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Technical Headline News Archive - April 2007

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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India Plans Free 2 Mbps Broadband Access for All
NIST Issues Security Recommendations for RFID
Patriot Antenna Systems to Commercialize CSIRO MultiBeam Satellite Communications Technology
Pepsi Using Bluetooth to Distribute Video Adverts
Cellphone Lemon Law Passed by U.S. State Legislature
MIT Dean Quits After Falsifying Degrees (is there no integrity left?)
'Rabbit Ears' Find New Life in HDTV Age
Placing Single Nanowires: NIST Makes the Connection
Nuclear Power Will Save the World, UN Scientists Claim (seems not that long ago they said disposing of spent fuel would ruin the planet)
SIA: March Chip Sales Up 3.2%
RFMD Breaks $1Bn Annually
Siemens Investigated by SEC, DoJ
U.S. Rejected Russian Request for Joint Moon Program
Mind-Reading Toys Could Revolutionize Play
Extremely Small Magnetic Fields Can Be Manipulated with Sound Waves
Russian GLONASS Satellite Navigation System Facing More Problems
Earthquake Shakes Southern England
ARRL Withdraws "Regulation by Bandwidth" Petition, Plans to Refile
UC Berkeley Confirms $10 Cell Phone Project
Carriers, Startups Face Off over 700-MHz Auction
U.S. High-Tech Industry Posts 2nd Year of Job Growth in 2006
Canada's Telecoms Industry Expecting Record Profits in 2007
Microphase Develops Miniature Directional RF Couplers
Boeing Demonstrates Key GPS 3 Features in Critical Program Review
New Nanocomposite Processing Technique Creates More Powerful Capacitors
South Korea's Mobile RFID Technology Gets ISO Nod
Next Solar Storm Cycle Will Start in March 2008
Research and Markets Unveils U.S. Aerospace Industry Analysis
Schools Banning iPods to Beat Cheaters
U.S. Schools May Join Inexpensive Laptop Project
Google Glitch Puts Engineers in a Frantic Chase
New Processor Has the Potential of Reaching Trillions of Calculations Per Second
EU Parliament Puts Pressure on Galileo Satellite Group
New High Tech Jobs Gain Momentum
DriveCam Introduces Cellular-Based Platform for Driver Risk Management Clients
ZigBee 'Fridge Magnet' Monitors Energy Usage
Experts Urge U.S. Legislators to Strengthen Nation's Cybersecurity
Japanese Team Breaks Internet Speed Record
FCC Seeks More Comment on Airwaves Auction
Report: Texting Hurts Ireland's Youths
Leading VC Firm Opens in China
Central Europe Closes in on World's Digital Elites
China Addressees High Energy Consumption and Increased Pollution
Acer Recalls 27,000 Li-Ion Laptop Batteries
Not Too Bright? You Can Still Be Rich
Tiny Scale Can Weigh Living Cells
VC Investments Hit Highest Quarterly Level in 5 Years
FCC to Unveil Auction Plan on Wednesday
Earth-Like Planet Discovered Orbiting Nearby Star
RFMD Opens R&D Center in Shanghai
Cell Phones Lack Reliable Location Tracking for 911 Emergencies
Importance of U.S. Space Superiority Underscored at Space and Missile Systems Center
In-Stat: Mobile WiMax Moving the Chipset Market
Cellphone Industry Agrees on NFC for "Contactless" Payments
Boeing Delivers 1st CSEL Radio Full-Rate Production Order to the DoD
Consumer Electronics Growth to See 'Significant Slowdown'
Firms Temper 2007 Worldwide Semiconductor Outlooks
Google Surpasses Microsoft as Most Powerful Brand
Scientists Predict a Boron 'Buckyball'
U.S. Falls Further Behind in Global Broadband Penetration
Wi-Fi Hotspots to Grow by a 25% by End of 2007
Report Urges FCC to Let License-Exempt Community Nets Use TV "White Spaces"
EU Fails to Agree on Cell Phone Roaming Rules
Number of U.S. Tech Jobs Rises Despite Fears of Outsourcing
NASA Awards Aircraft Engineering and Technical Support Contract to Boeing
U.N. Experts Weigh Impact of Bio-Power
India Puts Italian Satellite into Orbit
NASA Releases 3-D Views of Sun
China Says U.S. Piracy Case Will Harm Trade Ties
VLSI Research Ranks Top 15 Chip Equipment Suppliers
House Panel Votes to Double NIST Budget
Teen Pockets $25,000 in Texting Contest
SEMI: March Book-to-Bill Shows Continued Market Stability
Time Warner Customers Get Wi-Fi Hotspots
IBM Nano Research Promises Better Drugs, Circuits
Stocks Move Up As Dow Nears 13,000
Berlin Takes Easier Line on EU Roaming Fees
Boeing Contracts Rosum to Develop Position Location Subsystems Using Broadcast Signals
Record Plastic Solar Cell Efficiency Set
Amazing Magnetic Surgery
Bill Gates Says Asia to Spawn Tech Breakthroughs
WiFi Could Be Health Risk at Schools
Caffeine Soap Set to Give Early Risers That Extra Boost
Engineer Accused of Taking Nuclear Codes to Iran
Pilot Killed in Navy Blue Angel Crash
Public Wi-Fi May Turn Your Life into an Open Notebook
Overhead Power Lines Link to Cancer in New Alert
FCC Poised to Cut Vanity Call Sign Fee by More Than 40%
Billionaire Returns Earth After Paid Space Trip
ARRL Urges Support for Education and Technology Program
Study: 'Peak Oil' Will Be Reached by 2018 (that is, until new reserves are located)
Bill to Increase H-1B Visas Makes a Comeback in Congress
Industry Heavyweights Support U.S. Patent Reform Proposals
'Negative Stiffness' Used to Dampen Vibrations
SCO Chief Calls for Ban on Open Wireless Networks
Packaging Lawsuit Hits Motorola, Qualcomm, Freescale and ATI
Text Messaging Booms at U.S. Colleges
Euro Hit 2-Year High Against Dollar
U.S. DOJ Joins Lawsuit Against HP, Sun, Accenture for IT Kickback Scheme
Chinese Handset Manufacturer Seeks New York Stock Market Listing
RIM Explains Cause of BlackBerry E-Mail Service Outage
Hong Kong's Top Telecom Earner Picks up Nearly $90,000 per Day
UCLA Scientists Design New Super-Hard Material
Drinking Heavily in College May Lead to Heart Disease Later in Life
Lawmakers Launch Move to Overhaul Patent System
Unattended Ground Sensors to Penetrate Military, Commercial Sectors in 2010
Chinese WiMAX Market Will Grow 7-Fold Between 2009 and 2011
Boeing-Led Team Developing GPS Surface Navigation Concept for DARPA
IRS Data at Risk from Use of Unapproved Wireless Technology
Northrop Grumman to Develop U.S. Marine Corps Ground/Air Task-Oriented Radar
In-Stat Sees 8% Jump for ICs in '07
Could Wi-Fi-Only Phones Replace Cellular?
Russia Puts 16 Foreign Satellites into Orbit
MS Unveils Initiative to Bring Computing Technology to Next 5B Across the Digital Divide
Quantum Collisions of Atoms Measured
"Cybertooth" for Patients May Replace Pills
Microdisk Laser Dominated by Single Quantum Dot
RFID Industry Ratifies Important Data-Sharing Standard
Multimode Femtocells to Dominate Market by 2011
FCC Chief Derides 'Stealth Process' of Digital TV Transition
Wireless Will Deliver Next Big Boost for Productivity
FCC to Investigate Broadband Deployment
New Robot Eyes People with Human-Like Eyes
BlackBerry Service Restored to Most Customers
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to Study, Develop Thermal Management Techniques for Shipboard Electronics
The White Spaces Coalition's Plans for Fast UHF Wireless Broadband
Cameraphones Pass 50% Penetration Mark in USA
NASA Scales Down Space Mission Flights in 2007 to Four
Terahertz Breakthrough Could Increase Short-range Wireless Speeds
Ethanol Vehicles Pose Significant Risk to Health, New Study Finds
China Launches Satellite for Rival to GPS
Engineers Set New World Record for High-Frequency Submillimeter Waves
FCC Assessing High-Speed Internet Access
London Prepares for Blanket Wi-Fi - EU's Largest Hot-Spot
Solar Powered Wi-Fi for African Refugee Camps
Virginia Tech Tackles Head Injuries Using Wireless
IC Insights Cuts IC Forecast for '07
Draft 802.11n Wi-Fi Networks Move to Mainstream
The ESA Considers Scientific Proposals
Organic Light with No Wasted Electricity
Clever Clocks Get You Up
Malaysian Officials Jam Mobiles to Frustrate Spies
‘Smart Radio' to Be Tested in Dublin this Week
Nokia to Start Selling WiMAX Phones in Early '08
U.K. Broadband Stakeholder Group Encourages Next Generation Broadband
SDR Forum Launches Second-Annual Smart Radio Challenge
Stocks Up Amid Profit, Economic News
SEMI Lowers January, February Book-to-Bill Figures
Web 2.0 Arrives to Find Web 3.0 Under Way
INEX to Provide DMD Processing Technology for Diamond-Based MESFET Development
Seven Sisters of the Pleiades Pose for Spitzer Space Telescope
Man Keeps 100 Apple Macintoshes in Basement
Physicists Designing Detector for International Particle Collider
Are Mobile Phones Wiping Out Our Bees?
NASA's Mars Global Surveyor Loss: Battery Failure, Computer Error Blamed
FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Correspondence Posted
Silicon Valley Seeks to Revamp Wireless Industry
Studies Warn of Nanoparticle Health Effects
Bluetooth Shipments to Surge This Year
U.S. Researchers Explore Rebuilding Internet from Scratch
Uncertainty Remains in Euro Telecoms
Cray, DoE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory Double Supercomputer Capacity to 119 Tflops
Google to Buy Double-Click Company for $3.1 Billion
U.S. Army Awards $94M to Agilent Technologies for Radio Test Sets
NIST Develops New Efficient Two-Photon Source
Pentagon Considering Study on Space-Based Solar Power
Boeing Aims to Combine GPS, Iridium Orbiting Networks
Consumer Spending to Drive Semi Demand Up 18% in 2008
RIM 4Q Profit Jumps, SEC Upgrades Options Probe
More Efficient 3-D Solar Cells Created
EMS Technologies Announces Anti-Jam Antenna Solutions for Commercial Satellite
Quantum Effects Could Account for Fast Energy Transfer
WTO Sees Trade Growth Slowing in 2007
U.S. to Fund Hydrogen Storage Research
Bill Gates Headed for Space, Says Cosmonaut
U.S. Favors Stealthy Anti-Satellite Strategy
Sony Studies Commercial PlayStation 3 Supercomputing Grid
Plans for SIM Storage in Near Field (NFC) Enabled Handsets
Work Completed on Modernized GPS Satellites
World's First Polymorphic Computer is Here
Students Sue Online Plagiarism Detection Firm for... Plagiarism
$10 Handset May Be Next Super Cheap Phone
USPTO: Commerce Secretary Unveils National Campaign to Inspire Invention in Children
Micro Fuel Cells Poised for Big Growth in Portables
IBM Pits 'System I' Against Microsoft Windows in Small-Business Market
China Slams U.S. Over New WTO Complaints
Irish Teachers Call for Ban on Mobile Masts Near Schools
U.S. Details Risk from China Satellite Debris
NIST to Award $60M for Advanced Technology Proposals
Redline: Fully Mobile WiMax Unlikely Until 2010
Entropic Acquiring RF Magic for PHY Comms Expertise
IEEE Engineering Management Society to Become Council
Plastic with Changeable Conductivity Developed by Chemical Engineer
German Solar Venture Formed
Argentine Province Bets on Silicon Valley Future
Wi-Fi Alliance® to Sponsor First China Wi-Fi Summit in Beijing this September
MS Billionaire Arrives at Russian Space Station
Smoking and Caffeine May Protect Against Parkinson's Disease ("Sleeper" comes to mind)
The Future of Russia And Europe in Space
U.S. Military Develops Robocop Armour for Soldiers
Laser-Cooling Brings Large Object Near Absolute Zero
GPS Significantly Impacted by Powerful Solar Radio Burst
New Zealand Opens 5470 - 5725 MHz and 57 - 64 GHz as Radio Commons
NEC Makes New Heat-Conducting Bioplastic for Phones
Open-Silicon to Drive Down Mask Costs
Blazing-Fast Optical Chipset Could Download a Movie in a Second
New York Auto Show Preview: Hybrids, Minis & Muscle Cars
Flexible Electronics to Aid Brain Research
Cisco Patent Could Muddy Ethernet Waters
Australian Scientists Plan Underground  CO2 Storage to Reduce Greenhouse Emissions
NextEngine 3D Scanner Captures Your World
Global Warming Hits Mars, Too (darn those polluting rovers from NASA!)
'Star Wars' Missile-Defense System Test Succeeds
MS Billionaire Blasts Off on Russian Rocket
FCC Accepts Technician Ticket for Cancellation, Warns Indiana Licensee
Driver's Licenses to Feature RFID Chips
Students Fear for Job Prospects in U.S. Visa Crunch
FCC Seeks to Reform 911 Call Tracking
BlackBerrys, Laptops Blur Work/Home Balance
Mexico City to be One, Giant Wi-Fi Hotspot by 2008
Electronic Paper Edging Toward Reality
DoD Suppliers Clueless on RFID Plans Indicative of Bigger Communication Gap
Taking Nature's Cue for Cheaper Solar Power
Darpa Seeks Shape-Shifting War Robots
C-MAC Among 1st European Companies to Receive U.S. Space Electronics Cert
Hubble Telescope Reveals Spectacular Spiral Galaxy
Nanogenerator Provides Continuous Power by Harvesting Energy from the Environment
Ford ($12.7B loss in 2006) CEO: $28M for 4 Months Work
Japan Drafts Rules for Advanced Robots
Particle Collider Magnet Self-Destructs (not a design feature)
Gartner Releases Final 2006 Chip Vendor Rankings - $262.7B in 2006, a 10.2%Increase
Solar Bursts May Threaten GPS
Northrop Grumman to Supply Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar to USMC
Nokia Tops March Handset Sales Chart
China Prepping 4G Proposal
Internet Cafes in Gaza Beg for Protection (note to patrons: it's being done by the people you cheered on after the 9/11/2001 attacks)
Glasgow Tops U.K. Phone Theft Charts
GENESYS 2007 Coming Soon
U.S. Not Headed for Recession: IMF
Google's Executive Billionaires Take $1 Salaries
Silicon Valley's "Best Brains" Work on Energy
Greenpeace Ranks Apple Computer Last for Green
FCC Says 'No' to Cell Phones on Planes
2007 ACE Awards Recognized Industry's Finest
Cap for H-1B Visas Maxes Out in One Day! (no problem, just wade across the Rio Grande)
Microsoft Coalition Responds to TV Industry Group Over Unused Spectrum Usage
Flexible Electronics Could Find Applications as Sensors, Artificial Muscles
New Lithium Ion Battery Pack Doubles Car Price
Wireless Power Chargers About to Hit Market
How Americans Use Their Cell Phones
U.S. to Pursue Missile Shield With Or Without Moscow's Nod (as it should be)
HP Sketches New Vision for the Smart Home
China Developing Nuclear-Powered Robot Lunar Rover
Thailand Blocks YouTube for Clip Mocking Their King
Two Copper Wire Poachers Electrocuted (I smell a Darwin Award here)
FCC to Make Phone Companies' Outsourcing Difficult
Qualcomm Files Additional GSM Patent Infringement Suits Against Nokia
IBM to Donate $45M Translation Tech to US Military
Europe Shows Lowest Chip Sales Decline in February
Metals With 'Memory' Could Fix Their Own Dents
RadioShack Admits to Dumping Customer Records
Why the Rich Get Richer
French Train Breaks Speed Record at 354 MPH
New Long-Range RFID Technology from VTT for Chinese Road Tolls
South Korea Free Trade Agreement a Jolt to Technology
Google's April Fools' Offering: High-Speed Internet Through Your Toilet
Europe Tops U.S. in Stock Market Value
Theoretical Cloaking Device is Created
FCC Auction of 700 MHz Band Grabs Attention of Tech Vendors
Air Force Research Laboratory to Study Effects of Radiation on Electronics for Mil-Aero Applications
Chinese Cell Phone Makers Make U.S. Push (bye-bye Moto & Nokia)
Costs Cast ICs into Darwinian Struggle
Sypris Electronics Receives $400M Contract from DoD
Will Intel's Planned China Fab Start an Offshore Exodus?
Research and Markets Reports on Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical System and Instrument Industry
E-Mail with Direct Link to Issued USPTO Trademark Office Action to Replace E-Mailed Office Actions
China Spacecom to Activate Iridium Satellite Gateway This Year
Visa Working Towards Mobile Payments
Wi-Fi and Cellular Unite
U.S. Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Warn of Leadership Challenges Ahead
South Korea Plans to Launch First Satellite-Boosting Rocket in 2008
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