes Major Risk-Reduction Test of SBIRS High Satellite
Microtech Announces Ultra High Power Flexible Waveguides
Wireless World: Bomb Detection Wirelessly
Wireless E-Mail Applications Drive Worldwide PDA Shipments
Marconi Workers Await 'Strategic Options' Review
Qualcomm Says Chipsets Will Support Linux
Israeli Tech Companies Expected to Attract $1.5B in 2005
Lockheed Martin Picked for DARPA Laser Weapon System
Nanosolar Keeps Solar Interesting
IBM to Cut 10k+ Jobs - Concentrated in Europe
High Performance, Economical Substrates: Myth Or Reality?
Energy Weapon Stings Enemy
SpaceX Awarded $100M Contract from USAF for Falcon 1
Ericsson to Cut Jobs, Close U.S. Office for CDMA Unit
Bluetooth, UWB to Play Together
Cisco Combines RFID Location Tools With Wi-Fi
Record VC Investment in April Fails to Offset Poor Q1
Whose Wi-Fi is it?
California Acts to Ban Online Hunting
Lawmaker Rips RFID Passport Plans
Bluetooth Chip Provider CSR Affected by Fire
Boeing & Lockheed Martin Join Forces in Launch Venture
VC Finance Floods into the Mobile Games Industry
IEEE-USA Salary Service, Member Version, Now Available Online
Statue of Liberty Strengthens Security With Broadband Wireless Network
Micron-Sized Refrigeration Device has No Moving Parts
Radio Observatory Opens in Russia
European Semiconductor Sales Fell in March, Says SIA
AAS Says Space Science Cuts Threaten US Pre-eminence in Space
Indian Space Rocket Readies to Blast-Off with Two Satellites
10-Year-Old Boy Burned After Cell Phone Explodes
Pressure Mounts for Reform of Patent System
Hackers aren't just picking on Microsoft
North Korea Conducts Missile Test - Target: Sea of Japan
Air Force Space Leaders Deliver Positive Report on U.S. Combat Capabilities
Astronomers Confirm first Image of Planet Outside Our Solar System
CDMA2000 Leads in Bringing Advanced Services to the Market
Hacking is Hot at Wi-Fi Spots
Warning: Lead May Be Hazardous to Your Bottom Line (Got RoHS?)
Nano Sees Black Ink, Revenue Growth
Global chip sales up 13% year-on-year in Q1 2005, says SIA
Berkeley Nucleonics Academy RF Boot Camp - RF Cafe
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