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Technical Headline News Archive - June 2007

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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New Invisible Nano-Fibers Conduct Electricity, Repel Dirt
Rewriting the Broadcast Regulation Rules
New Cost-Efficient Method For Creating Portable Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Security Alert: Gartner Cautions Business to Be Wary of iPhone
Apple's iPhone Hit Stores Today, Lines Grow
RIM: iPhone Has Helped Business
Nokia Faces Lawsuit over Spelling Errors on Handsets
802.11n Gear to Get Seal of Approval
Vibrations Good for Harvesting Electricity
U.S., Britain Sign Long-Delayed Military Trade Pact
Micron Posts $225M Loss
Cornell, NAIC Search for Funding to Keep Arecibo Radar Alive
World Millionaires' Club Numbers 9.5 Million (...and I'm not in the club)
NASA Mars Rover Ready for Descent into Crater
Lightning Strikes Deadliest in Summer (um, duh)
UAS Achieves Record Flight Time Using Fuel Cell Battery Hybrid System
Doctors Plan to Store Medical Info Under Your Skin via RFID
TI Goes from ZigBee to Nokia's Wibree
Five Chipmakers Control 32% of Manufacturing
China Mobile Becomes Hong Kong's Most Valuable Company
Internet Services Throttle User Bandwidth
Leaning Tower of Pisa is Saved from Collapse
Cell Phones to Double as Electronic Wallets?
Vietnam Bolsters Efforts to Attract Technology Investments
Mathematicians Discover a Simple Way to Formulate Complex Scientific Results
Browne Keeps Top U.K. Defense Job
U.S. Wind Power is Rising, but Will it Fly?
National Radio Observatory Teams with NASA Gamma-Ray Satellite
Southern Company, Georgia Tech Study Offshore Wind Power Potential (not in Martha's Vineyard's back yard, though)
20-to-1 Chance That Someone Will Be Crushed in the iPhone Rush
‘Entitlement Spending' a Threat to U.S. Military Strength
Freescale's Mayer: Growth is in Green, Baby Boomers, Connectivity
Global Mobile Phone Use to Pass Record 3 Billion
RFMD Advances in Ranking of Global Wireless Semiconductor Vendors
T-Mobile USA Launches Home Wi-Fi Calling Service
Astronaut Suni Williams, KD5PLB, Back on Terra Firma
Cell-Transistor Interface Clears Biolectronics Hurdl
U.S. Internet Speeds Vary from State to State
Electron Beam 'Carves' the World's Smallest Devices
WirelessHD Readies 60-GHz Spec
London Defense Show Set for September 2007
Student Programmers Aim for $25K Microsoft Prize
Telecom Issues Going Nowhere in Washington
First there Was the Web...Now There Is the Grid
Billions of RFID Sensors to be Fielded by 2015
SuiPo Posters Call Your Cellphone
Conference to Examine Role Technology Can Play in Managing Health Care Costs
LEDs Enter Home Lighting Market
University Researchers Tout "Desktop Supercomputer" Chip
Nanotech Safety Discussed in Washington
Engineers Prove That Boxer, 'Hitman' Hatton, Packs a Mighty Punch
Bringing Mobile Cellular Phones to the Skyways
Australian Prisoners Chipped as Part of a New RFID Trial
Some Waiting for iPhone Improvements Before Buying
Apple Mac Sales Grow Faster than Windows PCs
RIM Denies Governments Spying on BlackBerry Users
GSM Association Calls for More 3G in the GSM Spectrum Bands
Big Wi-Fi Aggregator Will Offer Monthly Flat-Rate Service...
CFLs 'Can Trigger Epilepsy'
Updated: TI Faces Toxics Lawsuit
Scientists Synthesize Nanorods, Nanowires
Wi-Fi Gets Onboard Asia's Trains
Nearly 30 Million Americans to Have Music Phones by End of Year
Phase Matrix to Develop RF/Microwave Down Converter Modules
How Dads Influence Their Daughters' Interest in Math
SiRF Buys Centrality Communications
Possible 'Mile-Wide UFO' Spotted by British Airline Pilot
Google Looks to U.S. to Curb Censorship
Mitsubishi and Areva to Bid for U.S. Nuclear Power Plant
Hacker Taps Cell Phone to Stalk Family
Lutronic Launches NONATEC™ 13,56 MHz Glass RFID Tag
New Analog Circuits Could Impact Consumer Electronics
Coffee Drinking Protects Against an Eyelid Spasm (yet another reprieve)
Spaceport Closer to Breaking Ground
Mobile Devices Ripe Targets for Spies
Indexes Gain on Rally in Semiconductors
FCC Commissioner Takes Brave Stand for Open Access
U.S., Britain Draft Defense Trade Treaty
ITC Denies Qualcomm Request to Stay Order
ESA Seeks Volunteers for Virtual Mars Mission
Hacker Penetrates Pentagon E-Mail System
Asia to Beat Europe in Mobile TV
Latest Solar Cells Look Like Regular Roof Shingles
From Banks to Crime, Mobile Revolution Hits Africa
Nokia & Motorola Lead $100B Camera Phone Market
U.S. Marine Details Technology Needs
AMA Might Label Internet as an Addiction
U.S. General Laments Google Earth Capability
Harris Wins Potential $2.7B Contract for JTRS-Approved Falcon III Tactical Radios - thatsalottamoola
Web Spending Seen Rising by Double Digits Through 2011
BC Partners Wins Control of Satellite Group Intelsat
Hoarding of Old Mobile Phones Slows EU Recycle Drive
Verizon to Allow Customers to Send Money Via Cell Phone
High-Performance Room-Temperature Nanolaser Uses Honeycomb-Like Photonic Crystal
3G Home Femtocells to Deliver Better Value for Mobile Data Users
Microsoft Search Compromise Could Hinder Innovation
Another Step Toward a Liquid Telescope on the Moon
Group: China Passes U.S. as World's Top Emitter of CO2
Online Criminals to Focus Attacks on Digital Homes
A Superconducting Turbojet
Moon Walker Buzz Aldrin: Mars Mission is 'One-Way Trip'
Herman Munster's Identity Stolen Online
The 2006 Electronic Business 300: Top Companies Ranked by Electronics Revenue
France Bans BlackBerry Use by officials - Fears U.S. Espionage
Mixed Outlook for U.S. Tech Firms in Malaysia
WiMAX Forum Opens U.S. Testing Lab
China Developing Home Communications Gateway Based on SDR
Aerospace Leaders Agree on Need for Export Reform
North American Chip Equipment Orders Rise in May
Industry Capital Spending to Inch Up 1% in 2007
Astronaut Suni Williams Sets Female Endurance Record
Nanotube Adhesive Sticks Better than a Gecko's Foot
British Censor Bans 1st Video Game in 10 Years
Wireless Power a Reality
Google Awards $1M Grant to Develop Electric Cars
Gateway Recalls Faulty Battery Packs
Europeans Willing to Pay a Premium for "Green-Electronics"
Vietnamese Police Arrest 5 More Underwater-Cable Thieves
Russia Lays Plans for 300-mm Wafer Fab
'Plug-and-Fight' Missile Defense Advances
Space Station Computers Back in Service
Group Wants Companies to Stop Issuing Quarterly Earnings Guidance
Another Sony Battery Catches Fire
Inappropriate Hiding Place for Cellphone Puts Prisoner in Hospital - Ew!
MPack Trojan Attack Claims 10,000 Web Sites
U.S. Tightens Controls on Military-Use Items to China
$30B to be Invested in the U.S. Homeland Security Market
Bluetooth Bandits Home in on Car Owners' Sat Nav Units
Patent Claims Imperil Statistical Standards Push
FCC Petitioned to Allow 1st Responders' Use of Cellphone Jamming Equipment to Thwart IEDs
Billion-Dollar Upgrade will Replace Aging Navy Satellite Gear
OFCOM Proposals Could Allow U.K. Broadband to Offer WiMax
Vectron Voltage-Controlled SAW Oscillator Cracks the GHz Barrier
ARRL Headquarters Experiencing Computer Outage
Success at Woomera with Scramjet Reaching Mach 10
Two Qubits in Action, New Step Towards the Quantum Computer
Digital Billboards, Signs of the Times
Funding the All-Electric Aircraft
Senate Bill Calls on FCC to Investigate BPL Interference Potential
Space Station Computers Back Online, Shuttle Thermal Blanket Repairs Completed
Cisco Offers $10,000 Prizes for 'Connected Life' Essays
Amateur Radio Marks Historic Voyage
Google Lobbies to Open New Wi-Fi Spectrum
London's Wireless Use Skyrockets
North Korea Executes People Caught with Mobile Phones
TCS Wins $1.1M Contract to Provide Satellite Communications to U.S. Army
Russians Blame U.S. Solar Panels for Computer Failure
Text Messengers to Fight Crime in Boston
Weird Physics Theory: Unparticle Stuff
The Space Junk Threat Complexity - Part 2
Electronics Makers Find Consumers Attracted by Rugged Looks
Broadcom to Pay $146M for Global Locate
Nano, MEMS are Advancing Energy Harvesting Technology
Top 5 Games to Play on an Airplane
Former Fed Official: 1 of 4 U.S. Jobs Headed Overseas
EU Seeks Comment on Loosening Copyright Rules
Scientists Seek to Turn Cars Into a Mobile Communications Network
Text in Time Saves Nimble-Fingered Teen
SIA Cuts Chip Forecast for 2007
USPTO and CoC Educate Businesses on Threats of Counterfeiting, Piracy, Importance of IP Protection
China Aims to Top U.S. in Cyberspace
New Kodak Camera Sensor Could Eliminate Flash
Future Light Bulbs May Be Made of Tinfoil
China Overtaking U.S. for Fast Internet Access as Africa Gets Left Behind
Major Computer Problem Looms Over Space Station (Ctrl+Alt+Del)
Europe Unveils Space Plane for Tourist Market
Going to Bed Late May Affect the Health, Academic Performance of College Students
Men Chat on Mobiles More Than Women
ARRL, DoD, FCC Try to Come to Terms with Pave Paws Radar
Nokia's Wibree Merges with and Becomes Bluetooth
Scientists Create Electron Surf Machine
Vendors, Carriers Rally Around Qualcomm, Against ITC
New Solar Panels for Space Station Installed
Ultrawideband Players Get Wired for Home Nets
To Fix the Shuttle: Bring the Sewing Kit
The Growing Problem of Space Junk
Experts Warn U.S. Hurricane Satellite Near Failure, Replacement Delayed Until 2016
The 342 MPH Environmentally Friendly Supercar
Newly Caught Whale Carries by 100-Year-Old Lance
Nokia's Low-Power Link to be New Bluetooth Standard
The #%$& FCC's Obscenity-Laden War on Obscenity
Wi-Fi Memory Cards Coming to Cameras
Broadcom to Buy GPS Technology Provider for $146M
Akeena Completes $2.2M Largest Military Solar Power Installation
Scientists Move Closer to Wireless Power
Wafer-Scale Lenses Shrink Phone Cameras
Cree XLamp LEDs Used in Beta LED's Lighting Fixtures
Rocket Pioneer Dies in California
Why You May Not Want an iPhone
New Quantum Key System Combines Speed, Distance
Japanese Scientists Build Robot Child
Ericsson Signs $1B GSM Deal with China
Nokia Slams Qualcomm with Countersuit (corporate ping-pong)
ITT to Support U.S. Navy Research in High-Power Microwaves
EU Agrees Galileo Needs Public Bailout
Silicon Nanowires Upgrade Data-Storage Technology
Azerbaijani Radar a Looming Presence for Nervous Inhabitants
AT&T, Verizon Oppose Google's Airwaves Plan
Tech Appeal Lures Private Equity to Ponder Big Deals
Star Trek Fans Beam into Canadian Wild West
Friday Computer Failure Triggers Worst Flight Delays of the Year
China's e-Waste Capital Chokes on Old Computers
Introducing the Zero Carbon House - and its Free from Stamp Duty
Probing Question: Are There Upper and Lower Limits to Temperature?
Light Bulb Powered Wirelessly From 7 Feet Away (downside - monster coils, hair stands on end)
ITC Imposes Partial Import Ban on Qualcomm Chips
Qualcomm to Seek Bush Veto of ITC Ruling over Broadcom Patent (now that would be influence!)
Vietnamese Fishermen 'Salvage' Internet Lines
Senate Stalls on H-1B Visa Reform Bill
ITT to Support U.S. Navy Research in High-Power Microwaves
Israeli Communications Ministry to Intensify Fight Against Pirate Radio
Cable Tries to Shed Bad-Service Reputation
Britain Launches Nuclear Sub that Can Hear a Ship from Across the Atlantic
RFMD Ships RF382X GaN PowerIC Broadband PA to Military Supplier
International Space Station to Light up the Night Sky
EU Ministers Forced to Plug Galileo Funding Gap
Thin Displays Could Make Digital Paper a Reality
Third Pair of Massive Solar Arrays to Be Launched to Space Station
China to Enforce Universal Cell Phone Charger (this actually makes sense from a waste standpoint)
Bunched Nanotubes Show Promise for Conducting Electricity
DHS Wants Cell Phones to Detect Chemical, Radioactive Material
Google Calls for Raising H-1B Visa Cap (the Rio Grande plan has worked well for those tired of waiting for visas)
EU Adopts Cell Phone Roaming Caps
IBM to Build New NASA Supercomputer
Man Drowns in Sewer Trying to Recover Dropped Mobile Phone (we have a 2007 Darwin Award candidate here)
BluGlass Produces First Blue Light Emission from GaN on 6” Glass Wafer
Energy-Harvesting Modules for Bluetooth Wireless-Sensor Networks
A New Understanding of Crystal Structure of Actinide Metals
Mars Probe Finds Deep Hole on Red Planet
If It's Not Tennis Elbow, It May Be "Wii-itis"
Robot Bear Will Carry Soldiers to Safety
Low-End Phones No Pot of Gold, Says Analyst
Europe Plans to Ban Regular Old-Fashioned Light Bulbs
Engineers, Management Must Break the Work-Harder Cycle Says Panel
eBay Opens Radio Ad Brokerage Service
Demand for Wireless Chip Sets White Hot
Toshiba Launches X-Band GaN HEMT for Radar and Medical Applications
Tech Seeing Red Over Green-Card Pitch
Direct Interconnections Between Nanowires and Human Cells
SEC Says IBM Misled Investors on Expenses
Making Water from Thin Air
Tests of ‘Big Bang' Project Put Off to 2008
Cellular Handset and Chip Markets 2007
USPTO Celebrates a Decade of Telework
Jolt for Volt: GM Awards Contracts to Speed Plug-in Car
Cadence Stock Soars on Buyout Reports
NASA's Messenger Probe to Fly By Venus Today
DRS Technologies Demonstrates Satellite Communications-on-the-Move Capability
Science Fiction Writers Advise Homeland Security
A Mighty Wind: U.S. Gaining in Wind Power Capacity
Preparing for the iPhone Onslaught
Atlantis Astronauts Ready After Long Wait
Chocolate Constituent Bests Fluoride
FCC Begins Rule Making for the License-Free 60 GHz Band
Flextronics to Buy Solectron for $3.6B
Telefonica HQ Using Solar Panels for Power
SIA: Worldwide Chip Sales Hit $19.9B in April
India Uses "Mooing" Ringtones to Catch Leopards
FCC Issues Waiver for Higher Power Model of UWB Precision Tracking System
Apple Says iPhone to Go on Sale June 29
U.K. Ministry of Defence Selects Raytheon's MicroLight Radio for U.K. Army's FIST Program
New Era for Space Exploration as 14 Space Agencies Take Historic Step
Designers Provide 'Wish List' for EDA Houses
Scientists Convert Heat into Electricity
China Bars Any New Internet Cafes
'Quantum Keys' Sent 200 Kilometers: New Long-Distance Record
The Mysterious Radio Waves of Titan
Huge Wind Machine to Simulate Category III Hurricanes
Physicists Devise Viable Design for Spin-Based Electronics
Change Urged in Wireless Auction
Egg Drop Experiment Gone Awry at Washington School
China to Enforce Universal Cell Phone Charger
BOC Edwards Independent Again after Nearly 40 Years
Michigan Man Busted for Using Coffee Shop's Wi-Fi Network
3G Radio Interface Expanded with OFDMA Technology
Superconductor Discovery Solves 20-Year-Old Mystery
Mall Lobby.com Wants Tech Skills, Honesty in New Hires
Wales Beats Japan, Germany, U.S. in Hotspots per Capita
1/5 of Vacationers Take Laptops Along
Mobile WiMAX Will Grab a Significant Market Share in 2012
NASA Gives a 'Go' to June 8 Shuttle Launch
ISS Spacewalkers Install Debris Panels
Dell to Cut 10% of Workforce
Longstanding Astronomical Puzzle Solved
TotalTemp Technologies (Thermal Platforms) - RF Cafe
Axiom Test Equipment - RF Cafe
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