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Technical Headline News Archive - August 2005

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Intel-Led Alliance Stirs Angst over Future Wireless Spec
German Government Forms $300M VC Fund
Infineon Takes SiGe:C Transistors to 10 GHz Region
Study Rejects Link Between Mobile Phones and Cancer
UMC, Integrand Tune in 0.13 Micron RF Design
National Science Foundation Funds MEMs Research at Sandia Lab
Fuel Cells Might Get Hydrogen from Water, Organic Material
Nuclear Deadline Sets Stage for Showdown on Iran
Air Force Develops Electric Pickup Truck
BAE Systems Achieves First Flight of Its Next-Gen Vertical Takeoff UAV
Orbital Receives Contract for Horizons-2 Commercial Comms Satellite
HomePlug Body Regroups for Powerline Charge
Japan, China to Collaborate on 4G Mobile
Camera Phones Create Digital Camera Users
China Eyes 'Creative' Industries in IP Push
Feds Could Award $250B in IT Contracts in FY06
PC Volumes Drove July Chip Sales
Coming Winter Could be 'Polar Coaster'; Northeast Warning
New Method for Trapping Light May Improve Communications Technologies
Navy Orders UAV Avionics and Ground-Station Electronics
Purdue Creates New Method to Drive Fuel Cells for Portable Electronics
The Invasion of the Chinese Cyberspies - Titan Rain
Japan Approves UWB Emission Policy
Air Force Funds Fuel Cell Development
Behind the Science of Tracking Storms
Intelsat and Panamsat to Merge for $3.2B
Physicists Pose 'Chip Dip' Nano Process
Africa's Cell Phone Boom Creates a Base for Low-Cost Banking
Roaming Messenger Aims Its GPS Messaging Capability at the $3.6 Billion LBS Market
Cell Phone Users Beware: Talking & Listening Impairs Your Ability to Drive Safely
Matsushita to Unveil Li-ion Battery Using Nickel Oxide (13 hr PC life)
Navy Eyes Pulsed Electrical Charge Emitter for Antisubmarine Warfare
Scientist Finds Secret Renaissance Ingredient
Air Force Funds Study for Improved GPS
Partners Release first Detailed Specs for "Cell" Microprocessor
Japanese Researcher: Nanotech is Crucial for the Developed World
Airborne Drones, Mimicking Gulls, Alter Wing Shape for Agility
Solar Technology Provider Clears Way for IPO
Brazil Police Arrest 85 in Crackdown on Hackers
U.S. Nets Reportedly Attacked via Chinese Web Sites
Active RFID Becomes Big Business
Home Net Group Targets Device Interoperability
EuP: The EU's Latest Directive (If you loved RoHS...)
Efforts Will enhance U.S. Navy's Use of Millimeter-Wave Communications
WiMAX Advantages Bring About New Challenges
Homeland Security to Release List of Technology Research Projects
Panel Votes to Close Army Electronics Command
NASA/NOAA Announce Major Weather Forecasting Advancement
Sypris Electronics Opens Dedicated Space Facility
Sirius Thinks Outside the Car
Accellera Approves New Open Verification Library Standard
RFID Industry Forms Intellectual Property Licensing Consortium
Want Free Satellite TV? Rename Your Town
Army Chooses UltraCell for Vest-Pocket Fuel Cell Power System
The Cost of RoHS Compliance
Physicists Entangle Photon and Atom in Atomic Cloud
Motorola Phones Let Parents Monitor Kids
Robot from Earth Climbs Mountain on Mars
Wall Street Applauds Breakup of Agilent
HomePlug Alliance Vies with IEEE over Powerline (BOPL) Spec
NSA Certifies Harris Software-Defined Radio
The Survey Says, We Need More Wireless Education
U.S. Satellite Industry Dominates Despite Overcapacity
Synthesizer Innovator Robert A. Moog Dies at 71
Cow Manure Eyed as Alternate Fuel Source (whole new meaning to being in deep doo-doo over oil prices)
Air Force Needs Software Tool to Manage UAV Radio Frequencies
Company Reports 'Surface Polarization' in Solar Sells
PAR Technology Wins Air Force Grant for Advanced Radar
Nokia Bags GSM Order from India's Bharti
Agilent Technologies Announces WiMAX Design Exploration Library
Einstein Manuscript Found in Netherlands
Indian Spectrum Policy Delayed Until End of Year
Most Parts Suppliers Ready for RoHS
MEMS Shipments to Grow 20% Annually Through 2009
Debate Rages over Cell Phone Towers
Carbon Nanotubes Key to Future Flat TVs
Tokyo Steps Closer to WiMax
Air Force Space Command Continues GPS Modernization
Countries Compete for Next Supercomputer
You Can Be Too Happy for Your Own Good
Asia's Pollution Problem
Nobel Prize Just Not What it Used to Be
Russia, China Launch first Major War Games Amid US Concern
Nanotech Researchers Report Big Breakthrough
Raytheon to Rebuild Firefinder Radar Systems
Supercomputer Grid Set for $148M Expansion
Women Scientists Still Face Bias, Hostility
SeaSpace Builds Antennas for Satellite Network
XCOR to Fly EZ-Rocket at X-Prize Cup Countdown
Carbon Nanotube Diode Aimed for Solar Cells
And in 16th Place: the U.S!
Agilent Technologies Completes Acquisition of Eagleware-Elanix
IBM's SiGe Process Heralds Fast RF
SIA, NSF Commence R&D to Uphold U.S. Semi Leadership
Bots Break into 175 Companies in Year's Biggest Attack
Japan's Fab-Tool Book-to-Bill Stays Above Parity
VoIP Consumers Soar
Sensor Could Detect Concealed Weapons Without X-rays
Russia Schedules Clipper Shuttle Launch
Russia Plans Sharp Military Spending Hike
Ohio Looks to Nano for Economic Boost
Agilent EEsof Announces Agreement with U.K.'s SELEX Sensors and Airborne Systems for ADS Software
Original Blue Angels Flight Leader Dies
Jobs are Up, but so are Costs
Telecoms Dial Up Internet TV
Fewer Women Find Their Way into Tech
Qualcomm Acquires UK Software Company for $57M
NSF, NRI Team on Nanoelectronic Research
World Record Claimed for Wireless Transmission Distance
College Students Expected to Load up on Gadgets
BlackBerry Leads the Pack in eAccess Wireless Device Survey for Business
Rockwell Collins Buys Back Shares
United Parcel Service Invests in Wi-Fi/RFID Combination
In-Flight Cellular: Step Forward, Step Back
FCC Rules for VoIP E911 Rules Challenged
New Internet Worm Targeting Windows
LockMart Conducts Final ATACMS Missile Test with Penetrator Warhead
New Way Found to Cool Atoms and Molecules
Cosmonaut Sets Record for Most Days in Space
Engineers Modify Hybrids for More Power
UK Consumer Demand for Mobile Email Widespread
Some Malaysia Fabs Shut by Smoke Haze
Agilent Sells Troubled Semi Unit for $2.66B
China to Build Offshore Wind Power Complex
European Semiconductor Sales Through Distribution Decline
Koreans Try to Save Cathode-Ray Tube
Y-Shaped Carbon Nanotubes Can Switch
Microsoft Beats Apple to Punch on Key iPod Patent
Tandem Ions May Lead the Way to Better Atomic Clocks
Call for Ending the Shuttle Program Building Momentum
Detection System Proves it Can Pinpoint Wireless Activities - Legal and Illegal
Cameraphones Set to Replace Low-End Standalone Digicams
Video Snacking on Cell Phones the Next Killer App
India Set to RFID Until the Cows Come Home
Q2's Wafer Shipment Heat Wave
European Chip Distribution Weak
Air Force Grant Funds Solar Cell Development
Scientists' Belief in God Varies by Discipline
MTI Wins Share of $1.9B Air Force Contract
ESD on Mars - MM Now Stands for Mars Model?
Intel to Unveil Next Generation Chip
Chips to Track License Plates in U.K. & U.S.
Europe Mulls Wireless Broadband Regulation
Airborne Laser-Beam Weapons System Completes Initial Flight Testing
Deutsche Telekom Income Rises 63% on Wireless Strength
RoHS Creates New Business Opportunities
Diamonds are a Scientist's Best Friend
Global Cellular Revenues to Reach $570B in 2005
Thai Satellite Promises to Bring Internet Age to Rural Asia
Northrop Grumman Gets $1.2B RAF Contract
Russia Passes 100M Subscriber Mark
TSMC Plans $7.5B Superfab
Qualcomm to Pay $600M to Buy Flarion
RoHS: The Biggest Headache the Industry Has Ever Seen
Opera Announces Browser for Mobile Phones
RFID Patent Consortium: A Positive Step for the Industry
EU Clears Rocket-Launch Joint Venture
Media's Hype Distorts NASA's Reality
Man Dies After 50 Hours of Computer Games
New Business Models
Navy Orders Millimeter-Wave Communications System
Industry on Track for Robust 2006, Semico Reports
MEMS Work Uses Polysilicon-Germanium over CMOS
Shuttle Discovery Lands Safely After 14 Days and 5.8M Miles
Qualcomm, Boeing Test In-Flight Cellphone, Data Standards
Japan Plans Giant Broadband Satellite
Space & Satellite Market will Reach $158B by 2010
Technitrol Pays $83M for Filtronic's Antenna Unit
Nasdaq-Bound Chinese Fabless Firm Offers Options
SiRF Files GPS Suit Against u-Nav
Why Great Minds Can't Grasp Consciousness
New Way Found to Cool Atoms and Molecules
The Next Big Thing is Small: Nanotechnology
Daylight-Saving-Time Switch May Cause Tech Woes
Looking for Resumes - Hiring Strong
FCC Eases Regulation of DSL Lines
Office of Naval Research Funds Communications Systems Research for UAVs
Marconi Confirms Takeover Talks
Wi-Fi Answers Mobile Call
Discovery Landing Delayed One Day Until 5:08 am EST
Semiconductor IP Market to Surpass $4B by 2009
Bush Backs U.S. Space Exploration
IMEC, ST, Universities Team to Improve Microwave Design
Airborne Laser Completes New Phase of Payload Testing
Herley Receives $11.8M in High Power Amp Contract Awards
Worldwide Mobile Subscribers to Surpass 2 Billion
Coca-Cola Planning to Launch Sprite3G
Hardware, Software Design on Collision Course
Airport Wants to Block Airline's Free Wireless
RFID Chips Promise to Revamp Medicine
Will Your PC Run Windows Vista?
Wall Street's Fate Caught up with Housing
Networking: 'Smart Highways' Emerging
U.S. Joint Forces Command Awards General Dynamics Orders Totaling $79M
Let the Good Times Roll
Optoelectronic Integration Overcoming Processor Bottlenecks
NASA to Redesign Space Vehicles
Colorado Firm Develops Glow-in-Dark Lamps
China Confirms Plan to Create Giant Venture
Anadigics Expands RFIC Patent Coverage
Europe Ready for Cell-VoIP Convergence
Phone Companies' DSL May Be Deregulated
Penn Researchers Take Big Step Forward in Making Smaller Circuits
Technology 'Optimists' Turn Off TV
Electronics Factory Orders Up
Toronto Crash Is First for Airbus A340
Unprecedented Shuttle Repair Mission a Success
U.S. to Send Manned Flight to the Moon By 2018
Cellular Connection Problems Decreasing
Mimix Broadband Introduces 18-25 GHz GaAs MMIC Rx/Tx Chip Set
Hittite's New Wideband MMIC Phase Shifters for Military, Space, Fiber Optic
Ben Franklin Fund Invests in RF Chip Startup
Shopping Mall Boasts Massive Wi-Fi Network
Vanderbilt University to Conduct SIA-Sponsored Cancer Study
Lockheed and Northrop Team for Army Radar Contract
Interference, Not Hacking, Said to Be Biggest Wireless Threat at DefCon
Nanosensors May Be Used Instead of X-Rays
Sub-Angstrom Microscope Targets Nanotechnology
U.K. Spectrum Auction Clears Path to Lower Cost GSM Calls
Raytheon Builds Radar Warning Receiver for F-16
NASA Prepares for Unprecedented In-Orbit Shuttle Repair
Cyber-Terrorists Using Hacking Methods to Target Governments
Why Cell Phone Service in U.S. Sucks
German Inventors More Active in 2004
U.S. Scientific Papers Slip
Kallasvuo Gets Top Job at Nokia
General Atomics to Build Predator UAV Radar Systems
RoHS: On, Off, and Somewhere in Between
RF Power Options in ZigBee Solutions
U.K. Readies RoHS Enforcement
L-3 Builds Microwave Tubes for AMRAAM Missiles
VCs Open Their Wallets for U.K.
Wireless World: Anti-theft RFID Clothing
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