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RF Cafe began life in 1996 as "RF Tools" in an AOL screen name web space totaling 2 MB. Its primary purpose was to provide me with ready access to commonly needed formulas and reference material while performing my work as an RF system and circuit design engineer. The World Wide Web (Internet) was largely an unknown entity at the time and bandwidth was a scarce commodity. Dial-up modems blazed along at 14.4 kbps while typing up your telephone line, and a nice lady's voice announced "You've Got Mail" when a new message arrived...

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Technical Headline News Archive: October 2005

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Phone Industry Fails to Stop Lawsuits over Radiation
Nanotubes Bend to the Task of Switching
Chip Market up 5.2% in September
EDO Nets $10M Contract for SigInt Antennas
Bangladesh, Pakistan Team up with China on Space Cooperation
Researchers Light up 'Dark' Spins in Diamond: Room Temperature Quantum Computing
'First Light' for the Large Binocular Telescope
Timetable Set for Dealing with Asteroid Threat
Soaring Profits Found in Search Ads
Vietnam Aims to Launch First Satellite in 2008
Richard Smalley, Buckyball Co-Inventor, Succumbs to Cancer
"Ham Aid" Eligibility Expanded to Rita, Wilma Volunteers
New BlackBerry Model Expected to Be Unveiled Next Week
RFICs Invoke a Paradigm Shift
GaN Helps Scientists Generate Hydrogen from Water
Qualcomm: Claims to EU Have No Merit
Microsoft Threatens to Withdraw Windows in South Korea
Sandia Demonstrates Device for Preventing Battlefield Friendly Fire
Coming TV Change Won't Make Your Set Obsolete
Estimates: DOD Budget Peaks in 2006, and Begins Decade of Slow Decline
Internet Use Up, but So Is User Concern
Mobile Giants File Qualcomm EC Anti-Competitive 3G Licensing Compliant
Component Distributors Mark Strong Quarter
US House Votes to Allow NASA to Buy More Soyuz Taxi Flights
Army Orders Extra Circuit Cards from Raytheon
The Mystery of the Module
IBM Supercomputer Sets New Record
First Internet-Built Student Satellite Successfully Launched
Viterbi Skeptical of Broadband Wireless Potential
Agreement to Spur Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Development
Budget Forecast Predicts More U.S. R&D Cuts
How Einstein Managed His Inbox
Malaysia's Budget Welcomed by Electronics Industry
Wal-Mart: RFID Tags Keep Shelves Stocked
European Students Launch Satellite into Space
Air Force Satellite Practices Automated Docking
Large Binocular Telescope Successfully Achieves "First Light"
Nanomolecular Motor Spins on a Surface
House Votes $1B for $40 Hand-Outs to Convert Analog TVs (no need to give up your premium channels for one month and buy one yourself)
RF Micro Devices Achieves Record Q2 Revenue
RFID-Radar System Unveiled
R&D Survey Shows U.K. Bucking Slumping Investment Trends
Russian Government Approves 2006-2015 Federal Space Program
Student Teams Win $15,000 for SoC Designs
Remote Control Device 'Controls' Humans
Internet Phone Wiretap Rule Challenged
Study Finds Less Trusting Internet Users
Agilent Becomes first T&M Company to Join ZigBee Alliance
Google to Offer Giant Web Database
Agilent Technologies Announces Agreement with Auriga Measurement Systems for Device Modeling Systems
Ericsson Pays $2.1B for Bulk of Marconi
Electronics R&D Investment Up, U.K. Bucks Trend
Wind Farm off Texas Shore Gains Momentum
Distributed Phased Arrays Creating Better Transmission System for Deep-space Applications
Wisconsin May Open Private Spaceport near Sheboygan
OXICAP(tm) Capacitor Wins "Component of the Year" Award for first New Dielectric in 40 Years
Unmanned Fighter Aircraft Program Takes Another Step Toward Deployment
Fastwave Integrates Wireless Underwater Network Technology with Iridium
Cingular Introduces E-Mail Access on Cells
Successful Chinese Manned Space Mission Triggers Booming Aerospace Economy
Ericsson Plans R&D Center in India
Nano-Electronics Boosted Atom by Atom
NASA Shuts Doors as Wilma Nears Florida
Scientists Synthesize Cheap, Easy-to-Make Ultra-Thin Photovoltaic Films
Magnetic Nanoparticles Assembled into Long Chains
Tokyo Show Proves Hydrogen is Popular
Nanorobot Fabrication Makes Ultrasmall Sensors Possible
Small-Time Inventors Cry Foul on Patent Changes
RFICs Invoke a Paradigm Shift
New ARRL Petition Seeks to Resolve BPL Standoff
Researchers: Technology can Help Elderly
R&D Spending Surges in Singapore
The World's Smallest Car
V-22 Osprey De-Ices Blades with LaBarge Electronics
The Real Wireless Revolution is Just Beginning
Senate Panel Sets End Date for Analog TV
Blackberry Users Learning Painful Lesson
Bucky Paper: Stronger Than Steel, Harder Than Diamonds
Japan Creates The World's Fastest Electric Sedan
Cell Phone Shipments Reach Record 208M
Space Elevator Contest Gets off the Ground
Rice Scientists Build World's First Single-Molecule Car
Google Profits Hit Record Highs
IEEE-USA Opposes H-1B Visa Increase
Harris Builds Marine Corps Radios
Free Voice Phone Calls Within Years?
Fuel Cell Market Set to Take Off
Lockheed Martin's Last Titan IV Launches National Security Payload
ADI to Refocus Amid Fab Closure, Job Cuts
Google Library Faces New Lawsuit
Unveiling of first Rendering of 4-Dimensional Object
Atoms Under Control
Next-Generation Rocket Engine Revs up Again
Air Force will Use Cubic for Radar Training
Superconductor Developer Wins U.S. Contracts
CIA Invests In No-Fuel Power Generators
SEMI Book-to-Bill Flat as Market Stalls
Pentagon Funds Superconductor Research
What If It's a Not So Happy Holiday Season?
Homeland Security Budget Grows to $40.6 Billion for 2006
It's the Economy, Techies!
Swiss Fighter Jets Will Use Radio Network From ThalesRaytheonSystems
Colorado Team Shines in Solar Competition
Mobile Silicon Could Propel China's Nascent 3G Market
Linear Targets Analog Expert Shortage
Building a Better Battery
Chip ASPs to Increase in Q1 2006
Scientists Propose Paradigm Shift in Robotic Space Exploration
0.13 Micron Platform Tools Analog and RF Systems on Chip
BAE Systems Awarded Doppler Radar Contract
Harris Engineers to Present Next-Gen Mil Networking Solutions at MILCOM 2005
IEEE Press Seeks Book Proposals
Symantec Says Mobile Virus Threats Low
Leading U.S. Spammer Shut Down by FBI
Africa's Cellphone Explosion Changes Economics & Society
Boy Scouts Earn EE Merit Badges
Freescale Semiconductor Looks for Wireless to Improve
New Broad Band General Purpose Amplifiers
Scotty's Remains to be Blasted into Space
General Dynamics Gets $223 Contracts for Trimaran Littoral Combat Ship
Surge in ID Theft Using Spyware
ARRL Calls on FCC to Shut Down Virginia BPL System
When it Comes to IP, Caveat Emptor
Tracking Cell Phones for Real-Time Traffic Data
Record Handset Sales Drive Samsung's Q3
Digital TV Deadline Likely to be Pushed to 2009
Nanoropes Being Braided
What Would Jesus Blog (WWJB)?
Forecasting the Next Great San Francisco Earthquake
New IE, Media Player Features Expected to Debut in Windows Vista Refresh
Sypris Test & Measurement Open House
Air Rage: Man Punches out Plane Window
Consumer Chip Demand Escalating
Marines Choose Harris for Multiband Software-Defined Radio Systems
HP Recalls 135,000 Laptop Batteries
Navy Names General Dynamics to Build EW System
RF Monolithics Posts Loss as Auto Sales Slump
Keep an Eye on Capital Spending, Analyst Firm Warns
Broadband-Enabled Hotels to More Than Triple by 2009
New RoHS Compliant 400-2500 MHz, 5-Bit, 15.5 dB Digital Attenuator
Nokia and Symantec to Collaborate in Enhancing Security for Smartphones
Survey: Litigation Skyrocketing Among Tech Companies
U.S. Urged to Back Science Education & Research
Jazz: 0.13 Micron Platform for Analog and RF Systems on Chip
Venture Capital Counter Climbed Strongly in Q3
Europe's RoHS Progress Mixed
Call in the Lawyers: RoHS Liability
Japan to Offer VoIP for Cell Phones
Northrop Grumman-Boeing Team Unveils Plans for Space Shuttle Successor
Spaceward Foundation & NASA Announce Beam Power & Tether Competitions (think Space Elevator)
Amateur Radio Hurricane Recovery Operations Winding Down
Nokia to Test BlackBerry Format
Argument over a Leap Second
Silicon Valley Grows Up: Tech Industry Matures, Stabilizes
Survey Shows IC Growth for 1H 2006
SEI Delivers Manportable Radar Systems to Northrop Grumman
NIST Method Improves Reliability of GPS Clocks
China Is Worried About China
Air Force Chooses AMI Semiconductor to Make Rad-Hard Chips
China's Shenzhou Safely Places Two Astronauts in Orbit
M/A-COM Signs $2B Contract with NY Office for Technology's Statewide Public Safety Wireless Network
VC Seed Money on the Down Slope
RFMD Announces Record September Quarterly Revenue
Ericsson, Nokia Eye 450 MHz GSM Technology
Wireless Industry Comes Together for Faster Wi-Fi
Space Tourist Olsen Returns to Earth
Five Robots Finish DARPA Racecourse
Harris to Provide Unfurlable Satellite Antenna Reflectors
The Internet Enters a Bold Second Act
NASA's Experimental Sailplane Soars Like a Bird (self-indulging here)
Satellite Navigation to Assist Air and Waterway Crowding
"Wi-Fi" Added to Dictionary
Group Formed to Break 802.11n Deadlock
SI International to Design Air Force Communication Satellites
ESA Begins Cryosat Launch Failure Probe (€140M loss)
Hurricanes Whip up Shady Investments
Gravity Probe B Experiment will Reveal Whether Einstein was Right
What is Elliptic Curve, and Why is it More Secure?
Rockets of the Future Take Center Stage
ST Boosts Passive Integration
Amateur Radio "Saved the Day" in Mississippi
Component Orders Continue Rising
Putting Relativity to the Test
East European Wireless Profitability Continues Rapid Slide
Google Localizes Online Maps Service
Court Nixes Full Appeal in RIM Blackberry Suit
One Small Step for Ford and Boeing
Most Expensive U.S. Restaurants 2005
Agilent's EEsof Cuts Prices, Adds Eagleware Translators
EU Commission Urges More Robotics Spending
Intel Buys Zarlink RF Biz
Man-Made Diamonds Sparkle with Potential
ISRO to Develop Radar Imaging Satellite System
Unidirectional Molecular Rotor May Lead to Tiny Sensors, Pumps, Switches
IEE Prez Cheers for Defense
Philips Pitches RFID Technology to Policy Makers
U.S. Suppliers to Grab Half of Semi Processing Market in '05
Japan to Stage Mock Cyberattacks
RFMD Enters Market for DC-DC Converter Power Management Components
Military to Fund Prosthetics Research
Cellular Pioneer Tags Broadband Wireless "Disruptive"
Military Space Projects Face the Budget Ax
Virginia City First with BPL Network
Freescale Marries Bluetooth, UWB
Electronics Factory Shipments up Again
Boeing Labels 787 Parts with RFID Tags
Presto! It's a Semiconductor
SpaceShipOne On Display At US Flight Museum
Progress Energy May Build New Nuclear Plant in Florida
Google, Sun Ink Deal in Challenge to Microsoft
Two Americans, One German Win Nobel Physics Prize for Explaining Light
Europe Willing to Pay to Get Science & Engineering on TV
Americas, Europe, Japan in Decline, Asia-Pacific Booming - SIA
Freescale Marries Bluetooth, UWB
Nanoscientists Provide New Picture of Semiconductor Material
Hurricanes Katrina & Rita Destroyed 109 Oil Platforms
22 Robots Finish Racecourse in DARPA Semifinal
IP TV: The Next Wave of Telco Spending
Silence Aloft Is Under Threat
RFMD Extends Leadership in Transmit Modules
Wireless Developers Unsatisfied with Software Tools
Yahoo Begins Effort to Bring Books Online for Reading
Agilent Announces Plans for Eagleware-Elanix EDA Product Line
New Cars Help Drivers Avoid Crashes
Electronics Factory Shipments up Again
China Shuts Down Web Sites in Crackdown
Rocket Racing: NASCAR of the Skies
Peregrine Semiconductor Achieves Major Breakthough for 3G Cell Phones
Agilent Technologies Announces Plans for Recently Acquired Eagleware-Elanix EDA Product Line
China Poised to Become World's Largest Exporter in 10 Years
Euro Distribution: Facing up to Change
L-Mart Replaces Army Reconnaissance Radar for $11M
Purdue Nanotechnology Center Focuses on Discovery
Soyuz with Millionaire Tourist Docks at Space Station
Google Morphs into Multifaceted Juggernaut
Global Semi Sales Up 3% in August
Europe Lobbies to Wrest Internet Control from U.S.
Hawaii Quietly Nurturing High-Technology Industry
Canadian Firms Sign a Tactical Military Communications Agreement
Antennae and Solar Cells on One Surface
New Bans Show China's Concerns About Tech's Threat to Communism
Planes May One Day Fly in 'V' Formations Ala Geese
Sun's Direct Role in Global Warming May Be Underestimated
Scientist Readies for His $20M Soyuz Trip to ISS
Motorola Urges Congressional Push on Public Safety Band
Wireless Competition Robust Despite Consolidation - FCC
Fuel Cell Mobile Phone is in Near Future
U.S. Patent Office Rejects Remaining NTP Patent - RIM Contest
Bicycling Robot Shows Good Balance
U.N. Members Look to Loosen U.S. Hold on Web
Nanoscientists Describe Electron Movement Through Molecules
Olson Set for First Soyuz Tourist Flight Since 2002 to ISS
Chip Helps Electric Outlet Go Broadband
Berkeley Nucleonics Academy RF Boot Camp - RF Cafe
RIGOL Technologies (test equipment) - RF Cafe

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