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Technical Headline News Archive - January 2007

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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1300% Growth in Voice-Over-WiFi Handset Sales (2007-2010)
Apple Activates Stealth Wi-Fi Features
Handsets Fail to Wow End-Users
Is Radio Spectrum the Oil of the 21st Century?
Copyright Protection a Boom Business
Russian Sea Launch Destroyed on Pad in Fiery Explosion  [AGIF]
Researchers Achieve Major Breakthrough in Laser Diode Development
Voice, Data Strong: Verizon Wireless to Add 300 New Employees Throughout New England in 1st Half of 2007
[Legal] Immigrant-Founded Companies Generate $50B+ Annually
Space-Station Astronauts Begin First of Three Spacewalks
Engineer Says Disney Fireworks May Harm Neighbors
Molecular Memory Breakthrough Using Nanowires
Award-Winning Microsoft Researcher Missing at Sea
USPTO - Change in Procedure for Handling Nonprovisional Applications
Motorola Expands Wireless Relationship with Texas Instruments
Transistor Technology Breakthrough Represents Biggest Change in 40 Years
Airborne Laser to Test-Fire in Flight
Brits Fear Mobile Phone Ringing Shame
Hubble Telescope Shuts Down, Loses Most of Main ASC Camera
Researchers Slash RFID Reader Cost, Size
South Korean Duo Arrested for 1.6B Spam E-Mails
Windows Vista Technology Fails to Draw Midnight Crowds
RF CMOS Design Company Gets R&D Grant, Nears VC Funding
Robot Parking Garage to Open in New York
Intel, IBM Extend Moore's Law
Beware of Fake "Free WiFi" hotspots, Especially in U.S. Airports
Mobile Number Portability has Failed in Most Markets
Japan's Electronics Firms to Post Higher Q3 Profits
China Launches 4G Before 3G Off the Ground
Broadcom Wins Video Compression Lawsuit Against Qualcomm
Scientists Use Radio Waves to Detect Explosives
India To Set Up Aerospace Defense Command
'Cell Phones for Soldiers' Turn Donated Phones Calling Card Minutes for U.S. Troops
Private Equity and the New Exit Strategies
Scientist Brings Caffeine Buzz to Baked Goods
Google Joins Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Project
Magnetic, Luminescent Nanoparticles Set New Standard
China's Satellite Destruction Spurs U.S. Space Policy Debate
Researchers Create "Densest" Memory Circuit
RuBee Seen as Alternative Protocol to RFID
It's Official! Morse Code Requirement Ends Friday, February 23
Boeing Nixes Wireless Network for Next Airliner
Agreement on Bluetooth/WiFi protection Leads to 802.11n Draft
3G Still a Long Shot in China
HP Hit With More Spying Charges
Vermont's Governor Wants Entire State to Offer Free Wi-Fi by 2010
Fill 'er Up... With Electricity Please
Microsoft Posts Record Quarterly Sales
Chemists Report Important Step Toward Building Molecular Computers
U.S. Lays Out European Anti-Missile Plan
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research Gets a Boost
Cell Phone Vendors Reshuffle as Market Hits 1 Billion Units
Award to Fund Divider/Combiners for Military Satellite Program
RFMD Receives GaN Purchase Order from Top-Tier Military Supplier
Mobile Phone Use 'Linked to Tumour'
Strong Earthquake Rocks Taiwan
New Military 'Active Denial' Ray Gun Makes People Feel Like They're on Fire
USPTO: Changes To Facilitate Electronic Filing of Patent Correspondence
Satellite Firm Investigates Source of Mystery Jamming
Lights 'Not of This World' Mystery Finally Solved
New Superconducting Sensor to Be a boon to Astronomers
Astronaut Wants 'Space Tractor' to Divert Dangerous Asteroids
Solar Battery Package Powers LCD Desktop Monitors
One of Four Handsets Shipped in 2011 Will Cost Less Than $20
Broadcom Blasted With $2.2B Options Charge
China to Take No.1 Spot in Internet Use by 2009
Alcatel Wins €103M Italian Military Communications Satellite Deal
Ford Unveils Hybrid Electric Test Vehicle
25% of Finns Use Mobiles for Surfing the Internet
Snowstorms Kill Two, Bring Traffic Chaos to Europe
Nano World Off the Radar for Most
Canada to Drive the Design of Leading Space Technologies
Kids to Parents: Leave the Stress at Work
Hydrogen-Powered Lawnmowers? New Design Could Open Door to Small-Scale Fuel Cells
Nokia, Motorola Sell 'Unlocked' Phones
Radiation Expert Seeks Funds for Long-Term Phone Safety Study
4G Race Finds WiMax in Minority Position
USPTO Statement on Ceasing Annual Top 10 Patents Holders List
U.S. Wind Power Seen Growing by 26% in 2007
U.S. Stock Futures Point Flat; Tech Earnings in Focus
GPS Unit Thieves Nabbed: Guess How!
802.11n Spec Advances with 'Scanning' Option
Microtune to Pay $8.5 Million for Stock Options Misdeeds
Ford Rolls Out Ethanol-Fueled Hybrid Demo Fleet
Pet Shop Owner Creates Beer for Dogs
NIST Even Has a 'Standard Bullet'
Two Snowflakes May Actually be Alike After All
Today, January 22, is Officially 'The Unhappiest Day of the Year' for 2007
Private Equity Still Hot for Tech Sector Buyouts
Nobel Prize Winners Live Longer, Research Shows
Motorola to Cut 3,500 Jobs
Toyota Plans Ultra-Inexpensive Car
Radio Spectrum: State Property or Universal Heritage of Mankind?
Cell Phone Use Becoming a Major Problem for Some
Physicists Create Very Short Light Pulses
HP Christens Russian Research Lab
India's Space Hopes Soar as Capsule Returns to Earth
Cellphone Photos Delivered to First Responders and 911 Operators
New Class of Compounds May Have Applications in the Hydrogen Economy
British Military Iraq Bases 'Blotted' Out from Google Earth
President Bush Expresses Appreciation to Amateur Radio Operators
New Conflict Disclosure Words for Research
China Anti-Satellite Test Sparks Space Junk Outcry
Codeless Amateur Radio Testing Regime Appears Set to Begin February 23
Physicists Closing in on Mysterious Missing Particle that Gives Matter Mass
Vista Launch Points to Microsoft Changes
Russia and Europe Discuss Developing New Manned Spacecraft
Cancer Study Ordered Into Mobile Phones
Storm Worm Hits Computers Around the World
Motorola's Q4 Profits Fall 48%
Mobile Phones Dirtier Than Toilet Seats
Chinese Missile Destroys Satellite in Space (hurrah for us, we gave them the technology)
2007 Could Be the Year RFID Gets Smarter
SEMI Reports Strong December Book-to-Bill
HSIEC Predicts Growth and Investment Areas of Homeland Security Market
Double-Monitor Upgrade Increases Productivity at Work Environment
Europe Mops Up After Storm
Scientists Develop Atom-Scale Switch
Prison for Misuse of Bluetooth Proposed in Bahrain
Navy Tests High-Tech Rail Gun
Research Removes Major Obstacle from Mass Production of Tiny Circuits
IBM Soars as Supreme Court Snubs Appeals
Motorola Scores India's First UMTS Contract
Terrorist Threat Closes Phone Networks
More Cable Damage Could Delay Asian Internet Repairs
Windows Vista Expected to Generate $4 Billion in New Revenue for Florida IT Industry in 2007
Air Force Ready to Deploy 30,000-Pound 'Super Bomb' on Stealthy B-2 Bomber
Scientists Study a Magnetic Makeover
Apple Reports Record Revenue
GE Nano Lab Announces Pathway to Ordered Nanostructured Ceramics
Los Angeles Man, First American Convicted Under Anti-Spam Law, Faces Years in Prison
Air Force Colonel Reports Lights 'Not of This World'
Global Business Optimism 'At 5-Year High'
Northrop Opens First U.S. Laser Weapons Plant
EE Times Names ACE Finalists
Air Force Set to Launch High-Power Fiber Laser Research Project
Navy Issues Stop-Work Order for Littoral Combat Ship 3
Dual Telephony: Another Step Forward Converged Services
Researchers Developing Single-Pixel Camera to Rival Digital
Silicon Wafers Which Can Be Aligned 'Like Legos'
'Doomsday Clock' to Move Nearer Midnight
United Arab Emirates Has Highest Per Capita 'Ecological Footprint' - Very Un-Green
100% Contamination of Euro Notes with Cocaine in Dublin
Singaporean Teen Sentenced for Using Neighbor's Wireless Connection
Lockheed Martin Gets $36.5 Million Inmarsat Pact
Vallejo Man's Cell Phone Ignites in Pocket, Causing Serious Burns
Spec Complete for 5 GHz Express
HP Claims FPGA Breakthrough
New Phones Feature Touch Panel, Smell
Japan May Cancel Moon Mission Due to Crippling Delays
Brightest Comet in 40 Years Dazzles Down Under
Energy Inefficiency Could Kill Pure Cellular - WiMax Needed
Satellite Gap Alarms Earth Scientists
Bleak Outlook for Russian-U.S. Space Cooperation
Foreign National Patent Applications Jump in the U.S.
CSR Pays $75 Million to Add GPS Capability to Bluetooth
Man Saved from Inside Garbage Truck After Call
Silicon Valley's New Leaders Coming from Overseas
Starchaser Industries Wins European Space Agency Contract
U.S. Panel Seeks to Identify Engineering Challenges
GE Seeks Military Electronics Market With Acquisition of Smiths Aerospace
Assuring Vital Interests Drives U.S. Space Policy
Higher Education Rots Your Brain
The End of the Road for MMC in Cellphones
Virtual Reality Spreading in Business
FCC Suspends Vanity Call Sign Processing
Scientists Stabilize Platinum Electrocatalysts for Use in Fuel Cells
Exam Papers to Be Bugged With RFID in Drive to Cut Cheating
Ball Lightning Recreated in Lab
WRC-07 Preparations Dominate International Amateur Radio Union Calendar
Feds Probing Stock Options Grant to Jobs
Desktop Fabricator May Kick-Start Home Revolution
ITT to Build Small Ship S-Band Radar for Littoral Combat Ships
BP Plans to Build 5 Wind Generator Projects in U.S.
Record Speed for Thin-Film Transistors Could Open Door for Flexible Electronics
Telecom Carriers Will Spend Billions Surviving the IP Revolution
U.S. High School Physics Enrollment Hits Record High
MEMS in Space: Draper Inertial Stellar Compass is a First
New Comet Dazzling North American Stargazers
AT&T to Phase Out Cingular Name, Reclaim Its Wireless Brand
USA Seeks Plans for Airborne, High-Energy Laser for Military Aircraft
$Billion Contract to be Awarded for Cruise Missile Defense
U.S. Warns About Canadian Spy Coins with Built-In Transmitters
Wireless Power Beacon Would Recharge Consumer Devices
Ten Most Popular Cell Phones of 2006 - Motorola in 8 Positions
System Definition Requirements to be Developed for USAF Alternate IR Satellite System
Invisible RFID Ink Safe for Cattle and People
Award Funds Development of Li-Ion Battery System for Hybrid Vehicles
Hybrid Structures Combine Strengths of Carbon Nanotubes and Nanowires
European Telecom 2007 Rating Outlook Broadly Stable
Cisco Files Trademark Infringement Case Against Apple for "iPhone" Name
NOAA Reports 2006 Warmest Year on Record for U.S.
Russian Space Truck Arrives on Train from Factory
DOE Office of Science Awards 95 Million Hours of Supercomputing Time to Advance Research
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to Celebrate One Millionth Electronically Filed Trademark Application
RFMD Announces Availability of GaAs pHEMT RF Switches
Femtocells Set to Challenge Wi-Fi Cell Phones
'Image Spam' Could Bring the Internet to a Standstill
Significant Drop in Mobile User Satisfaction Levels in 2006
Caffeine Cuts Post-Workout Pain by Nearly 50% (more vindication!)
Microsoft Turned to NSA for Vista Security Help
British Intelligence Agency MI5 to Debut Terror E-Mail Alert Service for Public
Britain Considers Plans for Solo Moon Missions
Apple Unveils Cell Phone, Apple TV
Winner of Microsoft Vista Promo Sweepstakes Gets Ride in Spacecraft
Tech Firms Join Forces to Oppose Global Broadcast Royalty Scheme
Nokia Shows Off NFC Enabled Handset
SDR Forum Launches T&M Workshop - 1st 2007 General Meeting
Detox Your Mobile Phone
Metamaterials Found to Work For Visible Light
Ford-Microsoft Launch In-Car Software For Drivers
Tesla Tips New Electric Sports Car
Wi-Fi Security Gets a Little Easier
Former Qualcomm Employee Sentenced following Trade Secrets Theft
Semiconductor Industry Up in 2007, But By How Much?
600MB/s Data Transfers Via Concurrent Use of 2.4 & 5 GHz Bands
NASA Selects Proposals for Future Mars Missions and Studies
EU About to Make Climate Change Blunder: Greenpeace
Thomson Taps Startup for Bluetooth Alternative
GM to Unveil Electric Car
Tiny New Cable May Spur Big Technological Advances
Automobile Wireless Shifts into High Gear
Mini Projector Built Into Mobile Phones
Lockheed Martin Receives $619 Million THAAD Contract
Taiwan Quake Resulted in Loss of 10,000 Internet Domains
Gates Tips Windows Platforms for Cars, Home Servers
CEA Forecasts $155B in Consumer Electronics Revenue
Top Ten U.S. Ring Sales Charts
Security Hole Found in Adobe Acrobat Reader Browser Plug-In
First 3D Map of the Universe's Dark Matter Scaffolding (assuming, of course, that there IS dark matter)
Azimuth Systems Reports Record Revenue in 2006; Announces Major Milestones
Google, Others Plan Online Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)
ARRL Scholarships Application Deadline is February 1
Five Hackers Who Left a Mark on 2006
Ford, Microsoft Offer New In-Dash Gizmos
English Channel Travel Moves Into Fast Lane With Super Ferries
See NYC with GPS
Samsung Developing RFID-Aware Refrigerator
Super Soldiers: Tomorrow's 'Army of One' Technology
The First Billion-Dollar-Plus IPO Filed for 2007
Double Sided LCDs for Thinner Mobile Phones
Motorola Shares Tumble On Q4 Sales and Earnings
Chrysler Teams with Hughes for Telematics Systems
BAE's Geo-Location Tool for Military Aircraft IDs Enemy Positions in Crowded RF Environments
Russian Rocket Re-Enters Atmosphere Over Colorado, Wyoming
Californians Bask in Solar Energy
Cheaper LEDs from Breakthrough in Zinc Oxide Nanowire Research
Microsoft And Apple Battle For "Digital Living Room" Market
DARPA Eyes Secret New Sniper Rifle Scope That Measures and Compensates for Crosswinds
Bluetooth Patent Suit Rocks Industry Giants
Amazon Boss Shows Off His Spacecraft
New Study Finds (Legal) Immigrants Boost U.S. Economy, Innovation
80% of U.S. Population Can Access Location Based Emergency Calls
Future Toyotas Refuse to Drive Inebriated Drivers
Research Reveals How to Satisfy Wireless Customers
Air Force Taps Johns Hopkins to Integrate High-Speed Laser Comm Links
Top Ten World Travel Destinations in 2006
Norway Plans to Buy Greenhouse Gas Quotas for Public Officials Flying Abroad
PC Magazine's Worst Products of 2006
New Computer Program Prevents Crashes and Hacker Attacks
New Horizons in 2007
Study Finds Surfing Safer Than Soccer. Duuuuude.
Billionaire Boom in China As Stock Market Soars
Automobile Router Turns Car Into Mobile WiFi Hotspot
802.11n Morphs Into Spec for Home Video Stream
Raytheon Delivers VIIRS Sensor Engineering Development Unit
CSR Caught Up in U.S. Bluetooth Patent Lawsuit
Fab Boom Drives Capex to $60B in 2007
Ford, GM, Mazda to Offer iPod Connectivity in Vehicles
U.S. Emergency Communications Lacking - 6 of 75 Cities Get Top Grades
Isaac Daniel Offers GPS Sneakers
Chip Industry Posts Another Record Month, SIA Reports
Military Contractors Develop Prototype of Airless Tire
Millennium Cell Demonstrates Next-Gen Hydrogen Fuel Cartridge for Military Market
European Shares Hit Record Levels As Investors Welcome 2007
5 Disruptive Technologies to Watch in 2007
Wi-Fi Is Hitting the Road in Cars From Avis
IPOs: More Market Mojo in 2007
Cingular Expects Half A Trillion Minutes of Phone Calls
Easing Concerns About the Toxicity of Diamond Nanoparticles
100 Million WCDMA Customers Expected in 2007
United Airline Employees Report Mysterious Saucer-Shaped Craft Hovering Over Chicago's O'Hare Airport
New Targets May Hit Bulls-Eye for Chip Makers
Man Gets US$66,000 Bill for Download 3 Movies Over His Cellphone
Untangle the World Wide Web with RSS
Hangover 101: How to Deal With the Morning After
Top 25 Stories in 2006 - per Cellular-News
Top 10 Stories of 2006 - per EDN
The Top 8  Features of 2006 - per CommsDesign
Top Business Stories for 2006 - per EE Times
The Oddest Science Stories of 2006 - per MSNBC
WiMAX Forum Rolls Frequency-Availability Database
Attention All Amateurs...Straight Key Night (SKN) is Tonight
Web Users to Drive Change in Technology in 2007
New York City Cabs to Map Out Cell-Phone Dead Zones
Year in Space 2006: America on the Rise Again
Innovative Satellite System: Better Weather Forecasts, Climate Data
Colorado Woman Selling Snow on eBay
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