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Technical Headline News Archive - August 2007

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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GPS in Cellphone Used to Track City Worker Going Home Early
'Black' U.S. R&D Budget Estimated at $17.5 Billion
FCC Issues Two Citations in Longstanding Power Line Noise Case
Scientists Sue NASA Over Extensive Background Checks
Congress Passes Landmark Legislation, America COMPETES Act
NIST Researchers Tackle Wireless Interference Problem
Making Internet Bandwidth a Global Currency
U.S. Moves to Fine Wireless Carriers Over 911 Service
IBM Measures Single-Atom Memory, Molecular Switch
Osram Supplying LEDs for Streetlights
ITT Awarded $207M for FAA's ADS-B ATC Modernization Program
Strong Demand for Wi-Fi Home Network in China
Staff Locked in Warehouse - Told to Send an SMS if they Need the Toilet
SDR Chips Will Be Ready for Handsets Next Year
Survey: More Homes Ask 'What's a Land Line?'
ZIP Codes and Property Values Predict Obesity Rates
Scientists: EMF Fields in Everyday Technologies Pose Deadly Health Risks
First HD Radio Tests Launch in Germany
U.S. Army Launches 2 Probes Aimed at Fighting Contracting Fraud
Foreign Filers Stir Patent Pot
Sony Introduces First U.S. Video Walkman Player
Iraqi Students Uploading ID Papers to Mobile Web Sites
NFC Phones on Shelves Later This Year
Monster.com Reveals Past Thefts of Personal Data Maybe Covering More Than 1.3M Users
138 Million Registered Domain Names
Hubble-Bubble, Telescope in Trouble
China Tells Japan It is Not a Threat
Ball Lightning's Frightening . . . but Finally Explained
Drizzle Radar: A Gain for Climate Research
Wi-Fi to Supersede Wired Ethernet
NASA's Troubled Future
Photontransistors for the Supercomputers of the Future
Chicago Pulls Plug on Public Wi-Fi Plan
Printed Circuit Board Market to Exceed $76B in 2012
3G Basestation Design Leverages Femtocell Technology
Caribbean Resort Bans Mobile Phones from Beaches
Arrow, Digi-Key Ink New Distribution Deals
Web Universe is 'Prankable' - and Ever-Changing
Hydrogen-Generating Technology Closer Than Ever
EarthLink to Slash 900 Jobs, Cutting Half Its Workforce
US Army Selects NG for First Phase Of Program to Develop A Mobile, Solid-State Laser Weapon System
RRFC Receives US National Security Administration (NSA) Accreditation
Taiwan Sets Sights on Domestic Weapons Industry
Lithium Batteries for Hybrid Electric Cars
Teen Who Hacked iPhone Trades for a 'Sweet' New Car
Unlocking the iPhone Could Invite DMCA Suit
Motorola Sues Aruba, Alleging Wi-Fi Patent Infringement
Cabbies Reject Orwellian Rules for GPS Tracking
New Anadigics ICs for Mobile Devices Integrate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth RF Front Ends on One Chip
NASA Confirms Einstein - Again
Cellphone Charges in Tokyo 3rd Highest Among Major World Cities
Rome Research Wins $33M U.S. Navy Contract for Satellite Communications
Despite Grumbling, Most Americans Say They are Happy at Work
Vendors Steer Toward Automotive
ESA Development Contract for Intense 808 nm High-Power Laser Diode Arrays
Sleepy? Spend Less Time on the Internet or Watching TV
Metal Oxide Nanotubes: Lower-Cost Alternative to Carbon?
An Exploding Lunar Eclipse
Cellular Phone Throwing Turns Artistic
Sony Develops a Sugar-Powered Battery
Investments Line up for Chinese 3G
Experts Demand 2.5 GHz Spectrum Allocation in India
New IEEE Spectrum Online Offers Lots More
Apple Demands a High Price for iPhone from European Carriers
World's Highest-Resolution Computer Display Reaches 220 Million Pixels Resolution
Intel Claims “First High-Performance Compound Devices on Silicon”
3 Heats up HSDPA in UK
Soaring to 6,000 ft: the DIY Rocket
3G iPhone in Early 2008?
Boeing Awarded US Air Force Contract for Combat Survivor Evader Locator Radios
Acer to Pay $710M for Gateway
Northrop Grumman Completes Acquisition of Scaled Composites
N.J. Teen Says He's Unlocked Apple's iPhone
Astronomers Get First Look at Uranus's Rings as They Swing Edge-On to Earth
General Dynamics NFIRE Satellite Completes First Missile Defense Experiment
USPTO: Revision of Patent Fees for Fiscal Year 2007
New York Taxi Drivers Threaten 2-day Strike over GPS Tracking
BAE Wins $8M U.S. Defense Contract to Develop GaN Amplifier
USA to Pass 100% Mobile Penetration Level by 2013
Nortel Adds Germany, Russia to 4G Research Drive
FCC Head Comes out for A La Carte Cable TV
Report Links Power Lines to Cancer
Nokia Battery Case to Cost Matsushita up to $172M
Sun Micro to Change Stock Symbol to 'JAVA' from 'SUNW'
Monster.com Took 5 Days to Disclose Data Theft
UFO Researchers Try to go Mainstream
Super Soaker with Electro-Hydrodynamic Power
Chemists Figure out What Makes Coffee Bitter
Could Physicists Make a Time Machine? It All Depends on Curving Space-Time
Russia Unveils Pilotless 'Stealth' Bomber
India Overtakes U.S. as Nokia's No.2 Market
WiMax Backers See Broad Deployment in Two Years
World Record Wi-Fi Distance Link Deployed by Hams
Phishing Attack Plunders Monster.com Job Website
New Exhibit to Open in Patent and Trademark Office Museum
Briton Held Over Wireless Broadband "Theft"
Google 'Probably' Will Bid in 700-MHz Wireless Auction
BAE Systems, Congressional, Community and Army Leaders Celebrate Inauguration of Elgin Site
EU Accuses Rambus of 'Patent Ambush'
First Olympic Bullet Trains Arrive in Britain
Qualcomm Cracks Top-10 in Chip Rankings
Embarq Offers $5,000 Reward Copper Theft Arrests
Mode-Locked Silicon Evanescent Laser Built
Germany Hears Loud Calls for End to Conscription
Russian Space Agency to Form 3 Space Holdings by 2015
'Reverse Brain Drain' Threatens U.S. Competitiveness
Space Shuttle Makes Textbook Return & Landing
Hackers Attempt to Blackmail Monster.com Members
EU-Wide Approval Eyed for Mobile Satellite Service
Immaturity in 802.11n Products Guides a Return to a Wired LAN
In Japan, 3D Images in Your Pocket
New U.S. Institute Eyes Next Generation of Nano Engineers
Pellets of Power Designed to Deliver Hydrogen for Tomorrow's Vehicles
TriQuint Acquiring Peak Devices for Wide-Bandwidth Amplifier Design
Google Tool Allows Users to View Stars and Galaxies
Rocket-Powered Mechanical Arm Could Revolutionize Prosthetics
Colleges Getting Proactive on Disaster Communication
Teacher's Head Spins After Spaceflight
Working Toward New Energy with Electrochemistry
Citing Security, Israel Premier Imposes "No-Phone" Ban at Meetings
Watch STS-118 Landing Live at 12:32 pm EST
West Virginia University Tops 2007 List of Party Schools (WVU is Melanie's alma mater)
Japan's Plans to Replace the Internet
Crowded Mobile Chip Market Likely to Shrink Further
'The Simpsons'? A Science Classroom?
Electricity Generator from Body Heat
Europe: EMS Powerhouses Jabil and Flextronics Invest in Ukrainian Hot Spot
USPTO Ruling on Electronic Signatures and Initials
New Method for Mass Production of Nanogap Electrodes Developed
Analysts Blame Skype for Massive VOIP Outage
NASA's Voyager Spacecraft Mark Thirty Years of Flight
Startup Sees 1,000 "Brains" on One Microchip
'Frozen Smoke' Aerogels May Be Materials of Future
Lockheed Martin Acquires 3Dsolve Inc.
Princeton Scientists Confirm Long-Held Theory About Source of Sunshine
FCC Sets January 16 for Big Wireless Auction
Tumbling Markets Cause U.S. IPO Jitters
Three Jailed for Using Phones in Prisons
Handset Advances to Drive RF Semiconductor Market
Muni Wi-Fi Market Hits Turbulence
Sony Rolls out Nationwide Tech-Recycling Program
Shuttle Coming Home Day Early as Dean Nears
UWB Volume to Overtake Wi-Fi
FCC Issues NPRM on AM Use of FM Translators
New Software Censors E-Mail, Work Communication
U.S. Army Awards Contract to Develop Truck-Mounted Laser Weapon
Wi-Fi Signals Big Change for Mobiles
China Mobile Adds Record 5.6 Million Customers in July
Cheap, Easy Technique to Produce Hydrogen from Visible Light is Almost Ready
What Exactly is 'Internet Addiction' and What is the Treatment?
China to Install RFID Sensors Along I-35 NAFTA Highway
Top Recalled Cars of 2007
Computing Breakthrough Could Elevate Security to Unprecedented Levels
Blogger Forces NASA to Tweak Climate Data
NASA Says Shuttle Heat Shield Needs No Repair
Physicists Discover 'Super Crystals' in Organic Semiconductor
Nokia Asks ITC for Investigation Against Qualcomm
Sprint Earmarks $5B for WiMax Network Through 2010
Wireless Startup Mulls Lawsuit to Force FCC Decision
Hollywood Blamed for Scientific Ignorance
Pentagon Paid $998,798 to Ship Two 19-Cent Washers
Wi-Fi 'SideJacking' Opens Eyes at BlackHat
TI Buys RF Design House ICD
HP Posts 'Best Revenue Growth Since 2000'
U.S. Signs $30 Billion Defense Aid Pact with Israel
WiMAX Networks Will Fly with 700 Mhz Spectrum
Laser-Cooling Brings Large Object Near Absolute Zero
Scientists Unlock the Secrets of the Rubik's Cube
Princeton Tops 'U.S. News & World Report' College Rankings
Solar Startup Gains $77M in Funding
FCC Opposes Silicon Valley VCs' Plan for Free Wireless Broadband
Clarins Pinged over Claim for Skin Spray that Can Protect Users Against Electromagnetic Waves from Mobile Phones
Radio Regenbogen Launches First HD Radio Test in Germany (HD Radio)
Ionic Winds Can Cool Chips
Qualcomm: Broadcom Injunction May Cost $2.4Bln
Iraq Launches Sale of Mobile Phone Licenses
Standards Battle Brewing in Wireless Interconnectivity
The Ultimate Electric Car that Can Outpace a Ferrari
Punctured Astronaut's Spacesuit Cuts Short Spacewalk
Couple Tries to Name Baby "@"
Australian Scientists Launch Fusion Energy Plan
'Hacks' Add Skype, Videoconferencing to iPhone
Chinese Manufacturing Not Ready for Prime Time
At Least 3 Chinese Satellites Malfunctioning Since 2006
DirecTV Inks Broadband Over Power Lines (BOPL) Pact With Current Group
Paper Battery is Rechargeable
NASA: Endeavour Damage No Safety Risk
Energy from Hot Rocks?
Motorola Slips as Nokia Takes Over 50% Share in 2Q07 EMEA Mobile Phone Market
Physicist Trying to Store Antimatter in Small Box Using RF
Quarter of Chinese Handsets are Fakes
U.S. Airport Security Checkpoints Poised for Evolutionary Leap
E.U. Could Quiz ST-Infineon Merger over Power
London-to-Scotland Trains Get FREE Wi-Fi
U.S. Lines up $30 Billion Arms Deal with Israel
Web Site Offers to Ruin People's Lives for $20 a Month
India Wants to Launch First Reusable Space Launcher by 2010
U.S. Sees Looming China Threat to Satellites
Workers Suffering from 'Email Stress'
Researchers Develop Bendable Battery
FCC Rules Allow One Bidder to Buy More Than Half of Spectrum
Skyworks Receives Certification for Automotive Quality Standard
Broadcom Seeks Ban on Qualcomm Chips
New Technology Has Dramatic Chip-cooling Potential for Future Computers
Zoom Launches Bluetooth-Controlled Advertising Signage
Femtocells Critical for Mobile Triple-Play
Siemens Bribery Scandal Exceeds 1B
Nokia Offers to Replace 46 Million Mobile Phone Batteries After Reports of Overheating
7 Web-Browsing Tricks Make your Smartphone Act Like an iPhone (#8: browse on over to a phone sale website and order an iPhone)
Is Glass a Solid or an Extremely Slow Moving Liquid?
NASA Still Mulling Shuttle Repair Spacewalk
Bloggers Film Under Skirts, Due in Court
Microsoft Disputes FCC's Rejection of Web Devices That Use TV Airwaves
Australian Trade Body Publishes Mobile Phone Bullying Guide
RFMD to Acquire Sirenza Microdevices
FCC Considers NCE FM Application Cap for October Filing Window
NASA to Examine Endeavour Shield Damage
New Suspicious Payments Uncovered at Siemens
Lockheed CFO Kubasik to Lead Electronic Systems Division
Thai Students Win Microsoft Imagine Cup 2007
Young Inventors' Research Transforms the Marketplace
iPhone Customers Report Touch-Screen Dead Spots
U.S. Army Orders Mobile Satellite Terminal Equipment from Comtech
China Reveals Deadly Threat to First Flight
Vodafone Joins the WiMAX Forum®
BlackBerry was First Line of Defense in Last Week's Market Crisis
Endeavour Docks; Damage Found on Shuttle's Belly
Time to Admit the 'Gun Nuts' are Right
Cities Incite Thunderstorms
Lawyers Using E-ZPass to Expose Adulterous Spouses - more from Big Brother
Computer Scientists Shed Light on Internet Scams
Wi-Fi in the Sky Coming Next Year
USPTO Proposes New Measure to Improve Patent Quality and Reduce Pendency
Secured Digital to Offer Paper Embedded with RFID Chips by End of 2007
Your Guide to the Summer's Best Meteor Show - the Perseids
IEEE-USA Seeks Nominations for 2007 Awards & Recognitions
China: World's 1st RFID Smart Retail System Launched
DARPA Picks Urban Challenge Semifinalists
Paris Moves Ahead with Free Wi-Fi Plans
WiMax Backers Gear up for 700 MHz Nets
RFMD, Skyworks and Triquint Grew GaAs Device Market Share to 55% in 2006
New World Record for Superconducting Magnet Set
64% of Wireless Developers are Working on an Open Source App
Travelers: World's Best Business-Class Lounges
Volunteers Locked into Small Container for 18 Months as Mars Experiment Gets Underway
The Eyes Have It: What Do We See When We Look at Ads?
Ofcom Exempts UWB from Regulations
Silicon Valley's Payrolls on Upswing
Bush Prepares to Sign U.S. Tech Competitiveness Bill
Users Fed up with Marketing Spam from Mobile Service Providers
Wal-Mart Using Facebook to Win Back-to-School Sales
Nanoparticle Technique Could Lead to Improved Semiconductors
Upstart Cell Phone Provider Seeks to Serve the Young and Poor
Inventory Ills Continue
Dell to Pay Former CEO Rollins $48.5M in Cash
Britain Hosts Europe's Largest Balloon Festival
New E7A-E7Z Prefix for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Iraq Conflict Boosts Profits at BAE Systems - part of that Industrial Military Complex that Eisenhower spoke of
Interest Low, Segway User Group Folds
Wealth Gap Is Increasing - don't I know it!
Shuttle Endeavour Launches Today at 6:36 pm EST (watch it on SpaceTV)
Prototype Internet Device for Unused TV Spectrum Fails FCC Test
Judge Rejects Qualcomm Video Patents, Citing 'Extreme Foul Play'
Perseid Meteor Shower Coming up This Weekend
Spacecom, DRS Technologies Provide Satellite Bandwidth Services to DoD
Sun Launches World's Fastest Microprocessor
No Presidential Veto on ITC Qualcomm Chips Ban
Policy Makers Seek Stronger E911 Solutions for VoIP
Wal-Mart Plans for Its 4-Petabyte Data Warehouse
Nokia Outsources 3G Chipset Operations to ST
Experts: Russians Planning New Cyberattack
Wind Farm Noise a 'Minor Issue' Says Official Report
4G Race is On for 700 MHz Market
Singapore Requires Microchip Tags On Dogs
8-Year-Old Whiz Designs with FPGAs
Nine in 10 Americans Say Ban Texting While Driving
Ultraclean Combustion Technology Developed for Electricity Generation
Dvorak: Bubble 2.0 Burst Coming Soon
Royal Academy of Engineering honours Intense's John Marsh
Judge Overturns $1.5Bn Ruling Against Microsoft
Single-Chip Radios Pose Perplexities for SOC Architects
U.S. Navy Barred from Sonar Use off California Coast - well, that should aid anyone wanting to infiltrate the costal area
Hamas Denies Tapping Mobiles Using Iranian Technology
Scientists Make Very Small Objects Levitate
Israeli Researchers Tout Time Machine Model
So Long iPhone, Here Comes the Goophone
Caffeine May Protect Memory in Women
Countdown Underway for Wednesday's Shuttle Flight
Job Hunters Hire Experts to Clean up Online Image
Kameraflage™ Seen by Digital & Cellphone Cameras Only
New Wi-Fi Network Proves Critical in Minneapolis Bridge Disaster
Countdown is on for Wednesday Shuttle Launch
Lawmakers Approve Broad Energy Bill Establishing New Renewable Energy Requirements
Phoenix Spacecraft Heads for Polar Region of Mars
Samsung Restarts Plants, Lowers Cost of Incident's Impact
Chinese National Pleads Guilty to Economic Espionage
Indian Police Seize Fake Nokia Handsets
"Fake Steve Jobs" Blogger Exposed as Forbes Editor
Nissan Shows Auto Safety Technology
Spaceport America Design Team Selected
Cassette Tapes Linger Long After Expected Demise
System and IC Teardowns Critical to 'Business Intelligence'
SIA: Semi Industry Sales up 2% in 1H 2007
Semiconductor Sales Fall on Lower Prices
Sarbanes-Oxley Drives Away IPOs
$1B Slated to Bring Broadband to the Outback - Walkabouts w/Connectivity
ARRL Files Federal Court of Appeals Reply Brief over BPL
Bush Veto Would Harm U.S. Stance on IP, Warns Broadcom
U.S. Spy Satellite Declared Total Loss
Samsung Halts Chip Production after Power Failure
Cell Phones to Be 'Googled'
Fuel Cell Technology to Help Clean up Shipping
Russia Places Flag on Seabed at North Pole
Coffee Drinking Related to Reduced Risk of Liver Cancer - it just keeps getting better!
Next Departure for Mars Stands Ready to Fly
Samsung Becomes the World's Second Largest Mobile Phone Vendor
SDR May Play Key Role in Emerging Broadband Wireless Access Market
Criminals Sold Mobile Phones Made from Bars of Soap
American Airline to Test In-Flight Broadband Next Year
Controlling Ultrafast Light Pulses: Big Step Toward Advanced Sensors, Communications
Muni Wi-Fi: Its limitations
Consumer Electronics Revenue Growth Slows; Lower Prices Blamed
Local Players Missing in Growing Indian Electronics Market
$5 Billion Lockheed Contract Buys 60 F-22s
Automated Technique Paves Way for Nanotechnology's Industrial Revolution
Organic Solar Cells Gain Ground
Russia Claims North Pole with Arctic Flag Stunt
OPEC Gets $649 Billion Windfall in 2006 on Oil Boom - how much went to fund terrorism?
Children Being Used as 'Guinea Pigs' in Mass Wi-Fi Experiment, Warn Teachers
FCC Releases White Space Interference Report
Study Imparts Market Value of Software-Defined Radio
USAF, Northrop Set New $4.2B Weather Satellite Contract
Circuit-Sized Quantum Effect Observed
FCC Sets Airwaves Sale Rule
Electronic Equipment Market Growth Set to Slow
GSA Awards $50B Government Tech Contract
IBM Lays off 450 Workers from U.S. Manufacturing Plants
Is the iPod the New Public Nuisance?
Robotic Einstein Wows Spanish Technology Fair
ACCO Raises $10M in First-Round Funding for RF CMOS PAs
Apple Releases Security Patches Including First iPhone Update
Russia Claims North Pole with Arctic Flag Stunt
OPEC Gets $649 Billion Windfall in 2006 on Oil Boom - how much went to fund terrorism?
International Consortium to Build Largest Submillimeter Radio Telescope
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