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Electronics & Tech Headline News Archive - July 2022

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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• UK North East Advanced Material Electronics Cluster Formerly Launched

• U.S. Army Tests Aerial Tier Communications

• UK Launches £25M Future Open Networks Research Challenge

• Germany to Cut Subsidies to Electric Cars (sell at actual price)

• Earthquake Detection Using Submarine Communications Cables


• Least and Most Expensive Countries for Mobile Data

• Eutelsat and OneWeb Want to Upstage Elon Musk's Starlink

• Bad Comparisons Distort State of U.S. Broadband

• SkyWater + State of Indiana + Parvoo U. to Build $1.8B Semi Fab

• Russia to Quit International Space Station After 2024 (leaving only China to transport U.S. astronauts)


• ARRL Offering QST Column for Radio Clubs

• U.S. Scientists Keep Ties with Chinese Peers Despite Crackdown (see response)

• Monet Submarine Cable Activated in Atlantic

• India Kicks off Long-Delayed 5G Spectrum Auction

• Cognitive Skills for Engineering Success


• NIST Selects 4 Post-Quantum Encryption Standards

• FCC Only Funds 40% of Huawei Rip and Replace Costs

• U.S. Struggles to Fill Cyber Defense Jobs (solution: stop fostering entitled numbnuts in schools)

• TSMC Trims Expansion Plans as Outlook Dims

• Will Section 301 Tariffs on China Be Rolled Back


• Pentagon Renames UFO Office to All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (no kidding)

• GlobalFoundries Celebrates U.S. Vote on CHIPS Act

• Chinese Carriers Deploy >1.85M 5G Base Stations

• FCC Queries Carriers on Data Privacy Policies

• Why You Should Use All Your Vacation Time


• World's Copper Supply Severely Deficient (U.S. #4 in Cu mining)

• Advanced Radar Environment Simulators Provide Cost-Effective Testing

• U.S. Chip Companies Do 56% of Global R&D Spending

• Global EV Market Outlook

• BT Looks to India to Plug Digital Skills Gap


• Nokia to Test Open RAN and Radar Compatibility

• Amateur Radio to Be Showcased at EAA AirVenture July 25-31

• NASA Buying Rides to ISS with Russia Despite Sending Billion$ to Ukraine

• World Is Not Yet Ready for Electric Cars

• Bosch Investing €3B in Semiconductors by 2026


• SpaceX and Dish's Super-Shady War for the World

• Convergence of Wireless and Wireline a Telecom Megatrend

• ARRL Job Opening: Public Relations & Outreach Manager

• Research Institutions Attempt to Unlock 6G Technology

• FCC Fines Ham Operator for Interfering with Emergency Communications


• Ulrich Rohde, N1UL, to Receive Engineering Achievement Award (yet another)

• Fabless Takes Record 34.8% of IC Market

• ARRL, TAPR Digital Communications Conference in September

• TSMC Q2 Profit up 76.4% Y-o-Y

Bluetooth SIG Announces Completion of LE Audio Specifications


• Starlink's Space-Based Internet Leadership Battle

• ARRL Foundation 2022 Scholarship Awards Announced

• U.S. Air Force Looking to Europe for Commercial Technologies

• 9.1% - Building Inflation Back Better (not including energy)

• Is a Space Force National Guard Needed?

• Samsung Guidance Lifts Semi Industry


• 5G for 12 GHz Coalition Snaps Back at Starlink

• mmWave 5G Requires Better Thermal Management, More Antenna Elements

• Spaceflight Experiment Recurve Launches to Support Warfighter Comms

• FCC Legacy CORES System to Be Retired

• May Semi Sales up 18% Y-o-Y


• 5G-Advanced Launching in 2025

• Are Superconducting Power Lines Still a Viable Option?

• Largest Submarine Cable Between Australia and U.S.

• Semi Foundry Cancellations Growing

• Research Institutions Attempt to Unlock 6G Technology


• FCC's New Requirements for Network Resiliency

• Russian Operators Unite for 5G Research Joint Venture

• Electron Whirlpools Observed

Superconductivity Observed in Twisted Trilayer Graphene  

• The 40 Most Powerful People in Radio


• India Cracking down on Chinese Smartphone Makers

• Gallium Oxide Beats Silicon Power Limit

• Cultivating Next-Gen Semiconductor Workforce

• Satellites Using Astrophotography Technique to Improve Signals

• British Telecom Workers Vote to Strike Amid "Culture of Fear"


• GSMA Says Industry Needs Another 7 GHz of 5G Spectrum

• Chip Shortage Strands 95K GM Vehicles Unfinished in Storage

• FCC Greenlights Starlink Use on Moving Cars

• Pan-Arctic Fibre Cable to Connect Iceland and Japan

• Ransomware Greatest Risk to Supply Chain


• SpaceX Urges Starlink Users to Join Fight Against Dish

• Vodaphone Effectively Says "To 773H with Private Landowners"

• Middle Eastern Perspective on 5G-Advanced

• Foundry Capacity to Grow 14% in 2022

• £1.3B/Year Lost Due to Broadband Outages


• EU Parliament Declares Nuclear and Gas "Green" Energy 

• Open RF Association Adds Working Group to Streamline RF Front End Specs

• Samsung 1st to 3nm GAA Transistors

• Chinese Supercomputer Achieves "Brain-Scale" AI

• Steel Safeguarding a Threat to Manufacturing Jobs

• TV Subscriptions to Pass 3 Billion in 2027


• Strategic Petroleum Reserve Oil Going to Europe & Asia

• WiFi 6e Published

• Starlink Speeds Increase 38% in the U.S. YoY

• Total Telecom Roundup of Broadband Progression

• FCC's Carr Says TikTok a National Security Risk

• LEGO-Like Reconfigurable Artificial Intelligence Chip


• SES Satellite to Clear Part of C-Band for 5G

• Beam-Steering Technology to Increase Efficiency of Data Transmission

• ARRL Field Day 2022: 500,000 Contacts Already Reported

• China Building Giant Solar Wind Measuring Telescope for Satellites

• Ocean Shipping Reform Act Signed into Law Affects Supply Chain


• Private Jet Usage at 10-Year High - Facebook #1 (hypocritical woketards typically worst offenders)

• Space Force Seeks Bigger Voice in Military Operations

• Subsea Cable to Link Greece and Egypt

• ARRL Represented at International Amateur Radio Exhibition in Germany

• 5G to Account for 40% of India Cellular by 2027

• Coal Making Comeback in Europe


• Belgian Spectrum Auction Raises €1.2B

• China to Build Space Solar Power Station

• Retail's Future Amid Supply Chain Challenges

• U.S. House Proposes $10B in NG911 Auction Funding

• Gallium Oxide Power Switching

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