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Technical Headline News Archive - July 2010


Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Semi Shortages Hit Tier One Telecoms OEMs

DoD Bill Allows Agency Heads to Prohibit Firms from Procurements (blacklisting)

Ultra-Strong Interaction Between Light and Matter Realized

Mobile Phone Demand Expands 14.5% as Market Fragments

Patent Pool Uncertainty Looms over LTE Rollout

One-Charger-Fits-All for Mobiles in EU as of Next Year

Graphene Shows Strange New Behavior Better Suited for Electronic Devices

Global Handset Shipments Reach 308M Units in Q2 2010

Hexagonal Boron Nitride Sheets May Help Graphene Supplant Silicon

Earth Has Enough Copper for e-Mobility

Personal Data of 170M Facebook Users Exposed, No Hacking Required

The Bands "Heat Up" for the 2010 ARRL UHF Contest

TriQuint Grows 14.7% in Q2

Motorola Beats the Street, But Smartphone Sales Haven't Rebounded Yet

Chinese Satellite Debris No Longer a Threat to ISS

Laying the Grid for the Electric Car

Google Cleared of Wi-Fi Snooping

White House Seeks to Clarify F.B.I. Powers vis-à-vis E-Mail

Hacker Makes ATMs Cough Up Cash Willy-Nilly


Renesas Forecasts Losses; Cuts 5,000 Jobs

Penalties Harsh for Violating Import/Export Regs in Aerospace and Defense Electronics

Intel Demos Light Over Silicon

Wireless LAN Market Forecast to Exceed $7B by 2014

Internet Has Less Than a Year's Worth of IP Addresses Left

RIM Stock Rises 4% on New Phone Speculation

Prepaid, 4G Returns Sprint to Customer Growth

TSMC Forecast Tips Chip Cycle Nearing Its Peak

Quantum Fractals at the Border of Magnetism

Telecoms Operators Prepare to Tap into the Smart Grid

Motorola 2Q Earnings Rise, Beat Expectations

BT Talking to UK Government About Cuts

Quantum Phenomenon: Atoms Form Organized Structure from Unorganized One

SAIC to Support USAF Joint Electronic Warfare Center in Nevada

When Phones are Too Big for Pockets

DOE Awards Millions of Processing Hours

Get Ready for Steerable Photon Guns

Facebook Beats Back Patent Infringement Claim

10 Habits of Bad Web Design (how does RF Cafe rate?)

Massive Asteroid Could Hit Earth in 2182


UK Tops European VC Investment League

Chip market on Track for Record Increase

RIM to Unveiling "iPhone killer" Next Week

Radio Growth Will Pick Up

Wireless Infrastructure Spending to Rise in 2011 As 4G Deployment Starts

Spectrum DB Solution Enables Access to 5GHz Spectrum Previously Unavailable Due to Interference

Debate Rages over Future of U.S. Fabs

In-Flight Broadband Equipment Investment Approaching $500M by 2013

A Boost for Battery Life and Capacity

CubeSats – the Latest UK Satellite Trend

USAF Teams with GE to Develop Aircraft SS Power Distribution with Fast SiC Switching

Master Cyber-Criminal Finally Arrested in Slovenia

Qualcomm to Enable Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with Cellular Connectivity

Government Motors' Volt Price Tag: $41k (get up to $10k taxpayer-funded rebate)

2nd PA Student Files Suit Alleging Laptop Spying

How Large-Scale, Dense Wi-Fi Networks Affect Radio Management Issues

iPad Owners Are 'Selfish Elites'

Two Is the Magic Quantum Number

Man Hit by 6 Meteorites is Being 'Targeted by Aliens'


Jailbreaking of iPhones to Add Apps Backed by Librarian of Congress

Apple Responds to iPhone Jailbreaking Decision

IEEE Amendment Brings Base IEEE 802.11 WLAN to Cars

Motorola Stages Handset Comeback

NXP Acquires UK-Based Jennic for Low Power RF Solutions

An Alchemist's Dream: Lead-Free Electronics

Bright Objects Float away from Space Station

FCC Launches Consumer Help Center

RFID Helps Florida Shoe Retailer Keep Its Customers from Walking Away

Employee Benefits Cut in Recession

Emergent Resistance Network Suggests Mechanism for Colossal Magnetoresistance

Robot Crime Wave Warning

WirelessHart Approved as European Standard

Scientists Determine Proper Handshake Method

ESA Radar Will Track Space Debris

Physicists Hail Progress in Search for Higgs Particle

Fraternity of the Wired Works in the Wee Hours

Mental Exercises Make Old Rat Brains Look Young Again (more lawyer research)

Goldman Sachs Sent Billion$ of Bailout Money to Overseas Banks (U.S. taxpayer money - only 53% actually pay taxes)

Big Bang Abandoned in New Model of the Universe


CTIA Sues San Francisco over Radiation Label Law

FCC Raises the Broadband Bar

BlackBerrys Pose Security Risk Say UAE Authorities

Organic Nanoelectronics a Step Closer

Low-Income Mainers Get Free [from taxpayers] Cellphones (many being sold on Craigslist)

European Smart Meter Market to Boom (topic du jour)

Smart Meters to Be Largest Wireless Comms App

ABB Invests in Smart Grid Communications Company

Scots Engineers Prove Space Pioneer's 25-year-old Theory

TV Chip Market to Rise 30% in 2010

Michigan Tech Professor Builds Invisibility Cloak

HTC to Deploy "Super LCDs" in Future Smartphones

Cloud Opportunities Force Telcos Outside Comfort Zone

Wi-Fi Coming to a Subway Near You

LHC Gaining in Hunt for Elusive God Particle

FCC, Public Safety Spar over Spectrum

Toward a New Generation of Superplastics

Microsoft Reports Record Quarterly Earnings, Remains Ahead of Apple

Ubuntu Linux for Hams

Per WikiLeaks - Afghan Government Funding Terrorists, Killing U.S. Troops


Wal-Mart RFID Tags to Track Clothing

Nanowick at Heart of New System to Cool Power Electronics

The End of the Bandwidth Race is Here

ARRL Argues that Oklahoma Town's RFI Ordinance is “Null and Void”

Safety-Driven Software Aims to Block Texting While Driving


Next Year, GM Cars Will Be Controllable by Mobile Phone

GPS Tracking to Replace 70-Year-Old Radar Technology in Planes (ITT is a long-time IFF system company)

Panasonic Claims GaN Transistor Power Density Record of 2.4W/mm at 60 GHz 

Ericsson Q2 Profit More Than Doubled

300 Million Tweets Reveal the Afternoon at Work Is the Unhappiest Time of Day

Ofcom Redefines Fixed, Mobile Broadband Report

L-Martin Conducts Successful Test of Its Through-the-Earth Wireless Communication System

UK Phone Recyclers to Start Using Stolen Handset Database

Destroyed Chinese Satellite Close to ISS

Stealth Overcoat Hides Military Equipment

DOD Ethics Rule Short on Mitigation, Industry Complains

NASA Telescope Finds Elusive Buckyballs in Space for First Time

Quantum Mechanics Not in Jeopardy: Physicists Confirm Decades-Old Key Principle Experimentally

Parks Test Out Wireless Internet for Campers

Consumers Wary of Smart Meters

Apple's White iPhone 4 Delayed

India Develops World's Cheapest "Laptop" at $35

Neurons to Power Future Computers

Longest Eclipse Ever: Airplane Chases the Moon's Shadow Read More

Sit More, Die Sooner


GPS Snags Would-Be iPhone Thief

Building Super-Fast Electronics Components

Nokia Profits Slump 40% in Q2

Balancing RFID Privacy with Convenience

Nanotech Coverts Sewage into Electricity

Motorola Claims Huawei Has Received Stolen Confidential Documents

Cordless Phones Emit as Much Radiation as Cell Phones

Nanoribbons for Graphene Transistors

A New Wave of UK Design Rolls In

FCC Defends Its Right to Change Ownership Rules

Foxconn to Hike Prices to Cover China Pay Increase

Wireless Companies Could Use Your Friends

Connect with the National Scout Jamboree via Amateur Radio

Global Smartphone Shipments Jump 43% in Q2 2010

First Direct Bonding of SiC–Si and GaN–Si at Room Temp

NSN to Ramp Up U.S. Operations in Wake of $7B LTE Deal

Air Force Moves to Fill Nearly 700 Cybersecurity Vacancies

Simpler Method for Building Varieties of Nanocrystal Superlattices

How HTML5 Will Shake Up the Web

Asteroid Threat: Don't Worry, Congress is Looking into It (let us hope it isn't Frank & Dodd of housing debacle)


Nationwide 4G Wireless Broadband Network Scheme Unveiled

VC Funding Fizzled in June

Hybrid Satellite-LTE Network Launches under Name Lightsquared

The Dark Side of Electronic Efficiency

FCC: Vanity Call Sign Fees to Decrease August 17 (by 10¢, whoopee!)

iPhone Success May Oust Nokia CEO

Congress Moves to Crack Down on Prison Cell Phones

Bluetooth SIG Launches Application Developer's Contest

EU Boosts Hi-Tech Research Budget

Smartphones Could Be Latest Battle Accessory

Wireless Service Transfers Aircraft Data at Gate

ITAR Restrictions Could Cost U.S. Its Global Lead in Unmanned Vehicle Technology

Red Alert over Trojan Attack on Process Control and SCADA Systems (DOS could cripple utilities)

Nokia Siemens Networks Wins $7B Contract for LTE Network

Hypertac Tackles EMI in the Connector

Inventor of Aircraft "Black Box" Dies at 85

Taxation Policy Affecting Mobile Broadband Usage

Applied Scraps Turnkey Solar Line, Cuts Jobs (oops, Green Jobs gone)

Facebook Founder May Have Given Up Ownership Stake

U.S. Bailout Reaches 3.7 Trillion Dollars!


Mobiles May Increase Risk of Tinnitus

Polymer Synthesis Could Aid Future Electronics

NAB Names Marconi Finalists

RFID Case Studies Knowledgebase - the Largest in the World?

Semi Industry to Grow 36%; $300B Barrier to Breach This Year

Mobile App Store Downloads to Reach 25B by 2015

Diamond Razor Blades Boast Long Life

Cell Phone Charger Works Off Human Movement

New Wireless Broadband Network to Launch Next Year

Blackberry Users Will Get Pseudo GPS Geolocation

Changes in Law 'Could Be Detrimental to Consumers with Open Wi-Fi'

Facebook Hated as Much as Airlines, Cable Companies (I have an account, but don't use it)

Amazon Sells More Kindle Books Than Hardcovers

Canadian Company Wants to Build a Friendly Satellite Service Station in Space

Germany Backs Infineon ECU Research with $6.2M

Office 2010 Belly Flops in Early Retail Sales Dive

Google to Use Wind Energy to Power Data Centers

Google's Wi-Spying and Intelligence Ties Prompt Call for Congressional Hearing

Retirement: Gen Y's Empty Piggy Bank (...unless your paycheck comes from government)

Boeing to Build Personal Transport Spacecraft


China Passes U.S. as World's Biggest Energy Consumer

FCC Moves Ahead on Satellite Spectrum for Terrestrial Service Plan

Motorola, Nokia, RIM, Reject Apple Antenna Claim

Nokia Siemens Networks Pays $1.2B for Motorola's Infrastructure Division

Quantum Time Machine Solves Grandfather Paradox

More Than 2M Australians Use Their Mobile Phone to Access the Internet

DARPA Seeks Young Blood

Momentum Growing for Item-Level RFID Tagging

Three Firms Buy Additional Radio Spectrum in Mexico

New Catalyst for Hydrogen Fuel Cells Resists CO Contamination

SI GaAs Epi to Bounce Back from 7% Growth in 2009 to 21% in 2010

Booming Demand for TV on the Internet in China

Dell Submits $100M Settlement Proposal to SEC on Fraud Charges

UFO Sighting Forces Chinese Airport to Shut Down for an Hour

854,000 Top Secret Clearances


Great Grandson of Alexander Graham Bell & His Wife Found Guilty of Spying for Cuba

USPTO 2010-2015 Strategic Plan Available for Public Comment

Steve Jobs Announces Free Bumper for iPhone 4 Antenna Fix

Consumer Sentiment Sinks to Lowest Level in 11 Months

Dow May Crash to 7,500 If 10,600 Not Breached


Apple Fixes One iPhone Bug as Another Appears

Graphene Batteries Said to Recharge in 10 Minutes

First Coulomb Electricity Pump Installed in New York (EV charging)

Gartner Says Mobile Connections in India Will Grow by 27.3% in 2010 (really? not 27.2% or 27.4%?)

FCC Crosses Signals with Wireless Industry over Cellphone 'Bill Shock'

Vibration Harvesters Designed to Replace AA, AAA Batteries

Broadband Picture May Not Be So Bleak

Vodafone Ireland Seeking 130 Job Cuts

Small Wires Make Big Connections for Microelectronics

'In-Home' Call Center Agents Could Boost Telco Service Quality

Running Short on Fuel, Europeans Turn to Smoke-Detector Tech for Deep-Space Power

Semi Equipment Sales Expected to Show Near 96% Growth in 2010

FCC Program to Expand Investment in Broadband Health Care Technology

Sony Ericsson Records Second Consecutive Quarterly Profit

Microsoft Co-Founder Pledges to Donate Majority of Fortune (see current RF Cafe Smorgasbord)

Mobile Broadband Service Revenue to More Than Double by 2014

Software Beta Lets PCs Use iPad as Wireless Monitor (not sure why you would want to)

Earth Atmosphere Collapse Puzzles Scientists

Rush Limbaugh: Apple Is a 'Buy Opportunity'

World at Risk of Folding in on Itself


Apple, Under Fire, to Discuss iPhone Friday

Apple's iPhone 4 Woes Deepen As Some See Recall 'Inevitable'

Record-Breaking X-Ray Blast Briefly Blinds Observatory

Sanyo to Sell Its Semiconductor Unit to U.S. Maker

Scientists Find Unusual Electrons That Go with the Flow

Broadband Britain Rollout Delayed by 3 Years

Wireless PCIe Will Become a Reality

ROHS Recast: Electronics Industry Braces for Further Regulation

Miniature Energy Harvesting Technology Could Power Wireless Electronics

GM Backs Volt Battery with 8-Year Warranty

Light, Instead of Electrodes, Could Control Deformable Mirrors

Europe Becomes Top Producer of Email Spam, Overtaking Asia (I thought the U.S. had that dubious distinction)

70% of All Mobile Devices to Be Baseband Modem Enabled by 2014

eBay Sued for $3.8B in PayPal Patent Case

Amendment of FCC Part 97 Rules Regarding Amateur Radio Service Communications During Government Disaster Drills

Global PC Shipments Jump 22%

Nokia Settles Wage Dispute at India plant, Resumes Production

Telcos, Google & Academia — the Plot Thickens!

Crunch Time for NASA's Space Vision

Our Eavesdropping-on-ET Strategy Not Likely to Work


Apple Faces Backlash over Latest iPhone

U.S. Electronics Orders Outpace Dow Jones

Nokia Factory Hit by Strike

Canada's Telecoms Market May Be in for Shake-Up

First Half of 2010 Sees Upswing in New Amateur Radio Licenses

New Project Enables Mobile Phone Use in Areas with No Reception

Nokia Siemens Networks in Talks to Buy Motorola's Networks Business

Chip Making Equipment Sales to Double in 2010

Intel Declares 'Best Quarter Ever,' 34% Annual Jump in Revenue

Nano-Enabled Coating Makes Aircraft Invisible

Linux-based Mobile Devices Will Outstrip Growth of the Entire Mobile Device Market

Graphene Technique Leads to Better Super-Cap

The Rise of the Superphone

NASA Selects Student Experiments for ISS

Nissan Blames IC Vendor for Abrupt Production Halt

UK Needs 'Better Engineering Careers Advice Service'

A Simple Quantum Dynamics Problem?

Solar Cell Maker Gets a $400M Boost

NASA Offers $5M for New Feats (only politically correct applicants need apply - remember Chief's remarks)

Net Neutrality Comes Back to Haunt Google


Consumer Reports: Design Flaw in iPhone 4

Qualcomm Stock Up as Smart Phone Growth Escalates

Satellite Will Track Space Junk

Spain Extends Amateur Privileges on 70 MHz

Tiny Springs Could Reduce Microchip Waste

FCC 'Most Improved' Federal Agency in Government Survey

Gray-Market Cell Phones Impacted by Chinese Government Investigation

Shortages Threaten Recovery, Say Manufacturers

Blackberry Tablet Confirmed, Will Support Flash

Japanese Solar Sail Successfully Rides Sunlight

Physicist's Blog Post Rumors Higgs Boson Discovery at Fermilab (uh-oh, that would beat LHC to God particle)

Six Dead in Emcore [fiber optics] Shooting

A Solution for Lost Gadgets? More Gadgets

Government Encourages Microgeneration

Protecting Wireless Customers from Bill Shock

Terahertz Detectors Could See Through Your Clothes from a Mile Away

Microsoft to Support Windows XP Through 2020 (I loved XP)

NAB: End Cross-Ownership Bans, Relax Radio Rules

Boeing Unveils Phantom Eye Demonstrator UAV

Neutrinos May Be Half as Massive as Previous Estimates Suggested (hmmm... now even more missing mass)


Woman Jailed for Sending Text Threats to Herself

Patent Troll Sues Apple, Google, and Most of the Tech Universe (whoa! that's CNN language!)

Gray-Market Cell Phones Impacted by Chinese Government Investigation

70% of the Entire World Subscribes to a Mobile Service (how much provided free through fees and taxes?)

Revised Theory of Gravity Doesn't Predict a Big Bang

Semicon Mood: What Analysts Are Saying

Miniature Energy Harvesting Technology Could Power Wireless Electronics

EVO 4G Shortages Hurting Sprint's WiMax Lead

MoD Lifts Lid on Unmanned Combat Plane Prototype

Semi-Insulating GaAs Bulk Substrate Market Defies Recession

Computing Power Cracks Egg Shell Problem

Femtocell Market to Show 83.6% CAGR

Intel Courts a Wireless Chipmaker

iPhone 4 Software Won't Fix Antenna

Scientists Expected Obama Administration to Be Friendlier

Autonomous Cars Could Let Drivers Check E-mail

Mobile Banking Usage Nearly Doubled Since Last Year

Crisis Awaits World’s Banks as Trillions Come Due (no problem... they're too big to fail)


RIM Tops U.S. Smartphone Market; Android Surging

New Ultrabright Source of Entangled Photon Pairs

Global Mobile Connections Top 5B

Femtocells Go WAN

Clearwire Microwave Orders Tapering Off

New IRS Rules Will Impose Millions of New Forms on Businesses (that'll do wonders for job creation)

First Oil Rig Sails Away to Egypt over Drilling Ban (bye-bye even more jobs)


IEEE Reports Engineering Salaries up 5%

Companies Brace for End of Cheap Made-in-China Era

Terms for $5B Satcom Contract Finalized by GSA

RFID Tag Leads Police to Purloined Penguin

NTP Sues Apple, Google, HTC, LG, Microsoft and Motorola Over Wireless Email Patents

Deltenna Sees Huge Market for Tiny High-Gain Directional Antenna

T-Mobile May Squeeze 3G for the Last Drop of Capacity

Broadband Plan Closer to Reality

Smart Grid Spending Grows to $46B by 2015

New "Ultra-Battery" as Energy-Dense as High Explosives

Government Buys into DAB Switchover

Total Solar Eclipse this Sunday (not for most of us, though)

Feds to Detect Cyberattacks Through New Early Warning System

Quantum Non-Demolition Measurement Counts Photons w/o Destroying Them

EEDA Secures Rural Broadband Funding

Several Key Commodity Components in "Critically Short Supply"

China Renews Google's License

UAE Students to Train at NASA (good thing Shuttles aren't flying anymore if Egypt signs up - think 9/11/2001)

WTO Panel Slams EU Aid for Airbus

Whole New Moon: U.S. Probe's 1st Year a Lunar Feast


Garmin Warns of the Cost of "Free" Navigation Services

High Reliability of Flexible Organic Transistor Memory Promising for Electronics

Mobile Web Use on the Rise in U.S.

Transformation Optics Make a U-Turn for the Better

U.S. iPhone 4 Users Suffer Low Data Rates

Diamond Bullet Fired at 1000 km/s Could Produce Nuclear Fusion

RFID Helps Control and Organize Construction Sites

Telecom New Zealand to Shut-Down Its CDMA Network

All-Plastic Lasers and Photonics Closer

Scalable Quantum Computer Chip Technique Revealed

Fluorine Could Energize Fuel Cells, Superconductors

The Internet, 1,000x Faster

UK to Speed Up Mobile Number Portability

The Incredible Shrinking Proton

ATMOS Develops Low-Cost Spray-On Solar Panels

Aircraft Completes First Solar-Powered Night Flight

Wireless Charging Market Set to Expand by Nearly 70x by 2014 

Fed's "Perfect Citizen" Program to Monitor Web Activity (nah, that doesn't sound Orwellian)

Germany Takes Legal Steps Against Facebook


Record Performance for Printed Electronics

Cost of Stimulus Cash Vexes Universities

Canadian iPhone User Hit with $8,000 Roaming Bill

Singapore Seeks to Bolster Presence in High-Tech

SIA Sees Second Half IC Slowdown

Tunable Quantum Cascade Laser

Micro LEDs Offer Increased Efficiency Levels

Air Force Picks Provider for Communications Security

Tesla Motors Interest Wanes, Stock Below IPO Price (I'd love to have one, but too $$$)

U.S. Spending on Mobile Display Ads Will Nearly Quadruple over the Next 5 Years

Fault Disrupts Seacom Internet Cable to East Africa (how shall the terrorists communicate now?)

Solar Plane Sets Out on Historic Flight

Wireless Design Benefits from Fast DACs

U.S. Government Gets into the Mobile Application Business

UK Government Spends Thousands on iPhone Apps

Broadband Stimulus Program Could Get Slashed 8% in Budget Cut

ARRL’s 500 kHz Experiment Shows Small Growth

Democrats Push for New Internet Sales Taxes

Mozilla Releases Beta 1 of New, Visually Overhauled Firefox 4

Quiet Hybrids: An End to Their Sounds of Silence?


TSA to Block "Controversial Opinion" on the Web  - See Memo

Dutch Cabinet Advisors Ban Twitter During Talks

Less Than 10% of Fliers are Logging onto Wi-Fi in the Air

Tech Customers Question Industry's Takeover Spree (uh, this is nothing new)

Lead Times for Some Chips at 20 Weeks

How Rules of Physics in Quantum World Change When Applied to Classical World

Nokia Agrees to Sell Its Wireless Modem Subsidiary

New Electronic Fiber Heralds Smarter Textiles

May Semi Sales 4.5% Up on April

Nano-Sized Light Mill Drives Micro-Sized Disk

VoIP Lines Reach 21M, 13% of Wireline Market

A Whispering Wireless Revolution Is on the Way

Worldwide Semiconductor Revenues to Surpass $340B in 2014

Apple's iPhone Supply Chain Faces Sharply Increasing Costs in China

Wi-Fi to Bring Mobile TV to the Masses with Revenues Reaching $7B by 2015

Satellite Will Keep an Eye on Space Debris

Retro Computers on Display to Fans at Festival

NASA's Holden to Al Jazeera: "Foremost" Agency Mission Is to Strengthen Ties with Muslim World

Nickel-Hydrogen Batteries Power PS IIF SV-1 GPS Satellite

American Flag is Leaving Solar System


Global Mobile Subscriber Base Passes the 5B Mark

Super-High Pressures Used to Create Super Battery: 'Most Condensed Form of Energy Storage Outside of Nuclear Energy'

New Global Outsourcing Hub - Wyoming?

ARRL Field Day: It's a Wrap!

Global Chip Sales Beat Expectations - Again (ever wonder why are all the 'experts' always get expectations wrong?)

Penn Puzzled As Chip ASPs Fall During Boom (another puzzled expert)

Semi Industry 'Mad' Not to Raise Prices

Secrecy Could Be Weighing Down Military Info-Sharing (isn't that the purpose of secrecy?)

Tech Firms Aim to Keep Wayward Walkers on Path

Nanoscale Truly Random Number Circuit to Secure Future Chips

Savi Unveils RFID Developer Tools Program, System on Chip, to Spur Growth

Successful Second Try at Space Station Docking

UK Government to Declare Offshore Wind Funding

Dow Repeats Great Depression Pattern


The Declaration of Independence - LA Times (read to see how it applies to modern events)

Jefferson’s Hidden Change to the Declaration

Critical Shortages of Components Might Raise Prices

Motorola Renames Ahead of Handset Spinoff

Snow on NH's Mt. Washington on July1!

IBM Is Moving to Firefox As Its Default Browser


Microsoft Debuts Bipolar Battery Technology (batteries for the truly stupid)

Russian 'Mathsputin' Says Nyet to Million Dollar Prize

NFC Providers Form Industry Group

'Stunned' Apple to Fix iPhone Signal Problem

Telstra and Huawei Carry out Australia's First LTE Demo at 1800 MHz

U.S. Military Junk in High Demand in Iraq

Telephony Market Recovering after Recession

Print Your Own Lasers, Lights and TV Screens

Plastic Electronics Gets Funding Boost from UK Coalition

Intel Buys Cell-Phone Chip Maker

ARRL Represented at Europe’s Largest Amateur Radio Convention

Airport Scanners Emit Dangerous Levels of Radiation (along with laptop computers baking crotches, a devious plot to sterilize the world?)

Scientists Prove Cosmic Rays Are Made of Protons

Harris Gets $23.5M Order for JTRS-Approved Falcon III AN/PRC-152(C) Handheld Radios

Students in 'Forced' Foxconn Internships (that's the suicide company - isn't Communism great?)

Barak Obama to Announce Broadband Stimulus Winners Today

HSPA to Be Mainstream This Year

Vodafone Website Hit by Malware Attack

Sequencing Technique May Revolutionise Data Storage

Toshiba to Develop Batteries for Electric Vehicles


EU Patents Will Be Pulled in Line with the U.S.

In-Flight Broadband Revenue to Increase 1,357% (wonder how they got the number to that precision?)

Freescale hits GaAs on RF Basestation ICs

Nujira Bolsters RF Patent Barricade

Graphene 2.0: A New Approach to Making a Unique Material

New Telecom Law a Conspiracy Against Digital Bangladesh

Quantum World Found Dominating Macroscale Phenomena 

Two Months after Launch, Microsoft is Killing Kin 'Social Phone'

Unpeeling Atoms and Molecules from the Inside Out 

MEMS Technology to Shrink Mobile Handsets

HP Completes $1.2B Palm Acquisition

Finland Makes Broadband a 'Legal Right' (yeah, why pay when you can get others to pay for it?)

Tearing Down the 'Teardown' Analysis

FBI: Russian Spies Hid Codes in Online Photos

New Muon Detector Could Find Hidden Nukes

Office 2010 Users Warned over File Migration

Terrafugia Flying Car Cleared for Takeoff

iPhone 4's Gyroscope May Redefine Mobile Gaming

National Debt Soars to Highest Level Since WWII


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