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Technical Headline News Archive - September 2009

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Wafer Bonding Creates Opportunities for Si/GaN Integration
New UAV Sensors Could Leave Enemy No Place to Hide
No Mobile Signal? Use a Dual-Mode Satellite Phone
Visibility Improves for Global Semiconductor Market
European Technology Report Hints at Protectionism
Australian Telcos Warned About Mobile, Wireless Internet Speed Advertising
U.S. Relaxes Grip on the Internet (bye-bye to another U.S. invention)
Sonera Says Rural Finland Customers Save Money by Ditching Landlines
New Electronic Concept: How Hybrid Motors Could Become Cheaper
Physicists Investigate Unusual 4-Qubit Entanglement
FCC's Genachowski Not Neutral on New Net Rules
Schools, Universities Rely on Blackboard for Education Continuity in Swine Flu Epidemic
Campaign Asks for International Treaty to Limit War Robots (who would have thunk?)
TI Fab Ramp Puts Analog Rivals on Notice
Can the Wireless Internet Be Made Neutral?
Raytheon Completes Flight Testing of Air Force Radio Communications, Intelligence System
Largest Dam in the World Is a Potent Methane Source
U.S. Court Vacates Another Jury's Huge Patent Verdict against Microsoft
Canadian Circus Billionaire Heads to Space Station
Google Working on "Smart" Plug-in Hybrid Charging
Slow Recovery and Future Challenges for the European Mobile Industry
Dell Laptop Fails to Excite with Wireless Charger
Raytheon Demonstrates Enhanced Long-Range Target Validation Capability
ARRL Guidelines and Recommendations on the Appropriate Use of Amateur Radio
Nanosensing Transistors Powered by Stress
AT&T to Fight Texting While Driving
Microsoft Launches Free Security Software
Quantum Entanglement Proved at the Macroscale
The Utility Pole Dilemma: 21st Century Broadband Faces a 19th Century Hurdle
GAO Finds DOD Contractors Have Made Progress on Ethics
Physicists Explain How Human Eyes Can Detect Quantum Effects
ADI to Upstage Silicon Image with New HDMI 1.4 IC
Cellphone Video Shows Teens Beating Chicago Student to Death
SAIC Wins $49M Order from USAF Space and Missile Systems Center
Perfect Image Without Metamaterials ... and a Reprieve for Silicon Chips
U.S. Northeast May Have Coldest Winter in a Decade
Mercury Flyby to Photograph Planet's Unseen Areas
Weathering System Cuts Product Testing Time
1 in 5 Households Will Have a Fixed Broadband Connection by End of 2009
Time Lens Speeds Optical Data
In-Depth: RF Switching Options
RIM's 2Q Profit Falls on Charges, Outlook Weak
Can Tech Personalities Break into Politics?
Mobile RFID Device for Shoppers Boosts Store Sales
Ham Appointed Chief of Army MARS
Nanotechnology at Risk of Being Stigmatized
Discovery Brings New Type of Fast Computers Closer to Reality
6 European Startups in the Spotlight
Pushing the Cold Frontier in an Orderly Fashion
FCC Announces Hearing on Capital Formation in Broadband Sector
LHC Gets Warning System Upgrade (a nice little jingle plays just before a black hole swallows the Earth ;-))
AT&T Tells FCC Google Voice Violates Net Neutrality Laws
How Much Government Control in Cybercrisis?
FCC Commish: Localism Proposals Could Be New 'Fairness Doctrine'
Inside Office Web Apps: Is It Good Enough to Be Called 'Excel?'
MRI, Solar Cells, Aging Work are Nobel Favorites
America Loses 150,000 IT Jobs
Worst May Be Over for PC Industry
NIST Updates Guide to Radio-Controlled Clocks
Australia Embarks on Great Broadband Adventure
Semi Market Recovery on Track Due to Strong Fundamental Demand
Lab Demonstrates 3-D Printing in Glass
Al Gore's Green Car Company Gets $529M in Taxpayer Loans (will the corruption never end?)
New ROHS Proposals Seek to Change Scope
Patent Payoff Sours BlackBerry Earnings
Superheavy Element 114 Confirmed (I suggest calling it rfcafenuim)
Photon 'Machine Gun' Could Power Quantum Computers
USPTO and European Patent Office to Extend Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot Program
Quantum Mechanics Advance Reported Using Superconducting Electrical Circuit
Intel Shows Chips Can Get Smaller
Rough Day at Work? You Won't Feel Like Exercising
Taiwan's Semiconductor Industry Output to Shrink by 13% Compared to 2008
SiC Electronics Needs Transistor Stimulus
Paper Battery May Power Electronics in Clothing and Packaging Material
Berkeley Lab Engineer Tapped to Head U.S. Energy R&D Agency
Microsoft Study Places Value on 'White Spaces' Spectrum
New TV Tech Promises a Better Picture
Intel Keeps Fighting for Widget-Augmented TV
MIT: Nanotube Springs Offer Power Potential
FCC: Remarks of Commissioner McDowell to Nat'l Assn. of White-Owned Broadcasters 33rd Broadcast Management Conference
Stimulus Funds Boost Number of Federal Jobs by 25,000
Russia Hoping U.S. will Extend Shuttle Operations
Analog Devices Invests in Ireland Scholarship
High-Tech Job Losses are Slowing
Hybrid Chips of Gallium Nitride and Silicon
More CubeSats Reach Orbit
DoCoMo Shows Off Concept Phone Made from Wood (at least it might float if dropped in the toilet)
Tech Jobs in Better Shape than Overall Private Sector
Promising Photonic Devices: A Tiny, Tunable Well of Light
Smart Meter Firms Agree Standards
Intel's Plan to Replace Copper Wires
T-Mobile and Clearwire Reportedly in Early 4G Discussions
Radio Today: Radio Reaches More Than 90% of 12+ Consumers
Feds Weigh Cell Phone Ban for Bus, Truck Drivers
FCC: Comment Sought on Spectrum for Broadband
Water Found on the Moon
New Accounting Rules a Boon to Apple, Other Tech Companies
Radio Tags to Reveal Songbird Social Networks
Microchip May Help Blind People See Again
Record Hoard of Ancient Gold Found in Field
Marines' Social-Media Ban is Bad for Morale
Tesla Engineer Boosts EV Range to New Heights
Bullet Makers Can't Keep Up with Demand
Peer Review, Lehman Brothers, and the Fate of Semiconductor R&D
Moore's Law Marches on at Intel
Four Positive, Negative Signs for the IC Recovery
India Launches 7 Satellites
UK Broadband Tax 'To Be Made Law' (you folks need Tea Parties)
DoD Colleges Embrace Videoconferencing as Teaching Tool
Boeing Completes Ground Tests, Prepares for First GPS IIF Satellite Launch
Swedish Networks Investigated for Radio Spectrum "Cartel"
Jennic ZigBee Module Has 4km Range
Season of Sky Oddities
GE Grabs Gearless Wind Turbines
E-Car Battery Price on Rapid Declining Curve, Expert Predicts
Article Examines Rare Quantum Physics Effect
The New Healthcare: Smart Band Aids, Digital Pills, Wrist Bands
Broadcasting Technology Enhances Battlefield Ops
Preparations Underway for WRC-12
Three-Quarters of Canadian Children are Internet Savvy Before Age Seven
NASA Moves Up Launch Debut for New Moon Rocket
Elastic Energy-Storage Systems Could Challenge Li-ion Batteries
U.N. Climate Summit Leaves Large Carbon Footprint
Retirement? Good Luck with That
U.S. Public Turns to Europe for Unbiased U.S. News (what - cnnabcnbccbsmanbcnpr are not all the same?)
Autumn Begins Today
Tiny New Module Brings Embedded Mobile Broadband to More Devices
Proposed FCC Web Rule Change Draws Wireless Ire
5 Tech Innovators Under 35
How Scientists Think: Fostering Creativity in Problem Solving
SDR: A Spectrum of Possibilities for Military Communications on the Road to Cognitive Radio
Massachusetts OKs Police to Plant Secret GPS Tracking Devices in Vehicles
A Trillion Triangles: New Computer Methods Reveal Secrets of Ancient Math Problem
RFID Makes Check-In Faster for Air France Passengers
Medical Electronics Seeks Role in Health Care Debate
FCC Commissioner: "Broadband Adoption: Traveling the Consumer's Last Mile"
Global GSM Market Likely to Continue to Gain Ground with Lower Price Until 2014
German Scientists Produce First Bose-Einstein Condensate with Calcium Atoms
Nanotech Could Produce Big Energy Solutions
Xbox 360 to Receive New 802.11n Wireless Adapter
Innovative Lock-Mart-Built Satellite System Operating Successfully on Orbit
'Open Internet' Rules Criticized
How Facebook Copes with 300 Million Users
Where Government Web Sites Go to Die
China Mobile Signs up Its Half-Billionth Subscriber
Graphene and GaAs: Two Perfect Partners Find Each Other
MIT Students Launch Camera to Edge of Space
Forecaster Predicts Robust Growth in Foundry Sales
Making Space Power Pay
HG Wells: The UFO Google Logo Mystery is Solved
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Goes Solar
Six in 10 Tech Workers Living Hand to Mouth
Google to FCC: Apple and AT&T Lied
$21B Japanese Orbiting Solar Array will Beam Electricity to Earth
IMEC GaAs/Ge Stacks Promise Solar Cell Efficiency Hike
FCC to Propose 'Net Neutrality' Rules
Survey Reveals Hidden Price of Technology Failures
What's Next after the Dreamliner? Think Fuel Cells
MRI Machine Features Larger Magnet than the LHC
Quantum Computers are Coming – Just Don't Ask When
Car Showrooms Quiet after Clunkers Clamor Ends (gosh, who would have predicted that?)
Radio Astronomy's Centre of Gravity Shifts West
FCC to Propose 'Net Neutrality' Rules
All Your Personal Gadgets Pose a Global Warming Threat
Diamonds Are a Laser's Best Friend
Solar Market to Recover … Eventually
NASA Launches Rocket, Dozens Report Strange Lights
HP Touts Wireless Screens
New Air Force Magnetron May Help Defeat Enemy Electronics
Graphene Mixes It Up with GaAs
Magnetism Observed in Gas for First Time
South African Amateur Radio Payload Reaches Orbit
Blueprint for a Quantum Electric Motor
FCC: No Truth to Rumor that Cellphone Numbers Will Be Made Available to Telemarketers
SEMI Bookings Up for 5th Month in a Row
San Diego Is a Rising Star for Clean Energy, Technology Jobs
Sweden to Adjust Radio Spectrum Fees to Reflect Usage
Nano Ink Boost for Silicon Solar
IC Analyst Sees Tighter Supply, ASP Growth
RFID Journal Acquires RFID Update Website
Visions of Data
Western European Mobile Phone Market Showing Signs of Recovery
Privately Built Rockets Compete for Top Prize
10 Fast and Frugal Electric Cars from the Frankfurt Motor Show
Microsoft Windows 7 to Cost $30 for Students
Broadcast Radio Advertising Down 25%, Internet Radio Up 6%
Office Web Apps to Be Offered Free to all Windows Live Users
ZigBee RF4CE Specification Now Downloadable
Silicon Valley 'Seeing Revival'
New Chips Loaded with Dummy Parts
Canada Won't Block Nortel Sale to Ericsson
Rohm Opens Semiconductor Design Centre in Germany
63 Million 3G/LTE Enabled Notebook Computers by 2014
Study on Effect of Electricity on Liquids Bucks Conventional Science
IBM Unveils Framework for Smart Grid Technologies
USB 3.0 Gets Public Viewing
Average Mobile Phone User Emits 25kg of CO2 Per Year
FCC Announces Initial Broadband Field Hearings
Comcast Plans to Bring TV Shows to Your Phone
Advanced Solar Panels Coming to Market
Australian Government Tells Telecom Giant Telstra to Break-Up
Company Claims ESLs to Be the Future of Light Bulbs
Too Much Radiation for Astronauts to Make it to Mars
Alpha Radio Products Now RF Concepts
Gold Rises to Record Settlement Price on Inflation Concern
NASA Swift Captures Amazing View of Andromeda
6,000 Tech Marketing Jobs Will Be Lost in 2009
Intel Lodges Appeal Against EC Fine
Looking for Tech Work? Uncle Sam Wants You!
♪♪ Happy Days are Here Again ♪♪, Says IC Insights
Better World: Take Friday Off… Forever
Rocky Earth-Like Planet Found Outside Our Solar System
European Operator Margins Fall 3% As Recession Continues to Bite
Runaway Armed MQ-9 Reaper Drone Shot Down
Wi-Fi to Fill Mobile WAN Gaps
Huge Growth in Energy-Harvesting Technologies
DOD Rethinking Buy Versus Build Software
Two Chips in One: Researchers Combine Microprocessor Materials
Power Electronics for Military Alternative Energy Could Promote Space Radar and Space Propulsion
U.S. Engineers at a Disadvantage. Join the Conversation
Ultradense, 3-D Data Storage
Facebook's User Base Almost Equal to Entire U.S. Population
New Zealand Scientists Develop Wireless Heart Pump
Strike at Freescale Toulouse
Bing Grabs 10% of Search Market
Obama Admin: Cap & Trade Could Cost Families $1,761 a Year
Background TV Found to Have Negative Effect on Parent-Child Interactions (how many taxpayer $$$ were spent on that study?)
National Safety Council Responds to ARRL: No Evidence of "Significant Crash Risks" While Operating Mobile
A Salt and Paper Battery
Airborne Laser Ready for Flight Tests
Australian Mobile Market Expected to Buck Recessionary Trends and Grow in 2009
Superefficient Solar from Nanotubes
$21B Orbiting Solar Array Will Beam Electricity to Earth
Electron-Free Microprocessor Runs on Air
Michigan Students to Develop RFID-Enabled Robotic Guide Dog
Strategy Analytics: Qualcomm's Wireless Handset Chip Maintains Lead
Graphitic Memory: Advances Bring Graphite as Storage Medium a Step Closer
Friction Force Differences Could Offer a New Means for Sorting and Assembling Nanotubes
U.S. Senator to Look into Cellphone-Cancer Link
Greenland to Get a 3G Network
BAE Announces 1,116 Job Cuts
4G World: LTE Climbs on WiMax's Shoulders
Microsoft Bing Adds Visual Search
Indian 3G Auction Set for December
Electric Motorcycle Hits 150 mph
IEEE Finally Ratifies 802.11n-2009
Airborne Laser Ready for Flight Tests
'Next Generation' Wi-Fi Approved
X-Fab High Temperature CMOS Chips Clear 175 °C
Air Force Plan to Cut Its JTRS Military Radio Program May Acknowledge Developments in Private Industry
Deaf Children Learn to Sign by Toying with RFID
Rogers Wireless Upgrades Canadian Network Download Speeds to 21Mbps
Radio Remembers 9/11
USPTO Announces Senior Management Changes
Startup Pioneers Carbon-Based FPGAs
Last Days of Big American Physics: One More Triumph, or Just Another Heartbreak?
Motorola Shares Jump on Hopes for Google Phone
More Efficient, and Cheaper, Solar Cells
The Wireless Carrier Conundrum: Perpetuating the Myth of Connectivity
Engineers Develop Safer, Blast-Resistant Glass
Nanotechnology Looks to Safety of Smallest
China Breaks Ground on Space Launch Center
Venezuela to Develop Nuclear Energy With Russian Help (meanwhile, we talk about building windmills)
Motorola to Launch 'Multiple Tens' of Social Networking Optimized Cellphones
Analog Drives National Semi Sales Up
Qualcomm Firms Up Femto Plans
Surprise in Earth's Upper Atmosphere: Mode of Energy Transfer from the Solar Wind
$100M Question: Where Is Broadband in the U.S.?
Technology Addiction Disrupts Teenage Learning
Broadband Invisibility in the Microwave Range
Nanocrystal Electrical Conductance Gets 100,000x Boost
Capsules for Self-Healing Circuits
Shuttle Crew Preps for Evening Landing
CIA Invests in Low-Power Wi-Fi Intel Spinoff
Bing Commemorates 9/11, Google Doesn't
Amateurs with General Class Licenses to be Granted Reciprocal Licenses in Some CEPT Countries
RFMD Expects Fiscal 2010 Free Cash Flow to Exceed Forecast $80-120M
Carbon Nanotubes Could Make Efficient Solar Cells
New Cloaking Method Could Shield Submarines from Sonar, Planes from Radar, Buildings from Earthquakes
How to Short-Circuit the U.S. Power Grid
ZigBee RF4CE Specification is Available for Download
NASA Levitates Mouse Using Magnetic Fields
Simulated Black Holes May Prove Theory
Nanotom Allows Experts to See Through Solids
Facebook Lite Goes Live for the Bandwidth-Constrained
NOAA: Summer Temperature Below Average for U.S.
Bike Transmission is Fully Automatic
Military Spending and GaN Adoption Driving RF Power Semiconductor Markets
MEMS Equipment Diffuses into Mainstream IC markets
GaN Gaining Favor Among Military Users
Wi-Fi Pushing Radio IC Market to $4B in 2013
Satellite Phone Users Get Cheap Encrypted Calls
Governor's $250,000 Grant to Amateur Radio Goes Online as Oregon Hams Install New Winlink System
Vodafone to Offer Wi-Fi Based Mobile Broadband Device
Euro Phone Operators Agree to Auto Crash Alert System
AT&T Moves Toward 90% HSPA Rollout Completion by 2012
Upgraded Hubble Telescope Spies Cosmic 'Dragon'
Gold Solution for Enhancing Nanocrystal Electrical Conductance
Automakers Aim to Simplify Electrical Architectures
Ultra-Flat Loudspeakers with Powerful Sound Reproduction
New Class of Japanese Spacecraft 'Debuts' Today
Orange Broadband Hit by Outages
Capacity Utilization Expected to Bounce Back in Q3
Google Plans New Mirror for Cheaper Solar Power
Bangladesh Bans Suits and Ties to Save Energy
Violent Teenage Bully Filmed Attack on Two Boys on His Mobile Phone
GSMA Endorses 3GPP's Integrated Mobile Broadcast Standard
Electrical Circuit Runs Entirely off Power in Trees
Cellphone Radiation Levels Vary Widely, Watchdog Report Says
Analysts Expect Positive News in TI Q3 Update
Researcher Uses Bacteria to Make Radioactive Metals Inert
FCC Releases Quarterly Report on Consumer Inquiries and Complaints
Air Force Gets Last Upgraded GPS-IIR Satellite
Proposed Quantum Computer Consists of Billions of Electron Spins
Berlin's Electronics Fair Pushes Greener Future
Motorola Introduces Two New WiMAX Devices
Photos from Revived Hubble Telescope Expected Wednesday
UMC's Sales Have Tripled Since February
MEMC Closing Two U.S. Plants, Cutting 540 Jobs
Ultra-High-Speed Residential Broadband to Create a Bandwidth Divide
High Fab Utilization to Push ASPs Up for 3 Years
'NanoPen' May Write New Chapter in Nanotechnology Manufacturing
Faster Wireless Standard Making Mark in Home Networking
Rain of Meteorites Makes the Moon Hum
Obama Space Panel Says Moon Return Plan is a No Go (money needed for Cash for Clunkers and Illegal Alien social programs)
Cellcrypt Enables Encrypted Mobile Phone Calls Anywhere on Earth
Black Sand Claims First All-CMOS RF PA for 3G Phones
Global Broadband Penetration Slows in Q2
Tiny 'MEMS' Devices to Filter, Amplify Electronic Signals
Diamonds Are for Softies – Boron is Harder
Underwater Laser Pops in Navy Ops
Measuring the Next Successful Antennas for In-Body Health Monitoring Devices
Qualcomm Lowers Power for Body Area Networks
 Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile Completes Live-Fire Test
Home Fibre Plans Survive Downturn
CMOS Power Amplifier Startup Raises $10M
Politician Calls for Free Wi-Fi on Trains and Buses in Scotland
Mt. Wilson Observatories Saved from Wildfire
IBM Scientists Effectively Eliminate Wear at the Nanoscale
Crews Say Goodbye, Shuttle Departing Today
World's First Floating Wind Turbine Online in Norway
Nanoscale Laser Harnesses Plasmons
Swiss Topple U.S. as Most Competitive Economy
U.S. Prez Tells Senate to Raise Debt Ceiling above $12T (that's $39k per person, not including off-budget items)
Snow Leopard Could Be Apple's Vista
FCC Ponders a Future with Multiple 'Internets'
10 iPhone Apps That Make the Grade for College
Final, Modernized L-Mart-Built GPS Satellite Operational for Military Apps
Wall Socket Adapters Offer WiFi Alternative
Copyright Proposals Threaten Consumer Rights Says Telecom Industry
A Cordless Future for Electricity?
Florida Boaters Asked to Keep Watch for Lost Robot
Gadget Shoppers Branded 'Stupid' by Sales Staff
Report Forecasts 1 Billion Mobile Cloud Users by 2014
Ex-Google China Chief to Fund Chinese Tech Start-Ups
Abu Dhabi Chip Venture Buys Chartered for $1.8B
FCC Seeks Comments on Telework
Using Waste to Recover Waste Uranium
Nano-Bioelectronics Achieved with Nanowires, Proteins
Reform Bill Could Kill Defense Contractors' Acquisition Expertise
A Liquid Design for Cheaper Fuel Cells
Out of Work, and Too Down to Search On
Fab Spending Expected to Grow 64% in 2010
2 Radio Towers in Washington State Toppled
New Graphene-Based, Nanomaterial Has Magnetic Properties
Canada Adds 27,100 Jobs in August
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Takes First Look at Apollo 12 Landing Site
U.S. Teen Unemployment Rate Hits 25%
Looks Like We're Not the Only Country with Illegal Immigrant Problems
In-Flight WiFi Can Influence Airfare Purchases
Raytheon Recognizes America's Teachers with More than 30 Math Hero Awards
Magnetic Monopoles Detected in a Real Magnet for the First Time (uh-oh, Maxwell was wrong: ▼●B≠0 ?!!)
TransferJet Wireless Data Gadgets Coming Next Year
Europe Dominates Mobile Managed Services Market
Tech Industry Challenges e-Cycling Programs
Graphene Made Magnetic with Hydrogen Coating
European Chip Firms Aim to IMPROVE Fab Efficiency
Electronic Countermeasure Technology is in Demand
Code-Breaking Quantum Algorithm Run on a Silicon Chip
'Fantastic Six' Expected to Spur Capex Growth in 2010
U.S. a Nation of Night Surfers
TI Achieves Industry's Lowest Drift with High-Voltage Bipolar DACs
Semiconductors on Even Keel at End of 2Q 2009
Internet Addiction Center Opens in U.S.
Thousands of New Images Show Mars in High Resolution
iPod Beaten in Japan by 30-Year-Old Line of Music Players
Giant Crystals and Spherical Flames: Science in Microgravity
Unemployment Rate Rises to 26-Year High
Microsoft Wins Word Stay of Execution
Major Wireless Companies Want Old Cell Phone Tax Abolished (repeal a tax? - good luck)
Reboot for the Harwell, UK's 'Oldest' Computer
GaAs Market Predicted to Fall 5% in 2009
Every Baltimore Patrol Officer to Get a BlackBerry
Chinese Stimulus Policy Opens New Business Streams For Semiconductor Vendors
U.S. Bluetooth Headset Usage Plummets
LG Launches 'Borderless' and Wireless TVs
Telegraphs Ran on Electric Air in Crazy 1859 Magnetic Storm
Canada Opens 200 mm MEMS, 3D WLP Center
FCC - Payment Methods and Procedures for FY2009 Regulatory Fees
Super-Fast Computers of the Future
UK Has the Worst Internet Security in Europe
Optical Atomic Clock Becomes Portable
Army Orders Ground Robots for Engineer, Infantry Support
Space Junk Could Threaten Upcoming Spacewalk
Not Enough Facebook Friends? Buy Them
Geoengineering is No Longer Unmentionable
ARRL - Happy Birthday, Hiram!
Bing Better Than Google in Canada
Gray Screen of Death (GSOD) Hits Snow Leopard - Bloom Coming Off Apple's Rose?
Transnational R&D Funding
Japan Plans $21B Solar Space Post to Power 294,000 Homes
SIA Reports Improving Consumer Demand as Global Chip Sales Increase 5.3% in July
High Power Laser Weapon from Airborne Laser Platform Defeats Ground Target in Flight Test
Hoarding Incandescent Bulbs Ahead of EU Ban
Wireless Carriers Ramp Up Competitiveness Rhetoric
Laser Pulses Can Now Control Single Electrons
iPhone App Finds Disease Outbreaks Near You
Windows Phones are Coming October 6th
New Clean Room to Push Boundaries of Computer Memory Technology
Sketching Analysis Design Program
Carbon Nanoballs as Data Storage Units
British Inventor Urges Patent Law Change
A Cordless Future for Electricity?
Energizer Preps Prismatic Zinc Air Primary Cells for Portable Electronics
First Hot Ice Computer Created
COLBERT Treadmill Installed at Space Station
Engineer Error Knocks Out Gmail
Precise Radio-Telescope Measurements Advance Frontier Gravitational Physics
College Student Uses iPhone to Catch Robbery Suspects
Silicon Nanowires Could Make Transistors Obsolete
Wi-Fi Connectivity Becoming Pervasive on Devices
Why the iPhone Will Change the Chinese Phone Market
Raytheon Integrated Defense System GaN Chips Achieve Operational Milestone
Communications Failure Ends India's First Lunar Mission
Fragile Devices Threaten Customer Loyalty
Samsung Lobs Cheap Touchphone at iPhone Crowd
RFID and Sensors Illustrate Art's Impact on People
Discovery Pair Prep for First Spacewalk
Faster Searches Key to a Greener Web
California Mine Reopened to Search for Rare Earth Minerals after China's Threat
FCC Requests Additional Nominations by September 30 for membership on the Technological Advisory Council
NIST Airframe Tests Help Ensure Better Shielding for Flight Instruments
Technology Said to Cut Cost of Solar Installations
European Femtocells Markets - Will the Hype Lead to Mass-Market Adoption?
Art of Creating a Manet Takes Masterful Engineering Touch
eBay Reaches Deal to Sell Skype
Laser Tests Could Silence the Dentist's Drill
The Promise and the Peril of Web 2.0

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