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Technical Headline News Archive - July 2008

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

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Internet Addiction May Be One Click Away
Kemet (capacitors) Cuts 640 Jobs as Losses Mount
USAF Sets Orbital Spaceplane Test Flight
Motorola Posts Surprise 2Q Profit
Atom Trap Grabs Magnetic Atoms
Nokia Increases Funds for VC Investment
'Noble Resolve' Experiment Tests Emergency-Response Communications
Microsoft and Dell to Support Chinese 3G Standard
Market for SOI to Reach $1.1B by 2012
New Technique to Compress Light Could Open Doors for Optical Communications
Feds Have Primed the Hydrogen Research Pump
USPTO and National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation Join Ad Council to Inspire Invention in Children
Designed in China: Domestically Conceived Chip Market Booms in Nation
Ancient Greek Antikythera Mechanism Appears to Calculate Olympics Dates
Multi-Antenna Signal (MAS) Approach Optimizes WiMAX Networks
German Radio Manufacturer Halts Transceiver Production
Sheikh Flies Lamborghini 6,500 Miles to Britain for Oil Change (thanks to your willingness to pay outrageous prices for oil)
LED City Program in Anchorage
Europe and Japan Join Forces to Map Out Future of Intelligent Robots
Wireless Devices May Be at Fault for Certain Health Risks
Indian Bombings Raise Concerns Among Foreign Investors
Dutch Amateur Radio Satellite Now Live
STMicro-NXP Wireless Readies for August Launch
Cisco Backs Startup's Video-Over-Wi-Fi Chip
Return of Glory Days for Semiconductor Industry (seems like just yesterday we had doom and gloom - wait, it was yesterday)
LG to Launch Phones with Dolby Sound Systems
General Dynamics to Deliver Digital Modular Radios for U.S. Navy Ships
Wireless Broadband Growth, WiMax Squeezed
Judge's Ruling on Sprint Fees Dials up Blow to Cellphone Industry
RFID Pill Monitors Body Temperature at Walking Race
Shimmering Ferroelectric Domains
Lasers Need Lenses No More
Reports of Electrical Hazards in Iraq Overblown, Pentagon Spokesman Says
China to Broadcast Friday's Solar Eclipse Live on Internet
Motorola Once Again Reshuffles Business Units
Cuil Search Engine Mismatches Brand Images
Electrical Activity on Saturn's Moon Titan Confirmed by Spanish Scientists
5.4 Mag Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles
Virgin Galactic Rolls Out Mothership “EVE”
Tech Giants Rush to Solar Power
UK Teens Warned About "Excessive" SMSing
Electronic Companies Agree on Home Wireless HD Standard
Lithium-Ion Batteries for Less
Recession-Proof Engineering Jobs
FCC Invited to Test White Spaces Devices at Live Events
Bioengineers Develop 'Microscope on a Chip'
Wireless for Process Industry to Reach $1B by 2012
Industrial Precision GPS Solutions Experiencing Sustained Growth Levels
Using WiMAX to Link Ambulances to Hospitals
USPTO: Scope of Foreign Filing Licenses
Friday's Remote Solar Eclipse Will Be on Internet
LockMart Demos High Power Electric Propulsion System for TSAT Program
Gas Crisis Fuels Dubious Online Offers
Taliban Burn Down Afghan Phone Tower (...keeping their kinsmen in the Stone Age forever)
NASA Puts IT to Work Tracking Solar Storms
Computer Forensics: Beyond the Magnifying Glass
Cell Phone Cancer Warning Adds to Parental Worries
Fujitsu Expands in Texas, Semtech in China
Nintendo Wii: Banned in the USA for Patent Infringement?
Students Given Opportunity to Practice Intellectual Property Law Before the USPTO through Law School Clinic Programs
Sensis Selected by Canadian Department of National Defence to Modernize Key Components of TRACS/ASR-3 Radar
IEEE WCET Certification Practice Exam Available
Biometric Security to Drive $7.3B in Five Years
Bell Canada to Cut 2,500 Management Jobs
High Schoolers Get First Taste of Engineering Challenges
Unexpected Gap-like Feature Found in Energy Spectrum of Electrons Tunneling into Graphene's Single Layer of Atoms
Hamamatsu Shortens Wavelength Record for UV Laser Diodes to 342nm
Cox Gets $5,000 NAL for Accidental EAS Activation
A Contact Lens for Lasers
Boeing to Team with Raytheon on EP-X Aircraft Program
China Becomes Biggest Net Nation
Qualcomm, Nokia Avert Mobile World War
Beijing Shrouded in Smog 2 Weeks Before Olympic Games
NAVYForMoms.com Reaches Membership Milestone, Growing Quickly
First Female Four-Star General Confirmed by Senate
Can Apple Break Through China's Great Wall of Counterfeits?
Researchers Discover New States of Electrons That Behave Like Light
Hittite Rebounds Slightly, But Next Quarter to be Flat
T-Mobile Picks up NextWave Spectrum
Germany-Based Infineon Group Posts 3Q Loss of €592M, Plans to Cut 3,000 Jobs
Think Your Deleted Texts are Gone? Better Think Again
SMS to Garner 83% of All Mobile Messaging Revenues Through 2013
Free Internet Proves Popular with Troops
Microsoft Engineers Invent Energy-Efficient LCD Competitor
Ultrahigh-Resolution Electron Microscopy Enters Picometer Scale
STMicro's Bozotti Sees Signs of Weakness in Automotive, Wireless
More-Efficient Thermoelectrics
Carbon Nanotubes May Have a Darker Side
T-Mobile Buys Additional Radio Spectrum
New Material May Help Autos Turn Heat into Electricity
China Says It's No. 1 in Web Usage, Surpassing USA
THEMIS Satellites Discover What Triggers Northern Lights Eruptions
Canadian Radio Revenues Rise
Hackers Get Hold of Critical Internet Flaw (RF Cafe not vulnerable due to proprietary - and expensive - DNS service)
Boeing Delivers Fourth HDTV Satellite to DIRECTV
European Returned Electronics Cost $115B .in 2007
Apollo 14 Moon-Walker Claims Alien Contact Cover-Up
How Computers Have Caused the Number of Britons with Backache to Double in a Decade
Pittsburgh Cancer Center Warns of Risk From Cell Phone Use
Linear Tech Bucks Economic Trends with Record Results
FCC Issues Citation to Georgia Company for Selling, Importing Unauthorized RF Devices
Nanotube Circuits
Handsets on Track for Growth Despite Declining Price
Electronics Sales Up, IPC Reports
Mobile M2M Market Set for 24% CAGR Growth
Nokia, Qualcomm Settle All Wireless Legal Battles, Enter 15-Year Agreement
Australia Ups RFID Power Limit to 4 Watts
STMicro Narrows Second Quarter Net Loss
Micro Air Vehicle: 3 Gram 'Dragonfly' Takes Flight
Strong Subscriber Growth in China As 600 Million Mark Beckons
Outsourcing Services Now a Key Part of Manufacturing Chain, Gartner Reports
CEA Will Explore 3DTV Standard
Joint Euro-Russian Manned Spaceship Design Unveiled
NYC Going High-Tech with Wireless Water Meters (note: these have been in use elsewhere for a LONG time - NYC must really be lagging)
Defense Leaders Promise Improved Contracting Oversight
Anadigics' Sales Grow to Record $80.5M, Driven by Broadband
Google Introduces Knol as Wikipedia Alternative
USGS: Arctic Holds 90B Barrels of Oil (let's go get it, and drive the price of global crude back to <$50/bbl)
Solar Sailing in Space
The 2008 Perseid Meteor Shower
Students Given Opportunity to Practice Intellectual Property Law Before the USPTO through Law School Clinic Programs
Qualcomm Loses GSM Patent Lawsuit in Germany
The Road to 4G: WiMax Leads the Way
Utilities Say Grid Can Handle Rechargeable Cars
Electronics Giants to Create Wireless HD Standard
IC Insights Lowers 2008 Semiconductor Capex Expectations
Exotic Materials Using Neptunium, Plutonium Provide Insight into Superconductivity
Business Value of RFID-Based Supply Chains Remains Elusive
90% of Americans 18-28 Years Old Own a PC
Electronics Retailers Find Service Sells
Content to Rejuvenate Revenue Growth in the European Mobile Market
Britain Set to Become Electric Car Capital of Europe if Brown Seals Deal with GM
DNS Security Hole Details Leak Out
Bad Economy Good for PC Market
HD Positioned for Sustained Growth Worldwide
Countering China's Counterfeit Components
Pre-Design of Laser Weapon Control System Completed
GM, Ford 'On the Verge of Bankruptcy'
FEI Introduces Extreme High-Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopes
Students Invent Affordable Water Heater
China Arrests Online Dissident in Pre-Olympics Crackdown
China Warns Media About "Vulgar" Ads (Yay - no Viagra ads! That's one Communist policy I could live with))
Fab Upgrades Shift GaAs Substrate Demand from 4-inch to 6-inch
Ericsson Q2 Profits Plunge 70%
Oxford University Gets 18% More Light from LCDs
Nokia, Qualcomm Court Case to be Webcast
USPTO Extends and Expands Peer Review Pilot
Ethertronics Delivers World's Smallest Ceramic GPS Antennas
Belden Cable Acquires Trapeze Networks for $133M
New Project to Develop GPS-Like System for Moon
European Satellite Navigation Competition
Digging a Hole in China
At FCC Broadband Hearing, Speeches But no Consensus
Allocation, Price Increases and Fights for Wafers in 2009
Nanotechnology: Learning from Past Mistakes
Energy Applications for Nanotech Draw New Investor Interest
Hong Kong Rolls out Free Wi-Fi Service
Hiram Percy Maxim's Telegraph Key Returns to ARRL HQ
Senators Urge FCC Not to Shut Down Satellite Communications for Navajo
Auto Industry Redesigns Engines While Ethanol Debate Rages
Wii Fit Shortage Predicted for Christmas as Fitness Computer Game Flies off the Shelves
A New Competitor to LCD
SATS Market Seen Set for Major Growth
Why the Chips (stocks) are Down
Foundation for Amateur Radio Announces 2008 Scholarship Winners
Purdue Panel: Fusion Researcher Broke Ethics Rules
Nanoradio Tunes-In to Atoms
Virtual World is Sign of Future for Scientists and Engineers
Taiwan Expected to Pass 11 Million 3G Subscribers by Year-End
GaAs and InP to Drive 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s IC Growth
FreeWave Unveils High-Performance, Tiny Form Factor Wireless High-Speed Radios with Ethernet
Motorola Sues Former Executive over iPhone Job
National Radio Hall of Fame Announces Class of 2008
NASA Announces Competitive Grant Programs
Bluetooth is Watching: Secret Study Gives Bath a Flavour of Big Brother
DoD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for June 2008
Fake News Headlines are the Latest Spam Storm
Canada Levies Fees for Public Safety Radio Spectrum
Emergency Beijing Olympic Pollution Scheme Begins
The Global Economy is at the Point of Maximum Danger
Court Dismisses Jackson "Wardrobe Malfunction" Super Bowl Fine
Loud Music Can Make You Drink More, in Less Time, in a Bar
AMD Ousts Ruiz after $1.2B Charge
China's Economy Slows in Second Quarter
Controlled Growth of Truly Nanoscale Single Crystal Fullerites for Device Applications
North American Semi Equipment Industry in June Reflects Chipmakers' Caution in Spending
SimplyRFID Teams Up with Avery Dennison to Offer Customers AD-224 Inlays
Engineering Jobs Surge on Power
GaAs Semiconductor Market Grows 17% Year-on-Year
Outsourced Development Growing: Should You Worry?
Satellite Radio Saga Takes Unexpected Turn
Silicon to Displace GaAs in Automotive Radar from 2013
Freescale Draws Industry Heavies to Technical Forum
Chips Fall Where They May in the 'More Than Moore' Era
Sony Ericsson Q2 Profit Slumps 96% - Expects Challenging Q3
GM Working on 'Smart' Windshields to Guide Drivers
Silicon South West - Rising Stars Awards
China's Homegrown 3G Wireless Standard Goes for the Gold
Ford's New Smart Intersection Uses GPS to Talk to Cars to Help Reduce Fuel-Wasting Congestion
Promising New Method to Fabricate Ultra-Thin Silicon Solar Cells Developed
Nokia-Qualcomm Shoot-Out in Delaware
Sony Promotes TransferJet Short-Range, High-Speed UWB Link
ARRL Continuing Education Online Course Registration Open
RFID Badges at HOPE Hackercon Form Automatic Social Nets and Irony
Researchers Generate Hydrogen Without the Carbon Footprint
Game Processor Might Make Its Way into Warfighting Apps
Memristors: Coming Soon to a Brain Near You
Raytheon Awarded $1M Contract for GaN Active Electronically Scanned Lens Array
Advance Brings Low-Cost, Bright LED Lighting Closer to Reality
FCC Sets Schedule for TV White Spaces Tests
ON Semi Plans Ireland R&D Center and New Jobs
USPTO Extends and Expands Peer Review Pilot
ABI Ranks Ultra Wideband Chip Suppliers
Wi-Fi Hotspots Stay Hot in 2008
Five Million Phones Collected by Verizon Wireless' HopeLine Program
Wireless Mics at Center Stage as White Space Testing Begins
60 GHz Group Pushes Back on Gbit Wi-Fi Plan
Counterfeit Components Cost Industry £1B a Year
Nokia Q2 Sales Up - Profits Drop 61%
Boy, 11, Tracks Speeders with HotWheels Radar Gun
WiMAX Forum Supports European 2.6 GHz Regulation
Ex-Samsung Chief Given Suspended Jail Term
FCC Lifts Freeze on Class A Displacement, Expansion Application Filings
Quantum Leap - Single Electron Controlled in Silicon
Say Goodbye to the Computer Mouse
EU Says 80% of European Ringtone Websites Break the Law
Wave Power Feeds Electricity to National Grid in World First
Cities Gone Wireless: Safety or Surveillance?
Air Force Sets Sights on Next-Generation UAVs
One Small Step Takes Mankind Nowhere
U.S. Army Successfully Launches Non Line-of-Sight-Launch System Precision Attack Missile
Disgruntled Engineer Hijacks San Francisco's Computer System
Rock Port, Missouri, First 100% Wind-Powered Community in U.S.
Near Field Communications Payments to Hit $75B in 2013
Physicists Tweak Quantum Force, Reducing Barrier to Tiny Devices
ARRL, FCC, Meet in Washington to Discuss BPL Remand
Brazilians Win Race to Unlock New iPhone
Semiconductor Equipment Sales to Fall 20% in 2008, SEMI
IEEE-USA Today's Engineer Digest Wins 2008 APEX Award of Excellence
T-Mobile Facing $1.25B Legal Action For Blocking GSM Gateways
TI Chip Boosts Range for ZigBee
Raytheon Team to Bid for Indian Satellite Navigation System
Wireless Device Helps Illuminate the Role of Light on Human Health
DISH Gets HD Boost with Successful Satellite Launch
IBM to Invest $1.5B in Nanotechnology
San Diego State University Improves MEMS Accelerometer Tunability
Militants Bypassing Mobile Eavesdropping in Jammu and Kashmir
Lighter Laptops Move to Flash-Based Drives
Pushing Pixels - 50 Million of Them
New Nano-Device to See Invisible Light
Scientists Close in on Source of X-rays in Lightning
Lawmaker, NPR Want HD Radio Satellite Receivers (using your tax money)
Day of Reckoning? Super Rich Tax Cheats Outed by Bank Clerk
Kansas Ham, Son, Electrocuted While Erecting Antennas
FCC Launches Field Tests of White Space Device Prototypes
UK Proposes 7 Years in Prison for Sending Text Messages While Driving
Semiconductor Sales May Escape Harsh Economy's Impact
SEMI Forecasts Equipment Declines, Seeks U.S. Policy Reforms
IEEE Approves Standard for Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA)
Phishing E-mails Asking for Personal Information Are Not from ARRL
Principles Behind Stability and Electronic Properties of Gold Nanoclusters Identified
EU Plans to Cut Roaming SMS Costs
Navy Gets New Supercomputer
FCC Chief: Comcast Sanction Serves as Warning
Mobile Video Phone Sales Expected to Quadruple Between 2007, 2011
Analyst Lowers Handset Growth Forecast
Falling WiMAX Chipset Prices Spell Good News for Adoption of Smaller Mobile Devices
NASA Engineers Moonlighting on Alternative Moon Rocket Project
NAB: Satcasters' 'Willingness to Deceive' Must Be Addressed
Magnolia and Kopin to Co-Develop InN-Based Quantum Dot Solar Cells
Market is Ready to Make Money Mobile
Breaking Phone-Call Encryption
Webroot Founder's Body Found near Honolulu
HomePlug Powerline Standard Stuck in Stalemate
Army Prepares Test of New Wireless War Game Gear
Missed Phone Call Leads to Emergency Rescue Effort
Companies Scramble to Stop Cell Phone Trafficking
Apple Sells 1 Million iPhones in First 3 Days
Wolfson Microelectronics IC Cutting Noise for Mobiles
Nanoelectrodes Boost Electrolysis to Cut Hydrogen Fuel Cost
Indium Nitride-Based Solar Cells Hold Promise for Space, Defense Applications
Vietnam Becomes Telecom Hotbed
Automakers Oppose HD Radio Requirement
MIT Develops Window Coating that Collects Energy
Dow Acquiring Rohm and Haas for $18.8B
See Mars in Wide Screen
Energy from Waves
World's Oldest Blogger Signs off for the Last Time, Aged 108
Russian Air Defense Woes a Growing Concern
1975 Unix Flaw Fixed
FCC Seeks Comment on Reauction of 700 MHz D Block
Room Temperature Superconductivity: One Step Closer to Holy Grail of Physics
Chevy to Build 10k Volts in 2011, 50k in 2012
Scientists Generally Happy with Their Media Interaction
Desk Rage Spoils Workplace for Many Americans
Greenpeace Calls Out 3G iPhone, Suggests Toxic Chemicals Usage
Cosmonauts Make Risky Spacewalk to Remove Potentially Explosive Bolt
FCC Summit to Focus on Pandemic Preparations and Communications
Semiconductor R&D Spending Growth to Show 8% Rise in 2008
Nanoscale Lithographic Technology: Finer Lines for Microchips
FCC Chief Says Comcast Violated Internet Rules
Bluetooth Demo Proves Low-Energy Technology
Sony Ericsson in Talks to Buy Indian Mobile Phone Manufacturer
Electronic Component Orders Steady in June
Semi Stocks Sag on Poor Sector Outlook
Intel Sells Impinj RFID Operation, Deal Expected to Stimulate Market
Defense 2.0 a Work in Progress
A Better Solar Collector
World Economy Between Recession and Inflation - IMF
General Dynamics Captures More DOD Satellite Work
Global Rollout of Apple's iPhone 3G Kicks Off to Cheering Crowds
Asia Underground Market Awaits iPhone
Canadians to iPhone: No Thanks!
The Google Cars That Will Photograph Every Front Door in Britain (hope they have bullet-proof glass)
Toyota Engineer Designing Camry Hybrid Works Self to Death
'Schizophrenic' Wireless Investors in Slump
Mobile WiMAX Becomes Commercially Available
Telcos Win Warrantless Wiretap War
Bluetooth Demo Proves Low-Energy Technology
Tokyo to Boost Development of OLED Displays
Better Technology for Developing Plastic Solar Cells and Plastic Electronic Devices Created
Verizon Wireless Early Termination Lawsuit Settlement Puts Sprint at Risk
U.S. Panel Focuses on China R&D
Global RFID Interoperability Forum Issues Interim Report
Online 'Textbooks' See College Doors Opening
BMW Launches Electric Car Field Trial
Assembling Nanotubes
TriQuint Lowers Q2 Guidance from $130-135M to $120M
Web Experts Hustling to Fix 'DNS Poisoning' Flaw
Evidence of Water Found Deep within the Moon
STFC Announces Ambitious £1.906B Science Funding Programme
In an Iranian Image, a Missile Too Many
Secret World Bank Report Blames Biofuels for Food Price Spike
Memristors Ready for Prime Time
Tech Industry Holds Its Own Amid Economic Gloom
International Space Station On-The-Air with ARISS
Another Extraordinary Quarter As India Goes on to Take Second Place in the Global Market
Researchers Work to Develop Non-Flammable Batteries
Chemical Used in ICs, LCDs in Church of Global Warming Crosshairs
Japan's Apple Fans Queue Days Before iPhone 3G Launch
Clearwire the Big Kahuna in Broadband Wireless
New Logic: The Attraction of Magnetic Computation
CSR Demos First Ultra Low Power Bluetooth Handset
Internet Flaw Could Let Hackers Take Over the Web
TV Viewing Time Continues to Climb; Viewers Watching on More Devices
Carly Fiorina (of HP fame) for Vice President?
60 GHz Efforts Still at Loggerheads
Acoustic Time Reversal Underwater Broadband
U.S. About to Lose Lead in Space Race
NASA Sets Launch Dates for Remaining Space Shuttle Missions
China's Economy to Become World's Biggest in 2035
Congress Studies How People Track Your Online Use
Rare Microorganism That Produces Hydrogen May Be Key to Hydrogen Economy
Texas Oilman Plans All-Out Social Media Blitz for... Wind?
Siemens Cutting 16,750 Jobs Worldwide to Cut Costs
Are Hands-free Cellphones Really Safer? (taxpayer-funded study #2,639)
AI Beats Human Poker Champions
Only 3% of People Recycle Their Old Mobile Phones
Cell Phone Shipments Better Than Expected
Amorphous Materials: How Some Solids Flow Like Liquids (e.g., glass)
Canadian Asteroid-Hunting Satellite a World's First
University of Kansas Researchers Give Thumbs Up to TV Band White Space Devices
EU-Wide Spectrum Management for Full Benefits of Wireless Services
Booz Allen to Boost Army Communications Technology
Pricing Remains an Issue for the Semi Industry
Slashing Telecom Expenses in a Looming Recession
A Picowatt Processor
Text Messaging Use Explodes in North Carolina by 600%
Kansas Teen Named 2008 Young Ham of the Year
RAF's Pilotless Planes Flying Crack Missions in Afghanistan from 8,000 Miles Away
U.S. Removes 55 Metric Tons of Yellow Cake Uranium from Iraq (to Canada)
DARPA Awards AeroVironment Phase II Contract to Develop Nano Air Vehicle
China Almost Done with Map of Moon Surface
FCC Issues NPRM on Sponsor Identification
Black Tuesday as FTSE Plummets, Bank Shares Tumble and Britain Faces Recession 'Within Months'
Worldwide WiMAX Subscriber Base Closing in on 2 Million
Mobile CAPEX More Than $131B and Rising
Wireless Chip Shipments on a Roll
European RFID Industry to Capture 40% of Global Market by 2016
Counterfeit Components Cost Industry £1B a Year
Raytheon Delivers 100th AESA Radar for Super Hornets, Growlers
MEMS Microphone Measures 2 mm^2
Top 100 OEMs Said to Take 76% of Semis Shipped
British Electro-Optics Specialist Buys U.S. Competitor
EU Forms An Opinion on CUS'ing
Some Coffee Fans Get Grim Delight in Starbucks' Woes
Next Administration Presents Military & Aerospace Contractor Opportunities
Vodafone Wins $3.3 Billion Tax Battle
Israel Successfully Tests Missile Interceptor
Michael Dell Buys $100M in Stock
Troops in Iraq Receive Free Internet Access for Independence Day
JupiterResearch Forecasts Broadband Telephony Market Will Nearly Double Between 2007 and 2013
Many Dial-Up Users Don't Want Broadband
U.S. BLM Freeze on Solar Energy Projects Lifted
Mobile Carriers See Gold in Femtocells
GaN and GaAs High Power Process Research Leads to Advances for Military Applications
First Measurements of the Solar Wind Termination Shock by Voyager 2 Spacecraft
STEREO Creates First Images of the Solar System's Invisible Frontier
Mobile Users Make Same Mistakes As Disabled PC Users
World's First Robotic Barman Could Spell Last Orders for Pub Staff
Flip-Chip Changes on the Horizon
55% of Americans Now Have Broadband at Home
WiMAX Forum Supports Decision on Harmonization of 2.6 GHz Bands
Hollywood Spy Gadgets Used at Home, Office
EDA Revenue Dips, Growth Likely Outside North America
China's Shot Heard Around the Galaxy
German Regulator to Discontinue Regulation of Selected Telecom Markets
Worms Do Calculus to Find Meals
Unique Pulsars Prove Einstein's Theory
Government Backs Down over Plans to Close Britain's 'Eye in the Sky' Jodrell Bank Observatory
Russia Seals Agreement with Private Investor for Space Tourism
Microsoft Steps up IE8 Security
MESSENGER Settles Old Debates and Makes New Discoveries at Mercury
Rush's Deal Worth $400 Million
Lawsuit Seeks Information on U.S. Cell-Phone Tracking
Patent Pools May Flow in Wake of Latest Alliance
India to Be the Largest Market for Mobile WiMAX by 2013
Nanomachine Senses with Single Electron Transistor
One-Quarter of the World to Use Internet by 2012
Motorola Survey Reveals Significant Savings from Mobile Worker Use of GPS
FCC Broadcast Complaints, Inquires Decline in Q3 '07
New Form of Energy-Transfer Processes: Atomic Tug of War
Plasma, LCDs Blamed for Accelerating Global Warming (d***ed if you do, d***ed if you don't)
Cops Ask Public for Text-Message Crime Tips
European Mobile Broadband Services Jeopardized by Regulation
DOJ Sued Over Cell Phone Tracking Practices
Thin Film to Take 28% of PV Market by 2012
Cutting Energy Prices with Compressed Air
First Images of Solar System's Invisible Frontier
Unions Say NSPS Rules Could Hurt DOD Employees
China's Global Position on GPS Handsets
Libya Becomes First African Nation to Pass 100% Penetration Level (that would be cellphones)
FCC Sets Hearing on Communications Financing
GM Shares Fall Below $10 for First Time Since 1954 (chart)
The Scientific Flash Behind the Fireworks
Quantum Dots Can Penetrate Skin Through Minor Abrasions (be sure to wear your gloves when handling QDs)
Currency Exchange Continues to Blight Euro Chip Sales
Noise-Canceling Chip for Cell Phones Could Also Improve Voice Recognition Systems
Chip Cooling Technology Achieves 'Dramatic' 1,000-Watt Capacity
Printed Optical Electronics Come into View
UK Government Urged to Back Plastic Electronics to the Hilt
Super Atoms Turn Periodic Table Upside Down
Gallium Nitride Photodetector Targets Bioterrorism
Plastic Electronics Have a Bright Future in Flexible Laptops
A Sat-Nav Which Predicts Traffic Jams
K & F Electronics to Supply FAA with Printed Circuit Boards
Bidding Launched to Build Europe's Galileo Sat-Nav System
Swedish Bus Service Offers In-Coach Wi-Fi Coverage
Garbage In, Megawatts Out
Advanced Photonix's Losses Grow after Telecom & Defense Sales Slump
Ericsson Deploying Solar Powered Base Station in Suriname
NASA Goddard Has More Than a Dozen Exciting Missions in Next Year
Post-Exercise Caffeine Helps Muscles Refuel (oh yeah)
Sony "Tactile Pixels" Patent Hints at Touch Screen Innovations
U.S. Auto Sales Plunge 18 Percent on High Gasoline Prices ('have to adapt' - Saudi King Abdullah)
Starbucks to Close 600 U.S. Stores ('have to adapt' - Saudi King Abdullah)
Transceiver Market to Grow 8x in 10 Years
Feds Call Halt to New Solar Plant Permits on Public Lands
Imperial Heart Implant Pulses RF Piezo Oscillator
Cable TV Spec Could Revive Living Room PC
New Process Creates 3-D Nanostructures with Magnetic Materials
Pentagon to Buy More Spy Satellites
Physicists Create Millimeter-Sized 'Bohr Atom'
Consumer Electronics Keep Semi Sales Strong, SIA
Olympic Nightmare: A Red Tide Turns in the Yellow Sea Green
Step Towards Laser Cooling of Semiconductors
Couples Offered £1M Space Weddings That Are Out of This World
Developing Markets Driving Demand For Mobile Devices
Cable, Satellite Customer Satisfaction Falls
Why Doesn't Washington Like Free Radio?
Philippine Rebels Stage More Attacks
AT&T Plans Roughly $250M in Network Investments in 2008
THAAD Radar Successful in Missile Defense Test
Apple Security Update Plugs Holes in Ruby
Oil Making 'Overnight Millionaires' in North Dakota
Robot Learns to Use Tools
Unprotected Internet Users Received 70 Spam Emails per Day a Month after Setting up Account
New Soil Analysis Suggests It Rained on Mars Long Ago
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