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Technical Headline News Archive - May 2007

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Technology Firm Executives Say Immigration Barriers Hurt America
Power Limit for Unlicensed 5.8 GHz WLANs Raised to 4W in U.K.
Motorola Cuts Another 4,000 Jobs
Chinese City Suspends Work on Chemical Plant After 1M SMSers Protest
Layoffs hit IBM, Motorola and Tundra
FAA Turns to General Dynamics for Air Traffic Control Communications
USPTO to Host Exhibition of Winning Inventions from the 2007 Modern Marvels Invent Now® Challenge
Sensors, Safety Pace Auto Chip Market Growth
Globalstar Gets Another Four Satellites into Space
Web Site Error Rocks Global Oil Markets
New Field of Nanotechnology Leads to Novel Control of Quantum State in Electrons
Study: RFID Skills Improving, but Deployment Slows
Brrr! Scientists Identify the Body's Cold Spot
Nanoscale Imaging Reveals Unexpected Behaviors in HT Superconductors
A Transparent Sheet that Can Block Mobile Phone Signals
Vietnam Experiences Internet Slowdown Due to Stolen Cable
China Chip Market on Track for 20% Growth, Headed for ‘Bubble' Status?
Broadcom Scores Another Patent Victory Against Qualcomm
Global Chip Makers Cut 2007 Sales Outlook
Sony to Market First U.S. Digital Radio Sets in July
Method Developed for Forecasting Space Radiation Hazards, Safeguarding Astronauts
NEC Staff Caught Faking Orders, Taking Kickbacks
Snow Covers Parts of Europe
High-Tech Hotels for Business Travelers
Microsoft to Unveil Coffee-Table-Shaped Computer
A Bevy of Exoplanets Announced
Google Adds Some Street-Level Views to U.S. Maps
Russia Launches 4 U.S. Satellites
Senate Passes H-1B Visa Reform Bill Amendment
WiMAX Subscribers Jumped 85% in 2007
U.S. Colleges Retool Programming Classes
Nokia to Ship 3G Phones to China in 2008
Wi-Fi RFID Tag Market Doubling in Size Annually
Electronics Cooling Techniques Highlight June 5 M&AE Webcast
Missile Interceptor Test Launches a Debate
Nokia Says Row with Qualcomm May Hurt 3G Uptake
Ofcom Cites Microsoft Support for License-Free Use of "Digital Dividend"
Astronomers Discover 28 New Exoplanets
Fireworks Displays Linked To Perchlorate Contamination in Lakes (now they want to kill 4th of July)
China to Catch Up with U.S. Economy
New Abort System on NASA Craft Would Hurl Astronauts to Safety (play the trés cool animation)
FCC Consults on Google Spectrum Auction Plan
European Aerospace and Defense Industry Serious Competitor to U.S. Market
Switchable Two-Color Light Source on a Silicon Chip
HK to Provide Wireless Internet Services in Public Places
Rodney Smith, Long Term Altera CEO, Dies in Accident
Mobile Phone Headaches are Illusory
Philadelphia Wireless Internet Project Advances
U.S. Trade Commission Postpones Ruling on Qualcomm Chips
April Chip Market Up 10.9% Annually
Airbus Edges Ahead of Boeing in U.S. Aerospace and Defense Market
Calgary, Canada, Sets New Snowfall Record
'Blue Moon' Tomorrow Night
Clamp Down on Indecent Cameraphone Usage
Not-So-Heavy Metal: Electrical Conductivity in Textiles
ARRL Files Federal Appeals Court Brief in Petition for Review of BPL Rules
New Fabrication Technique Yields Nanoscale UV LEDs
Google Will Tell You What Your Next Job Should Be
'Not So Fast, Supercomputers,' Say Software Programmers
Amendment Hiking H-1B Fees Approved by Senate (legal residents to pay for Illegals)
Australia to Establish National Nanotechnology Strategy
Electronics Industry Outlines Plan for National e-Cycling Program
Russian GLONASS Devices Go on Sale This Year
Senator Against Satellite Radio Merger
Brits Using Mobile Phones in Toilets to Bypass Office Internet Restrictions
'Teaching Gap' Exists Among U.S. and Asian Math Teachers (no surprise there)
Sony Invents Razor Thin Display That Bends While Showing Full Color Video
Mobile Office Market Will Cease to Be a Major Enterprise Driver
Connecticut Sues Best Buy for Deceiving Customers ("treated its customers like suckers")
Turkey Poop Power Plant
World Demographic Makeup Shifts from Mostly Rural to Mostly Urban
Hitachi Brain Scanner Fun Toy
Singapore Aquarium Puts RFID Chips in Fish
Mobile Phones Could Wipe Car Ignition Fobs
Flexible Organic 13.56 MHz RFID Tag is a Cost Breakthrough
Inverse Ge Woodpile Structure has Extremely Large Photonic Band Gap
Qualcomm Commits $134.5M to Funding European 3G Start-Ups
Boeing Arms Chief Warns Against 'Peace Dividend'
Memory on Glass: NEC Integrates DRAM with Display
Broadband Access 'A Universal Right' for Italians
Senator Skeptical About Permanent Internet Tax Break
ARRL Senior News Editor Named to CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame
Dell to Offer Computers with Linux
New Large-Cell Battery Technology Raises Reliability, Lowers Cost
Historic Pole-to-Pole Helicopter Flight Completed
Chinese Government to Control 2008 Olympics Weather
True Fixed/Cell Phone Convergence Seen Years Off (see Kirt's Cogitations)
U.K. Climber Sets Record with Mobile Call and Text Message from Mount Everest
Municipal Wi-Fi Networks Run Into Financial, Technical Trouble
Intel, STMicroelectronics and Francisco Establish New Semiconductor Company
Nanoscale Pasta: Toward Nanoscale Electronics
European Space Policy formalized as joint effort between ESA, EU
Companies Throw Weight Behind WAPI
Promising Technique Will Take Bite out of Spam
E-Mail to Bypass Phone Charges
Korean Phone Now Includes Fish Finder
Is "Home Phone Number" a Thing of the Past?
Micron Predicts Flash Memory will Replace Disk Drives
EU Endorses Deal to Cap Roaming Fees
Lithium-Ion Batteries Power Next Generation of Electric Vehicles
"Massive Outage" as Satellite Problems Hit XM Radio
Avis to Offer Wireless Internet Gear for Use in Car, Hotel, Meetings
Motorola Gets Patent for Sun-Powered Mobile Phone
Art Project Tracks Bluetooth Users
Internet Pioneer to Oversee its Redesign
QUALCOMM Announces New $3B Share Buyback
U.K. Ministry of Defence Selects Raytheon MicroLight Radio for Army's FIST Program Trials
Google's Novel Idea for FCC Radio Spectrum Auction
Bose-Einstein Condensate Makes Sensitive Magnetometer
Cell-Phone Execs Expect Apple's iPhone to Shake Up Market
Nanoident Claims Size Record for Plastic Photodetector Array
A Mighty Number Falls
NYC's Taxi Fleet Will be Green (Hybrid) by 2012
Attack-Proof Power Line to be Installed Under NY
Senator Rear-Ends Vallejo Woman While Talking on Cell Phone (she voted for a bill prohibiting talking while driving)
Tech Customers Baulk at Cost of Going Green
Engineers Charged with Industrial Espionage
Wi-Fi Risks in Schools 'Must be Reviewed'
IBM Claims ‘Fastest MPU Ever Built'
NYC's Con Ed to Get Superconductor Power Grid
Putin Makes Glonass Navigation System Free for Customers
Alert: Ads-to-Cell Phone Screens Set for Rapid Growth
Hong Kong Man Becomes First Ever Convicted for Internet Piracy
RFID-Reading Phones to Debut in October
Opel Shows Concept Car with All-LED Exterior Lighting
Hot New Niche: Lawyers Who Speak Science
Apple Gets FCC Approval for iPhone
Scientists Put 'Spin' in Silicon, Advance New Age of Electronics
James 'Scotty' Doohan's Ashes Found in New Mexico Mountains
Google Study: 10% of Web Pages Carry Malicious Code - RFCafe.com 100% Safe
Wireless Technology Developed to Speed Care of Heart Attack Patients
NASA Takes Students Around the World in 8 Minutes
Global Warming Debunked
Dayton ARRL Hamvention Begins Today
NTT Outage Cuts Off Millions of Internet, IP Phone Users in Japan
Betting on '08, Taiwan Vendors Prep WiMAX 16e Systems
Purdue University Touts Hydrogen Energy Breakthrough
Lexus LS Hybrid - a Mere $100k+ (green at 20 mpg/438 hp?)
International Summit for Community Wireless Networks Begins Today
Good Decision-Makers May be Made, not Born
Hundreds Click on 'Click Here to Get Infected' Ad (morons)
Villagers Uses Park Bench to Get Cellphone Coverage
Study Finds 25 Countries that Block Websites
NASA, JPL Plan Business Science Symposium
Pentagon Defends Move to Block Websites
Japan is World's Most Innovative Country, Switzerland #2, U.S. #3
DoD Announces Value Engineering Achievement Awards for 2006
Water-Fueled Engine Appears on the Horizon per Purdue EE Prof
Mobile Phones to be Jammed for President Bush Visit to Australia
EC Decides on Common Format for Spectrum Information
Foreign R&D Centers Employ 35,000 Workers in Israel
Hyperactivity and Academic Achievement Could be Linked by Genetics
Market for Handheld Devices Continues to Shrink
One Giant Leap for Space Activities in Europe
Positioning Phones to Create New Social Networks
Move Over, Elmer's™: Nanoglue is Stickier
Surf the Internet on Your Umbrella
Next Gen of Wi-Fi Is Planned for Summer
China Tech Industry to Hit $1.45 Trillion by 2010
3G Bandwidth Use to Increase 10-Fold by 2011
H-1B Bills Seek to End Abuses, Raise Visa Cap
EU Proposes Public-Private Partnership to Fund Galileo
IBM Employee Group Plans Work Stoppage
Google: 10% of Sites are Dangerous
10,000-Year-Old Tools Found at Maine Airport
Solar System Sails Sideways Through Galaxy
Not Enough Hours in the Day, Then Look to Mars
Johns Hopkins Team Finds Ring of Dark Matter
DirecTV May Try Broadband over Power Lines (BoPL)
TI Says Calculators Tell Teachers Which Pupils are Failing Math
Industry Calls on Congress to Increase NASA Budget
College Students: Surprisingly Fat, Getting Even Fatter
Industry Shuns 40 GHz Wireless Spectrum
Major RFID Trial in New Zealand "Deferred Indefinitely"
Shuttle Starts Trip Back to Launch Pad
U.S. Naval Academy-Built Satellite to Carry NASA Experiments
China Netcom Decides on Homegrown WiMAX Rival for 2008 Olympics
Motorola Banks on Vo-Fi
Clean Technology Bigger than the Internet
DoD Blocks Access to 13 Major Social Networking Websites
U.S. Representative Sounds IT Wake-Up Call
Patent Troll Casts Shadow over Cable
Japan to Set up 'Wireless Island'
Siemens Managers Convicted of Paying Bribes
Motorola Chief Promises 'Media Monster' Cell Phone
Honeywell Microelectronic Product Line Targets Military and Space Applications
ESA's Envisat Presents Sharpest Ever Satellite Map of Earth
Japan to Develop Laser Weapons amid North Korea Threat
Russia Pushing for 2015 Manned Moon Mission
Microsoft Claims Open-Source Technology Violates 235 of Its Patents
Tiny Spectrometer Offers Precision Laser Calibration
Israel Carries Out Successful Test of Its Hetz Anti-Missile System
Fewer Moms Are Working: Policies, Attitudes Are Implicated (Belated Mother's Day item)
Canada's Gravity Hole
RFID Chips Could Make Stolen DVDs Useless
Laser Inventor Theodore Maiman Dies
Is that Painting Real? Ask a Mathematician (ala Numb3rs)
Mission Could Seek Out Spock's Home Planet
Wireless USB to Soar in 2007
Study Says iPods Cause Malfunction in Implanted Pacemakers
Exam Papers to be RFID-Tagged
Nokia Unveils Record Phone Order from China Worth $2.5B
RFID Market Growing Fast in China
Banner Ads DO Work -- Even if You Don't Notice Them at All
One Million Low-Cost Handsets Sold in One Week
Hyper-Accurate Clocks - The Beating Heart of Galileo
Making a GSM Phone Call from the Summit of Mt. Everest
New Domain Name Suffixes Coming in 2008?
ST Tips Moves into Fuel Cells, Plastic Electronics
IRS Leans on Auction Sites to Spill Customer Information
[Idiot] Woman Runs for Her Life after SatNav Leads Her into Path of Train
IEEE Foundation Awards More Than US $50 000
USPTO's EFS-Web Electronic Patent Filing System Celebrates Successful First Year
Google's Employee Perks - Haircuts to Bike Repairs
Beijing Sets up $1.3 Billion War Chest for Innovation
Phones to Alert Users to Save Energy
Satellite Broadband Access Slow, Expensive, Necessary
Taliban Threatens Afghan Mobile Phone Network
Eyeing Web Phone on a Chip, Intel Invests in Jajah
Police Use Cell-Tracking Technology to Find Transplant Patient
Draft 802.11n Wi-Fi Networks Move to Mainstream
Engineers Uncover Factors that Control Ion Motion in Solid Electrolytes
Jim Rapoza's 10 Emerging Technologies That Flopped
BAE Systems' Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) Takes Flight
TI Tips Single-Chip Cellphone Roadmap
Russian/U.S. Understanding Reaches New Standards
EU Assembly Group Moves Towards Lax Roaming Rules
Inventory Correction Spurs Q1 Semi Supplier Shake-Up
Fuel Cell Industry Hosts Congressional Expo
Five BenQ Executives Indicted
SMS Alerts Can Track Your Dog's Location
Silly Worm Targets USB Memory Sticks
Advance Reported in Solid Electrolytes
Comcast CEO Shows off Super Quick Modem
Burnt-Out Rockets May Be Carrying Bacteria to Stars
New Lithium Battery Material Created
Surge of 3-D Films Set for U.S. Theaters by 2009
Bermuda to Put RFID in All Vehicles on Island
RFMD and Skyworks Gain Share in Handset PAs: Further Consolidation Likely
U.S. Government Turns to Startup Technology Firms for Next-Gen Military Tools
IC Insights Sees Big Shake-Up in Q1 Chip Rankings
IEEE Spectrum, The Institute Move to Digital Delivery
Scientists Propose a Simple and Economic Qbit Structure
New Technology Enables a Battery to Deliver 3 kW per Kilogram
Increasing Cellphone Use Among Children Aged 11 and Under
Wal-Mart to Launch Pilot Solar-Power Program for 22 Stores
Ariane 5 Achieves Record Performance with Geostationary Transfer Orbit
Paxar Reinvents the Retail Experience with New Interactive RFID Mirror
Study: Ceiling Heights Affect How People Think
NASA's Chandra Sees Brightest Supernova Ever
Despite Warnings, Most U.S. Babies Watch TV
Japanese Find Sleep, Shelter in Cyber Cafes
EU to Consider Taking Over Galileo Satellite System
France Considers 3G at 900 MHz
Amateurs Serve Those Displaced by Kansas Twisters
Andrew Corporation to Sell Satellite Communications Business
Nearly 50% of Americans Have Little Use for Internet and Cell Phones
Militants Confiscate Mobile Phones in Northern Pakistan
RIM throws Us a BlackBerry Curve
Next U.S. Census will Count on a Handheld Computer
India Looks to Produce World's First $10 Laptop
China Punished 3,176 Industrial Polluters
Question Marks over Commitment by China Climate Change Mitigation
Survey Shatters Technology Assumptions
New Worm Targets Portable Memory Drives
Mathematicians Design Invisible Tunnel
GIOVE-A Transmits First Navigation Message
Youngsters in Europe, US Get Front-Row Seats to Space via Ham Radio
No Launch Delay After Train with Shuttle Booster Derails
Multitasking is Hardest in the Early Morning
Maine Engineer Wins $200,000 NASA Astronaut Glove Prize
European Military Electronics Markets Set to Jump to $15B in 2008
TI Investing $1B in Philippines Plant
Homeland Security Looking Into Cell Phones as Anti-Terror Device
Nokia Siemens Networks to Cut 9,000 Jobs
Pioneer Astronaut Wally Schirra Dies at 84
Grand Jury Subpoenas Documents in Broadcom Options Probe
Scientists Try to Prepare for Extraterrestrial Contact
Microsoft Eyeing Deal to Buy Yahoo!
German Telecoms Workers Continue Strikes Against Pay Cuts
New Quantum Dots Make Cheaper Solar Panels
Cellphones Hit Fashion's Runway as Accessories
Princeton Physicists Connect String Theory with Established Physics
Mobiles Lose Their Magic as Calls Fall for the First Time
U.S. Tech Firms Dabble Offshore, But Keep Most Workers Here
Hackers Hijack Satellite TV in Southern China
GaAs Device Market Set to Grow by 76% Over Next 5 Years
Hemlock Investing $1B to Expand Polysilicon Production - Solar Cells
Experience More Important to Business Success Than Being Tech-Savvy
UK Pubs Getting Wi-Fi Access
Budget Cuts Imperil Weather Satellites
IBM Uses Self-Assembling Material in Chip Advance
Beer Power: Foster's, Scientists to Generate Clean Energy From Brewing Process
New Micro-chip Detector Will Be Able to Detect Thousands of Substances
Ultrashort Light Pulse Blazes New Paths for Science, Industry
FCC Approves First WiMAX-Class Laptop Card to Be Offered by Clearwire
UK Updates RFID Rules Per EU Directive
Electromagnetic Fields Are Not Increasing Cancer Risk Among Energy Workers Overall
USPTO's EFS-Web Electronic Patent Filing System Celebrates Successful 1st Year
China Seeks 'Indigenous Innovation'
Zarlink Transceiver Helps Implants Go Broadband
Raytheon Wins GEM-T Contract
Arrested Politicians Campaigning on Cellphones from Prison Cells
NASA 'New Horizons' Probe Reveals New Views of Jupiter
12 Nations Put on Copyright Piracy List
IBM Cuts Jobs at U.S. Facilities
Los Angeles Smoggiest American City Once Again
New Processor Technology May Solve Silicon Barrier
Supreme Court Ruling Toughens Patent Process
U.S. Will Not Oppose IEEE Patent Disclosure Policy
Ofcom Plans to Offer More License-Exempt Spectrum
Micro Fuel Cells to Hit Mainstream in 2010
AT&T to Spend $750M on Global Network in 2007
ASEAN Nations to Build $500M Cable Link to U.S.
Artificial 'Snot' Enhances Electronic Nose
Noise-Cancelling Windows with Piezoelectric Patches
Big Advances Come to Tiny Optical Components
Circulation Drops Again as Papers Trim Subscribers (who still gets news on paper, anyway?)
Nanoparticles May Cause Arterial Disease
Star Trek Star Scotty Rockets into Space in Final Journey
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