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Electronics & Tech Headline News Archive - October 2018

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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IBM Buys Red Hat for $34B

• China Targets Control over Internet of Things for Spying, Business

Tesla Faces Deepening Criminal Probe

6G is Fiber, Argues SDN Communications' CEO (see 6G news)

China's 1st Private Rocket Fails After Launch


Countries Push Digital Taxes on Tech Giants

• Future Samsung Smartphones with Full-Screen Fingerprint Scanners

• Qualcomm, Ericsson Make Demo 5G Call at 3.5 GHz in Sweden

Paper Filing Eliminated by FCC

• 1st Proof of Quantum Computer Advantage


GaN RF Device Market to Grow at Double-Digit CAGR to $1.5B by 2026

• USAF's 4th AEHF Communications Satellite Launched

• FCC Adopts 10-Year Terms for 3.5 GHz CBRS Band

5G Americas Analyst Forum Wrap Up

Beamed Microwave Energy for Launching Space Vehicles


RF Tunable Filter Market to be Worth $87M by 2023

• Deformation of Nanotubes to Control Conductivity

• Accelerator Chip Track to Put the Silicon Back in Silicon Valley

• Deutsche Telekom Rolls out 400 Base Stations in 5G Prep

• >½ of America Gets More in Welfare Than It Pays in Taxes (bring in more Illegals!)


• Method to Detect Location inGPS-Challenged Environments

Q3 2018 Data Useage by Network, Operator and Service Plan

• EU Telcos Could Benefit from Being Behind the 5G Curve

• Wi-Fi Alliance, Cisco Among Those Applauding 6 GHz Action

• Swedes Getting Microchip IDs Inserted into Their Hands


• EU's Quest to Build an Unhackable Quantum Internet

Are Engineers Educated? (by Robert Lucky)

Ericsson Banks 1st Profit since 2016

GaN Semiconductor Specialist Exagan Forms Taiwan Subsidiary

Slipshod Cybersecurity for U.S. DoD Weapons Systems


Engineers Keep Losing Sleep over Continuous Education

• Apps Can Track You Even After You Uninstall Them

China Technology Transfer Policy Needs a Reset

• Average Number of Devices Per Cellular Account Nears 3

Samsung Debuts Semiconductor Innovations at Samsung Tech Day


• Operators Blasted for 'Completely Unacceptable' Response to Hurricane Michael

Norwegian Radio Amateur Being Prevented from Leaving Chad

RF GaAs Market to Be Worth $9B by 2022

Trust Outranks Tech in Attracting Customers: LinkedIn Sales Report

Next-Gen Military Communications Challenges


RF GaAs Market to Be Worth $9B by 2022

EW BrightSparks 2019 Begins Search for Electronics Excellence

• The Future of Cobalt

FCC Affirms Whopping Fine for Spoofed Robocalls

Can Radio Survive Without Passion?


Vendors Pushing LTE for Private Wireless and Fixed Wireless Networks

• Bidding in ARRL On-Line Auction Set to Begin October 19

Japanese MNOs to Rollout 5G in 2019 a Year Ahead of Schedule

80M LoRa Technology-Enabled Devices to Be Deployed by Early 2019

• Smartphone Brand Determines Longevity


60-GHz Wi-Fi Gets a Refresh

• The Semiconductor Industry Is in Transition

Wafer Shipments Forecast to Set New Highs Through 2021

• Hutch Working on $1B Italian Towers Sale

• Researchers Using ISS to Conduct New Communication Experiments


• U.S. Pushes Canada on Huawei 5G Ban

• Reported Russian Ham Band Intruders Continue to be Troublesome

AT&T Seeks OK for 5G Demos in Atlanta, Hawaii

• How to Prevent the Internet from Ruining Your Company's Reputation

• Too Much Sleep Bad for Brain


• Verizon Looking to Rapidly Extend 5G Beyond Fixed Wireless

• U.S. to Allow Cars Without Steering Wheels

• Here's What One Ad Agency Executive Thinks of Radio

• Indian Regulator Defends 5G Spectrum Pricing

PC Innovation Is Back


• Verizon's 5G Threat to Cable is Overblown

• Metro to Launch Pay-as-You-Go 5G in U.S.

Hubble Space Telescope in Safe Mode as Gyro Issues are Diagnosed

• Europe Approves Merger of Tele2 and Com Hem

Hampton$ Millionaire$ Build Panic Rooms Full of Guns to Hide from MS-13 (their type brought us MS-13)


3.5 GHz CBRS Band Lands on FCC's October Agenda

• August Semi Sales up 14.9%

• EPA Moving to Loosen Radiation Limits

• Huawei Willing to Work with Government to Allay Korea's 5G Security Fears

'Rip-Roaring Hot' Jobs Market Sees Private (not gov't) Payrolls Surge by 230,000


• Your Next Job Interview Could Be with a Robot

Germany to Ease Immigration Rules to Tackle Worker Shortage (...because it's worked so well so far)

• EEMBC Creates IoT Bluetooth Power Consumption Benchmark for MCUs

• FCC's Carr Touts Support for Small Cell Proposal

Apple Watch Series 4 Crashing, Rebooting Owing to Bug


• Mozilla and NSF Hand out $1.6M to Wireless Challenge Winners

• Nearly All UK Workers Muck About on Mobile Devices During Meetings

• Verizon Will Be 'Extremely Aggressive' with 5G Roll-Out

• Having Acne Good for Your GPA (this is science?)

• FCC Reiterates Requirements for 2-Way VHF/UHF Radios in U.S.


• FCC Gives U.S. Telcos a $2B Small Cell Site Boost

Indian Telcos Face Financial Challenges Following DoT Probe

• New Mechanism for Developing Electronic Devices

• Telia Pays Most in Finnish 5G Auction

• Russia Finds ISS Hole Made Deliberately


• More than 1B New LTE Connections Added in Last 12 Months

Limiting Kids' Screen Time Improves Brain Function

Verizon Switches on 5G in U.S.

• Qualcomm Accuses Apple of Subterfuge in Sharing Data with Intel

Engineering Plays Big Role at the Mayo Clinic


• Qualcomm Undeterred on Road to Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X)

• Trump Officials Vow 'America First, 5G First'

China to Account for 19% of Semi Foundry Sales This Year

World's 1st Wireless Charging Solution Charges Multiple Devices up to 80' Away

Germany to Ease Immigration Rules to Tackle Worker Shortage (...because it's worked so well thus far)


U.S.-China Trade War Heats up with Semi Caught in Middle

Ericsson Planning 39 GHz Tests Around Florida Foliage

• FCC's Rosenworcel Initiates Podcast Series on Women in Digital Technologies

DOD Has Lost 4,000 Civilian Cyber Workers in Past Year

Women as CEOs: The Problems and the Promise


• Sweden Regulatory Agency to Require Fee to Run More Than 200 W

• FCC Approves New Rules Aimed at Speeding Deployment of Small Cells and 5G

• Anokiwave Joins 5G Open Radio Access Network Alliance

• Georgia Tech Merges Antennas with Electronics

• U.S. Contemplates Its Own Version of GDPR


• Home Office to Delay 4G Emergency Service Net by 3 Years

• 3.7 GHz Bidding Nears €3B in Italy 5G Contest

• Do College Kids Listen to Radio?

• Outlook for Fixed Wireless Access in a 5G World

NFC Forum Announces Liaison Agreement with German Automotive Association

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